Gilmore Girls

Season 3 Episode 4

One's Got Class and the Other One Dyes

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 15, 2002 on The WB
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Lorelai's stint in the Stars Hollow High School local business success speakers forum gets derailed by some controversial personal questions, much to the delight of Luke and the consternation of some PTA mothers; Luke and Jess argue about the women in and out of their lives (and their closets); Lane alleviates her frustration about the strictures of her household and the future of her band through a colorful, if temporary, display of independence; Rory runs into Shane one too many times and succumbs to a severe bout of snarkiness.moreless

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  • Lane decides to dye her hair. A great one.

    I really liked that it was very Lane focused, plus we saw more of Rory and Lane's friendship. The ,thing with the band is a good idea and should give us some great episodes later on in the show. Lane's panic about practicing was good, as was her tantrum and when she stormed off. Just a matter of time until she gets with Dave.

    Lane dyeing her hair was enjoyable, especially how she was so excited and then when she finally did it, freaked out and dyed it right back to black. Some great scenes throughout, like Rory giving out to Jess's fling Shane. Very enjoyable scene, as was when Shane said that Rory was a freak.

    Lorelai's talk was entertaining, I liked how she acted towards the pta mothers. Luke's amusement was good. Liked when Jess told Luke about his hidden feelings for Lorelai, great scene. I hope that Jess and Rory get together soon! Great episode.moreless
  • Lane dyes her hair purple and Lorelai is invited to make a speech on Rory's old school

    Lane is in a band, she finally joined one last episode and now they practice in the music shop. The only down side is that they can't turn up the volume because of Mrs Kim. Some of the members want out but Dave talks with Lane and she promises to find a way to get to practice in Hartford. She decides to made a stand and with help from Rory she dyes her hair purple!! Only for a fewer minutes, her mother gets home and she backs out. At the end they can call it a victory, she dyed her hair, black but it was dyed.

    Lorelai is invited to speak in Rory's old school and she takes Luke to speak too. She goes first and she started well until the first question. The kids were more interested in the fact that she got pregnant at 16 than in her job. Needless to say that it all went wrong. Later all the PTA mother come to talk to her and accuse her of saying to the kids that it's OK to get pregnant at 16. She fights back of course. It was not her fault the speech ended badly and she doesn't regret having Rory.moreless
  • Lorelai volunteers herself and Luke to speak about their work to a Stars Hollow High School class. Lorelai gets bombarded about her teenage pregnancy and her talks get cut short. Lane dyes her hair purple and then back to black in a day's time.moreless

    I love the episodes where you see more of Luke and Lorelai bonding. I also loved when Jess called Luke on his feelings for Lorelai. For so long, Luke loved Lorelai without trying to initiate more than friendship. So badly you want him and Lorelai to figure out that they are made for each other. It is so sad we never have that ending for them, the one we all waited 7 years to see.

    Lane wants to defy her mother more and so she first dyes her hair blond then purple, but then she dyes it back right away. She never gets the courage to come clean to her mother that she wants to be a rock and roll chic. Rory helps her dye her hair. It is a cute teenage moment.moreless
  • One of my favorite episodes!

    I love this episode so much! It is definitely one of the funniest Gilmore Girls episodes ever, in my opinion. First, Lane. She dyes her hair and starts to show her feelings for Dave. It is hilarious when she dyes her hair purple, then dyes it back black! And when her and Rory can tell Rory is starting to like Dean less and like Jess more. Which is ok with me! Also, Rory talking to Jess' girlfriend in the store is really funny.

    Lorelai has to speak infront of a class of 16 year olds - and so does Luke! One of the funniest parts of the episode is when Lorelai is convincing Luke to come and confuses him. They are so hilarious together!

    The class starts pestering Lorelai about having Rory when she was 16, and then the moms ambush her on the streets. Luke is amused by this. Then Luke confronts Jess about shoving a girl in the closet. If you haven't seen this episode, then watch it as soon as possible! You will not be disappointed!moreless
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Sean Gunn

Sean Gunn

Kirk Gleason (Episodes 44 - , recurring previously)

Keiko Agena

Keiko Agena

Lane Kim

Alexis Bledel

Alexis Bledel

Rory Gilmore

Lauren Graham

Lauren Graham

Lorelai Gilmore

Yanic Truesdale

Yanic Truesdale

Michel Gerard

Melissa McCarthy

Melissa McCarthy

Sookie St. James

Heidi Swedberg

Heidi Swedberg

Debbie Fincher

Guest Star

Jessica Kiper

Jessica Kiper


Guest Star

Julie Wittner

Julie Wittner


Guest Star

Emily Kuroda

Emily Kuroda

Mrs. Kim

Recurring Role

Adam Brody

Adam Brody

Dave Rygalsky

Recurring Role

John Cabrera

John Cabrera


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • Notice the scene where Rory is putting the thick white bleach on Lane's hair, and Lane starts freaking out from the pain. The amount of bleach on her head keeps changing and moving around from shot to shot.

    • Rory asks Lane if she mentioned dyeing her hair to the band. But how would Lane have had time to mention it to them? Rory and Lane got the dye, the bleach, and the gloves, and started the dyeing her hair right away. Lane hadn't planned to dye her hair, so there was no way she could have told the band, or Dave.

      Possible explanation: Lane could have been thinking about doing it for quite a while, which she may have discussed with her band mates. Perhaps something happened at home to push her into action at that moment.

    • When the band is practicing in the music store, Zach gets frustrated with the low volume and he suggests they need a new place to practice. Lane gets upset and Dave pulls her outside to calm her down. As she runs out, she grabs her jacket but outside when she is talking to Dave she doesn't have her jacket.

    • Lane's purple hair is slightly shorter than her real hair.

    • When Lane is running around outside with the bleach in her hair, she doesn't have the towel around her shoulders anymore. When she's back in the bathroom for the purple dye, it's back on. Why would she take it off?

    • When Lorelai is making Luke change, she finds a shirt that implies he is a fan of Jimmy Buffet. So, she calls him a "Buffet-head". Actually, the proper term would be "Parrot-Head".

    • At the beginning of the episode when Shane walks into the diner Lorelai says "That girls a freak." And then at the end of the episode when Shane and Jess walk past Lane and Rory, its Shanes turn to say "That girls a freak"

  • QUOTES (28)

    • Lorelai: Is your hair blacker?
      Lane: Uh-oh.
      Rory: Oh, I wish you hadn't said that. It's not noticeable. Just stay out of bright lighting.
      Lorelai: What happened?
      Lane: I dyed my hair, and then I dyed it back, but for a full 30 seconds, I looked like this! (pulls out picture)
      Lorelai: Whoa! You look cool! You're insane!
      Lane: I got my sanity back, but I will always have that picture.

    • Rory: Phone. It's Debbie Fincher.
      Lorelai: Who?
      Rory: Kathy Fincher's mom, from Stars Hollow High.
      Lorelai: I remember Kathy.
      Rory: You met Debbie many times, had many conversations with her at bake sales, school plays, and the PTA.
      Lorelai: Not ringing a bell.
      Rory: I used to go swimming at her house all the time. You and Debbie had long chats when you dropped me off.
      Lorelai: No.
      Rory: Blonde hair, medium height, drove a Range Rover.
      Lorelai: Does she also breathe and have toes?
      Rory: What?
      Lorelai: Well, narrow it down to less than 8,000 possibilities!
      Rory: I did with the swimming.
      Lorelai: I remember the water.
      Rory: Come on. Blonde hair, medium height.
      Lorelai: See? Even you can't think of another way to describe her!

    • Rory: Oh, a girl told me once that if your scalp is hurting, drink a 7-Up. It has something to do with the fizz.
      Lane: The Kim household does not have soft drinks!
      Rory: Well, what do you have?
      Lane: Something called salad water, imported from Korea. Trust me, it's nothing like 7-Up!

    • Debbie: Hey, I have a proposition for you. The PTA likes to ask prominent locals in business to talk to the students about how they got to where they are, and all the hard work it takes. You know, success stories. And we thought about you.
      Lorelai: To suggest people who have success stories?

    • Rory: Here's a thought. How about if you tell your mom the truth and insist that she let you play in the band, and rehearse in Stars Hollow, loudly, as long as your schoolwork doesn't suffer?
      Lane: Oh, I'm sorry, was that an actual suggestion?
      Rory: It's worth a shot.
      Lane: You're thinking of your mom, Rory. If I said that to my mom, she'd start waving a Crucifix at me.

    • Luke: I mean, you can go out and at least find one that you actually care about.
      Jess: Oh, like it's that easy.
      Luke: Yeah, it's that easy if you try.
      Jess: Hey, the girls that I like don't give a damn about me! And unlike some other people I know, I'm not gonna sit around hoping that they change their minds and suddenly notice me.
      Luke: What's that supposed to mean?
      Jess: You fixed any neighbor's porches lately? Or you go on a picnic or you get rooked into giving a ridiculous speech at a high school?
      Luke: Shut up.
      Jess: At least I've got a little self-esteem.
      Luke: Shut up.
      Jess: I'm not playing Golden Retriever, hoping one day she'll turn around and fall in my arms. If she doesn't wanna be with me, then fine.
      Luke: You have no idea what you're talking about.

    • (Lorelai pulls a shirt from Luke's closet)
      Lorelai: Oh my God.
      Luke: What?
      Lorelai: Jimmy Buffett?
      Luke: Put that back.
      Lorelai: You like Jimmy Buffett? He's so mellow.
      Luke: I've just been to a few shows, that's all.
      Lorelai: A few shows? Oh my God, you're a Buffetthead.
      Luke: Is that the one you want me to wear or not?
      Lorelai: Sing Margaritaville.
      Luke: No.
      Jess: That attitude's gonna lose you that toy.
      Luke: Stay outta this.

    • Lane: Once, a guy in our town named Kirk was practicing Bohemian Rhapsody with his band, the Kirk Gleason Five, and my mom shut them down so fast that the band fled without their instruments and never came back for them. To this day, Kirk can't listen to Queen without tearing up.

    • Lane: I have got to do something!
      Rory: Run around the block!
      Lane: Why?
      Rory: I don't know!
      Lane: Good enough for me. (dashes out of the room)

    • Lorelai: So I think I'm in touch with the other side.
      Rory: The other side of...
      Lorelai: The other side.
      Rory: With Republicans?

    • Lorelai: Lane can't quit the band! She has to get famous and introduce me to Bono.

    • Luke: Jess, this isn't right. You can't treat a girl like this, like dirt!
      Jess: If it's any consolation to you, she treats me like dirt, too. It's a pretty symbiotic relationship.

    • Shane: (on phone) Hold on a sec. (to Rory) Will this be all?
      Rory: Yeah, that'll be all. I'm growing a beard here.
      Shane: What's your problem?
      Rory: What's your problem? I'm a customer, I'm in a hurry, and you're supposed to assist me.
      Shane: I am assisting you.
      Rory: Yeah, after you took your sweet time getting off the phone, which by the way, clearly was not a business call.
      Shane: Un-freaking-believable.
      Rory: Yeah, it is, it is. The level of service in this place is just that un-freaking-believable.
      Shane: Have a nice day.
      Rory: Yeah, thanks, you too. And by the way, bloaty is not a word. There's bloated, there's bloating, but no bloaty.
      Shane: Thanks, that's fascinating.
      Rory: Well, for you, how ice is made is probably fascinating. See ya.

    • Lane: Is it that obvious?
      Rory: Only to a guy with sunglasses and a dog selling pencils.

    • (Luke walks over to Lorelai. His high school picture is hanging in the display case with the caption "State High Hurdles Champion – 1985 - Butch Danes")
      Luke: For the love of...What's that doing there?
      Lorelai: What's it doing? It's yelling, 'Mock me, mock me!'
      Luke: It shouldn't be there.
      Lorelai: Oh no, you're right. It should have its own special display at the diner with a big old spotlight on it.
      Luke: Don't they need my permission for this? This should be illegal.
      Lorelai: No, those shorts with that tank top should be illegal.

    • Lane: Rory, I just drank a gallon of liquid salad. Insanity is a daily staple at the Kim house.

    • Mrs. Kim: Good. Now, if you meet Jesus walking on the street, what are the three questions you would like to ask? Ah.

    • Luke: Hey, wait now. You're talking crazy talk trying to confuse me now, aren't you?
      Lorelai: Aren't you!
      Luke: What?
      Lorelai: Who?
      Luke: Stop it!
      Lorelai: Bye!

    • Lorelai: (running up and hugging Rory and Lane) At last, people who like me!

    • Jess: Women. Can't live with 'em, can't keep 'em from jumping into your closet.

    • Lorelai: (about the teenagers in the class that she was trying to give a speech to) They were coming at me like I was Poland and they were Nazis!

    • Lane: The smell of bleach is the smell of freedom!
      Rory: Aren't you in a dramatic mood today.

    • Luke: (to Lorelai, who is being annoying) Have you been diagnosed yet?

    • Lorelai: All Stars Hollow moms looked alike, except for Lane's mom and that one mom with the freaky glass eye that never moved.

    • Zack: Breathing should not be louder than rock music. Am I right or am I right?

    • Luke: (bringing Lorelai and Rory burgers) Dead cow, dead cow.

    • Lane: Of course, I don't exactly have what you and Dean have because you love Dean and Dean loves you back. In my situation, I love Dave and Dave thinks that I have a decent sense of rhythm.

    • Luke: Jess, you don't shove a girl in a closet.
      Jess: I did not shove her in the closet. She got in voluntarily.

  • NOTES (4)

    • French episode title: "Rébellion Avortée", meaning "An Aborted Rebellion".

    • Music:
      "London Calling" by The Clash
      "Funky Days are Back Again" by Cornershop
      "Naima" by John Coltrane
      "Hello Dolly" by Louis Armstrong
      "Love Burns" by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
      "Cities in Dust" by Siouxsie and the Banshees
      "I Don't Mind" by Slumber Party

    • Sean Gunn (Kirk), Melissa McCarthy (Sookie), Jared Padalecki (Dean), Liza Weil (Paris), Kelly Bishop (Emily) and Edward Herrmann (Richard) do not appear in this episode.

    • Riki Lindhome who plays Girl #2 in this episode plays Juliet in the episode "Jews and Chinese Food" and several others in seasons 5 and 6.

  • ALLUSIONS (11)

    • Dave: There's no way you're gonna become our Pete Best.

      Pete Best was the drummer for The Beatles in their early days, but left the band before they became famous.

    • Lorelai: My friend the Sultan of Brunei is so hard to pin down.

      Hassanal Bolkiah, the Sultan of Brunei, is one of the richest men in the world.

    • Rory: (about Lane's temporarily-blond hair) Like straw.
      Lane: I feel like I should be singing If I Only Had a Brain.

      That's the song the scarecrow sings in the movie The Wizard of Oz.

    • Lorelai: It wasn't funny.
      Luke: Not from your angle. From mine it was An Evening at the Improv.

      TV showcase for stand-up comedy, ran from 1982 to 1996, originally on the A&E network.

    • Luke: Looks like high noon in Stars Hollow.

      Classic movie western High Noon contains a scene of a posse of bad guys walking down main street gunning for the sheriff, much like the other moms marching toward Lorelai.

    • Lorelai: Usually I like to meet up at Sardi's after a performance, wait for the reviews. I hope the Times liked me.

      Sardi's, a restaurant in New York City's Broadway theater district, is known as hang-out for theater people, especially on opening nights.
      The New York Times theater critics are especially influential.

    • Jess: Hey, if you're going to go all Ward Cleaver on me, I gotta go call Eddie and Lumpy and tell 'em I'm gonna be late.

      Ward Cleaver is the father on the TV show Leave it to Beaver, and Eddie and Lumpy are friends of Wally Cleaver.

    • Lorelai: I'm a success, who'd have thought?
      Rory: I suspected you had it in you.
      Lorelai: From rags to riches, I wonder why Larry King hasn't called.

      Larry King is the host of Larry King Live, a nightly interview program on CNN.

    • Zach: Lawrence Welk cranked louder than this.

      Lawrence Welk is a big band leader who started his own variety show in 1951. It still airs, in syndication, to this day. He concentrated mostly on pop standards, polka and novelty songs.

    • Lane: Turn down the Cornershop, it's distracting.
      Rory: No, your Coltrane is distracting, turn that down.

      Cornershop is a British band whose music is a fusion of Indian, British indie rock, and electronic dance.
      Coltrane is a Jazz musician and saxophonist.

    • Lorelai: They were coming at me like I was Poland and they were Nazis!

      This is a reference to World War II, which Hitler and the Nazis started by invading Poland.