Gilmore Girls

Season 1 Episode 11

Paris is Burning

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jan 11, 2001 on The WB

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  • Another great episode, I actually didn't think Max was that bad here and the arguments are always entertaining.

    A great episode. When Max first appeared I thought that this was going to be an episode that wasn't for me, as in the pat, I haven't liked Max as a character. But here, he was actually okay. His relationship with both Lorelai and Rory was interesting. I really liked the uncomfortable scene between him and Rory, giving each other fake names was weird ... but funny.

    I thought the opening scene was really amusing, about Skippy the hamster, this show is great at humour. The Friday night diner was once again, entertaining. Emily acting 'happy' was funny and the whole blue/newsletter thing was good. Sookie and Jackson have been fighting like this for nearly the whole series, I was glad to see Sookie ask him out, should be a funny watch.

    It was interesting to see Lorelai suddenly go into panic mode, wanting to break up with Max but ending up kissing him at the parents day. Which leads to Paris telling the whole school, I couldn't help but find Paris's problematic life earlier in the episode. Tristan continues to be an ass, that kiss he blew Rory, typical.

    Rory's offer that Paris can speak to her was a great scene, Paris reaction was just classic. It then went on to be a sad day for Lorelai as max basically breaks up with her after seeing the light at parents day. A nice but sad ending, Rory comforting Lorelai.

    So I liked this a lot again, cant wait for more.
  • Pretty good!

    (This is the summary for this episode on It is not mine and I'm putting it because right now, I don't have time to type the summary in my words).

    As Lorelai and Max grow closer, Rory begins to get attached to the idea of Max in their lives, which freaks Lorelai out; Sookie and Lorelai have a frank talk about relationships; Lorelai tries to ease out of her relationship with Max during Parent's Day at Chilton, but ends up passionately kissing him in his classroom just as Paris walks by; stung by the details in the newspapers about her parents' messy divorce, Paris tells everyone in the lunchroom about Max and Lorelai to deflect gossip away from her and towards Rory; Rory confronts Paris, gets an apology, and offers a sympathetic ear, which is grudgingly accepted; Sookie asks Jackson out on a date and he accepts.

    This was a pretty good episode! I think the idea of Sookie and Jackson dating is kind of cute. I feel a little sorry for Paris. This episode gets a 9.0!
  • Rory's parent day

    Parents day is coming and Lorelai agreeds to go.

    Lorelai and Max get closer and Rory ears the girls talking about Mr. Medina seen someone.
    The news about Paris parents' divorce comes out and all school talks about it, Rory doesn't and even fells sorry for Paris.

    The idea of Rory getting to attached to Max freaks out Lorelai and she decides to break up.
    Parents day is here and the first class it Mr Medinas'.
    After class Lorelai tries to return a book to Max and tries to break up but he kisses her. Paris sees it all and spreads the news so the school stop talking about her.
    It works.
    At the end, Max tells Lorelai he needs some space.

    When Rory comes home, she finds her mother crying in bed and she hugs her.

    oh Sookie asks Jackson out and he says yes. Go Sookie!!!
  • it is parents day at rorys school.

    well we learned why paris is so uptight her parents do ot get along all that well and the whole school is talking about her parents seperation. that made me feel really bad for paris. i can not understand why lorelai wanted to break up with nax. ifelt like she was using rory as an excuse to why she did not want to get closer to max. as usual emily is all over lorelai she could not even understand what her child is going through. i thought that it was nice of rory to offer to help her with what is going on in her life even though she does not deserve it.
  • Daughter comforts heartbroken mom

    This is one of my favorites, if only because the emotion was very real. For a while, I didn't understand why Lorelai and Rory didn't just face the Chilton snobs and say 'yes, we're dating a teacher.' I understood more as the show progressed, and when I understood that part of Lorelai's conflict was with her own feelings. She's such a strong, fun person so it was great to see this vulnerability. I did cry in the end, when Rory came in and comforted her mom. So realistic, since I'm a mom with daughter's who've comforted me a time or two. This show explores relationships in a real way, and that aspect is surely as great a strength as the very long romance between Luke and Lorelai.
  • Even Lorelai isn't perfect

    In this episode Lorelai starts to pull away from Max but I think it is hilarious that she screws up and kisses him in the classroom. Of course loud mouth Paris sees them and then the whole school knows within a few minutes. I love the fights that Lorelai and Rory have; they are so funny even if they are big and bad. Most of them time you can't help but laugh.
  • Another great episode. Lorelai and max make out in Rory's school!

    After Rory starts to get attachted to Max Lorelai decides to break up with Max when she goes to Rory's school for parents day. While trying to break up they start kissing and Paris walks by and looks in the window. To try to get eveyone to stop talking about her parents divorce, she goes to lunch and tells everyone what she saw. Rory gets really mad at her mom. At Friday night dinner Emily had heard about what happened, so, of course, she yelled at Lorelai. At the end Max told Lorelai that he feels they should take some time away from eachother. Lorelai is very sad. The end of this episode was so sad, I almost cried when I watched it, but it was still oine of the best in season 1.
  • Paris lets the world know about Max and Lorelai to get the heat of her parent's divorce

    An okay episode. Doesn't live up to the others prior to this but an okay episode of Gilmore Girls is still better than 90% of the shows out there. A good effort but it came up short. I did like Rory standing up to Paris. It's about time someone put her in her place.
  • Lorelai and Max: EXPOSED

    Lorelai and Max’s relationship become the hottest thing on the Chilton rumor mill (second to Paris’ parents’ divorce) after Paris sees them kissing and spreads the rumor like wildfire. Paris is a witch (with a b). Anyway, Max and Lorelai didn’t break up even though Lorelai thought it was time. I like them together. Rory busts Paris on telling the school about Max and her mother. Finally someone stepped up to her. Although an all right episode, it wasn’t my favorite. It had its moments of hilarity and Sookie might finally get a man but they were few and far between. My grade: B+