Gilmore Girls

Season 6 Episode 22


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 09, 2006 on The WB



  • Quotes

    • (In Logan and Rory's apartment. Logan is getting ready for graduation and Rory is taking pictures of him)
      Rory: Oh, that's another good one!
      Logan: No, it's not.
      Rory: Hold it (she takes a picture)
      Logan: Yo, Alfred Stieglitz stop with the pictures
      Rory: I prefer Cartier Bresson
      Logan: My eyes are pale. I'm very sensitive to the light.
      Rory: You only graduate from collage once and I will document it to my heart's content, and you can't stop me. (takes a picture)
      Logan: At least I'm clothed in these.
      Rory: Oh, yes, those shower photos will fetch me a bundle on the internet.
      Logan: I don't even know why I'm doing this. Why am I doing this, this whole cap and gown thing?
      Rory: Because, the graduation ceremony is not only for the graduate, it's for the loved ones too. We talked about this
      Logan: No, you talked and I disagreed.
      Rory: And then I ruled, and that's that.
      Logan: I'm taking that Stalin biography away from you. (Rory takes a picture)
      Rory: Come on, I don't want to be late
      Logan: You do realize you're putting yourself at the cross hairs.
      Rory: Meaning?
      Logan: There will be all manners of Huntzbergers in the audience.
      Rory: Oh, I can avoid people with the best of 'em.
      Logan: I didn't say people, I said Huntzbergers.
      Rory: Don't you worry your pretty little head about this. I'll take care of myself.
      Logan: I just want you to be fully prepped
      (they look at the picture on her camera)
      Rory: Oh-ho, I've outdone myself photographically, Everyone of these is a keeper.
      Logan: Ok, that's a close-up of my naked butt, that's not a keeper.
      Rory: You're right, that's a screen saver.