Gilmore Girls

Season 5 Episode 17

Pulp Friction

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Mar 08, 2005 on The WB

Episode Recap

This episode opens in the diner with Kirk continuing Taylor's lunacy by collecting the pink and blue ribbons. Lorelai walks into the diner and Luke greets her warmly with a kiss. He notices the Weston's coffee cup. They flirt for a while and are clearly happy to be back together.

At Yale, Rory and Logan are returning from the theater. They are still basking in the glow of a new relationship. Rory relates a story of her mom taking her to a Tony Kushner musical when she was a child. She begins to explain who Kushner is and Logan reassures her that he knows who he is. He tells her that his mother played canasta with Tony Kushner. Rory is in awe and tells him he has a magical life. Once again we see evidence that Logan is from a different world than Rory. They decide to go for ice cream. Logan takes her to a closed cafeteria and opens the door. They have the run of the cafeteria and Rory is delighted to find the Cocoa Puff bin full.

At the Dragonfly, Lorelai and Sookie are bustling around the Inn getting it ready for a photo shoot. They have been named one of the Top Ten Inns in Connecticut and will be featured in the American Travel magazine. As they work, Michel returns from his vacation to California. Michel regales them with all that he did while he was away. He tells them that he won over a $100,000 in cash and prizes on The Price Is Right. They tease him about the cheap gifts he brought back for them and he storms out in a fit of pique. Lorelai tells Sookie that she is going to the diner for a quick dinner and that she'll be back to finish setting up.

Kirk is still collecting the pink and blue ribbons at the diner while Lorelai wolfs down her meal. Luke comes from the back with Lorelai's fries and is horrified to see that she has already finished her hamburger. He chastises her for eating so fast telling her she is going to get sick. She explains that she has to get back to the Inn and asks for a piece of boysenberry pie. Luke hadn't saved her any pie because he didn't get her message. Since he really didn't know how to do anything but make a call on his cell phone, Lorelai proceeded to show him how to use the speed dial. She puts her number in as the first number because of course she is number one.

On her way back to the Inn, Lorelai calls Rory to see if she will go shopping for a 'back-together-with-Luke' dress for their date. They agree on a time and place for their shopping trip. Lorelai begins to tease her because she has to go to Friday night dinner. Lorelai gloats for a while and finally lets Rory go to 'hellville'. Richard greets Rory warmly at the door. She hands him a satchel containing some issues of the Yale Daily News. He expresses interest in the byline of a certain journalist he knows. She reassures him that there are indeed articles that she has written and they are highlighted specially for him. Emily enters the room. Her greeting is somewhat tentative due to their argument last week. Rory's is a little cool but civil towards her grandmother. As they move past the dining room, Rory notices that there are four places set. She makes sure Emily and Richard know that Lorelai will not be attending dinner. Emily is obviously disappointed but recovers with bravado. She assures Rory that it was the maid's error and she will clear it away. Later, after supper Emily was giving Rory warming instructions for the food she was sending home. Things seem to have thawed a little bit between Emily and Rory as they say good-bye.

Richard was pleased with how the evening went but Emily disagreed. She couldn't understand why Lorelai didn't come to dinner after she went to the trouble of "arranging" for Luke to get back together with Lorelai. They decided that Luke hadn't acted on her instructions.

The next day, while Rory and Lorelai are shopping, they pass a café where Logan is having a rather intimate lunch with another girl. Lorelai is incensed and even though Rory looks hurt, she tries to mollify her mother by explaining that they are keeping their relationship casual. Rory attempts to distract Lorelai by moving down the street to another store. Later at the newspaper office, Rory is busy working on an article when Logan approaches and sits on the corner of her desk…

Logan: So. Rory: So. Logan: Did I see you on State Street with... Rory: Yeah. Logan: Right. So you saw me on State Street with... Rory: Yep. Logan: So. Rory: So. Logan: Are we still good? Rory: Absolutely. Logan: Really? Rory: Logan, we both agreed. No strings attached. Remember? Logan: I remember. I was just checking to see how well you remember. Rory: I remember perfectly. Logan: Okay, that's good to hear. So - Rory: Oh, we're not going to do the 'so' thing again, are we?

Throughout this exchange, Rory's body language seems to contradict her words. Logan then asks Rory to go for coffee. She agrees and off they go.

At the Dragonfly, the photographer is there getting ready for the photo shoot. He suggests they do the exterior shots before the light changes but when they go outside the RV Michel won on The Price Is Right is delivered to the front of the Inn creating chaos. As usual Michel is difficult and uncooperative and the photo shoot has to be cancelled. A disappointed Lorelai vents her frustration on Michel and asks him to try to think of someone other than himself for a change. Michel is obviously wounded by her remarks as he watches her storm into the Inn.

In the Yale dining hall, Rory is sitting on a couch reading when Robert (Logan's poker buddy) engages her in small talk. He eventually asks her if she would like to go to a party with him. It is Finn's birthday and they are having a Quentin Tarantino theme party. A little surprised, Rory thinks for a second and agrees to go. As Robert leaves, Rory has a self-satisfied smile on her face.

With Lorelai at home and Rory in her dorm room, both Gilmore girls are getting ready for their dates. Lorelai is worried that her new dress is too sparkly. Rory reassures her that the dress is fine. She tells Lorelai that she has to get ready for her party. Lorelai is a bit surprised to hear that Rory is not going out with Logan but rather Robert. She tries to find out a little more about her dating situation but Rory is evasive. She tells her that they are going to a Quentin Tarantino theme party and that she is going as Gogo. They share a bit of a giggle about her wearing her Chilton uniform and Lorelai looking like a slut in her sparkly dress and say good-bye.

A little later as Luke drives up to Lorelai's house, she comes out ready for their date. They share an awkward moment similar to their first date but quickly laugh it off and walk to the car arm in arm. In the car Lorelai discovers a Reggae CD and teases him about it…

Luke: I bought a C.D. I didn't adopt the entire Rastafarian culture. Lorelai: This is so weird. I mean, to think that there was this whole chunk of time when we weren't together. We were living totally separate lives. I was just working like crazy and you were running around, buying reggae C.D.'s. Luke: One C.D. One. Lorelai : (sighing) I just hate that we were apart. Luke: Yeah, wasn't too fond of it myself. Lorelai: Well, all I can say is, you're lucky I'm back in your life, because clearly you were lost without me. I mean… it's a miracle you're even still alive. Right? Luke: You bet.

They smile, glad to be together again, and drive off on their date.

Rory and Robert walk into the party; Robert dressed as dead extra #2 in a 'bloody' t-shirt and Rory dressed as Gogo, in her Chilton Uniform. They are met at the door by a rather drunk Finn who welcomes them as only Finn can. They chat for a while until Logan, who was sitting on a couch with his date, comes over to greet them. It's fairly clear that Logan isn't happy that Rory is with Robert but he behaves in a very controlled manner. Logan and his date go off to the bar and Rory and Robert find a table. A while later when Robert goes to get them a drink, Logan without his date, approaches Rory and tells her he doesn't like that she is at the party with Robert. Rory counters with the fact that it was Logan's idea to keep their relationship casual but Logan is not appeased. He asks her to leave with him but Rory refuses telling him that they both have dates and walks away obviously pleased by his reaction.

In the Hollow, Luke and Lorelai arrive home to find a naked and homeless Kirk in his boat. Since it was Luke who had encouraged Kirk to leave home, Lorelai feels responsible and tells him he can stay in Rory's room for the night. Later Luke and Lorelai are chatting over ice cream, Lorelai expresses concern over Rory's current dating situation. Luke tells her that she should just talk to her but Lorelai explains that Rory has been so taciturn of late but seems willing to talk to her about things right now and she doesn't want to discourage it. Lorelai worries because Rory isn't living at home anymore that her influence is compromised. Luke tells her it doesn't matter that she should talk. Rory will eventually listen and will always come home. At that moment, Kirk sleepwalks out of the house and Luke chases after him once again.

The next day, Emily enters the diner absolutely furious and begins to berate Luke. She is rude and insulting and certainly doesn't allow Luke to say a word. He quickly pulls out his cell phone and speed dials Lorelai. Fortunately, she is just down the street and runs to the diner. In no uncertain terms she tells Emily to mind her own business. Emily attempts to explain her motivation but Lorelai interrupts…

Lorelai : (with a raised voice) Mom! Emily: (shocked) Lorelai! Lorelai: Please hear me. If I want your input in my life in any way, shape or form, I will ask for it. Until then, do us all a favor and shut up!

Emily is dumbfounded by the rebuke and leaves in anger.