Gilmore Girls

Season 5 Episode 17

Pulp Friction

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Mar 08, 2005 on The WB

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  • Luke and Lorelai are back together, Rory and Logan are dating but only casually. Great episode, not as strong as the last few though.

    I'm obviously glad that Luke and Lorelai are back together and there scenes were very enjoyable as always. I liked when Lorelai was mocking his CD choice and then it turned into them saying how happy they were about being back together again. Also there was a great talk between when Lorelai shares her concerns about Rory, who is dating a lot and is acting out of character.

    Another thing that was highly entertaining was Emily's disbelief that Lorelai didn't come to Friday night dinner. When she confronted Luke I really thought she was out of line, it's not her life. Luckily Lorelai arrives and puts her in her place, and in a powerful line tells her to 'Shut up!'.

    In other news, Rory and Logan are dating but not really, its only casual. Both get jealous when they see each other with someone else. I liked the Pulp Fiction like party. And Logan shows his true fondness for Rory when he asks her to leave the party and her date for him. She refuses but things look like there going to get serious.

    I agree with Lorelai, Rory isn't acting like herself but things don't seem that bad as of yet. Great episode. Only 5 more......
  • Luke and Lorelei are back together, and Rory goes to a party with someone beside Logan

    I'm so glad Luke and Lorelei are back together. They are really made for one another! Now Lorelei can come back to the diner. She tells Luke she left a message for him about saving her a piece of boysenberry pie, but Luke doesn't know how to read text messages. He says the only thing he knows how to do on his cell phone is make or receive a call. Lorelei puts her number on his speed dial as "number one." This will be important later in the episode.

    A friend of Logan, a guy named Robert invites Rory to a Quentin Tarentino theme party. Earlier, Rory had seen Logan at a cafe kissing another girl. She accepts the invitation, knowing that Logan will be there. He is there and gets very jealous. Later, Rory tells Lorelei that Logan has been very attentive since then. Her plan worked!

    At the end of the episode, Emily comes into the diner and starts criticizing Luke for not carrying out her instructions to get back together with Lorelei (not realizing that they are back together). Luke can't get a word in edgewise and speed dials Lorelie on his cell phone. Lorelei hears her mother ranting at Luke and rushes to the diner to tell her to butt out. She finally tells her mother to "shut up" and Emily leaves. It serves Emily right for being such an interfering busybody.
  • Lorelai and Luke are back together!!!

    Luke and Lorelai are together again, I'm happy.

    Kirk is collecting the ribbons and he even chases people to get the ribbons back, first Lulu (he takes her coat and then he follows a woman to the bathroom.

    Logan and Rory are getting closer, they even break into the cafeteria at Yale.

    Emily was sad but she must not have a notion on reality, of course Lorelai wasn't going to dinner. She must think she is very important...They even considered that Luke didn't went to Lorelai after Emily's visit...

    And Rory seeing Logan with another girl, she was upset but she tried not to make a big deal of that because of Lorelai being there.

    And Michel being at Price is Right! He won a trailer and that caused a problem at the Inn because of the photographer for Travel Magazine. Michel got sad, Lorelai's opinion is very important for him and everything the says back at him cause a big impression.

    The whole "no strings attached" relationship of Rory and Logan goes both ways, the problem is that on can be more jelouze then the other. Robert asked her to Finn's party and they found Logan there with a date. Lorelai and Luke have their first date since they broke up. It is great and by the time they get to Lorelai's house, Kirk is in the boat in the garage. Naked!! lol
    Lorelai offers him Rory's room for the night.

    The Kill Bill party is fun, theme party can be great. Logan is jelouze, he wants to take Rory way from Robert but she says no.Good Rory! If this is a no strings attached relationship, they can date other people and looks like Logan doesn't want to share Rory...

    I loved the scene where Emily goes to the diner and Luke speed dials Lorelai. I know it must had been hard for Lorelai to say those things to her mother but it was time, they had to be said. She was upset after but it had to be done, Emily was doing to much, she acted like the fact that they were together was due to her. This was intense, Lorelai telling her to shut up like that...
  • Luke and Lorelai are back together. Rory sees Logan on a date with someone else. Rory goes on a date with Robert. Emily take out her frustration on Luke for Lorelai not coming back into the fold.

    I am so glad Luke and Lorelai are back together. There was this sweet moment when he picks her up on their date and they are sitting in Luke's truck when they tell each other that they hated being apart. That was the best part of the episode for me. I wish there was more of those moments in this episode.

    The rest of the episode was fine but nothing spectacular. I am glad that Rory is dating Logan. I think they will be good for each other, but I cannot say I was a fan of the Pulp Fiction party. It was weird and pointless to me. I think it is unnecessary. Kirk is always there spoiling L&L's moments together.
  • love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    rory and lorelai see logan with another girl when there shopping. So when another guy asks rory to go to finn's birthday party she says yes. Lorelai and luke are back together and there surprised when only rory shows up for friday night dinner since emily brought them back together. At the party LOgan gets jealous when he sees rory with robert he wants her to leave the party with him. she says no. Emily makes a visit to luke and yells at him because she thinks that he never went back to lorelai since lorelai wasn't at dinner lorelai comes in and tells her that because they fixed it. It doesn't erase what she did to brake them up. logan makes plans with rory after the party.
  • Luke and Lorelai are reunited. Rory and Logan begin to date but they have had very different lives and will have to deal with some of these differences in the near future. Lorelai and Emily face off over Emily's interference.

    Let’s give kudos to Sean Gunn who has done a brilliant job of keeping Kirk funny and lovable without being absurd. It is always a surprise to me how a woman of Emily’s education and breeding can behave so badly. Kelly Bishop is extraordinary in the role however I think the writers need to tone her down a bit. She should come across as cold and distant but not necessarily shrill and shrewish. It’s a relief to see Luke and Lorelai are closer than ever. The awkwardness at the beginning of their back-together date paralleling the awkwardness at the beginning of their first date was a creative way to keep the fun in the show. Their banter is always entertaining.

    Some rather significant and serious differences between Rory and Logan, although still subtle, are becoming evident. They seem like a cute couple but mothers all over the world (especially Lorelai) are seeing red flags flying.
  • Nice party

    Luke and Lorelai are back together again, so I don't have anymore worries :) But Logan and Rory still need to work out what they are. The party with the Tarantino theme was fun and I liked that Rory went there with Robert and didn't give in to Logan when he wanted to leave with her. It was really hilarious to watch Rory and Logan interact, they just have chemistry and it's so funny that they are still dancing around each other...
    The fact that Lorelai did not show up at Friday night dinner was just the right thing and Emily must be pretty naive to believe that she would come just because she went to Luke... Overall very good episode.
  • Rory attends a party for Logans friend but does not go with him.

    I think that this episode was really great. I liked that Rory was invited to a party for Finn's birthday and it was not Logan asking her to go. i thought that it was funny that Lorelai seemed to take it harder then Rory to see Logan with another girl. it was funnier that Logan got so upset that Rory went to the Party with someone else that he wanted to leave with her and go somewhere else with her. i thought that it was cute that he made plans with her after the party and she said she would not leave with him because she did not go with him.
  • Pulp Friction is good for Lorelai and Luke but besides that its really nothing more.

    Good episode. Not gonna lie I liked it but there are better episodes. The Lorelai and Luke storyline was strong but for the rest nothing happened. I like how Rory was honest and paid for ther cereal in the begginning of the episode like she use to be. It showed Rory as the good girl she is. I like how Kirk was in the garage because only Kirk can play that role and it can be innocent. Good episode nothing more to say. Hope you enjoy this review . And yes I don't know how to write very well .
  • La fiesta de Quentin, los trajes, todo eso, es lo mejor.

    Bueno, este episodio me superencanto por la fiesta con tema de Quentin Tarantino y la manera de como Logan se pone celoso al ver que Rory asistio con su amigo Robert, y como le propone que se vayan y que deje a su cita, pero Rory tiene educacion y le dijo que con el vino y con el se va a ir.
    Lorelai regresa con Luke y esta nerviosa porque va a ser la primera cita despues de su reconciliacion, se pone muy guapa y Luke va por ella, y es asi como comienza su relacion despues del daño que les hizo Emily.
  • Motor homes, speed dial, Tarantino, Reggae Fever and six copies of 'He's Just Not That Into You.'

    I'll cut straight to the point - I love this episode! It has everything that makes Gilmore Girls great!

    First off, it has Luke and Lorelai back together-can I get a woo hoo? It is great that they are all loved up again because although they were only apart for a few episodes it seemed like much longer. Plus the hilarity that ensues-classic! I mean there was the argument about the Westons Coffe Cup, Kirk tackling Lulu to get her pink ribbon, the discovery of Luke's love of 'Reggae Fever,' and a brilliant Lorelai/Emily/Luke confrontation, thanks to Lorelai teaching Luke all about the wonders of speed dial.

    Michel was great in this episode as well- I love his pretentiousness and trying to pretend that he had been randomly asked to take part in The Price is Right only to be rumbled by Sookie and having to admit that he jumped around to get onto the show. Him yelling at the guy who delivered the motor home was classic Michel and his facial expression was so funny when Lorelai yelled at him. Besides thanks to him the Dragonfly Inn is now the proud owner of six copies of 'He's Just Not Tthat into You.'

    I love the Rory/Logan relationship and how it is going. I think that they are really good for each other as Rory needs to be a bit more daring and take some risks and she might help Logan wind his neck in a bit. I thought their first scene where they broke into the Yale cafeteria was hilarious, especially when Rory left the money for the cereal and the scene between Lorelai and Rory when they see Logan with another girl was great-Lorelai's obvious confusion was great comedy.

    I loved the Tarintino themed party-Finn and Colin are excellent minor characters who always make me laugh, especially Finn and the way he always asks Rory if they have met. It was great to see Logan so jealous about Rory being there with Robert-it shows that he likes Rory more than he thought he did and that his own 'no strings attached' rule backfired on him for once. Who knows, maybe he could turn ino a man of substance yet. Of course, my favourite part had to be when Rory played him at his own game and insisted that she would be leaving with Robert.

    Also Kirk needs another mention for sleeping naked in Luke's boat, another one of the many reasons of why this is one of my favourite episodes of Gilmore Girls.
  • Logan finally shows where he stands and how he feels about Rory dating other guys. Only Rory shows up at friday night dinner and this puzzles/frustrates Richard and Emily. Also this is the first date of Lorelai's and Luke's reconciliation.

    The writers and Czuzchy(Logan) really displayed Logan's true feelings and it shows that he wants Rory only for him self. I Rory handled the situation well, when Logan asked her to leave with him, when she stayed with Robert. Also I'm pretty happy thhat Lorelai and Luke are together again even if it was to be expected even if you hadn't seen episodes after this one. Of course Lorelai is'nt going to show up to dinner and they were naive in thinking she would even though Emily thinks she did what was best for Lorelai.
    Overall very good episode.
  • Wonderful

    Great episode. Luke and Lorelai back together. Kirk finishes getting the ribbions which Lorelai wins! Rory realizes what her relationship with Logan is... and then goes to a party with someone else. Once Logan sees her with someone else he doesn't like it. Lorelai is interviewed for a magazine with the Inn. With Michel ruining it with his motor home. Great episode, and wonderful writing!
  • Logan's jealous when Rory shows up at a party with Robert as Lorelai and Luke go on their first date since the break up.. In the meantime Emily is upset that lorelai won't return to Friday Night diner...

    a nice episode

    I'll do a quick review because it's been a few days ago so I don't know all the details anymore.
    Anyhow, the whole 'just back together' thing was done nicely. The whole ribbon counting thing was funny and the whole 'Weston' cup thing too and how it was just a fling. Hilarious! The whole awkward pick up thing right before their date was nice too... Just like in WITS and the whole rastafari music thing was nice too.. And the whole 'You bet' from Luke was sweet!! :)

    then of Rory and logan... an interesting turn for their relationship when Lorelai sees Logan and Logan sees Rory at a party with another guy. It's sweet to see that for once Logan cares about a girl, at least in a different way then he does with other girls. I don't think he was ever jealous before, but it's hot! :)

    So overall a good ep, it has Naked!Kirk which is funny, Michel and his motorhome and just everything fit. A great episode, especially considering this was an ep in the states that aired right before the hiatus..