Gilmore Girls

Season 4 Episode 22

Raincoats and Recipes

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 18, 2004 on The WB
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Momentous changes are in the air as the Dragonfly Inn approaches opening day. Rory and Dean take a major step forward in their relationship. Emily and Richard admit that they're separated; Kirk decides to let Lulu in on his secret; Jason appears at the Inn. Luke and Lorelai share a very special moment.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • This Episode, i think, is the BEST episode in the entire 4th season.

    I LOVE this episode. I just LOVE the kiss. It is so romantic and passionate, and i just Love Luke. He is just SO Sweet!! They are so perfect for each other!! Have i mentioned that i LOVE th kiss?? I mean, wow!! I also hate Jason. i mean, i know that he's cute and everything, but there is just something about him. Well, anyway, that's my opinon. And i can't BELIEVE that Dean and Rory had sex. I mean, they are PERFECT for each other, and he has always loved her, but he IS married. I mean, I feel so sorry for Lindsay. She is so innocent, and you can tell that she loves Dean. But to him, she was proberley just a rebound for him, because she blow him off for Jess. which, by the way, was complete supitidy. I mean, Jess is nice, and he is Luke's nephew, and Liz's son, but Dean is just so in love with Rory. The episode where Dean gets married, and he's hving that Bacheler party, and he is so drunk, and he says to Luke "I miss her. Why didn't she love me?" I mean, how sad and pathetic is that?! And did i mention that i LOVED the kiss?moreless
  • The Dragonfly inn is about to open, Luke and Lorelai both stand still and Rory makes a terrible mistake...

    Ultimate series classic. I couldn't believe my eyes. How unbelievably cute could Luke and Lorelai get?!?!?! First, Lauren Graham's face when she says 'Luke can waltz' and then her dropping the table and the 'I think I'm dating Luke'. Then Luke arrives with flowers and his distraught face when Babbette talks about Jason and Lorelai and when Jason says he and Lorelai are still together... And finally he comfronts Lorelai and says how he had never bought flowers for anyone before and finally kisses her for the first time, in the cutest, most beautiful scene ever!!!! Amy S-P at her best, definately.

    The inn was just adorable (it got so beautiful!), Sookie and Jackson and Michel very funny as always, loved Tom in a suit, and especially Kirk's night terrors (plus, Lulu's just so cute). But it was sad to see that Emily and Richard are still fighting.

    The end was painful to watch. I always dreamed Rory and Dean would get together through that terrible Jess period, but not like this. I was sooo mad at Rory when she got mad at Lorelai, who was so right! Dean was still married! It was just horrible, it just wasn't Rory (or Dean, for that matter, Jess, all right, but never Dean) and I couldn't believe Rory thinking she was right... Anyway, definately the best season finale (and I loved those thousand yellow daisies so much. I blame Luke! =] )moreless
  • A Fantastic Episode...

    Well I never expected that ending for Season 4 but there we go.

    Luke and Lorelai together? At last, I have been waiting for that moment for a long long time. When I saw Jason I thought they would get back together but Luke and Lorelai are ment to be together and we have been waiting to see this from Season 1.

    What was Rory thinking? Okay, I guess she wasn't. We all know how much she loves Dean and always has and it was a shame tha they broke up. But sleep with Dean? He is a married and as her mother said even though he says it is not working does not mean that it's over until they actually leave each other. I guess she made I mistake.

    We se big trouble in Paradise.. Between Richard and Emily. I hope they work it out Lorelai tires to help or was she just confirming that her parents are not together? Well it did work cause she found out that her parents are not together anymore.

    I guess the first night of the Dragonfly Inn went pretty well but with a lot of drama.moreless
  • The opening of the Dragonfly Inn arrives which leads to many major events. Probably the best episode of the whole series so far, just excellent.

    I loved this episode, it just had everything. Humour, drama, excitement and many major events took place. I'll say that right now, I'm thinking this is my favourite episode of the whole series so far, it was just excellent. Firstly, we finally see the opening of the Dragonfly Inn which is something that has been spoken about since season one.

    It was great to watch them all see there dream come true, it was working and everything. Sookie was funny with her panic about having to fire two of her cooks, it was amusing when she asked Taylor how one of them was doing and he said great, so she complained.

    Lorelai talking to Rory about Luke was brilliant. Are they dating, are they not ... what are they? Plus when she went back into the diner she fell on the table, hilarious. Throughout there were moments between, things we've been waiting to see again since season one. How he gave her flowers, they stared at each at dinner.

    Half way through the episode we see Rory and Dean almost kiss but there interrupted by Tom, the builder. Obviously this has been on the table now for a few episodes but it was good to actually see it. The minute Lorelai asked Lorelai to get her stuff from the house, I just knew Dean would show up.

    When he does, things are awkward between them but he soon claims that he and Lindsey aren't working and are over. This leads to them actually kissing and falling onto Rory's bed, exciting yet nerve-wracking stuff. Onto other things, Emily and Richard are getting on each others nerves at dinner which prompts Lorelai to invite them to the opening.

    She puts them in there own private place, hoping they'll sort things out. Suddenly Jason arrives to get Lorelai back. She insists that there over but he won't take no for an answer and sits in the inn lounge. Emily arrives and shouts at Lorelai and says she knows that she knows about the separation, both she and Richard end up leaving after seeing Jason.

    So not only did Jason's visit cause Emily and Richard to leave, Luke also thinks what he has been doing was a waste of time when Jason tells him he and Lorelai are still together. Then in one of the most enjoyable and anticipated moments of the show, they have a confrontation where Lorelai tells him it wasn't a waste. This leads to them, finally I might add, kissing passionately.

    This hopefully means there together but there interrupted by a naked Kirk in a night terror. So Lorelai rushes home to tell Rory the news and to her dismay, Rory and Dean appear and something's is obviously happened. I admit I loved the final scenes of the episode, the talk between them was just very well done.

    Dean leaves and Lorelai looks in the bedroom to see the sheets messed up. She confronts Rory who doesn't understand Lorelai's horror at the situation. Rory being naive goes on about how he was her boyfriend first, he's her Dean .... she ends up storming off telling Lorelai she hates her for ruining it for her.

    But then in quite a sad moments, she calls Dean but Lindsey (His wife) answers, after hanging up she breaks down into tears and there's where it leaves us. I loved it all and cannot wait for season 5 which I'm getting on DVD soon.

    Everything you could want for the finale of this season was here, it was excellent.moreless
  • I just LOVE this episode!!! I think I have seen it about 20 times at least!!! it is the start of Luke and Lorelai... and the middle of Rory an Dean!moreless

    I just LOVE this episode!!! I think I have seen it about 20 times at least!!! It is clearly one of the top 3 episodes of the show!!! I can quote (is that how you write it?) a full scean from this episode (the one with Lorelai and Luke's first kiss). what more can i say??? it is "exacly way i watch this sries"!!! and as i said at the summary it is the start of Luke (MY LOVE!!!) and Lorelai and the "middle" of Rory and Dean! (my third best apisode... right after "written in the stars" and "a house is not a home".moreless
Sean Gunn

Sean Gunn

Kirk Gleason (Episodes 44 - , recurring previously)

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Keiko Agena

Lane Kim

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Kelly Bishop

Emily Gilmore

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Alexis Bledel

Rory Gilmore

Lauren Graham

Lauren Graham

Lorelai Gilmore

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Edward Herrmann

Richard Gilmore

Jamie Gannon

Jamie Gannon


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Graham Norris


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Jared Padalecki

Dean Forester

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Michael Winters

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (20)

    • When Rory says "I'm sorry I didn't talk to you about it first. I know I promised I would" she is referring to the episode Swan Song where Rory tells Lorelai she would talk to her about having sex before it happened.

    • This season four finale officially marks the completion of the only season in which David Sutcliffe does not appear as Christopher!

    • In the scene when Rory and Dean almost kiss, you can see someone looking in through the window on the door.

    • Lorelai tells Michel that she had 26 hours of labor, however, in episode "The Breakup, Part 2" Lorelai tells Rory that she had 14 hours of labor.

      Explanation: Lorelai says "9 months and 26 hours later" to be exact, which is not necessarily her labor time as it is unlikely for her to have gone into labour at exactly nine months. She may have gone into labour at 9 months 12 hours in which case her earlier statement would still be true.

    • Rory: You slept with Dad when he was with Sherry.
      Lorelai: Dad wasn't married to Sherry.
      Rory: He was engaged to Sherry. And she was pregnant.
      Lorelai: Okay, fine! So I set one crappy example, and you have no other choice than to follow in my footsteps?

      Rory is being a bit unfair to her mother during this exchange. Lorelai has slept with Chris twice to this point (not including the initial consummation). In Season 1 Episode 15, "Christopher Returns", they got together on her bedroom balcony after that disastrous dinner with Straub and Francine. Christopher was single at that time. The next time she slept with him was the day before Sookie's wedding, in Season 2 Episode 22, "I Can't Get Started". Chris and Sherry were separated at the time and Chris was about to move out of their place. Lorelai did not know she was pregnant. She stepped away from the relationship the minute she knew about it. Christopher and Sherry were not engaged until after he found out that she was pregnant.

      Lorelai perhaps exhibited bad judgment to be with someone so quickly after their break up but this error in judgment didn't rise to the moral faux pas of sleeping with a married man.

    • In Season 2, episode "Back in the Saddle Again", Sookie is frustrated with the error on her wedding invitations and tells Lorelai to just tell everyone to show up on May 15 at 4:00 p.m., clearly establishing Sookie's anniversary as May 15. In Season 4, "The Incredible Shrinking Lorelais", Lorelai excitedly makes the first reservation for the Dragonfly Inn. She tells Mr. Turner that their opening day is May 6 and makes his reservation for May 8 and 9. During the Lunch with Gran, Lorelai said they they would open on time. In Season 4, "Raincoats and Recipes", the day before the practice run Lorelai, Michel and Sookie are talking in the kitchen when Lorelai gives Sookie a happy anniversary hug indicating it was May 15. What happened to the opening day of May 6 and the Turners on May 8 and 9?

    • Lorelai says she had been working towards her goal for 20 years. Rory is not 20 yet and Lorelai didn't run away to the Independence Inn until after Rory was born so it could not be 20 years.

      Actually On season 1, Lorelai tells Rachel that the openeing an inn idea is a new one from the last 2 years. So actually, the inn idea was created aproximally at 1998. Possible explanation: Lorelai could have meant being successful, being more proud of what she was doing, or owning her own business, all of which could have been dreams before Rory was born. Or she was estimating.

    • When Lorelai knocks into the table, she pushes everything over and knocks over the menu. When she sits down, the menu is standing upright and everything is in place, besides the knocked over ketchup and mustard.

    • Lorelai and Rory get their coffee poured for them in Luke's diner. Then they go outside to chat... they come back in and Lorelei knocks the table over. Everything falls over, but no liquid spills. You can see Lorelai's mug quite clearly, broken, but dry as a bone.

    • In the scene where Lorelai and Sookie are talking in the dining room about how great all the staff is and how they don't know who to fire, Derek is spit polishing the silverware behind them! He wets a cloth with his spit and polishes the silverware at two place settings.

    • Kirk told Luke that his pillow is always a bomb in his night terrors. If it's a bomb, why was he holding it over himself as he ran out of the inn?

      Response: Kirk told Luke about one of his night terrors where he woke up thinking there was an assassin after him and locked his pillow in the bathroom because it was a bomb. The only thing he said happens every time is that he ends up somewhere naked.

    • After Rory and Dean have sex and Lorelai is yelling at Rory about it she says that Rory dumped Dean, but that's not true. Everytime Rory and Dean broke up it was because Dean ended it.

      Rory didnt necessarily end it but it technically was her fault each time. Hence her not saying I love you back to him and the second time when she clearly wanted to be with Jess.

    • At the beginning of the episode when Rory is going crazy, Lorelai locks her in her room with a chair. The chair should have made no difference because Rory's door swings in not out.

      Explanation: She does not block the door but rather wedges the chair between the door knob and the door jamb. By putting the chair there, Rory isn't able to pull open the door even though the door swings in.

    • Both times that Emily and Richard stayed at one of Lorelai's inns (in The Bracebridge Dinner) they were in a fight.

    • When Lorelai runs into the door at the Dragonfly she runs into it twice.

    • Lorelai calls three people to send Taylor's bags to his room but only two people arrive to get them.

    • When Rory is talking to Dean at the inn, she says that he blew her off 'today'. However, Dean blew Rory off the day before.

    • When Luke pours the coffee for Rory and Lorelai, he obviously stops pouring but the pouring noise continues.

    • When Lorelai accidentally falls onto the table at Luke's, the two sauce bottles (red and yellow) are still standing. But in the next frame when Lorelai is sitting down, the sauce bottles have been knocked over.

    • Lorelai claims she doesn't like rabbit. However, in season 1, she ate rabbit that her grandmother brought from Europe.

      Possible explanation: It was at that moment that she learned she didn't like rabbit, but didn't say anything for fear of her mother or grandmother's wrath.

  • QUOTES (39)

    • Rory: You slept with Dad when he was with Sherry.
      Lorelai: Dad wasn't married to Sherry.
      Rory: He was engaged to Sherry. And she was pregnant.
      Lorelai: Okay, fine! So I set one crappy example, and you have no other choice than to follow in my footsteps?

    • Lorelai: Rory, I just don't want you to get hurt. What if Dean doesn't leave her? Now you're all emotionally involved.
      Rory: You're just mad because I didn't come running to you when I was ready. I decided it on my own!

    • Rory: I mean, aren't you glad it happened with someone who's kind and good and really loves me?
      Lorelai: But...he's married.
      Rory: You don't understand the situation.
      Lorelai: Is he still married?
      Rory: Well, yeah, but--
      Lorelai: Then I understand the situation.

    • Lorelai: So he's leaving Lindsay? He told you he's leaving her? The ring is off and he moved out? He said all that?
      Rory: We didn't get around to discussing those things.
      Lorelai: You of all people, the girl who thinks everything through, the listmaker. You didn't bother to think about these things before jumping into bed with a married guy?
      Rory: He's not a married guy. He's Dean. MY Dean.
      Lorelai: He's not your Dean. He's Lindsay's Dean. You're the other woman.

    • Rory: How's it going with you?
      Lorelai: Well we locked the kitchen crew in with Michel for twenty minutes, and it backfired a little. Six of them quit and we have to start hiring again tomorrow.

    • Babette: I think Kirk wants you to go upstairs and make love to him.
      Luke: Just roll.

    • Rory: Food's great, Mom.
      Jackson: Yes it is great.
      Rory: Although, I admit, I know the chef so I'm a little biased.
      Jackson: You're a little biased? I'm sleeping with her.
      Rory: You also grew the vegetables.
      Jackson: OH, I did! I can't be trusted at all.

    • Rory: You are the bad seed.
      Lorelai: I have the prettiest mother. Everybody thinks so.

    • Rory: I'm just trying to find some CDs for the Dragonfly.
      Dean: I hear Taylor's a big hip-hop fan.
      Rory: Oh, he hops with the hippest of them.

    • Rory: He was my boyfriend first!
      Lorelai: But you dumped him! You rejected him, you picked someone else.
      Rory: Stop it!
      Lorelai: Rory!
      Rory: I hate you for ruining this for me!

    • Lorelai: This just wasn't the way your first time was supposed to be.
      Rory: Oh, and how was my first time supposed to be?
      Lorelai: Well, first of all, it was supposed to be in the retirement home. And secondly, ideally, it was supposed to be with someone single.

    • Lorelai: I did not raise you to be the kind of girl who sleeps with someone else's husband!

    • Rory: He was not cheating!
      Lorelai: He was cheating, Rory. And you were cheating with him. There's no other way to spin that, kid.

    • Rory: We were safe. We used protection. So I guess all those Trojan jokes actually paid off.

    • Lorelai: (to Rory) I think I'm dating Luke.
      Rory: What!?
      Lorelai: I'm not sure, it's just a possibility.

    • Kirk: Is Luke here yet?
      Lorelai: No, he's not, Kirk.
      Kirk: But he's coming, right? He'll be here before I go to sleep?
      Lorelai: I have no idea, Kirk. Why?
      Kirk: It's a guy thing.

    • Lorelai: Oh! Oh, honey, come here.
      (Lorelai hugs Sookie)
      Sookie: What? What is that for?
      Lorelai: In all the craziness, I completely forgot that today is your wedding anniversary.
      Sookie: Oh my God!
      (Sookie runs out of the kitchen)

    • Luke: I'm not a mysterious man am I?
      Lorelai: Well, the wardrobe's a bit of a head-scratcher.

    • Rory: Okay, whoa, this is Luke.
      Lorelai: I know.
      Rory: Our Luke, the town Luke.

    • Emily: Jason.
      Jason: Emily.
      Emily: Do you have a room?
      Lorelai: No, Mom, he doesn't. He just showed up, because apparently it's Blake Edwards night at the Dragonfly.

    • Luke: You know the last time I bought flowers for someone? Never, that's when! Very easy stat to remember!

    • Lorelai: How are you doing?
      Luke: I'm just staring at my plate.
      Babette: He's shy. My bathrobe slipped earlier and his poor little heart couldn't take it.
      Miss Patty: He's been staring at his salad ever since.
      Luke: I like salad.

    • Michel: There are all sorts of chromosomes missing from that man.

    • Lorelai: Wow, Tom! I have never seen you in a suit before.
      Tom: Really? Because I'm more a suit guy than anything else.

    • Sookie: Look at how he chopped these onions! I just want to shove a string through them and wear them around my neck!
      Michel: Now, that wouldn't be at all eccentric.

    • Lorelai: Did he look at me differently?
      Rory: Different than what?
      Lorelai: Different than before.
      Rory: Before what?
      Lorelai: Before before!
      Rory: Before, before?
      Lorelai: Rory!
      Rory: How on earth can you be frustrated with me now?

    • Lane: Boys will eat anything. I bought some vanilla-almond body lotion...
      Rory: No.
      Lane: On chips. Mine, by the way.

    • Rory: I can't believe you didn't wake me up.
      Lorelai: Me and what army?

    • Rory: (playing a video game) Where'd I go?
      Lane: I don't know!
      Rory: What do I do?
      Lane: I don't know!
      (Video game makes an explosion noise)
      Rory: Did I lose?
      Lane: Well, you have no head, so I would say yes.

    • Lorelai: Tom, I'm lovin' you like a $2 whore.
      Tom: Terrific. I'll tell the wife.

    • Lorelai: Pau-Pau and Chin-Chin cannot come to the test run!
      Michel: Why not?
      Lorelai: Because they are dogs, Michel!
      Michel: They cannot stay at home alone! They get lonely, and then they eat expensive Italian things!

    • Lorelai: I think I'm dating Luke.

    • Lorelai: What are you doing?
      Luke: Would you just stand still?
      (Luke and Lorelai kiss)
      Luke: What are you doing?
      Lorelai: Would you just stand still?
      (Luke and Lorelai kiss)
      (Kirk runs down stairs screaming with a pillow and without clothing)
      Kirk: Aaaaah! Aaaaah!

    • Lorelai: I'm going to lock those two in a room, and they are either coming out reconciled or in a body bag, and believe you me, I'm fine either way.

    • Kirk: You have nice windows, though. I don't have windows. My room at my mom's house used to be a bomb shelter. It's very cold, but great for racquetball.

    • Lorelai: No hustle, no hora. It was a slow dance, a waltz. Luke can waltz.
      Rory: Luke can waltz?!
      Lorelai: Luke can waltz.
      Rory: Look how you just said, "Luke can waltz."
      Lorelai: What, I'm just saying, I'm surprised that Luke can waltz.
      Rory: That sounded more like, "I'm surprised I still have my clothes on."

    • Michel: I don't understand why you get to bring Rory and I don't get to bring my Chows.
      Lorelai: Because I'm mad with power.
      Michel: They are quieter than she is, they are cleaner than she is.
      Lorelai: Stop comparing your dogs to my kid
      Michel: As much as you love Rory, that is how much I love Paw-paw and Chin Chin.
      Lorelai: I gave birth to her! I carried her inside me, and nine months and twenty-six hours later, she came out!
      Michel: If I could have given birth to them myself, I would have, but I didn't have that choice!

    • Lulu: I just love it when he looks like the Brawny paper towel guy.

    • Derrick: Lorelai, are you alright?
      Lorelai: Well there's a debate going on about that.

  • NOTES (5)


    • Lane: He was that bad?
      Rory: James Spader in "Pretty in Pink."

      Pretty in Pink is a popular 1986 film about teenage love and social cliques in 1980s American high schools. James Spader plays Steff McKee, the rich antagonist of the movie.

    • Rory: So, inviting them to stay in the inn is going to do what?
      Lorelai: I'm not inviting them to stay in the inn, I am inviting them to stay in the bungalo 150 feet away from the inn.
      Rory: Diabolical
      Lorelai: I am going to lock those two in a room and they are either coming out reconciled or in a body bag, and believe you me, I am fine either way.
      Rory: Well look who died and made you Hayley Mills

      Hayley Mills is an actress that starred in The Parent Trap (1961) and three sequels in the 80's. The plot involved clandestine plans to reunite the parents of twins separated at birth.

    • Rory: You are the Bad Seed.

      The Bad Seed was a film made in 1956 and remade for TV in 1985. It is based on a play by Maxwell Anderson, which was based on a novel by William March. The basic plot is that a mother finds out that her perfect daughter may be a perfect killer.

    • Lorelai: Since I'm currently one of the women sitting at home thinking "If I could only find a man like Aragorn" he picked me.

      Aragorn is a character from the Lord of the Rings trilogy. In the recenet movie version of the film he was played by Viggo Mortensen.
      Later in the series, Luke says that Viggo Mortensen should play him in a TV-movie.

    • Lorelai: NO, mom. He doesn't have a room. He just showed up because apparently its Blake Edward's night at the Dragon Fly.

      Blake Edwards, filmmaker, is best known for periodically resurrecting slapstick shenanigans in comedies like The Great Race, Blind Date, and most famously, the successful Pink Panther series.

    • Taylor: Its the details that distinguish the Barbra Streisand's from the Roslyn Kind's.

      Barbra Streisand is a very famous actress and singer. Roslyn Kind is her half-sister, an actress, but she is no where near as famous.

    • Rory: What's your damage, Heather?

      Heathers is a 1989 black comedy about a nasty clique of high-school girls, three of whom were named Heather. This was also said by Veronica when one of the Heathers yanked her across the room similarly to how Loralei pulled Rory out of the diner.