Gilmore Girls

Season 2 Episode 3

Red Light on the Wedding Night

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 16, 2001 on The WB
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Lorelai, Sookie, Emily, Michel, and Rory go to a drag club for Lorelai's bachelorette party; Emily regales the group with stories about the week before her wedding, some of which give Lorelai pause about her own feelings about marriage; when everyone else leaves to call their sweeties, Lorelai calls Christopher instead of Max; later that evening at home, Lorelai announces to Rory that she's calling the wedding off because she's realized that Max isn't the one for her; mother and daughter decide to take a road trip to avoid the sympathies of all of Stars Hollow.moreless

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  • breakup

    I love this episode of course but did she even tell max? I really hope she did and in person. But they never show it.
  • The End of Max, but written and handled very badly.

    I knew their breakup was coming but I really did not expect it to be this quick and rushed. Seriously you cant break up your main couple in the space of one episode? and they definitely needed to include a scene where Lorelai told Max. Im sorry bit if anyone actually thought that the whole situation was handled brilliantly what were you actually watching? I really cant describe my disapointment in this episode. I love Gilmore Girls and everything about it and until now every episode had been right up there. But this one? well this one drops everything solely on what a hash the writers made of Lorelais breakup with Max. I realised that they were trying to write it in subtly that Lorelai didn't really like Max anymore but I felt like they were forcing everything upon us just far too fast. We just spent a whole season thinking about Lorelai and Max and how their relationship was going and suddenlly hes gone in one episode. Again, simply terrible terrible writing.

    The only positive I take from this episode, was the frist say 20 minutes of it, more time with Emily (and her growing relationship with Lorelai), and the return of Christopher.

    But even that cant stop me from riduculing what this episode was turned into by poor writing and in some parts poor acting (especially Max and Lorelais fight scene). Something must have happened behind the scenes for the writers to have done this.

    I really hope that we actually get to see Max again. Thanks to this wonderful episode (can anyone say sarcasim) we never will find out what Max thinks over the whole breakup.

    And then the most terrible part of the episode, when they were stopped by a red traffic light at the end (yeah we get the hint people!).

    Im sorry to rant like this, but I need to get this off my chest. Overall, bad bad episode.moreless
  • The ending of one chapter, and the beginning of another.

    I've just begun getting into the show, watching now as it's in syndication, but gotta say I much enjoyed this episode. Max is all right, but he's not the one for Lorelai. Her crashing in Rory's room was a strong sign of that. There's only one for her, and it's fun watching them grow closer, though slowly, it's really cool. I'm glad Emily attended the bachelorette party, and shared the sweet story of how she got prepared before her wedding to Richard. Michel, as always, was a hoot with getting his groove on at Lorelai's party.

    Speaking of signs, I adored the one when Luke brought over the Chuppa he made for the wedding. There was that great shot of he and Lorelai standing under it and from behind, they were in the exact places as they would be for a wedding. A lovely dose of hopefully foreshadowing. I love spur-of-the-moment trips like the episode ended with. Those can be the best fun.moreless
  • The end of Max, hopefully. Good episode.

    Does this mean the end of Max? I really hope so, to be honest I actually enjoyed this episode less because of him, not his character, just his presence. I mean we all know that Lorelai isn't made for him, its Luke that she wants. It was entertaining to see Dean give max advice about the girls, cranky at night and pizza. It was weird to see max stay over for Lorelai which basically proved that she either wasn't ready or didn't love him.

    We didn't get much Dean and Rory, except talk about there anniversary, of which now they have two. No Lane, hope she comes back in the next episode, I like her character. The whole red light thing outside Luke's was funny and it made me like Luke's character more. Liked when Sookie and Lorelai were talking about the party, Babette was funny. Kirk being the photographer was creepy, especially talk of the nude picture.

    The party itself was entertaining, Emily being there was amusing and it was strange to here her talk about her own wedding. This kicks Lorelai's worry into overdrive and she then strangely calls Christopher. I'm going to be controversial, I actually quite like, I definitely don't not like him. He seemed supportive of Lorelai and it was nice that he rung Rory to check in.

    The end was really good, Lorelai telling Rory to pack and that they were going on a trip. It was another mother/daughter thing and it was cool to see Rory get her mother. Lorelai then says that she isn't getting married and they leave, not before being stopped by the new red light. Luke building that thing for Lorelai, my god! A good episode, hopefully the end of the Lorelai/max relationshipmoreless
  • Yay!

    Lorelai, Rory, Sookie, Ms. Patty, Michel and Emily are at a club for Lorelai's bachelorette party. Emily talks about her feelings the week before her wedding. As everyone calls their lovers, Lorelai calls Christopher. She realizes that she and Max shouldn't get married, because she doesn't feel like her mother feels at all. She and Rory prepare to go on a road trip to leave Stars Hollow.

    This episode was pretty good! I'm glad Lorelai is choosing not to marry Max. I don't really think they should get married. This episode gets a 9.0 out of 10 from me!moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Richard and Emily have been married for 34 years.

    • With this episode, we get a first hint at Kirk being prone to nudity. Indeed, while flipping through Kirk's photo samples Lorelai comes across a picture of him naked.

    • With this episode Rory changes her hair style away from the old straight-flat style to incorporate a wave more like Lorelai's.

    • When Lorelai and Rory are sampling wedding cakes, Rory comments on the raspberry cake, and you distinctly see her take a few bites. Then the camera angle changes, and you see that the side of the cake that Rory just ate is still intact.

    • When Lorelei, Rory and Max go to Luke's, there are originally three red cups on the table. Throughout the course of the scene, the red cups change to blue, and then back to red. In addition, Max's cup keeps moving from his right side to his left side.

  • QUOTES (17)

    • Lorelai: Max, they're teenagers. They can kiss a little bit.
      Max: Okay, well, what do I do if Rory comes home drunk?
      Lorelai: Come on!
      Max: It happens.
      Lorelai: Not to Rory it doesn't.
      Max: I know. But theoretically, just in a make believe world, if she did, what would I do?
      Lorelai: Nothing.
      Max: Excuse me?
      Lorelai: No, you would do nothing. I would handle it.
      Max: So basically, I have no role in Rory's life.
      Lorelai: Max, Rory's done. She's brought up, she's Rory. You don't need a role.
      Max: Fine.
      Lorelai: I don't see the problem here.
      Max: Clearly. So, I should do nothing around here ever.
      Lorelai: No, not nothing ever.
      Max: What then?
      Lorelai: Well, making the garlic bread the other night was really good.

    • Rory: Oh, I printed up some sample invitations for you. I made them on my computer.
      Lorelai: Awww.
      Rory: All you have to do is pick out a quote for the front page, and I'll print them up.
      Lorelai: Okay. Um… "What is love? It is the morning and the evening star." Ugh.
      Rory: Sinclair Lewis.
      Lorelai: Sinclair Sappy Lewis.
      Rory: Fine, next.
      Lorelai: "And all went merry as a marriage bell. But hush! Hark! A deep sound strikes like a rising knell!" What is it with poetry?
      Rory: Lord Byron.
      Lorelai: Byron and Lewis, together again.
      Rory: Okay, last one.
      Lorelai: "We have buried the putrid corpse of liberty." Perfect!
      Rory: Mussolini it is.

    • Lorelai: (seeing her mother at table at the night club) What in Lucifer's reach is my mother doing here?
      Michel: Oh, I invited her.
      Lorelai: You what?
      Michel: Just a little surprise for you. I thought it would be a kick.
      (Lorelai walks up to Emily)
      Lorelai: (to Emily) Excuse me sir. You look just like my mother.

    • Lorelai: (to Rory) Honey, someday when you're a little older you will be introduced to something that is extremely seductive but fickle. A fair-weather friend who seems benign but packs a wallop like a donkey kick, and that is the Long Island iced tea. The Long Island iced tea makes you do things that you normally wouldn't do, like lifting your skirt in public or calling someone you normally wouldn't call at really weird times.

    • Dean: Go with their bits.
      Max: Their bits?
      Dean: Yeah. Like, if you're eating pizza with them, and Lorelai decides that the pepperoni is angry at the mushrooms because the mushrooms have an attitude, and then she holds up a pepperoni and the pepperoni asks for your opinion, don't just laugh. Answer the pepperoni.

    • Lorelai: No one has ever made me a huppah.
      Luke: You only get married once...theoretically.
      Lorelai: only get married once.

    • (about calling Christopher)
      Rory: Why did you call him?
      Lorelai: Just to check in.
      Rory: At your bachelorette party?
      Lorelai: Seemed as good a time as any.

    • Lorelai: Did Michel leave?
      Sookie: No. He said he had to 'shake his thing.'

    • Christopher: You're at your bachelorette party.
      Lorelai: Right...right.
      Christopher: So why are you calling me?

    • Lorelai: If eating cake is wrong, I don't want to be right.

    • Rory: Okay, our house is burning down, and you can save the cake or me. What do you choose?
      Lorelai: Well that's not fair. The cake doesn't have legs.

    • (Max opens a drawer in the oven)
      Lorelai: Wow, did you know we had that?
      Rory: Not a clue.

    • Lorelai: Pack!
      Rory: What?
      Lorelai: Pack.
      Rory: What's going on?
      Lorelai: We are hitting the road.
      Rory: What?
      Lorelai: Pack everything. Traveling light is for girls.
      Rory: What's going on here? Why are we hitting the road?
      Lorelai: We haven't taken a road trip in forever and the weather is perfect.
      Rory: We can't take a road trip. You're getting married this weekend.
      Lorelai: Do you have my blue swimsuit?
      Rory: What about Max?
      Lorelai: Sunscreen, we need sunscreen.
      Rory: Mom, stop.
      Lorelai: What?
      Rory: Are you and Max getting married?
      Lorelai: No.
      Rory: Why?
      Lorelai: (starts crying) Because I didn't want to try on my wedding dress every night.

    • Lorelai: Did you mean all those things you said about marriage?
      Luke: What things?
      Lorelai: You really want me to repeat them to you?
      Luke: No I mean, I guess, for some people, marriage isn't the worst thing in the world. I mean it's probably better than being hobbled or something like that.
      Lorelai: And people can evolve together don't you think?
      Luke: Maybe.
      Lorelai: Yoko and John Lennon did. They got closer and closer as the years went by. At the end they even had the same face.
      Luke: It got a little spooky.
      Lorelai: But cool
      Luke: Yeah, they were lucky. I guess if you can find that one person, you know, who's willing to put up with all your crap and doesn't want to change you or dress you, or you know, make you eat French food, then marriage can be all right...but that's only if you find that person.
      Lorelai: Yeah, if you find that person.

    • Michel: I feel like crap on toast.

    • Rory: Wow, totally deserted.
      Lorelai: We're the last ones left.
      Rory: So, are we almost there?
      Lorelai: We're almost there, and nowhere near it. All that matters is we're going.
      Rory: We're practically gone already.
      Lorelai: Look out, world!

    • (about Max knowing his way around the kitchen)
      Rory: He has much knowledge.
      Lorelai: We shall form a cult around him.
      Rory: Build a statue many stories high.
      Lorelai: We shall grow our hair long and stop bathing.

  • NOTES (4)

    • German episode title: "Kalte Füße", meaning "Cold Feet".

      French episode title: "Décision décisive", meaning "A Definite Decision".

    • Keiko Agena (Lane), Edward Herrmann (Richard) and Liza Weil (Paris) do not appear in this episode.

    • Music:
      - "Get Happy" by Judy Garland
      - "True" by Spandau Ballet
      - "Church Of The Poison Mind" by Culture Club
      -"Spring Released" sung by Grant-Lee Philips and found on his album Mobilize. Played during Lorelai and Max's dance.

    • When they convince the bouncer at the bar to let Rory in, they say she was a world famous model. In real life, Alexis Bledel was a model when she was still in high school, and ended up traveling to Tokyo, Milan, New York and Los Angeles.

  • ALLUSIONS (12)

    • Max: He's the middle child.
      Lorelai: Poor Jan!

      Jan refers to the hit sitcom, The Brady Bunch in which the middle girl was named Jan.

    • Lorelai: "We have buried the putrid corpse of liberty." Perfect!
      Rory: Mussolini it is.

      Benito Mussolini was the prime minister and dictator of Italy from 1922 until 1943, when he was overthrown from power. He established a repressive fascist regime that valued nationalism, militarism, anti-liberalism and anti-communism combined with strict censorship and state propaganda. This is also a quote the Palladino's used in their wedding.

    • Lorelai: Okay. Um… "What is love? It is the morning and the evening star." Ugh.
      Rory: Sinclair Lewis.

      Sinclair Lewis was an American novelist and playwright. In 1930 he became the first American to win the Nobel Prize in Literature, "for his vigorous and graphic art of description and his ability to create, with wit and humour, new types of characters"

    • Sookie: (describing her hangover) Like a baseball the size of a cantaloupe in your head.
      Lorelai: Good one.
      Sookie: What?
      Lorelai: 'Cause a baseball can only be one size, so it's a Yogi Berra type thing.

      Baseball player and manager Yogi Berra was noted for saying things like this that make sense, but in a weird, off-kilter sort of way, like, "It's deja-vu all over again."

    • Rory: Like the giant ants in Them!?

      Them! was the first of a spate of b-grade sci-fi movies featuring giant mutated creatures of one kind or another. Believe it or not, if you allow for the giant ants themselves, it's really not a badly done picture, an unusual quality for b-grade sci-fi. An early James Arness (Gunsmoke) role, it also has Leonard Nimoy (Star Trek's Spock) in a very small part.

    • Lorelai: If eating cake is wrong, I don't want to be right.

      Paraphrase of the song title If Loving You Is Wrong, I Don't Want to be Right, recorded by Luther Ingram and again by Barbara Mandrell.

    • Sookie: (to Michel) You need to strut, Tony Manero.

      Tony Manero is the character played by John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. One of the opening scenes is him strutting down the street to the music.

    • Christopher: So is he worthy?
      Lorelai: Is anyone?
      Christopher: Bono, maybe? Brian Ferry?

      Bono is the lead singer of U2 and Brian Ferry is a British singer, musician and songwriter prominent in the '70s, probably best known for his work with Roxy Music.

    • Lorelai: Oh, Max, Rory is very low maintenance. Kind of like that robot kid in A.I., only way less mother-obsessed.

      A.I. is a movie starring Haley Joel Osmond about artificial intelligence and the struggle that the robots faced to have the same civil rights as humans.

    • Lorelai: Well, we are Electra Woman and Dyna Girl.

      Saturday morning live-action show in the 70s about two superheroines played by Deidre Hall and Judy Strangis.

    • Lorelai: Byron and Lewis together again.

      This is a reference to the comedy team of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis.

    • Lorelai: Well, it ain't Guy Fawkes Day.

      In 1605, a Roman Catholic group in London attempted to blow up King James I and the Houses of Parliament inn what is now called The Gunpowder Plot. The explosives expert, Guy Fawkes, was captured and the plot was foiled. Every year in England the foiling of the plot is celebrated with fireworks and the burning of an effigy of Guy Fawkes.
      British children learn a nursery rhyme about it:
      Remember, remember the fifth of November,
      The gunpowder, treason and plot,
      I know of no reason why gunpowder treason
      Should ever, ever be forgot.