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  • Serious and silly at the same time

    We are in the 3rd season now on Netflix. It is just good light entertainment with some good drama thrown in. It has decent values and lessons, except the fact that these 2 eat nothing but garbage all day and night and still look like models. Other than that, it is very entertaining, combining some very realistic situations with absurd scenarios as well. The actors are wonderful, for the most part.
  • Gilmore girls

    I have to admit the actors are great , scenery , clothes ,decor wonderful. The scenario ducks , pathetic, the jokes are stupid , the theme is so trivial and shallow . Lots of anger and silly rude jokes . The mother and Daughter break up with BF , then make up and break up one boring stupid show . The Paris girl dull of anger and stupidity . The dialogue between mothers and daughter specially the grand ma and her daughter , silly impolite rude . The episode about the secret society and how Paris family reputation depends on joining that group. Stupid stupid stupid Some of the roles can be illuminated.

    I am so sorry and shocked that this show is Amy awarded or whatever what

    Such a shallow stupid silly plot around nothing .
  • too much junk food

    Very unrealistic. They eat nothing but junk food and yet are skinny and healthy. Might work at 16 but not likely at 32.
  • come back gilmore girls

    i started re waching abot 2 or 3 weeks ago and now im on the last ep i think the showw has at least 2 more seasons in it or up to 5 movies come back gilmore girls we all need you to
  • Should Come Back!

    We all think this should come back. Maybe it can come back and be called Gilmore Gurls?
  • Meets an essential need...

    having female of all ages orientated sitcom content in a TV world dominated by testosterone driven sows like Hawaii Girls is fun to watch-nothing not classy or too heavy-you could do a lot worse.
  • Gilmore Girls movie

    They've gotten the Veronica mars project going I really think we need a Gilmore Girls Movie to really wrap it up. It was a show that could have easily had a few more seasons in it.
  • Gone Too Soon

    This show had a good 2-3 seasons left in it. I watched the series finally when it first aired on the CW and have watched it at least 4 times since in soap net. I still feel heartache every time, The episode is starting now. Gotta go feel sad again.
  • Great Writing!

    I never watched the series when it originally aired. I was flipping through channels one morning and found it on ABC Family. I only stopped because I saw Lorelai and Rory drinking coffee as I'm also a big coffee drinker. After watching a few episodes I ended up buying season one and two on DVD. I just recently bought season six too. I absolutely love this show.
  • Gilmore Girls

    Was hard to watch the last episodes ... saying good-bye to Stars Hollow quirky characters, though wonderful to see Rory fulfil her life-time ambition cheered on by her family and "fans". If you've been an avid GG follower - you'd have felt you were right there along with them!

    I've loved watching Gilmore Girls, it's a unique series following Lorelai and Rory's mother/daughter relationship, their friendships, relationships, humour, love, loss, triumph.
  • One of the best shows ever made

    In my humble opinion. The first three seasons are better than the last four, and the last couple of seasons were way worse, but as whole this series really stands out. A lot happens in the 7 years we follow the Gilmores and we get to se Rory grow from a 15 year old girl all the way to 22. The quirky characters in Stars Hollow, the dialouges, the relationship between Lorelai and Rory, the men in their lives (especially the story with Jess) really makes this a show you can even watch several times. Which I have. So there.
  • Gilmore Girls

    Please come to Net Flix
  • Gilmore Girls combines comedy and drama perfectly.

    Gilmore Girls is such a light and heartwarming show that you can't help but adore it.The show revolves around the special relationship between a mother and a daughter who have a small age difference in a small whimsical town named Starts Hollow.Lauren Graham is perfect for the role of caffeine-addict Lorelai Gilmore and Alexis Bledel is a very gifted actress.The story lines are so ordinary and real and the writing is so quirky and smart.
    Season 1 is a brilliant season that introduced the characters that we all love.We got to see Lorelai trying to get along with her parents and starting a relationship with Max,Rory getting a boyfriend and trying to fit in at Chilton and a lot more.
    Season 2 is not as good as the first season but it still has some pivotal developments like the introduction of Jess and Lorelai's relationship drama.
    Season 3 is awesome.We finally see Rory and Jess as a couple and Rory graduating from high school and many other great story lines.
    Season 4 is my personal favorite season.There's just something i love about that season.Rory is finally in college and Lorelai meets a new man and it also includes my favorite episode of the whole series,the season finale with Lorelai kissing Luke and Rory losing her virginity to Dean.
    Season 5 is also a favorite season of mine.Logan is introduced in this season and his romance with Rory begins as well as the Lorelai/Luke romance.The season finale is also stunning.
    Season 6 is not as good as the previous seasons but the show is still enjoyable.Rory takes a break from Yale and Lorelai and Luke move in together.We also find out that Luke has a daughter.The season finale is a bit frustrating but still enjoyable.
    Season 7 is definitely the worst season of the show.The ridiculous marriage between Lorelai and Chris lasted for a few episodes and the writers only did it to shock us but it wasn't pretty.Rory/Logan romance was not as great as it used to be.The series finale is brilliant but it doesn't make up for the average season.
    All in all,I love Gilmore Girls and i think that it's a very cute and remarkable show that combines comedy and drama in a perfect way.I'm lucky for discovering this amazing show.Long live Gilmore Girls.
  • Cute and lovely...

    describes the fun duo!
  • Gilmore Girls is about the life of a 32 years old woman and the daughter she had when she was a teenager. The girls live in a little town - Stars Hollow. The show follow their lives during seven years, until Rory graduate from Yale university.

    I "met" the Gilmore girls when I was 20. First, I watched it on French tv so it was translated in French. But it stopped being on air after one season and two episodes. I was so frustrated that I bought the dvds the very first day I found those on the Internet. Ever since, this show became a companion to me. Each time I bought a new season I watched all of the episodes from the beginning to the end. Even last year, when I bought season 7, I watched the entire show, from the very first episode to the very last, and I couldn't skip a single one.
    But why am I telling you that ?... To me, it means that each episode of this show has a real goal and that I can't find one bad episode.
    Gilmore Girls is not only a show, it's a life.
  • L.G. & R.G.

    Gilmore Girls is about a mother and her teenage daughter living in a small town in Connecticut. Lorelei, the mother, runs an inn, the Independence Inn, drink more coffee than it should be allowed and talks fast, real fast. Lorelei 'Rory', the daughter is 16 and she has big dreams to make it to Harvard and to become the next Marianne Amanpour. The whole thing is wrapped around in a very girly delerial setting and a light sense of humour but with the most obscure references, so obscure the dvd sets actually come with their very own Guide to Gilmorism, or as I like to refere to as the What-Are-They-Talking-About!!?? Guide to Gilmorism. All in all the references are cute in the begining but they get annoying after a couple of season, and they just seem to get on the way of the dialogues after the first three seasons. By the end of the serie, I could not stand their I-am-such-a-hipster references to unknown musicians, movies, shows, books, etcetera, etcetera. They started to feel almost condescending, like I know who Guy Falkes is how can you not know who he is, like in the devil wears Prada when Gisele's character tell Emily Blunt's character, Emily, that Andie does not know what a Shu Umera Eyelash curler looks like. First of all, since when knowing which brand of parisian eyelash curler makes you better at your work. Second of all, if you did not see The Devil wears Prada, you probably don't even know who is Andie or What her middle name is, but the Gilmore references are sometimes exacly that to me, like what do I care about ths Andie and The stupid eyelash curler. BUT I love this show. It is witty and funny and fun just fun
  • Fast talking and amazing pop culture, why not love it?

    Although I didn't start watching the Gilmore Girls until the third or fourth season I was hooked from the start. I was so engrossed in the show that I was able to catch up on the first few seasons almost immediately. The acting of Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel is absolutely amazing. Although the character of Lorelai is a little crazy I feel as though people either see some of themselves within her or they wish they could have a little bit of her personality in them. I know I'd like to be more up on my pop culture and I would also love to talk just as fast.
  • I really don't like this show!

    Gilmore Girls is a drama show and I don't know what the big deal is. It's a stupid show and it's sooo incredibly annoying! Alexis Bledel is very annoying in this show, and I can't stand her. My sister likes this show, and I don't know why. Most of the characters are annoying. I only saw like 5 episode and they were all horrible. I don't know why sho much people like this show!! Whenever it's on, I change the channel! I'm so glad it's canceled! I didn't see the last episode, but I bet it's horrible and annoying! 100 words!
  • Gilmore girls? is this the best show to watch?

    Gilmore girls had a very great start when it first came out, i was even watching it, but coming towards 2007 the acting doesn't seem alive anymore, they just talk no emotion. The setting is usually a sad place, and no major happiness shows, that is why the show ended this year. With a little more dramatic acting it probably would have lasted forever, i guess you can say. The show is not all bad though. Some people still enjoy this show, i mean it has a great plot within it. Every episode holds a moral in it and that is why the story kept going for so long.
  • But they need to make a movie so Rory can get back with Jess because, duh, he can fly now, AND turn invisible.

    Also, Lorelai needs to end up with Christopher because he "gets" her, loves her, is Rory's father and because those last four words of the show will come from Richard: "Luke, I'm your father."
    Actually, my niece got this show for Christmas and we've been doing a GG marathon. My eyes have glazed over and the witty banter in my dreams is forcing Tom Welling and Tom Selleck out, replacing them with Tom Moore and Aquinas. We didn't care for the ending of the series and read online that the original writers are thinking of making a movie so, phew. Glad that's settled. The show was a nice escape. The town of Stars Hollow was idyllic, lots of quirky characters to keep you interested when you got sick of the ridiculously bad decisions of the main characters. The parents' house was beautifully decorated, I loved watching for the flower arrangements when they went to dinner. Also, whoever did Sookie's kitchen in the Dragonfly Inn was fantastic. They made everything look so good. We also really like the band scenes with Lane and my niece and her friends liked her interaction with her mother almost as much as with the main characters as it hit more close to their homes. All in all, I can't get that time back, but at least I'm not waiting for any more DVDs or for next fall or for writers strikes to end. Maybe I'll even rewatch the parts I may have fallen asleep at when we'd finally agree to end a session at 4am.
  • To answer the classification: Because of the WGA-strike.

    First: Lauren Graham = Worst Actress Ever! Lorelay character: Why does it take 141 episodes until somebody(Christopher) finally stands up and ask:"Lorelay why has it always to be about you?"
    Sookie character: Wouldn't last one single day as a gourmet chef.
    Richard character: This Richard guy is a complete failure. Always blablas about his superior Yale education. How successful was he in running his own business? Oh brave world... Emily character: After 145 episodes she finally admits that the meaning of life for her and her kind is to get a rich husband. Usually you find such snobbish behavour in the UK...
    Rory character: Like mother like daughter. So how about that?
  • This show discusts me!

    This show is extremely overapreciated. I get bored to tears every time I watch this show. All the characters do is wine about their social problems for an hour. They also make a big deal about little problems(inviting the wrong person to a party, not showing up to dinner on time, wearimg the wrong thing etc). The Plot of this show sucks ! All the show is about is a mom that chasing after some old guy, and a nerd that's trying to get accepted by Harvard university. Take my advice and never watch this show! It is a complete waste of time!
  • I'm okay with this show but they can get so annoying!

    I don't like this show because sometimes it seems based on the fact that when they have coffee (and they love coffee) they talk fast and get excited. I couldn't follow the show sometimes and what's with the situation between Rory and Dean? I couldn't follow that at all either. It reminded me of Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Harvey. I wish when Rory and Laurali (sp?) have conversations they would slow down a bit and make them have a point. This is all really have to say so I'll this to get passed one hundred words. only three more. i'm done.
  • A different kind of drama

    My cousin showed me this show about a year ago. I only saw it once before that so I was a bit skeptical. We spent a couple of days just watching her DVDs of it and I admit, it was hard to stop watching after you really get into it.

    Anyone who loves romantic drama and humor will surely enjoy Gilmore Girls. It's not a show to miss out on.

    And a difference is is that it's not all mushy-gushy, it has a heartwarming plot involving a mother and her teenage daughter, and i haven't seen that many shows about that in a while.
  • i loved the show!

    i was so sad and disappointed when rory said no to the propsoal from logan, they belong together!! also who cares if rory would have said yes she always will be a Gilmore! i mean thats the title right! i mean lorelai married Christopher and she stayed a Gilmore didnt shee!?! so why couldnt rory just say yes, would of made most of the fans happy to see that! yes i know that rory had other plans but why couldnt she just take the ring to go with the guy she loved and plan later? this is what i dont understand, but i like the show, it was so good and very intresting to watch!
  • A great show indeed.

    This show I watch religiously Every tues I sit down and keep my eyes glued I even sing along with the opening song I think that Loroly(spelling?) and Rory are a perfect duo Loroly brings alot of the laughter and Rory brings the every thing eles! and I definitly think Lor and Luke belong toghether Luke is serious and Lor is the Fun one they fit together really nicely Rory I would say was the responsible one but now she is more like her mother and I really like Suki the cook she's cool Lor's reliable, and cookie friend Suki is really a good person and a one of a kind just like Lor and Rory.
  • Rewatchability at its finest.

    A wonderful and almost infinitely rewatchable light hearted drama show full to the brim of banter and wit with a fantastically talented (and numerous) cast.
    Give the first few episodes a try and listen in awe to the amazingly talented actors who manage to convincingly reel off insane amounts of dialogue with humour and believability.
    The town in which the Gilmore girls reside is packed with quirky and interesting characters, who always manage to raise a smile and keep the show from becoming stale.
    This is a great show that can quite uniquely entertain people of both sexes and all ages. 9.7/10
  • Gilmore girls is a programme for you if you enjoy to watch some familys get along others not so much.

    With Lorelai, Rory, Emily, Richard, Christopher, Luke, Lane, Paris, Jess, Logan, Dean and lots more you can enjoy how these people break up, have fun, start relationships or end them. Rory is the daughter of Lorelai Gilmore they have a very close relationship since rory was born. As we are talking about good relationships i will tell you who rorys first and probably last boyfriend on gilmore girls starting from Dean who Lorelai thought was a perfect boyfriend for rory but her grandfather thought otherwise aswell as Jess rorys second boyfriend who is also lukes nephew. Jess had the same intrests as rory they both loved to read but jess was not always the good one out of the lot of them. Lorelai did not like neither did luke, emily or richard. The last one was a boy named logan who was very rich but looked after rory or should i say ace very well. Logan proposed to rory but rory unfortuantly said no! Now lorelai started off with giving birth at 16 with christopher who now has his own daughter named georgia. Christopher ended up with lorelai in the end. Since rory was born and christopher left she had not dated anyone until she met luke danes they were due to get married until lorelai bailed out because luke had found out he had a daughter aswell!! Gilmore girls is a great show for anyone who loves these type of programmes for more information em@il me at no trolls!
  • This show is my favourite at the moment, and no matter how many times I watch it, I will always love it.

    I'm so glad I ended up finding this show early into it's second season and I haven't look back since. As I live in Australia, they've kind of screwed the seasons up and I've gotten lost so I have to rely on the DVD's which is okay because at least I get to see the show!

    I like this show because it's different to most teen shows. Lots show teenagers in a slightly negetive light (The OC, for example)and I like how we get to see teenagers acting normally and their age. I love Lorelai the best - she's so funny and I just love her clothes! Rory's a good character too, and I like tuning in to see exactly what they're going to do next!

    I'm not too fond of Emily, but sometimes she does things that make me realise that she's not all bad. I'm a huge fan of Lorelai and Luke and they are my favourite couple on TV. I wanted them to get together since I watched the show - they are absolutely perfect for each other!

    My sister absolutely hates this show as she thinks it's cheesy. But in my opinion, it's a fantastic show with lots of depth and it's an original look at teenages and college students and I like how we are introduced to a character that most people can relate to (Rory.) This show is the BEST ever and I would reccomend this show to anybody!
  • It’s been a wonderful ride… till now.

    I loved this show; I have been a faithful fan every season since the pilot. When first I heard the song “there she goes” and this vision of a woman with the quirkiest personality endear herself to the backward baseball capped, flannel shirt wearing, diner owner… for a cup of coffee.

    I was hooked…

    Flash forward 7 years and now they “try” making driving on the other side of the road a funny anecdote. I mean what is with the really tacky Christmas sweaters??? If, 3 years ago, Lorelei and Rory got in a time machine and traveled to now to see themselves they would do everything in there power to, (first mock themselves unabashedly) then go take of on a crazy adventure to another bed n breakfast with bad wallpaper, and bird watching.

    I’m done; I can’t bear to watch this skeleton of a show that I used to love anymore. In my opinion and observation, it’s tired and dull, and like a show waiting to die. I hope this is the last season, it should have ended with Luke and Lorelei at the alter; and a blowout bash in Stars Hollow with them dancing to “Sam Philips” again and Rory graduating and working as a FOX news correspondent. Instead we are treated to a very “tired” retread of “on again, off again” drama between "Christmas sweater wearing" Lorelei and the guy who used to be Christopher. (Where is the cool guy, what happened to the guy that new Lorelei so well, and would always do what’s best for her?) I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way, and I challenge anyone to go back and compare the girls they used to be, to who they are now. Night and day, my friends, night and day. Yes I know, characters are supposed to grow and change, but not at their core, the thing that made them so very awesome and special.
    I’ve tried to imagine what the show should have been like if Amy never left, and hope and pray to the TV gods that she gets a chance to come back, but I know it is a foregone conclusion to be so hopeful. On my TIVO this show was my number one season pass ever since I first bought it. It dropped to #5 around the middle of season 6 then to #8 just last fall, and now I am canceling it out of my lineup. I could go into another 20 things that i'm dissapointed about but I'd just be echoing many others who feel the same.

    So for now I go back and enjoy them in the beginning from my DVD’s, as Amy did see them, smart, quick witted, and clever… referencing so many wonderful things, and starting that ride over that once was the best.

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