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  • I ahted, hated, hated this show!

    A powerful testimony to the wonderful emotions tied to mother daughter bonding, that's why I hated it so darn much. When this show first came on, I am gonna be honest, it made me wanna go out and get cable so I woundn't have to watch it. But reality stepped in and i realized that the I'm a cheap kid who will anyways have one channel. It's just too stupid. Lauren and Alexis make tv terrible and believe me Lauren should die of cancer. Watch this show and wonder in awe at how this show is still on the air.
  • bad

    it is the worst thing in the world I would not have it on. it is like a stupid sope oppera it blows out the ears. it has no place on my tv get ride of it for my sanity get rid of it if i want to see real life things i would go out side to see it
  • Please read my review as well as my other reviews on this show and others. E-mail me with any questions or comments you have about my reviews. Any e-mails are welcome.

    one sentence with this show, " waste of time ". I have watched 2 episodes and I just don't get it. I dont get where there are the ratings it is pulling in or how this show is even still on the air.

    questions/comments about my reviews to;
  • Worst. Show. Ever.

    I've only seen a few epsiodes and I must say, it is the worst show that I've ever seen. I don't understand the plot at all. It is really annoying because everyone seems to have their own annoying way of talking. It's like the audio track for the show was messed with and slightly accelerated before being broadcast.

    In short, the show is the most annoying one I've ever seen. Anyone who can actually stand watching this show must be a tough person. I can't stand the show at all, it just plain sucks out loud.

    If this show was on X-Play, it would get 0 out of 5.
  • Well, I think that I found the worst tv series ever, this can be one of the most boring tv program in the whole world

    Ok, I guess that this tv series is continuing because someone made a terrible mistake, this tv series is boring and irreal, the characteres are very silly, (specially Lorelai) for example we have the fat woman who works with Lorelai, I think that she is one of the most ghastly characters in a tv series ever.
  • It is the one about when Rory goes to prom with Deanand then Chad Micheal Murray's chacther trys to start a fight with him. And the spend the night out and Rory's grandmother tell Lorelai that she never saw Rory come in that night.

    Gilmore Girls is the worsted show in the whole wide world. I hated it and i didn't even watch a whole episode. I watched like the lasted five min and it was horrible! the episode was so stupid it was the one when i think rory was her name went to prom and the two guys started fighting over her anyways it was so freaking stupid i tried to watch a whole episode but it was just to boring and stupid. I almost fell asleep. And i can't stand Lorelai either she is so stupid she doesn't trust her own daughter because of what her mother said.
  • It's the same thing over and over and over and over. Rory likes boy, boy likes rory. Rory likes other boy, other boy likes Rory. Rory is stuck inbetween them. GET SOME NEW WRITERS!

    The show is SO annoying. They never have a new storyline, it's the same one, just slightly tweaked. I'm beginning to think Rory is some kind of slut because she's getting waaay too many guys. There are always two guys who like her, and then she chooses the wrong one, and then goes back to the other. But then ANOTHER boy comes in... and etc... Get some new material.
  • Gilmore Girls is a waste of time.

    This show is just terrible there is no point to it and its just a waste of time to sit down a watch it the only reason I watched a couple episodes is because it was right after my favorite show 7th Heaven. I can't see why so many people actually like this show.
  • This show is boring and stupid. Actually, not even that is just a waste of time.

    This show is boring and stupid. Actually, not even that is just a waste of time. Who can watch such crap believe me I am open minded I tried to watch it several times but I felt insulted so now everytime I just changed the channel because otherwise I will be in pure misery. How some have given it good reviews is beyond me.
  • mother and daughter try to go through life with eachother.

    this is one of those annoyting and stupid shows that once you watch it you have to keep watching it just to see what stupid thing they will do next. kind of like those shopping channels. the main thing i dont like is the acting and the fact that the charaters are unreal. the talk so fast that there is no break after one person talks. its constant talking and nothing else and the camera just has to keep switching between people its annoying.
  • The show, the "Gilmore Girls", is one of horrible content. Their non-stop talking, and actionless acting, is so annoying, one could blow their brains out, just by listening to them, and trying to comprehend what the hell their saying, seeing that they tal

    Being forced to watch the show, I feel it gets worse and worse, as the seasons go by. The show is nothing but non-stop talking, and they really need to realize when to shut up. The show should be called the \"Gab More Girls\", as parodied on Mad TV, because all they, and the rest of the cast do, is talk... and never stop. Also, the story-line is usually horrible, and very unoriginal. The acting is also talentless. I mean, if you call talking, 24/7, throughout the whole show acting, I bet everyone in the world could become an actor/actress.
  • Yuk, this is nausiating to say the least.

    If you like smart mouthed boring characters who go from place to place being rude and bad mannered this is the show for you. The worst part is that the rude characters are the ones we are supposed to associate and empathise with. The lead characters are obnoxious men haters who win every situation by putting someone else down. I find the show boring and a bad influence on young women.
  • Bad Show, tipically yanqui... There is other best show...

    Bad Show, tipically yanqui..., too slow, i don't like it, ED Show is very best than this Show,
    There is other best show, like The O.C., EverWood, SmallVille, Desperate HouseWives, According to Jim, 8 Simples Rules, Point Pleasant, etc...., ...
    When start this show, change channel TV off waiting for Ever Wood.
  • I have no clue why I watched it, acctually I believe it is because one of my friends were over and they like it, and I still think that they're gay for likeing it!

    In my opinion, I wish I had never watched this show, I mean I wouldn't watch it if my life depended on it, the acctual only reason I watched it is because my friend who is completely infatuated with this show forced me to watch it, and it is most definetly the most ill written crappiest thing I have seen in a while, and trust me I have seen a lot of crappy things... I advise most not to watch it, or you'll just wish for that hour back!
  • Horribly dull.

    This show is absolutely dull and boring and does not deserve half the hype it gets. The humor is so predictably stupid that it is absolutely torturous to watch more than five minutes of this mind numbing piece of trash. The actors are horrible, including the younger “Gilmore Girl,” who speaks as if she is constantly suffering from sever nasal issues. Horrible.
  • Gilmore girls

    I have to admit the actors are great , scenery , clothes ,decor wonderful. The scenario ducks , pathetic, the jokes are stupid , the theme is so trivial and shallow . Lots of anger and silly rude jokes . The mother and Daughter break up with BF , then make up and break up one boring stupid show . The Paris girl dull of anger and stupidity . The dialogue between mothers and daughter specially the grand ma and her daughter , silly impolite rude . The episode about the secret society and how Paris family reputation depends on joining that group. Stupid stupid stupid Some of the roles can be illuminated.

    I am so sorry and shocked that this show is Amy awarded or whatever what

    Such a shallow stupid silly plot around nothing .
  • I really don't like this show!

    Gilmore Girls is a drama show and I don't know what the big deal is. It's a stupid show and it's sooo incredibly annoying! Alexis Bledel is very annoying in this show, and I can't stand her. My sister likes this show, and I don't know why. Most of the characters are annoying. I only saw like 5 episode and they were all horrible. I don't know why sho much people like this show!! Whenever it's on, I change the channel! I'm so glad it's canceled! I didn't see the last episode, but I bet it's horrible and annoying! 100 words!
  • A mom and a daughter making there way through the dating world trying to figure out where the heck they are going.

    Just another T.V. show about a mom and daughters dating life. Completly boring and a waste of my time. The first time I watched it it just didn't appeal to me. Not a show that I spent hours thinking about afterwards. Hard for me just to remember what happened during this episode. It so hard to see how people are loving this show it is so un-understandable!!! The hardest show to follow or get into. I would rather be watching Ed, Ed , and Eddie on Cartoon Network then waste my life watching this show. It is completely pointless. Gilmore Girls has no where to go because it starting on nothing. Complete waste of my time and I have better things to do.
  • This show sucks

    I can't even find words to describe this show and how horrible it is. I mean who wants to see a show in a town called Stars Hollow, what is it freaking Hollow of Stars? I think they nedd to spend a little less time advertising this and a little more time advertising Veronica Mars. I mean that is a way better show than Freakin Gilmore Girls, and it should stop being Taken off the air, God I hate the CW and most of its shows, why cant they bring back the shows that they cancelled rather than the new ones that they bring in.
  • good when started, but i lost interest after just a few episodes.

    This show is a pretty good drama, i don't watch the show regularly but i enjoy when i get to see it. the show has a very good theme, about a mom trying to straighten out her teen daughter. that's a realistic situation that's presented on the small screen. this show is good, but i wouldn't rate it above 7th heaven which is a better show. this show caters to girls only, and the writers probably meant to keep guys from watching this, if that's their intention i guess they are doing a great job. i can watch this show from time to time, but i wouldn't miss this show if it went away.
  • What's the appeal, this is rubbish

    What is this show meant to be? A comedy? A drama? Maybe a bit of both? But whatever it is it stinks royally. Why? No direction, where can this show possibly go? Absolutely nowhere, and the product? A increasingly boring and unentertaining excuse of a show. If you haven't seen it, save yourself the torture and watch something decent. It only took about 10 minutes for me to realise that this show belongs in the garbage where actual good shows are (case & point, Arrested Development). It's almost as if TV is becoming stupider, and when we are blessed with an intelligent show - like Arrested Development - it gets taken off and replaced with drivel like Til Death. Well at least Curb Your Enthusiasm is still on.
  • I have always watched this show.

    I don\\\'t know what you did for this season. However, don\\\'t like her with Christopher at all. Wanted her with Luke. She stay with Christopher then I will not watch the show any more! Why would she give up a man that is always there for her and go with one that she sleeps with and then he goes else where??
  • DOn't like this TV show. Sorry

    The reason why I don't like this show is because I'm a boy and not only that but also because they talk way to much! I would rather people dare me to jump off a bridge into the water in the winter time instead of wahching this show. Sorry religously
  • A complete waste of time!

    I hate this show with a passion!
    I think it's a complete waste of time and highly annoying.

    Can people be too perfect? - Yes they can!
    Talking about that spoiled little brat Rory and her hyperactive, babbling momma!

    They don't have problems at all, it seems as if they make them intentionally just to be occupied...

    You really can't take that kiddie/girly bull seriously if you're over 13!

    This show solely was made to torture boyfriends/husbands and grown up women.

    I'm not a negative person, but this show is a crappy, girly, sweet and sickly delusion.

    I hope that someday, someone will have mercy and tosses the horrible cast off a cliff, for that they will be gone for good! R.I.P

  • Can I say 1 word? BORING!

    This has to be yet another lame show from the WB just like Everwood. Except in this show, there are mainly PMSing women(well not technically, but close enough). Mainly, it's about a overbearing mom that just doesn't want her little girl to grow up, a grandma who won't settle for anything less than perfect, a grandpa who couldn't give the biggest whoopty-doo, and a cafe owner whose in love with the mom, but is hiding an unsurprising secret of having a daughter or something as such. Yawn. Yet another cliche' story. This show is definately nothing out of the orignal. The one small thing I can point out about this show is that it stars Alexis B. She's a decent actress. But other than that, the show blows.
  • This serie is so boring! who watch, two girls talking about her lives? come on! i think, to much clothes!, we need more action!

    This serie is so boring! who watch, two girls talking about her lives? come on! i think, to much clothes!, we need more action! I recommend, changing the channel, this serie is for old woman (i.e: my grandmother), better search a puzzle or another intelligent stuff to do, don't waste time with this.
    Note: give me thanks for the score..
  • It\'s informative of how sad teens are (or how sad the media wants you to think they are).

    It\'s like this show is a documentary of everything I hate about life, adolescence, and... well, everything.
    First of all, it\'s obvious the two main \"girls\" were only chosen because of their looks (and we\'re supposed to think the daughter is smart... ha! she couldn\'t pull \"smart\" out in her best day! just look at her!).
    And then this... thing deals with \"real stuff\" that happens to us teens. All we do is think about relationships, sex, being \"popular\" and \"accepted\" and \"learining to live in the world\".
    I don\'t care how many Grammy\'s or Golden Globes it wins, those prices are nothing but popularity contests and that doesn\'t equal quality (in most cases, it\'s actually the opposite...), just look at American Idol, number one show in the US for two years...
    In conclusion: If you have any self respect, dignity and consider yourself an individual, don\'t watch this.
  • Lorelai lost her luster when she lost her writers! I\\\'d think that the new writers would have actually watched the show a few times & found out who she was before they started writing for her. But it doesn\'t look like they did.

    I thought last weeks French Twist was bad but this was the worst episode ever. Boring. Out of synch. So completely not Gilmore Girls. I can\'t stand it this season. I hate the new Lorelai, the wimp. Did I miss the part when she got hit on the head or something? Married without Rory? Forgetting Luke so easily? Running off with Christopher? Who thought of this? Theyre ruining the show. get rid of them. What theyre doing to these characters is ridiculous. So is the dialogue! \"Gil-less\"? Please....

    First smart, independent Rory turns into a co-dependent idiot for rich, alcoholic Logan. Then they gave Luke a daughter out of thin air. That distraction was not needed. And it went downhill from there. Lane & Paris are... where? And why bring in 2 new friends who mean nothing to us. We watch to see the relationships & interaction between the characters we\'ve grown to care about. None of the storylines are cohesive. They have nothing to do with each other. What has happened to this show? Loyal viewers deserve better than to have to watch our dynamic duo jump the shark in the final season. Rory doesn\'t need Logan. Lorelai belongs with Luke. This current Christopher storyline is so wrong. Snap Lorelai out of her sappy coma & let it all be a bad dream. Bring back the original writers asap & let the Gilmore Girls go out with some dignity.
  • I literally get nauseous when I hear my sister watch this.

    I completely hate this show. The way the dialogue is said is unrealistic. If I heard someone talk like that, I'd have to hurt them. I literally get nauseoous when I hear my sister watch this. When she watches it, I have to go somewhere where I can't hear it. When I HAVE watched it, I realized that the story is mildly interesting, actually make that mediocre; the characters are weird, and they never change. If you watch this, then you probably like unrealistic, "realistic" shows.
  • These actors are all the same

    This show consists of people who can't act and never stop talking. They are all monotone and each has the exact same way of acting as the next. The show would probally be better if the director had the given the actors better, shorter lines and had them show more expression. Some of the actors are capable of acting but must have been told or directed to act the way they do because every single actor just goes on and on and on ... forever!
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