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The WB (ended 2007)



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  • Gilmore girls is a programme for you if you enjoy to watch some familys get along others not so much.

    With Lorelai, Rory, Emily, Richard, Christopher, Luke, Lane, Paris, Jess, Logan, Dean and lots more you can enjoy how these people break up, have fun, start relationships or end them. Rory is the daughter of Lorelai Gilmore they have a very close relationship since rory was born. As we are talking about good relationships i will tell you who rorys first and probably last boyfriend on gilmore girls starting from Dean who Lorelai thought was a perfect boyfriend for rory but her grandfather thought otherwise aswell as Jess rorys second boyfriend who is also lukes nephew. Jess had the same intrests as rory they both loved to read but jess was not always the good one out of the lot of them. Lorelai did not like neither did luke, emily or richard. The last one was a boy named logan who was very rich but looked after rory or should i say ace very well. Logan proposed to rory but rory unfortuantly said no! Now lorelai started off with giving birth at 16 with christopher who now has his own daughter named georgia. Christopher ended up with lorelai in the end. Since rory was born and christopher left she had not dated anyone until she met luke danes they were due to get married until lorelai bailed out because luke had found out he had a daughter aswell!! Gilmore girls is a great show for anyone who loves these type of programmes for more information em@il me at no trolls!
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