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  • Gilmore Girls combines comedy and drama perfectly.

    Gilmore Girls is such a light and heartwarming show that you can't help but adore it.The show revolves around the special relationship between a mother and a daughter who have a small age difference in a small whimsical town named Starts Hollow.Lauren Graham is perfect for the role of caffeine-addict Lorelai Gilmore and Alexis Bledel is a very gifted actress.The story lines are so ordinary and real and the writing is so quirky and smart.
    Season 1 is a brilliant season that introduced the characters that we all love.We got to see Lorelai trying to get along with her parents and starting a relationship with Max,Rory getting a boyfriend and trying to fit in at Chilton and a lot more.
    Season 2 is not as good as the first season but it still has some pivotal developments like the introduction of Jess and Lorelai's relationship drama.
    Season 3 is awesome.We finally see Rory and Jess as a couple and Rory graduating from high school and many other great story lines.
    Season 4 is my personal favorite season.There's just something i love about that season.Rory is finally in college and Lorelai meets a new man and it also includes my favorite episode of the whole series,the season finale with Lorelai kissing Luke and Rory losing her virginity to Dean.
    Season 5 is also a favorite season of mine.Logan is introduced in this season and his romance with Rory begins as well as the Lorelai/Luke romance.The season finale is also stunning.
    Season 6 is not as good as the previous seasons but the show is still enjoyable.Rory takes a break from Yale and Lorelai and Luke move in together.We also find out that Luke has a daughter.The season finale is a bit frustrating but still enjoyable.
    Season 7 is definitely the worst season of the show.The ridiculous marriage between Lorelai and Chris lasted for a few episodes and the writers only did it to shock us but it wasn't pretty.Rory/Logan romance was not as great as it used to be.The series finale is brilliant but it doesn't make up for the average season.
    All in all,I love Gilmore Girls and i think that it's a very cute and remarkable show that combines comedy and drama in a perfect way.I'm lucky for discovering this amazing show.Long live Gilmore Girls.