Gilmore Girls

Season 7 Episode 4

'S Wonderful, 'S Marvelous

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 17, 2006 on The WB

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  • Lorelai and Chris are finally dating!

    This episode was great. It felt like a classic GG-episode... :-) The dialogue was awesome...!
    Allthough Lorelai hasn't convinced everybody that she is over Luke and that she is ready for a new serious relationship with Chris, she is trying it out. She still tries to watch out for herself, but finally gives in to Chris when she understands that they are really good for eachother. Chris is just being really romantic and patient, exactly what Lorelai needs.
    I loved the scene where Chris and Lorelai pick up Emily from jail, and Lorelai can't stop taking pictures of the policeofficers, and they actually pose for her... :-D All in all, a really great epi!
  • a fun episode where lorelai and chris start dating. he takes her to a deserted barn and they watch fIN FUNNY FACE...this episode was quite "s'wonderful" because right as the dates ending lor gets a call and has to go pick up her mom from jail!! so funny.

    a very good episode because the hilarious moment when lorelai gets a call and has to pick her mom up from jail!! very funny!! christophers date idea was quite orginal! and very romantic..even though i dont like him. the writers a good one here by keeping us entertained hahahahahahahaha anyways//once we think wow nothing more excitng can happen can!! they hit us with yet another funny and interesting episode..luke has to take care of april full time and emilys in jail and rory meets some eccentric new friends_and luke starts wearing a different quite odd hat that silently hints to you that he feels akward and weird without lorelai in his life!! and its very cute!
  • Very funny moments that see Lorelai having to pick Emily up from jail!

    Fun episode that shows a nice turn in Lorelai's and Christopher's relationship. I totally love the part where they're in the car after the movie when Lor gets the phone call - Lauren's interpretation is awesome !

    Lorelai "We have to go!...we have to pick up my mother!...from jail!"
    Chris (laughing)"Your mother's in jail?" Lorelai "Woh this night keeps getting better and better! Let's go"
  • Loved it!!! Wonderful show!!!

    I thought this was a fantastic episode. I love the relationship between Loreli and Christopher. He's such a romantic guy. I also loved how much Loreli loved teasing Emily about the jail thing. I'm sure she'll get a lot of mileage out of that one for a long time to come! All in all I think this show rocks!!!
  • The Day My Maw Got Out of Prison

    Lorelai and Christopher have been happily dating for the last six weeks. Lorelai. And CHRISTOPHER. And, for Rory, it's awk...ward. Not as awkward (read: hated) as it is for me! The only one who seems to be on my side is Sookie, who reminds Lorelai that she just broke up with Luke and that this whole Chris thing is dangerous. And that Chris is a dick. Seriously, if David Sutcliffe and Lauren Graham could stop making out for FIVE SECONDS, I would appreciate that. Chris takes Lorelai on a fantastic date in a convertible to watch Funny Face on the side of a barn and yada yada yada, I'm mad. She finally admits that she maybe doesn't trust the new relationship yet and needs to wait before taking a big leap of commitment. Luke, also annoying the crap out of me, seems perfectly happy in his new life as well, especially because April is coming to live with him for a while. He's thrilled, you know, because it gives him a chance to be twice as curmudgeonly as he panics nonstop over the various dangers of caring for a young person. April is still cute, but I still wish she didn't exist, especially because she is trying to set Luke up with all her teachers. Summer is over, and Rory has gone back to school. She's all sad in the swanky apartment by herself, but gets right back in the swing of things at the paper. She meets some wacky new friends on an assignment at an art show. They are super-annoying. On the G-Unit front, Richard is asked to be a guest lecturer at Yale, and Emily is pulled over and arrested! To her extreme delight, Lorelai gets to be the one to pick Emily up from the hoosegow. She's so happy about that, she decides to throw caution to the wind and spend the night with mister s'wonderful. Boo.
  • Lorelai and Christopher are dating. Rory has eccentric new girl friends, Emily goes to jail and Luke is taking care of April while Anna is out of town.

    Although I understand Lorelai's need to find comfort after her break up with Luke, she was deeply in love with Luke so it doesn't seem reasonable that she would be so involved with Chris after only 6 weeks. Rory is such a dynamic young woman it is all wrong to have her at such a loss because Logan is gone. She should be busy with work, school and friends...which reminds me where are Lane and the band?

    Anna is an extremely protective mother who got angry when Luke let Lorelai help with April's birthday party, yet when she has to go out of town indefinitely she lets Luke take care of April. Luke may be her biological father but he has only known her for a year at the most and he lives in another town miles away from her school. A mother would not do that. She would arrange to have her stay at her best friends house.

    I miss the town troubadour! Music has always been an important feature of 'Gilmore Girls'. Grant Lee Phillips played the town troubadour brilliantly. I hope he will be back.

    It all just feels wrong.
  • Wonderful!!!! Marvelous!!!!

    Stop everything! What was this episode? It was SO, but SO sweet!!!!!! How can anyone not LOVE Christopher? Lorelai and Chris are now dating, and something's not right, because Lor won't let him into her house and all the movies they see are horrible. But trying to win her heart again, Chris does the most adorable thing, taking Lorelai to watch one of her favorite movies on the most romantic date ever! I can't get enough of Lorelai and Christopher together again, they're so cute! Even tough Lor wasn't that committed to their relationship on this episode, I'm sure she will be. Come on, Chris is the sweetest guy! I really can't understand why people miss Lor & Luke so much... Plus, Emily gets arrested for talking on her phone while driving. Emily Gilmore in jail was priceless!!!! And Lorelai picking her mom up from jail was even more amazing! Kelly Bishop and Lauren Graham are hilarious together, and the fact that being on that crazy situation with Chris made Lorelai realize that he was right for her (because, obviously, anyone else would think that she was crazy being so happy her mom was in jail) was everything I needed to love Gilmore Girls even more.

    Oh, Rory was also there. She met this new, extremely weird girls, Olivia and Lucy, who look and sound like they were taken away from a 50s movie. She still misses Logan all the time, and is still boring.

    And April comes to stay with Luke while Anna's away. I still can't believe Luke has a kid, but that girl is so adorable, and he's so cute as a dad, I'm starting to like this storyline. All their scenes together were really sweet.

    I love GG this season, can't wait for the next one!
  • Fun episode!

    The Summertime Skip happens in this episode and you can tell because Rory is finally back at the paper. It was nice to see Rory and Lorelai bond in the first few episodes but I enjoy watching them in seperate storylines as well. I'm beginning to enjoy the Lorelai/Christopher relationship a lot. They have the fun and the communication that the Lorelai/Luke relationship lacked last season. Chris takes Lorelai places and they have fun together. Luke never really did anything for Lorelai. I hope that the show ends with Lorelai/Chris. It just feels right. Emily in jail was hilarious and reminded me of the humour in seasons 1-5 (the humour that season 6 didn't have). Rory's new friends are awesome. They bring back the fun in Rory and take her mind off of Logan. This episode proves that the show is back, and it passed by very quickly for me.
  • Chris and Lorelai Together!

    I couldn't wait to see Lorelai and Chris on a date and it was a sweet date, who wouldn't want a guy to put on a showing of "Funny Face" complete with popcorn and candy. Also Rory finally makes friends, besides Paris and Logan (and Logan's guy friends). I love Paris, but Rory's in college it's about time she made friends on her own. Plus it's about time she stopped spending every minute waiting for Logan's call. And also Emily in jail was great. This really was Lorelai's perfect date.
  • Lorelai and Christopher have begun to date and Rory goes back to school.

    I have to say that i am not the biggest Lorelai and Christopher fan but i really enjoyed this episode. I think that Lorelai has to see if she and Christopher has any type of future with him before she can really be with Luke. i thought that it was a really nice date that Christopher had planned for Lorelai i really liked the private movie on the side of a barn but i wished that it was Luke. I really could not figure out why Luke took the time to explain to April that he and Lorelai broke up it is not like April really knew Lorelai to be devastated by the news but it was funny that Apirl wanted Luke to date her teacher.
  • Not as good as it should have been.

    For the last 2 weeks I sat and watched the entire show from the Pilot to the this episode. Apart from being knackered I was hoping that the show would continue to go from strength to strength but I was wrong. This episode just didn\\\'t ring true to the original Gilmore Girls. The way Lorelai acts and forgets all about Luke and continues her romance with Chris is ridiculous. I used to love Lorelai but this season I have hated the way she has treated Luke and the only person she feels remotely connected to is Chris. I like Chris - especially when he isn\\\'t around Stars Hollow and in very small doses.

    The only thing that I found slightly amusing was Emily getting arrested - but even then I think that was just added to stop everyone from going to sleep.

    I hope this season gets better - if not I think they should call it a day.
  • Why, oh, why? And PLEASE get that giant ballcap off of Luke\'s head. He had his EARS tucked into it, people. Yikes.

    OK, my hubby and I watch this every Tuesday. I'm pretty sure he has a thing for Lauren Graham. Whatever. The point is, it's a show that we used to enjoy. So far, this season is completely unimpressive. The conversations are forced and contrived, the characters are going nowhere. We just sat there waiting for something to happen in this episode, and were really disappointed. It was bo-ring. The way that Rory met her new 'friends' was REALLY creepy. We were just waiting for those two flaky freaks to stuff poor gullible-never-grows-up Rory into a closet and rob her blind. Isn't Rory supposed to be smart? We are seriously thinking of giving up watching this show. And to think, I'll never get that hour of my life back...
  • 6 weeks have passed since the last episode. Chris continues woo-ing Lorelai, Rory goes back to Yale, and Emily gets thrown in jail for arguing with a police officer.

    Nothing exciting is happening in the series this season, and this episode was the epitome. Lorelai and Chris are together and the only suspense is Lorelais hesitation, which dissapeared at the end of the episode. Rory and Logan are apart but still together, and Rory hasn\\\'t been tempted by anyone else. So basically her love life on screen is not very entertaining right now. Rory invites some art kids over to her apartment.. nothing exciting about that. The only exciting thing that happened in this episode was Emily getting put in jail, but it seemed like a desparate measure. I think the boring-ness comes from a lack of suspense. Things are just too peaceful right now. It just seems like these episodes are setting up something exciting to happen later on.. all these mini-plots.. but in the meantime NOTHING IS HAPPENING. Maybe it is just setting up the series finale where everyone will be happy and comfortable. Eh,
  • Lost Lorelai, Rarefied Rory, Capricious Chris, Skeptical Sookie, Animated April, Loving Luke, Predictable Paris, Kooky Kirk, Sassy Sheila, Looney Lucy and Lonesome Logan make a lethal combination.

    Well, I really thought that the first few episodes were just a fluke, a mistake in the balance of Gilmore Land, but alas, then I watched this episode. I have almost no interest in this show, the characters are not themselves. Lost Lorelai: Lorelai went from not wanting to spend the night with Chris because she couldn't fully trust him, to inviting him in for the night, in what? like two minutes?!?! Just because he understood her taking pictures at the police station when they picked up Emily makes him a completely different person? He didn't behave the way he did because he understands Lorelai, he did it because he understands Emily, and how she got herself into the mess. He grew up with her and them. Then, I can't believe that Lorelai would all of a sudden want to skip a night with Sookie and Jackson in anticipation of a once in a lifetime event, the first steps of Martha, in anticipation of a date, just a date, not a wedding or an engagement, a DATE with Christopher. I think that we see too little of Sookie and Jackson anyway, and now Lorelai just brushed Sookie's invitation off, to wait for a date invitation from Christopher. This is not the Lorelai that audiences fell in love with, and frankly, the person she has turned into now, does not deserve Luke, and maybe her and Chris belong together, I mean, they don't think twice about breaking someone's heart. Rarefied Rory: I was so proud of Rory in this episode, I mean, she has been all mopey since Logan left, and I really didn't understand it. It's not like they broke up, it's a long distance relationship, not the end of the world. The fact that she was preoccupied when Logan called, and too busy to talk gives me hope for her character, that she could become independant Rory again, the girl we all know and love.

    Capricious Chris: By capricious I mean, fickle and unreliable. Until he proves otherwise, which he may very well do, thanks to the new writers, he will always be the guy who slept with Lorelai and then left her the next day to go marry his ex who got pregnant. He will also be the one who couldn't hold down a job to save his life, and happened to stumble into family money. It seems to me that he is trying to recapture his youth with the big drive in movie, and trying to win Lorelai back, by trying to become who he was when Lorelai loved him, but that guy was a highschool student, and he can't get back, I think his lame attempts at nostalgia are weak at best.

    Skeptical Sookie: I think that Sookie is completely right to be apprehensive of Chris and Lorelai's "relationship". She is the one who was there, at her own wedding by the way, when Chris broke Lorelai's heart again. She is being rational wuth Lorelai, and I wish Lorelai would stop denying her sadness over losing Luke, and just listen to her best friend. Animated April: I really liked April in this episode, she was trying so hard to be funny and hinting for Luke to date. I could really tell, and believe that she wants her dad to be happy, and the bit about her favorite color reminded me of something "the old" Lorelai would say, and she was just so passionate about cerulean Blue, it cracked me up.

    Loving Luke: Luke is finally growing into his role as a parent. He really loves being a parent, and he really loves April. I think it is because she reminds him of Rory, but the way he would just look at April with that goofy smile, and those lit up eyes in this episode showed another side of Luke, one I think I could get used to. Predictable Paris: I don't really think I have to explain furthur.

    Kooky Kirk: His constant tug between girlfriend and mother is hilarious, what a momma's boy!

    Sassy Sheila & Looney Lucy: I think that these girls are just the type of friends Rory needs right now. They are loud and crazy enough to keep Rory busy enough to maybe forget about pining for Logan. Lonesome Logan: Logan showed his true colors, and acted jealous, and suspicious, despite the playful tone, he wouldn't ask about Rory's "new boyfriend" if he didn't wonder a little bit. I think he is starting to realize that maybe, he may have to work to keep his girlfriend, and that he is lucky Rory is still with him after all he has done to her.
  • Just a nice, big, full episode to introduce new people and kick the old characters out of the big picture. This might be a gentle way to comfort the people who are definitely going to be getting much shorter air time.

    Well, this episode made me very, very mad. Lorelai is not supposed to be with Chris. He left her and Rory and then bailed out when he got Sherry pregnant. Not only is that so wrong, they never had much in common, except Rory and the fact that Emily always pushed them to be together. Lorelai hopefully is just going to make this a casual dating thing, because in the previews for next week\'s The Great Stink, it looked like they might do something that will make most GG fans rebel and watch something else. Even though Luke shouldn\'t have done what he did with April it\'s not his fault. Most people would have been shocked if they found out that they had a daughter for 12 years. I seriously don\'t want Chris and Lorelai to be together because that would just put Lorelai in a position that wouldn\'t flow smoothly with all her personality and character. Rory and Logan seem to be drifting apart and I think even though in Season 6 they looked like they were in love, they are just drifting to far apart. They should just break it off gently now, before they have to have an uncomfortable break-up. Rory’s new friends Sheila and Lucy look like they might be replacing some Paris Time on GG. At least they make an interesting scene and they seem to be a lot like Rory, but a little less eccentric. This might be a little of a replacement of Logan, since he was the one person who seemed to be the reason why Rory sometimes became crazy and wildly fun.
  • Lorelai and Chris begin dating, Rory gets new friends, Richard gets a teaching position at Yale, and Emily goes to jail.

    My, my, my. What can they screw up next! I don't think I have seen a worse episode. There was so much potential in Emily getting arrested but alas... the poor writing prevented me from enjoying myself. It's like the writers are in the same boat as the fans. Both parties are trying to suck it up and get through the next 10 episodes as fast as possible. Another thing- its almost as if the writers don't even know Lorelai! The whole "Snakes on a Plane" diatribe! What the heck was that? And her with her camera phone at the police station?! It's like they only know her as a fast talking woman who hates her folks. If they think they can write an entire season only portraying the shell of Lorelai, sans any Noam Chomsky references- they've got another thing coming. And last but not least, I am a staunch Luke and Lorelai fan, but there is usually some sort of charm between Chris and Lor. That's just the way it is. There was a good banter between the two. And sadly... even that is lost. Maybe people working on the show should get a clue. If there are no sparks between two characters... don't force them together! The fans may riot!
  • A time skip takes place in Stars Hollow and Lorelai and Chris have been dating for some time now. Emily gets sent to jail and Rory makes some new friends.

    Awww I missed the first 15 minutes of this episode and I don't regret it. Its only been like 4 days but I've already forgot what it was really about, thats how memorable it was to me. It had a few cute scenes with April and Luke. (Yes I like April) but I think I'd like April more if she wasn't Luke's long lost daughter. Sookie's feeling on the C/L realationship summarized my feeling for the sleeze bag, deadbeat that he reaaly is. Emily going to jail really didn't do anything for me, I was already bored to tears with all the other crap that was going on. Rory's friends were obnoxious and don't get me started on sleeze bag Logan.(ummm... him and Chris are perfect for eachother.)I could really care less about her storyline and thats sad cause I adore Alexis Bledel. Chris and Lorelai's date....pleez, they call this guy romantic. What he really wants is something else and I'm not even gonna get into that. I love how because someone tells you they love you(a.k.a Chris) you automatically fall into their arms(a.k.a. Lorelai)even though you were in love with someone else and ready to marry them(a.k.a Luke) and then you can get over someone that quickly. Thats about all I'm going to say about this episode. Mr. Rosenthal pleezzzzz bring back the old lorelai and lets have less Chris and some more Luke(preferably Luke with some Lorelai) Thanx.
  • I think all this is the begining of a crazy season.

    This episode was great but I still wish that Lorelai and Luke were still together. Yes its great that she\\\'s dating Christopher because I always thought they should be together but when she started dating Luke it was like wow they\\\'re great no actually amazing. He should of been able to include her in his new life with his daughter.

    I liked the fact that Mrs. Guilmor went to jail. You would think that would shut her up a little but I guess the power of \\\"mom\\\" overrules the law. lol

    I am wondering why Logan hasn\\\'t paid more attention to Rory. I hope they keep that together.
  • Chris and Lore go on the perfect date, that includes picking Emily up from…jail!

    Ok, so I know most of you will want to throw rotten vegetables at me or maybe sprinkle me with holy water and put a huge cross in my face, after I say this BUT I love Chris and Lorelai together. I always loved them, ever since season 1, but I never wanted them to be together, because just as every other fan I was waiting for Lore&Luke to happen. Now that that’s out of the way, I have to say that Chris&Lore are much more fun that Luke&Lore, and that I now agree with Lauren Graham who once said she’d like Chris and Lorelai to end up together since he’s Rory’s dad.

    About Luke, what’s up with his new hat? He looks so weird with it. Him and April bonding, is really nice. Nothing interesting happening with Rory and Logan, their “phone” relationship is kind of static. It would really be fun if they brought a new guy on the show, just to make things interesting.
    Needless to say I really liked this episode, and even though the show didn’t have such an interesting start, it seems too be picking up.
  • Christopher and Lorelei become a couple and Emily is arrested.

    First, Emily's arrest. I was really rather glad about that, because when I saw her talking to Richard, my first thought was "she shouldn't be driving when she's on her phone", so her subsequent arrest was nice to see. It seems odd that a woman as well-educated as she is seemed never to have heard of the laws governing the use of phones in cars. There have been frequent examples of her mentioning things she has read in newspapers, so she should surely be well informed on current events? Lorelei's reaction to her mother's arrest was funny though.

    Lorelei and Christopher, what can I say? I'm just not feeling it and as far as I can tell, neither is she. Their romance seems so forced. Not that I doubt his affections, although watching him walk around all moony-eyed and agree with everything she says while gazing adoringly at her is getting extremely tired. Lorelei's smart remarks and whining was enjoyable when it was offset by Luke's stoicism and dry comebacks, but with Christopher simply fawning over her, it's becoming grating. Luke and Lorelei still haven't talked since their resolution to go back to being "Lorelei and the guy who pours her coffee", which is frustrating. I'm sure we will gradually build up to a big show down where Lorelei has to choose between them once again, but for now, Luke and Lorelei could be in different states and I miss their interactions, even from all the series when they weren't a couple.

    Regardless of whether she's with Luke, I don't see things working out for Lorelei and Christopher. She just doesn't seem invested in this relationship. I don't think she - or any of us - really think it's long term, we're all just waiting for Chris to screw things up again. At this point, it seems more likely Lorelei will be the one to end this relationship - unless Christopher bows out because he knows she doesn't love him.

    But maybe I'm just blinded by my love of Luke/Lorelei.
  • Gilmore Girls. Episode 4

    Lorelai is changing but I can't help it: her witty and entertaining character just cracks me up. Besides, it's surprising but Chris and Lorelai are kind of nice together. It turns out he seems grown up. Well, at least, for now. :D

    The best part was Emily Gilmore in jail. It's incredible how she can be unbearable and such hilarious at the same time. I just can not believe she called Lorelai to bail her out. By the way, Lorelai mocking and taking pictures of the whole police station was funny.

    I'm not very fond of the actual Rory's storyline. Too slow and boring. Maybe Jess could come back to stir things up.

    It's sad to see that Luke's life is like totally disconnected from Lorelai. However, at least, he was in the episode for more than five seconds. That's a start, I guess. Anyway, I have to admit little April isn't that bad in this season: she and Luke, heading off to a steady father-daughter relationship, were cute.

    Kirk, Lulu and his mother are definitely a very weird threesome. LOL
  • Christopher and Loralei go on dates. Luke looks after April while Anna is out of town. Richard is a guest lecturer at Yale. Emily goes to jail for harassing a cop about a traffic ticket. That's all that happened. Really. No need to even watch the episode.

    This is the worst episode of Gilmore Girls I have ever seen. I was so bored. I mean, there have been lulls in the writing at times, but this was awful. NOTHING HAPPENED! The Luke and April storyline was BORING. I swear I felt like I was watching Full House when Luke sit\\\'s on Aprils bed and is like, \\\"Now April, you think I\\\'m going to go out with your teacher\\\" I was almost waiting for the cheesy Full House \\\"We\\\'re having a serious talk\\\" music to start playing. And what about the Rory and the artsy people story line? BORING! The whole scene at Logan\\\'s apartment was rediculous! NOTHING HAPPENED! Also, the whole Christopher and Loralei thing was awkward and weird. The ONLY funny part was Emily going to jail. I am horrified at what we will see next week. This is the series finale season people. It\\\'s OVER. Our only hope is if they see how much the show stinks and beg Amy Sherman and Daniel to come back. Also, you know why the show sucked so much this week? Cause the lady that wrote it used to write DAWSON\\\'s CREEK EPISODES! Oh Lord, save us.
  • Summary

    I think it is obvious how big of a fan Lorelai is of Audrey Hepburn, being a fan myself I have noticed this!!! She brought up Breakfast at Tiffanys two weeks ago, and now Funny Face!!! Also in past episodes Love in the Afternoon and Sabrina have been mentioned! What the heck is this 100 word minimum about, that\\\'s a little stupid, I\\\'ve said what I needed to say and now I have to type random things just so my opinion counts. What if I don\\\'t know 100 words, I don\\\'t speak english so well, and I have a learning deficiency
  • this episode its average, but emily goes to jail XD!!

    y laught a lot with Lorely taking picture with the police and in the car making jockes about emily and her pass for the jail! that little fact as become for me this one of my favourite comedy episode in this show!

    but ill wannaa see more drama, Lor and luke are tooo calmm down!

    action plz!!!
  • okay episode kinda funny

    here are some funny quotes

    Christopher: I have a suprise for you.
    Lorelai: Snakes on a Boat?! (edit)

    Cop: License and registration, please.
    Emily: Why do you need to see my license and registration? I wasn’t speeding.
    Cop: You were talking on a cell phone, ma’am.
    Emily: I don’t see how that’s any of your concern. Do my bills go to your office?
    Cop: It is illegal in the state of Connecticut to talk on a cell phone while operating a vehicle.
    Emily: Well, that’s absurd! I can’t talk on my own cell phone in my own car?
    Cop: License and registration, ma’am.
    Emily: If I can manage to drink a cup of hot coffee while driving, I can certainly manage to talk on a cell phone—or is drinking coffee illegal, too? Can I listen to the radio? Can I open the glove compartment? Perhaps you should outlaw scratching your nose—that would cut down on accidents.
    Cop: Ma’am, have you been drinking? (edit)
    Cop: I’m gonna need you to blow into this breathalizer for me.
    Emily: Young man, I don’t know where that’s been, but I can tell you with absolute certainty that it won’t be going anywhere near my mouth!

    Miss Patty: Nothing ever happens. Oh, except for that one time.
    Luke: What one time?
    Miss Patty: Well I took my senior ballerinas to try out for "The Nutcracker", and one of the girls pulled a Tonya Harding and knocked the front runner for Clara out of the competition. Broke her leg in three places.
    Luke: That's not nothing. That is the opposite of nothing.
    Miss Patty: It's totally different. It's a much rougher crowd.
    Luke: Rougher crowd? They're ballerinas.
    Miss Patty: Oh yeah, I know. Everyone thinks "Ballerinas-so sweet, so fragile." Trust me they're dancing on stress fractures and ingrown toenails, and they haven't eaten in weeks. Lorelai: Oh my gosh, am I going with you to college?
    Rory: Excuse me?
    Lorelai: You totally want me to come to Yale with you, don't you?
    Rory: What? No!
    Lorelai: Then why are you packing all of my clothes, (pulls a shirt out of Rory's bag) my pink shirt?!
    Rory: (takes it) Where'd that come from?
    Lorelai: (digs through bag) Oh my goodness, that is so nice of you to think of me in school. (pulls out a skirt) My sweet skirt! I hope you brought a toothbrush cause boy, oh boy, are we gonna have fun! (pulls out more clothes) My cozy sweater!
  • Not the best this season but it was still fun to watch. David is doing excellent, I just hope the storyline this episode doesn't end like this.

    I liked the episode I didit wasn't as good as the rest this season but I didn't regret watching.

    Chris was totally out of line asking Lorelai to his place. He JUST had sex with her and she JUST broke up with Luke. What he didn't get enough the other night? I will admit he has matured but not enough to be a good match for Lorelai, he still acts 16.

    I love Rory and Sookie...more then I already did. It's really good they're trying to protect Lorelai cause she needs protection while around Chris...and it's good that they know that it's not good for Lorelai to be around Chris. It's sad that even Rory, Chris' daughter, doesn't trust him around her mom. I feel like this is the Jess situation all over again (no offence to lits) Everyone warned Rory to be careful cause everyone knew he wasn't the safest guy to be around and she wouldn't listen. Next thing you know, she's in the hospital getting her arm wrapped up while what's left of her car is being towed back to her house. I'm not saying that anything that bad would happen but Lorelai tends to get emotionally hurt around Chris....alot!!

    The rest of the episode was good, Lorelai was cute as always but yes very weird around everyone. With Rory, she acted sort of awkward and uncomfortable (not good) with Sookie, she acted frustrated and annoyed and with Emily, she seemed too...nice. Chris is changing her and they have only been going out for a short time. She's turning into a 16 year old again, not good. Lorelai even seemed uncomfortable around Chris, yes she did keep complimenting him and there dates together but from what I saw, it looked forced like she was trying to hard and like the only reason she said it was so that she wouldn't loose him. When she was with Luke, she never had to tell him he was great or that there dates were good or that she enjoyed herself alot cause she knew he already knew that cause he knows her. She of course would tell him all that anyway because shes like that but it was never so emphasized and/or uncomfortable. I hate how Chris is already changing Lorelai.

    Ok enough about those 2;

    Ok I really loved the Emily and Richard stuff this episode, they acted so cute and in love. Emily being arrested geez I never thought that would happen. Man Emily is so much in character, I love it. I also really like the Richard/Emily/Rory stuff, very adorable.

    Rorys new friends were cool at first but once they went back to her place, they just annoyed the heck out of me, they better not be regulars cause they are terrible.

    Luke was awesome as always, he really is a great father. April annoyed me alot less this episode. Last season, I liked her but she got on my nerves, this season she is totally cool and very cute. Aww Luke kissing her head so sweet!!! Very cute that she was trying to set him up, awkward but cute. Luke handled that situation very well. The only problem I have with Luke now is....THAT HAT!!! Get rid of that thing PLEASE!!!!!!!! haha ok theres my peace. Great episode, not perfect but great.
  • i don't have gilmore-mania anymore...

    i am so disappointed in lorelai's character this season. first, she just lets go of luke like they didn't have this long and amazing relationship...then she rebounds to christopher fairly quickly. now, keep in mind, i have no problem with lorelai ending up with christopher, i think it actually is kind of sweet. BUT, i do NOT care for the girl lorelai is turning into. what was up with her putting sookie on hold while she waited to see if she heard from christopher?? she and sookie have been through everything with each other - sookie has been her friend unconditionally. i'm not sure when lorelai turned into 'that girl,' but i am not impressed. ladies, we all know that if our friends don't like the guy or are unhappy with the relationship, it usually means something!! i did enjoy seeing the interaction with luke and his daughter -- i hope they explore it a little more. i'd like to see more of luke and how he's living. i miss paris, lane and michel!! bring more of those supporting characters back! rory was also somewhat nonexistant in this episode...that and it was weird to see her make friends with the former GIA from VM...that girl plays quirky to a perfect T. i'll stick out the season, but i hope they portray lorelai a little more.
  • This year so far, Gilmore Girls hasn't really kept my attenton. And this epsiode was no exception.

    So the skinny on this one is: Chris and Lor have been dating for 6 weeks and Loralai actually is enjoying herself. Chris tries hard to please her and it seems to be working. He plans a romantic date that is ended wiht the 2 having to pick up Emily from jail for drunk driving. Rory meets 2 new friends as we witness her relationship with Logan losing strength. Um besides that the only real thing is that April is staying with Luke for a while. Whoo - Hoo. right?
    So lorelai and chris is something i am actually ok with. i mean we all knew that it would eventually happen, but i didnt think that it would be so boring. But unfortunatley it is boring, even if that date was cute. The only real good thing about this episode was Emily getting arrested. It was funny but only on a small scale compared to other things that she has done. Rory's new friends are going to get old real quick but that is just my opinion. And my opinion on this whole thing that Luke and Lorelai will eventually end up together is flimsy. I don't see them getting back together at all. Especially since it looks like (Spoiler Alert) It looks like Chris and Lorelai will be eloping.
  • Lorelei and Chris have several dates that don\'t turn out well. Emily gets arrested. Rory meets new friends.

    I thought this episode was boring. I found myself watching the clock wondering when it would be over. I miss the great dialog between the characters that I would have to concentrate to really follow. The allusions were gone. I didn\\\'t find myself laughing at all during this episode. I was very disappointed. The only part I kind of liked was the stuff with Luke and April, she is very cute, I am starting to get over the Luke and Lorelei breakup, I find myself not caring about what happens at this point. I was glad about Rory and Logan drifting. I have never liked him. I hope that he matures and then I can be happy aobut those two. Bring back more Paris and more Emily please.

    I am not liking this season at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111
  • Rory's back in Yale and Lorelai tries to date Chris, while being mocked by Sookie

    A good episode IMO, not the best but it's not in my never to watch list either, definitely not... There were some really fun parts and the one I enjoyed most was Sookie really not too happy about the Chris/Lorelai dating thing.. The whole mocking of Lorelai dating was funny, and as a Lorelai/Chris friendship lover, I can't help that I feel weird when seeing them kiss and date. BB-shippers may not like to hear me say that, but the kissing part was weird IMO from Lorelai's side, like Chris was doing everything and Lorelai nothing... Perhaps it's just me... I'm not the biggest fan of them dating, or so it seems... This ep showed that for me at least, at first I thought that I could find it fun, and their conversations are fun but that's where it ends for me... Always Lorelai and Luke for me ;)

    Luke was back!! YAY!! I'm getting used to the cap, I'm not paying much attention to it anymore. I do like that we actually see a Luke storyline that's completely apart from Lorelai for once, there was always a connection to Lorelai and now there isn't. Nice to see him doing some bonding with April, I'm beginning to like those two together and April became taller, or at least she looked a bit older, that's what I noticed at first at least.. And the scenes between Luke and April seem more at ease then they were in S6, I'm glad they are since they should be at this point now. I also like how happy the townies reacted to April visiting.. That was cute!
    Anna, well she doesn't do much for me, except that I keep paying attention to her mole, but that's just probably me :P

    Rory! And she's back at Yale, in her pretty Logan apartment. I'm glad she's getting a few new friends at Yale and it's nice to see her doing some editorial stuff again. And Doyle was mentioned, I'm happy about that. I also like the new friends btw, they seem fun and are really a nice addition to Rory's storyline this season.. I always felt awkward that Rory never really got new Yale friends, apart from Marty, so I'm happy about this..
    and Logan was once again looking fantastic and he's got a new suit!! YAY!! and Rory's ILY!! YAY!! First ILY at the end of the phonecall!! YAY!! :P

    and Emily in jail?! Priceless!! It was done in a typical Emily way if you ask me and it was fun to see... Also nice to see a Richard/Emily phonecall without Lorelai or Rory involved, we don't have that many of them so it's nice to see that IMO.. The whole teaching storyline is also quite interesting for Richard :)

    So overall, the ep was good.. As is this season so far IMO... :) The promo *thud* Can it be next week yet?
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