Gilmore Girls

Season 2 Episode 11

Secrets and Loans

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jan 22, 2002 on The WB
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Lorelai and Rory have a major falling out after Rory goes against her mother's wishes and asks her grandparents to lend Lorelai the money she needs to repair termite damage to their house; Lane's desire to become a cheerleader causes a strain in her relationship with Rory; after an exhaustive and unproductive attempt to raise the funds she needs based on her own credit rating, Lorelai is forced to ask Emily to cosign a loan; Rory drives Paris crazy when she refuses to reveal her PSAT scores.moreless

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  • Lorelai and Rory have termites

    The Doris Day song "Que Sera, Sera" is playing as Lorelai steps out onto the porch. Then her foot goes under the floor. It turns out that she has termites, very bad termites who have eaten away the foundation of the house, according to Kirk. He estimates the cost to repair it at $15,000. Lorelai tries many banks but can't seem to get a loan. Rory suggests that they ask Emily, but Lorelai won't hear of it. But Rory brings it up at Friday night dinner, causing Lorelai to stop speaking to her for a while.

    Rory gets high scores on her PSAT's, but gets a little uptight that she scored higher on the math part then the verbal part. Paris is going around bragging about her scores, which are actually a little lower than Rory's. Paris can't rest until she finds out what Rory got, but Rory won't tell her.

    Emily calls a friend she knows at a bank who is a loan officer. She sets up an appointment for Lorelai, who at first refuses to go. But after she gets turned down by other banks, she goes to the appointment only to see Emily there. Lorelai is upset at her mother for being there, but finally decides to keep the appointment. But the loan officer turns her down. Her only choice is to get Emily to cosign for the loan, which she does. Emily says there are no strings attached, but later tells Lorelai that her DAR group with be meeting at the inn. Lorelai and Rory make up. That's the show.moreless
  • Lorelai must try and get a loan when termites infest the Gilmore house. Great episode.

    Great episode, don't get why its gotten a lower rating on the site. The opening scene was good, as always. More Luke and Lorelai chemistry, the whole Lorelai inviting him out joke. It was amusing to see Paris so obsessed with Rory's test scores. Great scene at the school, when Paris obviously wanted to be asked about her scores and Rory ended up asking her and then left.

    Then again later when Madeline called Rory and made up a story about needing her test scores for a piece for the paper, funny to see Rory know it was Paris, liked her frustration. The termites thing was interesting yet funny. Liked when Lorelai wanted to go sleep at Sookie's but Rory said no, then she got paranoid.

    Sookie being so excited was funny, then when Jackson it was even more amusing. His PJs were so .... weird. When Rory told Emily, I didn't think that Lorelai would be that mad, there argument was well done, entertaining, strange seeing Lorelai so angry and disappointed. The Lane cheerleader thing was enjoyable.

    I was surprised at how it was done, I was as weirded out as Rory when I saw her. Rory and Dean seem to be getting along very well, maybe due to the lack of Jess. Lorelai's desperation at getting along was entertaining, especially Michel's funny comments about lap dances etc.

    The meeting at the bank was funny, loved Emily's comment about being a hologram, hilarious. Lorelai eventually caved, amusing seeing a smug Emily. There argument was good as usual. Good to see Rory accept Lane being a cheerleader, like them as friends, a lot.

    The dinner at the end was funny, when Emily slipped in her demand after Lorelai's apology. Rory and Lorelai made up, no surprise there. Great episode, look forward to more.moreless
  • Okay...

    Rory and Lorelai find out that they have termites. The foundation for their house might fall down if they don't get it fixed. Lorelai doesn't want to ask Emily for money. Rory gets good PSAT scores and Paris is curious to know what they are, but Rory won't tell her. Rory mentions the termite problem to Emily. Lorelai and Rory start fighting. Lane has joined the cheer squad, but didn't tell Rory. Lorelai gets a loan with the help of Emily.

    This episode was okay. It was sort of boring. I don't know why Rory won't tell Paris her scores. I give this episode a 7.5 out of 10!moreless
  • The house is falling

    Rory gets her PSAT scores...

    Meanwhile, the day starts great for Lorelai and she goes out in her pajamas and her feet go through the porch.

    Kirk says they have termites and the house is basically falling apart... The repairs will cost 15000 dollars.

    Lorelai can't get a loan anywhere and Rory tells her to ask her parents for help, she says no.

    Later, before dinner, Rory asks her grandmother for the money and she and Lorelai get into a fight when they get home.

    Luke offers money and help to do the job too.

    At the end Lorelai goes to a bank meeting with Emily and the sign a loan.

    Oh and Lane is part of the cheerleading squad and Jackson has one of those pajamas with photographs.

    I just loved the ways Paris tried to find Rory's PSAT's scores, she really wants to know and Rory is torturing her, I like it.

    And because Emily is Emily, she had to get something out of the loan agreement....moreless
  • Good

    Termites? Emily Centric? Rory and Lorelai Fight? All sounds like it would make one hell of a story but thanks to some repetitive writing, you came out of the episode a little more bored than you should do.

    The whole Termites idea was great for a storyline. It not only brought in the whole perspective that Lorelai even through her goofs, was working to keep her daughter afloat. The house wasn't just a home, it was symbolic of Lorelai's love for Rory. She would do anything to keep it going and in the end that showed.

    The whole Rory, Lorelai fight was inevitable but this time I really felt like there was a solid reason behind it. This time it wasn't Rory as the child, but more Lorelai. Rory could see that they needed help and that was why she told Emily about the termites and the way Lorelai handled this was well immature. Even though you think Lorelai is the perfect mother, you sometimes do see things like this that could change your mind.

    Emily was once again fantastic and her relationship with Lorelai hit another mind blowing turn as the two fought over not only help for the termites but also over Lorelai's inability to ask for help in the past. It was nice in the end to see Lorelai give in and realise that all her mother really wanted to do was help. The closing scene was beautiful and a great piece of writing.

    The biggest negative I could draw from this episode was the Lane as a cheerleader. Not only is this completely out of character but the following fight between Rory and Lane felt contrived. You didn't really expect Lane of all people to be a cheerleader and I know that was what the writers were going for but in my opinion it just felt wrong. Lane and Pom Poms just do not go together. I would more have liked to see some development in the Henry Lane storyline.

    Overall, an episode that had its moments but again another episode that was let down by a few moments of poor writing and ill concieved ideas. Another episode lacking of Jess didn't really help, he is a regular remember? And im seriously wondering how many budget excuses they can have for Edward Herrman not being available.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (8)

    • Lorelai tells Rory not to worry about her PSAT scores because she can always take it again. However, the PSAT is usually taken twice at most, once in sophomore year and once in junior year. Since Rory is a junior, this would be her last time taking the test, and her scores could qualify her for the National Merit Scholarship Program. After this, Rory would start taking the real SAT.

    • Lorelai repeatedly speaks to a man about a loan and calls him Mr. Rygalski. This is also the last name of Lane's future boyfriend/bandmate Dave, played by Adam Brody.

    • When Lorelai is at Luke's at the beginning of the episode, Luke tells her that she's late. She then puts her hand under her book and gets ready to close it. A split second later the camera angle has changed and the book is closed and Lorelai is putting it in her bag. Lorelai couldn't have closed her book in a split second because she hadn't started to close it yet, she had merely put her hand under it, getting ready to close it.

    • Rory tells her mother that her PSAT scores are 740 verbal and 760 math, and each one is scored out of 80. The highest possible score on the PSAT as a whole is 160. Rory should have said 74 verbal and 76 math. When this episode aired the changes made to the SATs/PSATs had not yet taken effect and they were not yet known as the new SATs/PSATs.

    • When Lorelai takes the ice cream out of Sookie's freezer, she places it on the edge of the table. However, in the next shot it is in the middle of the table on top of a cutting board. Then when Sookie takes ice cream out of the container it is not full, but in the next shot it is almost full.

    • Lorelai shouldn't have had such trouble getting a 15,000 dollar loan because she could have put her house up for collateral, plus she says she can't even imagine 15,000 dollars. Wouldn't she have had to have had something like that to pay for the house in the first place (when she first bought it)?

    • There is no reason for Jackson being in the closet when the Gilmore girls come to spend the night at Sookie's. Lorelai called Sookie in advance, so Jackson could just have left or changed out of his picture pyjamas or hidden in a somewhat more comfortable place. There was plenty of time while Lorelai & Rory grabbed some stuff and then walked over to Sookie's place.

    • Just before Rory and Lorelai leave their home to attend Friday night dinner, Rory is wearing black pantyhose, but isn't when they arrive at Richard's and Emily's house. When Rory and Lorelai return to Stars Hollow, Rory is once again wearing black pantyhose.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Lorelai: Luke, I need fifteen thousand dollars which I can't find, don't have, and if I don't find, the house is gonna fall down.
      Luke: I can help you with that.
      Lorelai: You can?
      Luke: Yeah, I can get a couple guys, we can get in there and do the work.
      Lorelai: You can fix this?
      Luke: Well, I can help. I know a good contractor. He did some work on the diner.
      Lorelai: What about the money?
      Luke: Um, you won't have to deal with that right away.
      Lorelai: I won't?
      Luke: No, you can pay it out in installments if you want. Monthly, bimonthly, whatever - whatever you're comfortable with.
      Lorelai: So, let me get this straight. Uh, you and some guys who actually know what they're doing are gonna come over and fix my house, and I can pay them back whenever I want?
      Luke: That's right.
      Lorelai: 'Cause I'm Tony Soprano?
      Luke: Only scarier.
      Lorelai: Now Luke, when I finally do make out this installment check, uh, who should I make it out to?
      Luke: Well, you can make it out to me if you like.
      Lorelai: Oh, so basically you would be fronting me the money?
      Luke: Well, yeah, but it's no big deal.
      Lorelai: Luke, that's a loan.
      Luke: No, it's just a temporary exchange of money for services that will be paid back when you finally have the... it's a loan.
      Lorelai: Man, you suck as a liar. Thank you.
      Luke: You're welcome.
      Lorelai: I can't take it.
      Luke: I know, but it was worth a shot.

    • Rory: You're being stubborn.
      Lorelai: Oh no! Have I shocked you?

    • Emily: If you didn't work so hard you wouldn't have a tension headache.
      Lorelai: It's not a work tension headache, mom.
      Emily: So, then you are sick.
      Lorelai: Actually, I am. I'm sick.
      Emily: I knew it. What's wrong?
      Lorelai: Consumption with a touch of the vapors. I'm going for a leeching tonight after coffee.
      Rory: She's got a case of exterminatoritis.
      Emily: What's that mean?
      Lorelai: Nothing.
      Rory: We have termites.
      Emily: Oh, that's terrible.
      Lorelai: It's not so bad.
      Rory: They're eating our whole house.
      Lorelai: But they always say thank you.

    • Lorelai: You are not seriously sitting there.
      Emily: No, it's a hologram. Lifelike, isn't it?

    • Rory: Maybe I didn't study hard enough. Maybe I got cocky.
      Lorelai: Maybe you need a major mud bath/salt glow/chill pill combo.

    • Louise: (about a boy) What happened? I thought we really connected in that supply closet.

    • Lorelai: (to Rory) Be sure to gloat a little, it's good for your skin.

    • Rory: Why aren't you saying anything?
      Dean: Words seem to be very dangerous right now.

    • Lorelai: Hey, I got your note.
      Rory: Yeah, well, putting it in the mallomars was a pretty safe bet.

    • Lorelai: Fill me up.
      Luke: That's your sixth cup.
      Lorelai: Yes it is.
      Luke: How 'bout some tea?
      Lorelai: Absolutely, throw it in with the coffee.

    • Kirk: You have termites.
      Lorelai: What?
      Kirk: Tens of thousands of them. Subterranean, dry wood, the whole gamut.
      Rory: Gross.
      Kirk: Four of them crawled up my noise.
      Lorelai: Okay, Kirk.
      Kirk: It happens all the time when you're upside down. To them the nostril looks just like another hollow passage in the wood. They're not too bright.

    • Kirk: (about the cost of exterminating the termites) Well, I haven't done the exact estimate, but I'd say somewhere in the neighborhood of fifteen thousand dollars.
      Lorelai: (laughs) Tell it to move to another neighborhood.
      Kirk: I'm sorry?
      Lorelai: Fifteen thousand dollars?
      Rory: We're never eating again.

  • NOTES (4)

    • German episode title: "Das Darlehen", meaning "The Loan".

      French episode title: "Le pilier de la maison", meaning "The House Mainstay".

    • Edward Herrmann (Richard Gilmore) and Milo Ventimiglia (Jess Mariano) do not appear in this episode.

    • When ABC Family aired this episode, they cut out 'still Miller time,' when Lorelai said, "Yeah, well, here. But somewhere in the world it's still Miller time."

    • Music:
      "Que Sera Sera" by Doris Day
      "Be True to Your School" by Grant Lee Phillips
      "One Step Beyond" by Madness

  • ALLUSIONS (17)

    • Sookie: Get out the tarot cards, tell fortunes, play twister, make a Haagen-Dazs chocolate chocolate chip ice cream milkshake, and we'll watch Purple Rain...

      Purple Rain is a semi-autobiographical movie about Prince who also stars in the movie.

    • Lorelai: (to Emily) I swear, one of these days, Alice. Pow! Right to the moon!

      Lorelai quoted one of the lines often used by Ralph Kramden on the The Honeymooners, which ran from 1952 to 1978.

    • Lorelai: You will say nothing, you will do nothing, you will sit in the corner and offer no opinions and pull a full-on Clarence Thomas.

      Clarence Thomas is an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court and considered to be the conservative wing of the current court. During his conformation hearings, he refused to respond to accusations of impropriety alleged by Anita Hill.

    • Rory: I liked it. Very John Waters.

      John Waters is a filmmaker whose films often combine outrageous subject matter with a sense of humor.

    • Rory: Yeah, well pinning it to the Mallomars is always a safe bet.

      Mallomars are a type of cookie consisting of a graham cracker like base, topped by a marshmallow and covered in chocolate.

    • Lorelai: Cause I'm Tony Soprano?

      In The Sopranos, a TV show on HBO, Tony Soprano is the patriarch of the Soprano mob family.

    • Lorelai: Hi Mr. Regalsky, it's Lorelai Gilmore. Again, yes, just like the pink bunny with the drum. Uh, anyway, I was wondering if, um, you have had a chance to reconsider my loan? ....Uh, no, I think it's Energizer.

      The Energizer bunny was the mascot for Energizer batteries whose commercial parodies had a pink bunny beating on a drum. The bunny kept on going and going to illustrate that the batteries lasted a long time.

    • Lorelai: Oh, you think I don't know that? You think I sit around all day swapping witticisms with Robert Benchley at the Algonquin?

      Robert Benchley was a humorist, drama critic and film actor. He was a contemporary of Dorothy Parker.
      The Algonquin is the hotel where Dorothy Parker and her contemporaries would meet for lunch between 1919 and 1929. They became known as the Algonquin Round table.

    • Emily: What are you taking? Lorelai: Roofies.

      Roofies is short for rohypnol which is a prescription sedative/tranquilizer.

    • Lorelai: It's okay. I won't think about it tonight. I'll think about it tomorrow - at Tara. You ready?

      Tara was the plantation in Gone with the Wind. And Scarlett, the main character in the movie/book was always saying that she wouldn't think of ____today. She would think of it tomorrow.

    • Lorelai: Aw honey, it's not the amount of places that turns you down that matters, it's the quality of the place that turns you down that matters. And when you've got Jacko's Loans and Stuff not wanting your business, you know it's time to hang out with the Coreys.

      Corey Haim and Corey Feldman starred in seven movies together. They were two of the highest paid teen stars in the 80s but their popularity declined and Corey Haim had to declare bankruptcy and Corey Feldman was arrested in the early 90s for drug possession.

    • Lorelai: See, we have to stop talking to people. We have to stay at home with the curtains drawn collecting stacks of old newspapers, muttering to each other, eating nothing but Cup of Soup and Slim Jims.

      Slim Jims are desiccated meat sticks.

    • Rory: And then she chased me halfway down the street with the hose. It was like a scene from Silkwood.

      Silkwood is a movie about Karen Silkwood, an employee of a nuclear facility, who was supposed to meet a reporter about worker safety violations at the plant. In one scene, she needs to be decontaminated and they hose her down.

    • Lorelai: I was thinking about opening a Coyote Ugly lemonade stand.

      Coyote Ugly is a bar in which women tend bar, wear sexy clothing and occasionally dance on the bar. It has become a nation-wide chain in the U.S. and was the basis for a movie.

    • Lorelai: Yeah, well, here. But somewhere in the world it's still Miller time.

      Miller is a brand of American beer. For a while they used the slogan 'It's Miller time' in their commercials.

    • Madeleine: Boys, a Nancy Drew mystery.

      Originally a series of mystery books in which the main protagonist is a teenage girl. She was the female equivalent of the Hardy Boys. The books were made into several movies and a couple of TV series.

    • Lorelai: Okay. So we should celebrate. Hey, how about we get all dressed up tonight and hit The Rocky Horror Picture Show?

      The Rocky Horror Picture Show started off as a stage production. It was later made into a film which initially flopped but gained cult status as people would dress up like characters in the movie, talk back to the screen and engage in various antics like doing the Time Warp (a dance in the movie), squirting water pistols during rain scenes or actually act out the movie while it's playing.