Gilmore Girls

Season 2 Episode 19

Teach Me Tonight

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 30, 2002 on The WB

Episode Recap

Doose's Market

Lorelai and Rory are waiting in line to check out. Lorelai is thumbing through a crossword book and states that she hates them. Rory tells her not to do them, but Lorelai thinks that would make her a coward. After putting the book away, Lorelai sees a new bag boy. Rory tells her that's Marty and he's filling in for Dean while he visits his grandmother. Lorelai thinks he's trying to steal Dean's job and he needs to hurry back. While Taylor checks out their groceries, Rory sees a flier for Movie in the Square Night. Taylor tells them he'll be showing The Yearling for the third year in a row. Lorelai wants him to pick something else. After a little pestering, Taylor tells Lorelai to pick the movie. Lorelai and Rory leave Doose's excited with their responsibility.

Lorelai's house, Rory's bedroom

While Rory gets ready for school she and Lorelai discuss possible movies. They're interrupted by a call from Christopher. He called to see how Rory was and tell her he sent her an e-mail. He declines to talk to Lorelai and hangs up. Rory asks why they're fighting, but Lorelai won't say why. Rory leaves after they agree to meet at Luke's after school.

Stars Hollow High classroom

The class is taking a test. The teacher tells them they have fifteen minutes left, when Jess sneaks in behind Lane. He pesters Lane for a pen and he proceeds to mark a book he brought. This is when the teacher sees him.

Stars Hollow High, principal's office

The principal has called Luke in to inform him Jess has done nothing-no homework or class participation. He has poor attendance and no respect for the teachers or his classmates. The principal also suspects he stole the school's baseballs. He tells Luke Jess needs the most work to improve his grades; if they don't get better he'll flunk eleventh grade. Luke tells him his grades in school weren't good and he would be no help to Jess. The principal recommeds a tutor since there's no one else. Before Luke leaves he reminds him of the baseballs; the team has been using tennis balls.

Luke's diner

As Lorelai and Rory try to whittle down their list of movies, Taylor enters with a large binder. He explains to Lorelai that the movie has to be picked from the list in the binder. The company that supplies the movie will give it to them for free. They begin to go over the list but nothing looks interesting. Luke goes up to his apartment to find Jess. He tells him what the principal said but Jess doesn't care. Luke warns him he could fail; Jess is still unresponsive. Luke asks Jess what he wants to do with his life. He has to have a way to pay his bills. Jess sarcastically says he'll work in a diner and leaves.

Lorelai's house

After reading the list of possible movies, Lorelai decides to show The Yearling. Luke stops by to bring Lorelai brownies and talk to Rory. He asks her if she'd tutor Jess. She's skeptical at first but Luke explains he just wants her to make Jess try and get him through a few tests. She agrees to do it. Luke informs Lorelai of what he came for. She doesn't think it's a good idea. Luke says Jess will listen to Rory and not a tutor.

Luke's Diner

Kirk approaches Lorelai about Movie Night. He's made a short film and wants Lorelai to show it before the movie. She tells him she'll think about it. After trying to stall, Lorelai gets up to leave. Rory asks her to tell Dean she's with Lane if he calls. Lorelai reluctantly agrees to. Jess comes down for his study session. He tries to blow it off, but Rory threatens to leave. He says he'll get his books. While Rory tries to quiz him he does magic tricks and asks about Dean. Rory is flustered but makes him open his book. After a while he hands her a note pad. She says it's not Shakespeare but words to a Clash song. Jess says he's tired of studying and wants to get ice cream. He promises to study when they get back. She agrees and hands him the keys to her car so she can read to him.

Rory's car

Rory asks Jess why he needs a tutor. She knows he's smart, he just doesn't apply himself. He says why bother since he's not going to college. He thinks no one believes he will. She tells him could if he tried. He says his only goal is to get out of Stars Hollow. He turns the tables and asks what her goals are. She tells him about Harvard and being a reporter like Christiane Amanpour. He thinks it would be too rough for her but she could do it. He offers to help prepare her by driving a car at her and screaming in a foreign language. Rory suggests they keep driving instead of going back to Luke's.

Lorelai's house

Lorelai is cleaning out a kitchen drawer when she gets a call from Rory. Rory tells her mom there's been an accident. Jess swerved to miss an animak and crashed the car. They're both fine but she's at the hospital.


Lorelai rushes to the hospital demands to see Rory. She finds her in a room with a doctor. The doctor explains she has a minor hairline fracture on her wrist. She'll need to wear a cast for a couple of weeks, but other than that she's fine. Lorelai wants to be sure so the doctor decides to run a few more x-rays. The doctor says it'll be about an hour so Lorelai decides to get some coffee. She leaves the hospital though looking for something.

Luke's diner

Lorelai comes to Luke's looking for Jess and tells Luke about the accident. She tells him Jess is fine but Rory's hurt. Lorelai blames him for letting Jess stay with him. Luke storms out to the streets. Lorelai wants to know why he didn't make Jess leave. He says he had an obligation. He tells her she's lucky; she knows where her kid is and that she's all right. He has to find Jess and make sure he's okay. Lorelai yells at him to go to hell and he tells her the same before storming off. Lorelai sees Rory's car being towed in and tearfully calls Christopher. Luke finds Jess at the bridge on the lake. Jess tells him he made sure Rory was okay. Luke knows.

Rory's bedroom

Rory is lying in bed while Lorelai fusses over her. She settles in a chair by her bed. After sleeping a while, Lorelai wakes up and finds Christopher there. They go out to the kitchen to talk. He came after talking to Lorelai. He wants to talk to the doctor, look at her car and kill Jess. They both apologize for their fight.

Stars Hollow Movie Night

While walking to their seats in the park, Rory runs into Lane and fills her in on what happened. Sookie explains to Lorelai that Jackson is singing to his vegetables as Kirk's movie starts. While the movie plays, Chris says he'll be around a lot more. Both Rory and Lorelai are happy about this. We learn from Miss Patty and Babette that Luke sent Jess back to his mother.

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