Gilmore Girls

Season 2 Episode 19

Teach Me Tonight

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 30, 2002 on The WB

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  • Jess Crashes Rory's Car.

    How could Rory let Jess drive her car? If she had driven the car, the accedent never would have happened. Also, Jess would have Stayed in Stars Hollow. Then he could have kept up living the way he wanted (Skiping school, not doing his work) and he could have continued to have Rory tutor him, so he could be around her more.
  • Rory is tudoring jess. Lorelai gets a call from the er

    this was such an incredable episode. i thought that it was very caring of luke to ask rory to tudor jess and i liked the fact that he tried to suck up to lorelai first. it was also caring of lorelai to get worried about what will happen if rory tudors him and that she makes her point known to them was great. i was really disappointed with rory when she was tudoring jess because at first she seemed more into tudoring him then after they got ice cream she seemed more into him then trying to tudor him. just the fact that she has a boyfriend and it seemed thqat she was into jess and did not care about dean. i was really happy that lorelai freaked out in the manner she did when she found out that rory was in the ER she had them run some more tests on rory and while they were doing that lorelai went to find jess and ran into luke who did not know what had happened. i thought that luke was out of line when he yelled at lorelai about jess but i liked the fact that he sent jess home.
  • Lorelai has to pick out the movie for Stars Hallow Movie night, and Rory has to tutor Jess so that he doesn't have to flunk out of school, while tutoring Jess crashes Rory's car, and Lorelai flips out on Luke, and they lose their friendship.

    This was such an amazing episode! I loved it! It was soooo funny because Lorelai had to pick out the movie and she and Rory didn't like any of them because they were sooo boring, and they end up picking the same movie that they show every year! I thought that was funny, but it was a little sad that Lorelai and Luke lose their friendshop because Jess decided that ice cream at the diner wasn't good enough, that they had to go to another ice cream shop, where on the way back Rory breaks her arm! I got only one thing to say! Stupid JESS (and Rory, sort-of..)
  • Gilmore Girls again shows us how great life is and how important is to have someone on your side when the life is hard.

    The episode started like nothing much was happening.A typicxal day at Stars Hollow.Teylor decides to picj again the same movie but Lorelai hepls him picking another.I thought that nothing much will happen in this episode but I was excited to see it coming when Luke asked Rory if she can teach Jess.The teaching was great-Rory's desperately trying to teach him and Jess's doing anything but studying.When they go for an ice cream,they crash.Lorelai is so mad at Jess that she goes to Luke and tells him everything-how everybody in Stars Hollow hates him,taht he is a thread and needs to get out of the town.Lorelai and Luke fights.Luke finds Jess alone near the river sitting and smoking.Rory breaks her wrist and needs to rest.It was so warm to see Lorekai and Chris sleeping in Rory's room and looking after her.At the end of the episode when Lorelai,Rory and Chris go to the movies with the whole town's people they hear Paty gossiping about Luke sending Jess back to home.So sad.And the looks on Rory and Lorelai's faces were awesome.
  • Lorelai & Luke fight!

    Lorelai & Luke fight!

    Luke asks Rory to help tutor Jess & Rory agrees but Lorelai isn't too happy about the arangement.

    Rory & Jess get into a car accident after they go out for ice cream (Jess was driving) wrecking the car that Dean made for her.

    Jess is OK but Rory fractures her wrist & Lorelai is mad with Jess & Luke, and blames them both for the accident.

    When Lorelai sees the car she breaks down & calls Christopher who comes to Stars Hollow immediately, Lorelai wakes up in the middle of the night to find him asleep in a chair beside her in Rory's bedroom.

    I can't wait to see how Rory is going to explain the wrecked car & why Jess was driving it to Dean.

    In the end Rory looked upset when she heard that Jess left Stars Hollow & Lorelai looked relieved.
  • A very important continuation of the growing love triangle story arc and the maturation of Rory.

    I have just started watching Gilmore Girls from the beginning on ABC Family and this story arc is very revealing. We are finally seeing Rory act like a "normal" teenage girl. Discovering love and loyality. She is confused and inexperienced. She has begun to lie and be deceitful. But this just shows more of her innocence and purity. While I don't like the treatment of the Dean character, Jess also forces the love trianle between Luke, Lori and Christopher. Yes, Jess is bad influence and misunderstood but he is very much like a young Christopher. And just as Emily wanted to choose a man for Lori, Lori wants Rory to choose Dean. I really love that fact that Dean isn't portrayed as a "bad guy" (even though he was treated just as badly as Jess when he first moved to Stars hollow). While it is the two love triangles and the maturing of Rory that are key to this episode(s), we all know that it is Kirk's short film that steals the show!
  • Oh such a great episode, I love this one, probably one of my all times favorites.

    This episode was dramatic! Luke and Lorelai have a huge fight, and it doesn't resolve for a long time! It was huge and sad, but exciting and dramatic too! I love the yelling scene, Lauren and Scott are such great actors. Then Rory and Jess are so cute together. Jess is adorable with his magic tricks and the ice cream, and the car scene. Boy are they made for eachother, I love watching them talk to each other. And afterwards, it's so sad in the hospital with Lorelai. And Jess, he really does care. And Chris, he's kind of sweet in this one. I just love this episode. I watch it all the time. A classic!
  • Movie Night

    It's Movie night in Starts Hollow and trying to prevent for seeing the same movie for the 4th time, Lorelai argues with Taylor and now she is the one who decides the movie.

    Jess is failing school on propose and Luke is called to the Principal's office for a chat. He realizes he must figure something out to help Jess.
    He thinks of Rory, she could be Jess' tutor, she says yes.

    What starts as a study night ends up with a trip to the hospital. Rory and Jess go for ice cream and get into an accident...
    Jess is fine but Rory fractures her wrist, the car is really bad.
    Lorelai calls Chris and he shows up.

    Luke and Lorelai fight and later she finds out that Luke send Jess away.

    I got the impression that Chris is not with Sherrie or that they may been having some problems...
  • Rory tutors Jess. Luke and Lorelai have a major fight! :(

    This is a great Gilmore Girls episode. It\'s the first time we really see Lorelai and Luke have nothing but hate toward each other, which is such a change from their great funny friendship. It shows the chemistry Jess and Rory have and we see that it was actually Rory who told Jess to \"turn right\" and not got back to Lukes. I think the end is so sad when they hear that Jess has left for good. Lorelai feels a tiny bit guilty since she was the one who yelled at Luke bout him and Rory is just sad... it also has the suspense of when Dean comes back and what is going to happen. A great episode.
  • The relationship development is superb. There is obvious tension between Lorelai and Jess. While Jess and Rory's relationship is still growing, rapidly. The accident though was clearly going to happen, with "someone like Jess" behind the wheel that was t

    The relationship development is superb. There is obvious tension between Lorelai and Jess. The odd line from Jess "M'am" was both cute and disturbing. While Jess and Rory's relationship is still growing, rapidly. The plot twister was Rory's decsion to allow Jess to drive the car Dean made her. An interesting choice by Rory on this one. The accident though was clearly going to happen, with "someone like Jess" behind the wheel that was the only way to go keeping in reality. Chris rushing to the rescue was nice, but the banter between Lorelai and Luke was horrible and this has got to have been their biggest fight yet. Though Jess is the obvious link to all these problems, he's still my favorite for Rory.
  • I love this episode.Rory and Jess are soooo cute together

    This episode is one of my favorites of all GG!!!
    The scenes between Jess and Rory are perfect.The scene when it's quiet and they are staring at each other is so sweet!!!!..I love Rory and Jess together and this episode is very important for their relationship.They soooo CUTE together.
    The part of "so courtney what about you?" makes me laugh..I love it.
  • As the season draws to a cold, drama unfolds, Lorelai gets a scare of her life, and Luke takes the heat!!

    Wow, what an episode, this is probably one of the least liked fights that Lorelai and Luke get into. Lorelai truly goes mother rage when she learns that her precious child is in a car accident.

    I was sad for Luke, it wasn't his fault that things ended the way they did and it was touching to hear Luke try to defend himself and telling Lorelai that he cares about Rory more than even himself but Jess was his responsibility and its clear that despite the difficulties in dealing with Jess, Luke obviously cares a lot about Jess.

    As much as I like Lorelai the character, there is a side to her that I don't always like, she can be a little thoughtless at times and this was one of those times. She tends to be a little too judgemental and a little bit self centred which differs her from Rory who is a little more down to earth and more open minded and able to put things into better perspective.

    Lorelai turns to Chris but there is a look of guilt on her face when she overhears Miss Patty telling Babette that Luke made arrangements for Jess to leave town.

    Tension builds in the series as we move closer to this season's finale of the Gilmore Girls.

  • Rory is asked to tutor Jess. Another great one ...

    I liked this, it wasn't what I was expecting but it was still great. Rory and Jess continue to connect, this time because Luke asks Rory to tutor Jess as a favour to him. Lorelai confronts Luke about this but agrees that Rory can do even though she is hesitant. The school/pencil thing with Lane and Jess was funny.

    When being tutored Jess continues to show that he likes Rory, but does do anything to do with studying. Rory gets irritated, done well, but gives in to go and get some ice-cream. In the car, there chemistry is very high. There is one moment where they stare at each other for like a minute, you can just tell they have feelings for each other.

    But they get into a crash (Which we don't see) and Lorelai is mortified and rushes to the hospital. Her conversation with the woman behind the desk was great, very her. Rory has only fractured her wrist but Lorelai still storms into Luke's searching for Jess,. who she is obviously furious with.

    Her argument was Luke was really engrossing but also painful to watch because of how much they like each other, the 'go to hell' bit on Lorelai's part being the worst bit. Christopher's return was good I guess, shows he is a good father. His argument with Lorelai (From, It Should've Been Lorelai) is resolved. Lane putting the sticker on her cast was amusing.

    Kirk's film was just plain weird and was awful, but funny. The end was good, we overhear Mrs Patty and Babette talking about Luke sending Jess. The Gilmore Girls hear and sit in silence. Wonder what Dean will think of this ...?
  • This was a really good Rory and Jess episode!!

    Jess is going to flunk out of school if he doesn't start trying in school. So Luke decides to ask Rory to help tutor him. She agrees and when she comes, Jess will do anything but study. He agrees that if they go get ice cream, he will study. When they are driving, they get into an accident and Rory breaks her wrist. Lorelai rushes to the hospital when called and when Rory is in X-rays, she yells at Luke, saying it was his fault for taking Jess in. meanwhile, Lorelai has to decide on the movie for the town movie fest.

    I loved the episode Rory-Jess wise, but i didn't like Lorelai. i know she was just being protective, but since I'm a Rory-Jess fan, i didn't like how she totally blamed Jess and yelled at Luke. I felt bad for Jess because he looked so sad on the bridge!
  • Wow! A car crash and a lost friendship

    This eposde is amazing. Luke asks Rory to tutor Jess and she agrees. The sences of them toghter are so funny and they have such great chemistry. After a while they go out for ice cream and on the way back they crash Rory's car. The first time I saw it was so shocked, and Rory broke her arm. Lor and Luke get in a huge fight over the accident and tell each other to go to hE##! It is so sad to see them fight like this, with so much anger.They stay mad at each other 4 ep.s, a record. This is a classic filled with drama, suspense and comedy! My fav. of the 2nd season.