Gilmore Girls

Season 2 Episode 19

Teach Me Tonight

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 30, 2002 on The WB

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  • Rory is asked to tutor Jess. Another great one ...

    I liked this, it wasn't what I was expecting but it was still great. Rory and Jess continue to connect, this time because Luke asks Rory to tutor Jess as a favour to him. Lorelai confronts Luke about this but agrees that Rory can do even though she is hesitant. The school/pencil thing with Lane and Jess was funny.

    When being tutored Jess continues to show that he likes Rory, but does do anything to do with studying. Rory gets irritated, done well, but gives in to go and get some ice-cream. In the car, there chemistry is very high. There is one moment where they stare at each other for like a minute, you can just tell they have feelings for each other.

    But they get into a crash (Which we don't see) and Lorelai is mortified and rushes to the hospital. Her conversation with the woman behind the desk was great, very her. Rory has only fractured her wrist but Lorelai still storms into Luke's searching for Jess,. who she is obviously furious with.

    Her argument was Luke was really engrossing but also painful to watch because of how much they like each other, the 'go to hell' bit on Lorelai's part being the worst bit. Christopher's return was good I guess, shows he is a good father. His argument with Lorelai (From, It Should've Been Lorelai) is resolved. Lane putting the sticker on her cast was amusing.

    Kirk's film was just plain weird and was awful, but funny. The end was good, we overhear Mrs Patty and Babette talking about Luke sending Jess. The Gilmore Girls hear and sit in silence. Wonder what Dean will think of this ...?
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