Gilmore Girls

Season 7 Episode 2

That's What You Get, Folks, For Makin' Whoopee

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 03, 2006 on The WB

Episode Recap

After leaving Lorelai's, Luke is speeding away in his truck. The back of the truck is still packed for the trip to Maryland. He looks livid and it isn't yet clear where he is going. He stops in front of an apartment building. Inside the apartment, he rides the elevator and finally knocks on an apartment door. When Christopher answers the door, without saying a word, Luke punches him in the face. He turns right around and gets back in the elevator.

Lorelai is sitting drinking coffee, patiently waiting for Rory to get up. When she hears Rory stirring in her bedroom, she jumps up, pours her a cup of coffee and waits quietly at Rory's door with coffee in hand. Lorelai couldn't sleep so she got up and made her waffles. As Rory puts chocolate and syrup and whipped cream on her waffles, they speak of the 'love' rocket. Rory tells Lorelai that she's not going to London in the summer because when she spoke to Logan he told her he had purchased her ticket to London at Christmas time. Although she is disappointed that she won't see him until then, she is proud of Logan for being a grown up and getting serious about his business. She is also disappointed to not be going to Asia this summer. She shows Lorelai a whole pile of books she used for her research on Asia. To cheer Rory up, Lorelai tells her that Lane is back from her honeymoon and called early that morning.

Luke drives up to the diner with his truck full of building supplies, ready to repair the diner. TJ is there to offer his help. As Luke busily empties the truck of the supplies, T.J. prattles on about Luke being late. He mentions getting coffee from the diner across the street, Kirk's. This stops Luke in his tracks. He goes to the new coffee shop to find Kirk dressed in a plaid flannel shirt and a backward baseball cap. Even the coffee shop logo and the menu was the same as Luke's. There was a 'No Cell Phones' sign posted.

Luke: (irate) What the hell is going on here?
Kirk: Welcome to Kirk's I'll be right with you.
Luke: What is this?
Kirk: It's a diner, Luke.
Luke: A diner called Kirk's?
Kirk: It's the name my mother gave me. Top you off there, Jake?
Luke:: Why are you doing this?
Kirk: I just saw a need, and I filled it. Seemed to me Stars hollow was in want of a real neighborhood joint, a watering hole where the townsfolk could mingle, a place where a fella could come and get a piece of pie, a cup of Arbuckles', and a soupcon of small-town charm.
Luke: Yeah, well, Stars Hollow has already got that place. It's right across the street. It's called Luke's. Luke's, ring any bells? Sounds a little like Kirk's doesn't it.
Kirk: If you are suggesting that you were the very first person to think of naming a restaurant after yourself, I think that Denny, Arby, and Tony Roma might have something to say about that, not to mention Mr. Chuck E. Cheese.
Luke: Chuck E. Cheese, Chuck E. Cheese is not a person.
Kirk: Luke do you think a giant mouse opened a national restaurant franchise by himself?
Luke: Look at this – French toast, pancakes, buttermilk pancakes. You stole my menu.
Kirk: You did not invent pancakes, Luke. Anyway, I heard Luke's went out of business.
Luke: Luke's did not go out of business, Luke's is closed for repairs. And you want to know why it's closed? Because some nincompoop yesterday drove his car through my diner!
Kirk: Would you care to step outside for a moment, Luke?
Luke: Outside? Outside what? (They walk "outside" away from the customers.)
Kirk: I think it would behoove you not to use slanderous language like nincompoop in my place of business, Luke, because, let me tell you, it is only out of the kindness of my heart that I am not suing the pants off of you.
Luke: Uh-hu you're gonna sue me after you crash a car into my diner and bust a giant hole in my wall?
Kirk: For all you know I could have brain damage.
Luke: (Luke's frustration is accelerating.) Oh, I'm pretty sure you do. You know what, Kirk? Go ahead. Sue me. Crash into my diner, make me lose a week's business, make me pay for the repairs, and then sue me for damages - for brain damages! That sounds fair!
Kirk: Luke, calm down. I get where you're coming from. I think we can work something out.
(He grabs a piece of paper and hands it to Luke.)
Luke: What is this?
Kirk: A job application. The way business is picking up, I'm totally gonna need a fry guy. What it sounded like your finances were kind of tight. If you came expecting a handout, you came to the wrong guy. I'm of the "teach a man to fish" school, Luke. (Luke crumples the application into a ball and drops it on the ground. You do not throw trash on the floor of a restaurant Luke. Not cool.

At the inn, Sookie is showing Lorelai how to make sushi. She is making California rolls, meatloaf sushi and a special dessert Sushi just for the Gilmore girls. Lorelai tells Sookie that she told Luke that she slept with Luke. She explains that although she didn't want to tell him, she had to because it was the only way Luke would believe her they their relationship was finally over. She truly didn't believe that Luke really wanted to marry her. Lorelai says it was one of the most horrible moments of her life but that she has to be fine.

Rory goes to visit Lane and Zach. He says Mexico was terrible and that 'Pedro's Paradise' was not quite the paradise he expected. It was a room in some guy's apartment. Zach tells Rory that he got a parasite from drinking Mexican water and that Lane is sick too. Inside the house, Rory sees that Lane is not well although she is feeling a little better at that moment. Lane wanted to talk about the honeymoon but thought it best that they take a walk for some privacy since Brian was close by.

Back at Luke's, TJ is making several unwanted suggestions about the repairs. TJ notes Luke is in a "mood". Luke continues to work attempting to ignore T.J.'s prattle as much as possible but finally decides to go to the paint store to avoid any discussion about Lorelai.

In the gazebo, Lane admits to Rory that the sex on her honeymoon was terrible and that she now knows her mother was right. She explains that it is really just a media charade. She had sex with Zach only once but that was enough. Rory tells her that it gets better but Lane does not believe her. Lane says that their first time was on the beach, to be romantic, but it was dirty and cold and there were crabs. Lane asks why Rory is not in Asia.
Lorelai and Luke have a very awkward meeting in the street…

Lorelai: (She sighs.) Sorry.
Luke: Oh. Don't worry about me. I'm fine.
Lorelai: Are you fine, really? Because, I mean, you don't have to be fine. Because this is really weird and really hard and... I'm not exactly fine.
Luke: You're not?
Lorelai: Of course not.
Luke: Well, that's too bad because I am. I'm fine.
Lorelai: Well...okay.
Luke: You know maybe you should punch Christopher's lights out. That seemed to do it for me.
Lorelai: What?
Luke: Oh, so your boyfriend didn't tell you. Hu.
Lorelai: (Appalled) You punched Christopher?
Luke: You two need to work on your communication skills.
Lorelai: Oh, stop it.
Luke: What.
Lorelai: Christopher is not my boyfriend.
Luke: I don't care if he is. I mean, you know you can date whoever or whatever you want. I couldn't care less. I'm fine.
Lorelai: Okay, fine. Well, if you're so fine, the next time you get a hankering to punch someone, don't, okay? If you need to take your anger out, on someone take it out on me. I'm the one you're mad at. I'm the one who deserves it.
Luke: Look, you're the one who's still hung up here. I'm telling you, I'm over it. I mean, I guess it's just not as big a deal to me as it is to you.
Lorelai: Oh, it's not as big a deal?
Luke: Yeah, so we're not getting married. It's okay by me. I mean you're the one who proposed in the first place.
(Lorelai watches Luke walk away with a hurt look on her face.)

TJ and Luke are back at the diner painting on the primer. They finished the framing, and the windows will go in the next day. T.J. invites Luke to go to an ice show featuring the Hockettes. Luke tries to decline politely but TJ pushes. Luke finally admits that he and Lorelai broke up. Feeling that Luke needs cheering up, he invites Luke to dinner with Liz.

Rory walks into the house to find the whole place is decorated Asian - a mishmash of all Asian countries and cultures represented. Lorelai greets her in a kimono. It's a mini version of Rory's Asian experience. They eat and enjoy the variety of sushi Sookie has made for them. Lorelai goes into the kitchen to see if she is able to make fried ice cream when the phone rings. The answering machine picks up. It is Christopher. To Rory's horror, she finds out that her mom slept with Chris the night she broke up with Luke. Disgusted with her mother's lack of judgment, she storms out of the house.

Luke and TJ arrive at Liz's place for dinner. Liz is looking very pregnant. Liz says she's ready to talk about the break up, but Luke says he's not ready. Liz asks if it was Anna. Luke says no and says he wants to drop it.

Rory goes to visit Lane again. Lane is sitting on the floor, leaning against the bed. She tells Rory that she was at the doctor and found out the parasite she thought she had is actually a baby. She is pregnant. Lane has not told anyone yet, not even Zach. Lane scared and says she doesn't have her act together yet. She is not calm or organized; she's not ready to be a mom. She bemoans the fact she's not perfect yet, but Rory tells her she does not have to be perfect to be a mom. Rory tries to encourage her and tells her that she has nine months to prepare.

At Liz and T.J.'s, Liz is saying that breaking up with Lorelai is not surprising because Luke and Lorelai were never really in synch. They never really moved in together. That they were in two different places, living lives not together. She explains that they were never on the same plane at the same time. Luke says they didn't break up for some space/time thing. They broke up because they were not right for each other. They wanted to be together, but it didn't work out. Liz's gets up to check the dinner but finds it is still cold. The oven is broken so Luke decides to go to the store to grab some food to make them a home cooked meal. At the store, he runs into Lorelai once again. Apparently Lorelai went there to avoid Doose's. Luke almost apologizes for what he said. He says he was just really mad and that he won't be mad, eventually. Lorelai says she was a jerk too. Luke says it wasn't Lorelai's fault, it wasn't his fault; they were just not meant for each other. He suggests that Lorelai is meant for someone like Christopher annd that they should stop fighting it. Luke then says that Lorelai should just go back to being Lorelai, and he'll go back to being the guy who pours her coffee. Lorelai, again seems hurt by his words and makes her exit.

Rory returns home to find her mother sitting on the couch in tears.