Gilmore Girls

Season 2 Episode 10

The Bracebridge Dinner

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Dec 11, 2001 on The WB

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  • Lorelai and Sookie host a special dinner for the town at the inn. Really good episode!

    This was a great episode, it was good to have everyone together, all the cast appeared which I think is a first. I actually like the whole idea of the Dean, Rory and Jess triangle, its interesting and very entertaining. Emily and Richards problems also added to the episode. It was cool to see Sookie and Lorelai so excited about the dinner, it was a fun idea.

    The snowman thing was funny at the start, when the head fell of and they gave up for coffee. Sookie telling everyone about getting in character was enjoyable, very amusing. Liked how Jackson didn't want the part they gave him but they ignored him until he caved into doing it. I felt bad for them when it had to be cancelled.

    Luckily then the better idea of inviting all of Stars Hollow was thought of. Very good way of getting everyone together. Richards work is getting him down, it was well done how they made sure to show us this. Dean helping Jess in a fight is just what he does, I think this could become an entertaining rivalry.

    It was enjoyable to see Richard so chipper and happy, even the affect it had on Emily was good. It was good to see jess and Luke being so a like, like with the soup and Jess making the comment about eating before they arrived and Luke agreed. The glares that Jess gives Rory just show that he's interested, but is she? I think so .....

    Paris and Rory kind of got on in the episode, Rory actually invited Paris who seemed grateful, funny scene when she was on the phone with 'nanny'. Paris's talk with Lorelai was funny, Lorelai's face was great, how surprised and uninterested she looked. The dinner itself was good, funny moments, like when Mrs Kim asked Babette if they said grace and she laughed, but then did it, hilarious.

    Richard's news about retirement wasn't a huge surprise, I was thinking that when he was acting so happy. Emily obviously would be annoyed. The sleigh rides were great, we got Luke and Lorelai, there great friends but obviously like each other, Emily and Richard, was good to see them getting on well.

    Then we have Rory and Jess, he is actually nice in this scene and it was good to see them connect about the snowmen. But then he asks about Dean and says he doesn't think he's Rory's type, it leaves you thinking. Ill say now that I think Jess knocked that guys snowman down, so Rory could win.

    Richard and Emily make up, good to see Richard explain himself, which he does well. Then the end was good, Dean saw Jess giving Rory a look and Rory was smiling - can't wait to see how this goes! Look forward to more of the season.
  • the independence inn hosts a dinner from the 19th century but ends up hosting it for friends and family instead! emily finds out richard quit his job. rory and jess share a horse-drawn carriage ride and so do luke and lorelai!

    luke and lorelai find themselves together on a horse-drawn carriage ride and so do jess and rory which make sit that much funnier!! paris ends up staying in stars hollow for a night and jackson plays the SQUIRE BRACEBRIDGE! rune reappears as sookie asks lorelai to give him a job. rory takes emily on a tour of stars hollow and she freaks when she sees where lor and rory stayed. also,,see kirk in tights and old century clothing!!!!!! you'll get a huge kick out of this one! lorelai gives luke some advice on parenting when he tells her what the secret of parenting is; lying! great acting and exeptional writing once again entertain us in this very funny very silly episode!!
  • Pretty good!

    After Lorelai and Sookie have prepared for a private party to come to the Independence Inn, the party gets snowed in. To replace the party, Lorelai decides to invite the whole town to have a party and sleep at the inn. Everybody comes and it's a big extravaganza! Richard and Emily are still at odds, but at the party, Richard seems delightful and Emily is enjoying it. At dinner, Richard admits that he's happy because he retired, which shocks Emily. Rory seems to show a little interest in Jess, which makes Dean jealous. Rory invites Paris to come to the party. Christopher calls to invite Rory over, but Lorelai doesn't want her to go. Emily and Richard make up.

    This episode was pretty good! I didn't love it like usual, but it wasn't bad at all! I give this episode a 9.0 out of 10!
  • A dinner from the 19th century

    The snow is back and there is a snowman contest.
    The Independence Inn is hosting an 19th century dinner for a company from Chicago.

    Because of the snow, the company is trapped and there is no way they could make it to the dinner.
    Suddenly, at Luke's Lorelai and Sookie get an idea for not wasting all the food, they will throw a dinner to their friends.

    Everyone is invited even Paris, when she goes there to give Rory some articles for the newspaper.

    We have waiters dressed as if we were in the 19th century, the food is for the season too and also the music.

    In this episode we start to see the looks between Rory and Jess.
  • a Rory & Jess episode.

    BraceBridge dinner is one of my favorite gg episodes. It really shows that Rory & Jess like each other. It shows that when you least expect it, love is around the corner. I love the Midevil theme they had with the dinner. The whole episode was great. The horses, the snow outside, the trees, everything was perfect.
  • The Independence Inn was supposed to host this very elaborate Renaissance dinner for this company from Chicago. Instead, when the company gets snowed in, Lorelai, Sookie and Rory host all their friends at the inn for one big dinner/slumber party.

    I love this episode! I love that everybody on the show practically gets to eat together at this very elaborate crazy meal. And the sleigh rides were awesome! It was funny how neither Jess nor Luke seem thrilled with the idea of a sleigh ride but they both got to go with the woman of their dreams. :o)

    Luke and Jess were funny as they seemed reluctant to enjoy the festivities throughout the night. But I am sure they did. i am glad Lorelai convinced Luke to go with her on the sleigh ride. I wish it had a bit of a more romantic moment between them even if nothing happens.

    Also at the dinner, I love how after weeks of being so boisterous and unhappy, Richard is in total glee. We find out at the end of the dinner it is because he quit his job and retired from the company. Talk about awkward moments - he hadn't told Emily yet!

    This is also the episode when Dean spots something brewing under the surface between Jess and Rory. You know there is trouble ahead!
  • Classic episode in an beautiful setting

    This episode is one of my favorites. It's set in the middle of winter..there is a snowman competition in the town-square. Because of the snow a whole group of people are suddenly snowed-in and not coming to a complete planned out weekend. So Lorelai decides to make it a special weekend for the people of Stars Hollow. Jess and Dean are there, but since Dean is occupied by his little sister, Jess sees the opportunity to mess with Rory's mind, and it works since sparks are appearing...and Dean knows it. Besides that this episode also reveals the reason of Richard's behavior of the last couple of episodes. He quit his job, since he was almost already asked to leave and retire...unfortunatly Emily did not know this, and finds out when Richard spoils it over the dinner-table with everyone present. All together a great episode with every ingredient a good episode of the gilmore girls should have...Love, Tears and the wonderful characters of the town of Stars Hollow.
  • The Bracebridge Dinner is one of my favorite episodes!

    The episode starts off where Lorelai and Rory are building a snowman for The Stars Hollow snowman contest. After they finish building the snowman, Lorelai goes back to the Inn and gets ready to put on a dinner to recreate the 19th century for a group of people who are suppose to arrive later on that day. After a whole day of getting the dinner ready, Sookie tells Lorelai that the dinner is cancelled because the group were snowed in. So Lorelai decides that they should not only keep going forward with there plans but to invite everyone from Stars Hollow to the dinner. I loved this episode!!
  • An Entertaining Watch

    This episode definitely punched in a very important fact about this show - that its very easy watching. Even though the storyline and everything wans't out there and wasn't totally compelling, you could just sit down and watch this episode and enjoy yourself. Its so refreshing to have a show like this.

    With the highlights of the episode, I have to start with Rune who I find fantastic to watch. His humour is not the classic type but he still gives a different kind of style that we expect from Sookie, Lorelai and Rory (lack of). I hope he gets more screen time.

    Secondly another great highlight of this episode was the continuation of turning a one dimension character such as Richard from season 1 and turning him into this character with many sides and many new emotions. Edward Herrman can act, and I had been waiting for a time for him to show himself on the show. This episode he certainly did undertake a powerful change in his character and in his relatioship with Emily. For the first time I think for the whole series, I could really see the connection between the two.

    The Dean Jess Rory storyline although a bit of an irritant in some places by some poor acting (mostly in the case of Alexis Bledel) but I liked where the storyline was going. Jess actually seems to be more competition for Dean than Tristan was because you can actually feel a connection between Jess and Rory. I am waiting to see where this goes.

    On the negative side, even though there was not much, I felt that in some places especially in the party Paris was underdone and certainly the way she had got invited had been seen before.

    Overall a good episode with alot of funny quirks that should have been 40 minutes of easy watching for the audience.
  • The Independence Inn is hosted a dinner party for guests. . But they get snowed in so they decide to invite all of Starshollow. Rory is mad at Jess causes he got in fight with Dean but they have some moments where their relationship grows.

    I thought this was one of the beter episodes in season 2. It had everyone in the same place at the same time which is great in this series. I thought the plot was thought out good. I liked how they had Jess and Rory take the sled ride together. Also how they keep showing how Jess is so much beter for Rory then Dean. I also like how as the episode progresses Dean starts disliking jess more and more. I loved the ending how the ice sculpture snowman was ruined which means they'll win. Though they never say or show Jess did it you know he did.
  • I think everyone knows what a review is and has a general idea of what it entails .

    I love this episode. It\'s got almost all of the recurring cast members and they\'re all completely in character. I love Rune. I hate the person, love the lines. I love the snowman that Rory and Lorelai build. And Jackson as the master of the feast with all of the middle ages speak, well, I just about laughed my ass off. I\'m in the middle of a \"Gilmore Girls\" marathon at my friend\'s house, and all three of us here were cracking up as we watched this. It\'s one of the greatest episodes ever, and I love Dean\'s little sister. I know that sounds weird, but she reminds me of a cross between my 7 year old cousin and a little girl I babysit for. Good work, Amy.
  • A blizzard prevents a group from attending the historical dinner that Sookie has prepared at their request, so she and Lorelai decide to invite all their friends in Stars Hollow to enjoy the feast at the Inn.

    This was a funny episode! I love this episode! Especially when Lorelai and Sookie were forcing Jackson into becoming the squire of Bracebridge! It was really funny! I think my favorite line was Lorlai: "people have too much stuff"
    Rory:"Says the woman with 62 pairs of shoes" i am not sure if that was the amount of shoes that she actually had. i also liked the part where they were welcoming everyone in for the the thing where Lorelai was telling everyone "this is the last time we will do this because Sookie is having a breakdown" also when Sookie couldn't remember what Salt was! Once again I love this episode!
  • lorelai and sookie prepare a historical dinner for a group of people in chigaco but when they get snowed in they decide to throw the party for their friends.

    i thought the idea of invited the town to the bracebridge dinner was really good. i really liked when rory asked lorelai to invite her grandparents to the party to try to make her grandparents happier then they have been. i think that rory's plan worked but i was surpised with richard had decide to resign his position at his job. i thought that it was funny that richard did not tell emily about his discision to leave his job her reaction was great and typical for her. i thought they could have left out the part with rune changing in the kitchen.
  • This is one of the best and well thought out episodes of gilmore girls ever!!

    is it just me or does this episode make you laugh the whole time???? with Richard quiting his joba nd not telling Emily, and Rory and Jess showing us yet again that they are like pieces of a puzzle - they fit together perfectly, or the way we see the hold lorelai has over luke? greatness greatness greatness!!