Gilmore Girls

Season 7 Episode 5

The Great Stink

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 24, 2006 on The WB

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  • Romantic Episode

    I loved this episode. I always love it when it involves Rory and Logan. I thought it was sweet that he came back and surprised her. Her ramble after the business dinner was over was cute, and definitely showed her jealousy. Logan never got mad just let her vent, and made sure she knew she was still loved and missed. It made me sigh happily.

    Lorelai and Chris I thought friday night dinner was interesting with Lorelai agreeing to whatever her mother said with Emily never picking up on the tension. Them making up at the end was nice, but not sure how long it will last. We shall see.
  • Logan is so romantic, Chris is alright, Bobby is an affected Snob.

    I LOVE this episode, with capitol Letters. Logan is so romantic, i love wat e to het Rory on the roof, and there were lights every where, which made it seem all te more fairytale-ish, and i love teir converation, and i love what Rory calls Logan, a Work Dork?! I love their conversations. "One more kiss, and i'll let you go." "You promise?" "Try me." And then he maneges to get away. "No fair!" "I'll call you later." "Work dork!" "Work dork Lover!" It's so CUTE! I hate Bobby, she is just so...arrrggg! The way she carryed on during the dinner, and I agree with Rory all the way about what she says about Bobby. "And how many times does a person have to stand up during dinner. You have legs, ok, we get that!" And what Bobby said when she left the table?! "Don't get excited boys, i'm just going to the loo. And then she curtsies! "Be free to say all sorts of cheeky things about me when i'm gone." I'm sorry, but EXCUSE ME! I hate her. And i love what Logan says "Your so cute when you'r jealous." And April comes to stay with Luke, i just think it is so cool, and it's so sweet how she tries to set her dad up with her science teacher. She talks a lot, she is only one year younger tan me, and she is sooo cute!
  • Logan is back from London and pays Rory a surprise visit. Lorelai and Chris attends their first fridaynight dinner as a couple.

    This episode also felt really like a classic GG-episode. I loved the rotten-pickle story, where else would a pickle-train derail but outside Stars Hollow...?!?! ;-)
    The end-scene where Chris are driving Lorelai and Rory back to Stars Hollow and they are sitting there quietly listening to music and then the smell just hits them, that was just hilarious... :-D
    I liked the fact that Lorelai dared to speak her mind to Chris and get involved in GiGi. Even though it lead to a fight, it was a good fight, that just ended up cementing them as a couple even more.
    It was really nice to see Rory happy in this episode, she has been unhappy and missing Logan for so long, I've almost forgotten what she looks like when she smiles... :-)
    Great epi.
  • Writer Gina Fattore has outdone herself. An episode in the true GG spirit; witty dialog, typical Stars Hollow, excentric storyline. Classic pickle-train conducting dialog!

    Watching this episode again now that the Gilmore Girls are done - sadly - I think I am going to be bold and say that I believe no one could have told this episode had not been written by Amy Sherman-Palladino if it had not been not she had dropped out. The pickles episode features the very mixture of quirky small town atmosphere, slightly bizarre humor and fast quick-witted dialog in the 40es-Katharine Hepburn-Cary Grant-movie style that was the hallmark of the show from the start (the pickle-train conducting conversation between Lorelai and Rory is a classic!). Those who did not like it were either determined to find something was missing because they knew ASP was no longer with the show or else they were unhappy about Chris and Lorelai getting back together, but if that was a mistake it has to be blamed on Sherman-Palladino since that is where she took the series by means of the last episode of Season 6.

    No, I found this episode highly entertaining and really well-written. It should be noted that Chris does what Lorelai will fail to do a little later. His relationship with Lorelai is really only beginning o develop, but when he receives the letter from Sherry he immediately shares it with her whereas she keeps the character reference she is writing for Luke a secret. We do not know this at this point, of course, but if we remember it later we see in retrospect that Chris was always far more committed to this relationship than Lorelai.

    Excellent work, Gina Fattore! (The other episode she wrote, 'Will You Be My Lorelai Gilmore?' was very good, too)
  • Love, love, love !

    This episode was really nice. I love Rory and Logan together ! Him planning the whole meteor trick on the roof was so incredibly romantic... i mean every girl who has a man thousands of miles away would want him to show up unexpected to watch the stars!
    The pickle storyline was simply hilarious.
    And I am growing fonder of the Lor / Chris combo ep after ep !
    Emily doesn't even realize that the entire time she refers to as the most wonderful during Friday night dinner both Lorelai and Christopher were sulking!
  • Sebastian Bach, the actor who played Gil (guitarist from Lane's Band)is actually the lead singer of "SKID RAW", who's song "18 & life" is played in this episode.

    Sebastian Bach, the actor who played Gil (guitarist from Lane's Band)is actually the lead singer of "SKID RAW", who's song "18 & life" is played in this episode.

    For those who remeber him from "Skid Raw" days, his Gil carrecter seemed like one big ironic joke, and it was fun to watch him do it.

    I know this is not a review, but I can't put this in the trivia section of this episode cause I'm not ranked enough, yet I thought somebody should note that. and it seems not many people remeber Skid Raw, if no one else thought to mention it. There, I've reached 100 words and can submit this.
  • Ooh, that smell...

    Lorelai's relationship with Christopher continues to progress. While spending the night at his house, she learns that his ex-wife Sherry sent him a brick of an apology letter, which is then followed by the news that Sherry wants Gigi to come visit her in Paris for a couple of months. The progress here lies in the fact that Christopher told Lorelai this himself instead of letting Lorelai find out in some upsetting way. But she doesn't think it's such a great idea to ship the kid across the ocean with her nanny, and when she says as much to Christopher, it initiates quite the chill between them. Of course, Emily is so happy to have Christopher joining Lorelai for Friday dinner that she doesn't even notice the hate-on they have for each other throughout the meal. As for Rory: Logan makes a surprise appearance in town for a one-day business trip, and she's very let down when their supposedly romantic pre-departure dinner in Manhattan turns out to be with his business associates. Just what Rory needs: another batch of obnoxious Logan-friends to deal with. And it doesn't help that one of them is a hot blonde. Christopher and Lorelai make up when he asks Lorelai to come to Paris with him and Gigi. Is there anything an invitation to Paris can't fix? Not much going on in Stars Hollow proper, other than the overpowering scent of rotting pickles. As Michel says, that is not a metaphor.
  • Logan\'s back, Rory and Logan has a great time together but Rory feel jealous of Bobby, a colleague of Logan\'s Meanwhile.... Sherry, Chris\'s ex-wife, tries to get touch with Chris and G.G . Chris and Lorellie argue about this.

    I loved the idea of Giant Stink. Hilarious

    And I loved the last scene, a whole family together in a car I could feel the bonding, chemistry and love, they looked so comfortable and fit

    Also, Logan ! He\'s back.
    I loved how Rory was excited........ but I wanna see more of a R/L couple scene (Although I love Jess...)

    God, this review must be at least over 100 words. Damn I shouldn\'t have started this Anyway I loved this episode I don\'t see why these reviewrs of season 7 are so picky.
  • YEAH! Lorelai and Christopher as the cutest couple ever!!!! But Logan's back...

    This is why I stop everything to watch Gilmore Girls!!!!! Chris gets a letter from Sherry, who has apparently changed and wants to meet Gigi, the daughter she abandoned. And, guess what, unlike other of Lor's boyfriends, he shows it to her, because in an adult relationship, you share important stuff with the person you're with, which include stuff about your child. In your face, Luke! Lorelai's face was so sad, because she sure wasn't expecting Chris to be so sweet, so grown-up, so caring. I love him, I love her, I love them.

    Of course, when she tells him that he shouldn't send Gigi to Paris with the nanny he gets mad at her and they fight, which made Friday Night dinner completely hilarious. Emily and Richard couldn't stop talking about Lor & Chris as a couple, and how they should play tennis or bridge together! Just like the good old days!!! Of course the sweet couple make up in the end and decide to take Gigi to Paris together. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

    Also, Logan's back into town, Rory's all happy, they have an embarassing dinner with his colleagues, Rory meets his beautiful colleague Bobby and gets all jealous. I'm sorry, I completely hate Logan, but Rory was better in this episode, she seemed more natural.

    The stink storyline kinda lost itself on the Lorelai and Christopher perfection for me, but Sookie and Michel were hilarious as always, I can't get enough of them. Even Luke and Kirk with their two lines found a way to stand out and be funny.

    In the end, Chris, Lor and Rory are in the car heading back home and listening to music. Like a family. Like the cutest family ever. I just loved that! I don't think I ever loved Gilmore Girls more!
  • OH MY GOD!!!! What is going on with this show????

    It used to be my favorite but now it just simply lost its way!!
    And they know it! Sookie says it when she mentions Lorelai's out of character behaviour and Rory also realizes she's not herself when arguing with Logan after the dinner.
    And that horrible dinner!!! Those "ghastly" remarks. And, I love Logan, but he had the same face throughout the episode. I wish I could see some more emotion out of him.

    That pickle story was simply stupid, even Luke was out of character in that town meeting.

    I'm sorry, I watched it just now and it's driving me nuts the way they just make everything (the story, the dialogues) look forced and uncomfortable. I hate to see this amazing series go to waste! They need direction and we need some more Sookie, Michel, and Luke... and even though I hate that storyline, bring April and Anna too just to liven things up
  • Chris&Lorelai fight over chaperoning Gigy in Paris to visit her mom. Stars Hollow plagued with smell of pickles burning in the sun for 3 days after a train crash. Logan is back and Rory has an uncomfortable dinner with him and his collagues from Londo

    This episode was the first to make me truly smile after the series of little painful moments that initiated the new season, which by the way looks really well-done until now to me!
    Of course the best moments are those in which Stars Hollow and its inhabitants are the main characters.
    Logan and Rory seem to be quite bonding together although there are some obstacles in their way.
    The way Lorelai is getting lured in by Christopher again is tender and repulsive at the same time. \\\"God, this woman must be really blinded by the will to get married\\\", this is what I shall say anytime she is around Christopher, forgetting everything about the way she and Luke seem to be the perfct couple made soulmates! The only good thing about seeing Chris, Lorelai and Rory together is that they finally look like Family for the first time (ie. the final car scene is very good).
  • LOGAN'S BACK YEAH!!! And the whole town smells like pickles! Chris goes to dinner with Lorelai and sherry writes a letter. Rory also finds out that Logan is working with a very pretty girl and Rory gets very jealous.

    Logan's back and i love that because i <3 butt-face miscreants :) I think Chris is stupid and the worse dad ever. Also I've never smelt what a whole train full of pickles smells like I wonder actually how bad that is. And those Aeerie girls are stupid of course Logan wouldn't have come back to the U.S if he wasn't on business that was the whole point of the trip. And no Logan was not taking advantage of Rory, that's what he felt. So let's sum this up. I love Logan, hate Chris, hate the Aeerie girl, and wonder what a train full of pickles smells like, yup that sums it up ok later
  • Chris and Lorelai have dinner with Emily and Richard, while there is tension it ends with Chris planning to take Lorelai with him. Logan visits and Rory meets his co-workers. She has jealousy issues, but all in all it's a nice homecoming for Logan.

    Episodes like this are the reason I watch this show. Possibly the best episode in two years. Love to see Rory, Chris and Lorelai together at the end of the show as a family. Great music selection. More of the fantastic writing that we usually see, which has been the case for most of the season and while this year has continually produced entertaining and satisfying episodes this one was by far the best I have seen in some time. It gave me all the happy, warm feelings that Gilmore Girls always does. While there were challenges for the main characters throughout the episode, the end of the show was a classic!
  • Lorelai and Christopher attend Friday night dinner. Christopher reveals that Sherry wants him to send GiGi to visit her. Logan returns to town and pays Rory a surprise visit. Rory is thrilled but becomes threatened by one of his beautiful co-workers.

    This is exactly why I love this show. Logan is amazing. Every night I go to bed wishing someone like him will pop up at school the next morning. Him and Rory are probably the cutest couple I\'ve ever seen. The \"work dork\" scene was so adorable. But I especially liked when he said he missed not being around Rory. Come on girls? Who wouldn\'t fall head over heels for that? When Chris and Lorelai went to the bathroom, I couldn\'t believe she let him walk out. I wished she had grabbed his arm and said, \"No Chris. This is how it is...\" They\'re cute as well.
  • Lorelai takes Christopher to friday night dinner. Logan Surprises Rory by visiting her at Yale for approx 26 hours. Chris wants to send Gigi to see her mom.

    I miss the Palladino writing definitely. This episode though was very cute with Logan surprising Rory was not the typical GG FANTASTIC that I usually feel during my weekly obsession ...hehe I didn\'t like that Christopher was rude to Lorelai about the whole Gigi thing, I mean she raised Rory by herself, why doesn\'t Chris understand that when Lorelai says soemthing that maybe she has her reasons behind it? I dunno about them going to Paris together either. I mean I think they are cute together and it has been a long time coming considering the previous seasons when they almost got back together until they discovered Sherry was pregnant. Anyway, I still hope Luke and Lorelai end up together, but this thing with Chris is good with me too. I can't wait to see "go bulldogs!" Hopefully it will be the good GG again! :)
  • a much better show than last week; maybe they can develop the lesbian side of lorelai more

    i think there is a lot of sexual tension in the show

    Rory should wear pants that show off her cute bottom more. such a delight!!

    the Luke diner is no more, they havent been back there since it was run into by a car. maybe they will turn it into a mcdonalds or a wendys.

    we need new charachters! is this the last season?
  • The writing is back!

    This episode was great! It was well written and felt like an old Gilmore Girls episode. Lorelai and Chris are perfect for each other (they were at FND almost the whole episode, hilarious scenes by Emily and Richard, by the way). They had a problem and they resolved it by talking and communicating with each other (what Luke and Lorelai didn't do). Although they often mistook what the other said, they ended up understanding each other's feelings. I'm glad the writers decided to put that whole thing into the show because it was about time we heard from Sherry. So I guess Lorelai and Chris are going to Paris in a few weeks. Rory and Logan's storyline was extremely tedious and I felt like I was gonna die watching those scenes. Logan's work crew, including Bobby, overacted way too much. At the end Rory ended up at FND and we saw a bittersweet scene of Lorelai, Chris, and Rory in the car trying to choose what music to listen to. They seemed like a family and it was just perfect. There was also a sub-story with the town. The town smelled of pickles. It was good in theory but really poor in execution because it didn't even get resolved. This episode brought back what I missed in the show: Drama and Comedy.
  • Please review the past seasons.

    While I know we have a new team of writers, I wish they would make a quick review of the past episodes. Of course Lorelei and Rory are the most important characters, but I also love the quirky townsfolk. Where is the music that always set the tone for the episodes? I am too deeply invested in the characters to stop myself from watching, but I hate Lorelei and the new Chris relationship. It was muchbetter when they never got together and something was always preventing them from being together. Could we possibly have a dream episode, like \"Dallas\". Lorelei wakes up and says that this episode has all been a bad dream!
  • Gilmore Girls. Episode 5

    Let's face it:
    1. Rory was way too mature when she was sixteen, that's why now she has this unavoidable need to act like a twelve year old brat.
    2. Taylor is always more stingy.
    3. Lorelai seems really in love with Chris.
    4. It appears as if Luke is doomed to show up for only three minutes every episode. :(

    Well, I absolutely loved Emily (her conversational aptitude just cracks me up) and Richard (when he was laughing because of Emily's mug shot, of course). That was a classic.
    I also liked when Lorelai, after having packed like three bags for Paul Anka, was going to forget the beloved dog at home. She is such a genius. LOL
  • I want the old GG back, where the characters were still in character!

    To make it short: I hate this episode, here are the things I hated the most:
    -Lorelai packs Paul Anka's three overnight bags and then Chris and her forget him on the couch? Lamest show opener in the history of Gilmore Girls
    -Ever since Rory met Logan I've asked myself what the h*** is happening with her. She's lost everything that I used to like about her. She was supposed to be smart, she used to have backbone and stood up for her opinions and beliefs. Now she just looks at Logan with big puppy eyes and it's just impossible to believe that she can write and form oppinions on her own, thus could ever be able to make a living in journalism. What makes it worse is the poor writing this season: The built up for Rory's jealousy-outburst was so weak that in combination with Alexis Bledel's weakest of weak acting it was nothing but painful to watch.
    -The worst thing about this episode is that this was the episode where the townies, the last characters on the show that weren't OOC were OOC.
    I mean, remember the fuss Taylor made out of the rotten easter eggs? Granted, back then they had a festival coming up, but still. He wants the grass on his properties cut a specific height. Does anyone else agree with me when I say that "in character Taylor" would do anything to get rid of the smell? He would propably recruit the whole town to clean up the mess!

    All in all: I really wanted to like this season. I started watching it without any prejudices, but it just keeps getting worse and worse... And that's just sad!
  • this episode Chris and Lorleai go to dinner at the Gilmore house Logan comes into town on buissness and spends time with Rory Chris recieves a letter from Sherry that says that she wants to be back in Gigi's life and wants Chris to sent her to Paris.

    Wow! This was a great episode Logan and Rory see each other after like 6 months and they spent all of the one night together and then the following Rory meets Logan's buisness partners one of which is girl who gets Rory jelous. also Chris gets a letter from Sherry which asks Chris if she cant once again be part of Gigi's life and asks Chris to send her to Paris and he shares it with Lorleai and also tells her that he will probley send her with the 25 year old nanny at first she says nothing and then she tells suoki all of this and she tells Lorleai that she is crazy to not tell him that it is crazy so then Lorleai tells him that he should think about this that it is crazy which ends in a fight and when the fight ends it ends with Chris and Lorleai deciding that they will go to Paris with Gigi.
  • I love GG!!

    This was by far one of the funniest episodes ever!! love gilmore girls!! The funniest part about it, is when Emily went to jail and the last part was when they smelled the pickles..that was pretty funny! But what can I say, all gilmore girls episodes are funny but this still is by far the best episode ever. I really hope they do another season..season 8, and keep Chris and Lor together so they get married..not Luke!! Chris and Lor are meant to be!! I\'m a huge fan of Chris and lor, not Luke and Lor. I really want to see season 8, hopefully they will return next year!
  • Why am I watching this again?

    I don't care one way or the other about Rory and Logan, so whatever they do with them goes right past me, but the other stuff was not good this episode. No Luke. That's bad enough, except suddenly Lorelai is blissfully happy with Chris, who has always been a deadbeat, but now he has money and Lorelai sees the error of her previously rebellious ways, so Chris is just perfect. And there's a big pickle stink, so we can see lots more of Taylor being an ass. Why do I not find this amusing? Maybe because it isn't? At all??
  • Changes

    I was happy to see that in this episode, Rory and Logan where back together (eventhough it was just for a couple of hours). I know most people do not like Logan,but I do. I think he has changed a lot in the last year, especially when it comes to Rory. The changing part counts for Rory as well. She made some mistakes, but noticed that on time and grew up.

    Although I still want to see Luke and Lorelai back to gether, I can understand why people like Chris. When it comes to changing, Chris did an amazing job. He has accepted his responsibility to both his daughters and he is taking things very serious.
    Unfortunately for all the GG-lovers who are supporting Luke, Lorelai is seeing that too. The end of the season will probably tell us which one of those guys will be her real 'mister wright', instead of being her 'mister (w)right now'.

    I also thought the grandparents where hilarious in this episode. They just kept talking about the things that where on their minds, and they didn't notice Christopher and Lorelai at all!
    Emily and Richard made me laugh. It's always nice to see them in an episode.

    Season 6 was very dramatic. This season we can laugh again, and for me, that's just what I needed to happen!
  • Logan returns! Even if it's only for 26 hours...Chris shares Sherri's letter with Lorelai and wants her opinion on matters in his daughter's life. Stars Hollow is overwhelmed with the smell of pickles..

    This episode was great. It was really nice the way Logan suprised Rory on the roof with the dinner of her favorite things and what was even nicer was that she was just sooo happy to see him which she mentioned a lot. They have such chemistry and we need to see more of Rory and Logan....they need to find a way to get him back to Connecticut. Also... as we all know, Chris and Lorelai are made for each other. They complete each other's sentences and are like 1 soul in 2 bodies (as shown when lorelai is making music on the tivo and when she's talking about the ice hotel...see how patient he is with her?). I thought they should've been together a long time ago...never thought that she was made for Luke, he didn't seem to get her like Chris does.

    The pickle story was classic Gilmore Girls...the convo between Rory and Lorelai was classic too when lorelai was relating 'the great stink'..with the 'this was a bad conversation' bit.
  • eh ?!!

    I can’t deny it they look great together actually they are like the perfect couple but there is someone called Luke & he is madly in love with her (although what he said).
    Rory & Logan is like two lovebirds I used to like (Rory Jess) but know gosh I wish they dated in the real world (since she already broke up with Milo).
    In the first time on my life, I watch Gilmore Girls & I got bored.
    The episode wasn’t that good, I actually closed it (I download it from the Net) watched Ugly betty then return to complete it.
  • i'm finally starting to come around on Logan and Rory

    This season has been consistently great. This week was no different. Though the dialogue on this program is never 'real' in any way the emotional response that is garnered by current relationships feels authentic and genuine. You feel bad for Rory not getting to spend all of Logan's short visit together but at the same time it WAS a business trip too and Logan just can't ditch his colleagues after their great acheivement. The brits were insufferable as many of the bit characters on this show can be--zero depth and contrived with a captial 'C' so high its crowned in clouds.

    As such Lorelai and Christopher could have gotten overshadowed if their interactions weren't just as poignant if not more so. Lorelai in Paris!? huzzah! Methinks a gilmore european vacation is in the works, with Rory going to London and Lorelai Paris. Maybe afterward they'll meet up. fun times. Keep up the good work new writers!
  • Lor & Chris fight about Gigi going to Paris to visit Sherry-Rory gets bitter b/c Logan works with a girl.

    I don't know at what point Lorelai and Rory's self-involvement went from cute to utterly annoying. In this episode Lor likes that Chris told her that his ex changed his ways and now wants to be involved in Gigi's life (unlike shady Luke) but soons changes her mood when Chris wants to send Gigi to Paris to stay w/ her for a few months. Chris gets mad at Lor b/c he believes people can change. Extremely predictable argument and discussion - Lor realizes he is sensitive b/c he was the Sherry of their relationship. Yawn. Then they decide to go to Paris together w/ Gigi - what?

    Logan and Rory go to dinner w/ three of his colleagues, one of which(gasp!) happens to be a female. Okay - I understand that Logan is a cad and Bobby was a bit condenscending but when did Rory become such a brat. She started acting like a 11 year old way before she realized Bobby was a bit snooty. I'm sick of Rory turning into a child every time things aren't 100% her way - especially considering she was more mature at 16 then she is now. Granted her blow up at Logan was entertaining but I am really sick of her whining in general.

    Good Parts -The end with Rory, Mom and Dad in car was cute as is ALWAYS Richard and Emily scenes (the 5 of them looking and commenting on Emily's mug shot was priceless) And a plus is that this is the first episode of the season where it was not completely apparent that Amy P was no longer writing the show.
  • i thought this was probably the best episode of the season so far

    the episode was very good

    it starts with lorelei and chris packing paul ankas stuff for when they spend the night at chris's

    then logan ends up coming to the apartment to visit rory because he has a business deal he is doing there
    they are very happy to see each other and its really nice to watch

    lorelei and chris have a funny conversation about tivo at his place but then sherry comes up
    apparently she sent him a letter saying sorry and how she wants him to forgive her
    and he wasnts to send gigi to paris to meet her
    lorelei is upset about this and they fight right before friday night dinner

    rory is sad when a few hours before logan has to leave they have dinner with all of his partners
    one of whom is an attractive woman
    logan assures her that he loves her and that nothing will happen

    meanwhile there is a terrible stink in the town because a train full ofpickles derailed

    at friday night dinner chris and lorelei make up
    and chris and lorelei decide to go to paris together
  • and now the happy "Couple"!!

    yaaay yaaay Chris is taking Lore to Paris!!! what the hek!!! I'm sick to my stomach watching such episodes :s it's like a whole chapter has been skipped from Lore's life.. and the fac that she and Chris are an item is stupid.. it seems that Luke is out of the picture totally. What bugs me the most is Lore's sudden change of character, did you notice her refusing to go to a town meeting, heh, she used to love those, not wanting to see Luke is not an excuse, she should be ashamed of herself, she cheated on!!!! and now she lacks the character; she's become a push over, anywayz, looking forward to the end!!!
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