Gilmore Girls

Season 4 Episode 3

The Hobbit, the Sofa, and Digger Stiles

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 07, 2003 on The WB
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To help meet the expenses of opening the inn, Lorelai and Sookie decide to become caterers on the side, with their first assignment being a "Lord of the Rings" theme party. At Yale, Rory returns from class to find that Emily has redecorated their common room. Meanwhile, Richard ponders a proposal to take on a new business partner.moreless

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  • Ysle dorm parties and room makeovers!

    God!! You have got to love Emily, she is the best. I want a personnal decorator to redecorate my room too. Gosh, espicially the entertainment center, I love the wardrobe and the sofas, huhh, I want a room makeover, ha ha ha!!! Lorelai looks great with her secretary glasses and the Lorelais' phone dates are cute, they remind me of Chris and Rory's phone dates which were neat. Am I the only one who would have liked Paris to just dissapear in thin air the minute after high school graduation? Is that bad, she is funny and all, but she is tooo nevrotic and mean sometimesmoreless
  • Two parties and two new characters!!!

    Gilmore Girl's season 4 continues with another very good episode.

    Rory realises that Emily has decorated her dormitory room and has bought expensive furniture. This puts Rory into an awkward position with her roommates because they are somehow dependent on her. It is pretty funny that Emily has her own vision of Rory's college life and wants to control it. A typical Emily Gilmore episode. It is also very funny that Lorelai can smell her being in Rory's room.

    Rory and Paris fight because Paris wants to open their dorm room during the party so that a lot of people can come into their room and Paris will socialise and change her persona. At the party Rory meets two twin sisters from the high society that want to befriend her because of their family contacts with Emily. Rory meets a naked guy lying drunk on the floor. His name is Marty and he can be her new love interest.

    Meanwhile,Lorelai and Sookie's catering company organizes a kids party with 'The Lord of the Rings' theme. Sookie's meltdown is so much fun. She has a lot of things to learn about children before giving birth to her won.

    Also, Richard has a new business partner- Digger Stiles who can bring more drama into Emily and Richard's life.moreless
  • Lorelai and Sookie cater a kids party, Rory goes to her first Yale party. The great thing about the new season is that it still has the same feel, even though the Gilmore girls are away from each other.moreless

    Another great episode. Rory's party at Yale was funny. Paris is a very funny character and I look forward to seeing what she goes through in the year. The twins who ambushed Rory were crazy but slightly amusing. Funny how she got away from them, Paris's sudden outburst was brilliant.

    The new character Marty seems interesting, a new love interest for Rory perhaps. The whole naked thing was amusing. I like how Lorelai and Rory keep in touch and we still have there mother/daughter moments. I'm really liking the college side of things, a great feel to them.

    Sookie's meltdown was obviously coming and you could tell something was up for the episode. When it happened I did feel sorry for her and it must have been hard to see how great Lorelai was with the kids. The scene when Lorelai told her she'd be a great mom was nice.

    Another new character is this Jason or Digger Stiles. I do wonder what history they have and what he'll do in the future of the show. Emily dressing up Rory's dorm room was very funny, so Emily Gilmore. I really enjoyed this.moreless
  • Lorelai has a super nose, Sookie freak out because of the baby and a new character appears

    Lorelai is a witch lol how could she know that Emily had been there? The smell? lol that's a nose lol Jackson is sweet lol preparing everything for the baby... And Emily changing the apartment, that's just like her...

    The university parties are starting, the open door party is there and Paris wants to start over.

    Sookie and Lorelai opened a catering business just to get some money for the Inn repairs. I just had the feeling Sookie wasn't going to cook good food for kids, she is chef and normally they can't cook simple food lol not to be mean or anything like that..

    The party is great, Lorelai was awesome with the kids, it's natural.

    And a new character appears, Jason Styles.

    It was fun to see Sookie setting the table and all those things they used to put in buffets... she really doesn't know what kids want, and that kid, her face... Sookie just freaked out... Lorelai just has a way to calm people...

    And that guy, the naked guy that must be embaracing...

    When Rory said she was confronting Emily I just knew that wasn't going to happen...moreless
  • Rory's first party at Yale.

    To help meet the expenses of opening the inn, Lorelai and Sookie decide to become caterers on the side, with their first assignment being a "Lord of the Rings" theme party. At Yale, Rory returns from class to find that Emily has redecorated their common room. Meanwhile, Richard ponders a proposal to take on a new business partner. Paris wants their door open for the party so they will be invited to all the other parties at Yale but by the end Paris turns back into her normal self and kicks everyone out. Rory helps Marty. God that dude is weird!moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • When Richard tells Emily that Jason wants to be his partner, if you listen close you can hear that Emily says, "Well good for Dinger". It has been said many times that his nickname is Digger.

      Possible explanation: Perhaps Emily was just showing disrespect for Jason by not only calling him by the nickname he hates but by getting that name wrong as well.

    • In the opening credits when they show Rory walking into the building with her hands full, it is the reverse image of way it happens in this episode.

    • When Rory is talking to naked Marty, her robe alternates between being closed and open.

    • Rory puts a blanket on the couch then lays on it. As she's talking to Paris, the blanket changes between shots, from covering the shoulder of the couch to not covering it .

    • Jason told Richard that for once he would like to get through a day without being called Digger but when Lorelai referred to Jason as Digger, Richard told her that he hasn't been called that for years.

    • When Rory is looking for a place to sit in the class room, you can see the reflection of the camera man in the TV.

    • When Sookie and Lorelai are talking in the kitchen during the party, the water level in the bottle in front of them varies.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Rory: It's shopping week.
      Lorelai: Isn't it always?
      Rory: No, I mean with classes. We get to try out as many classes as we want before we pick the ones we want to stick with for the semester. I've already picked out like 60 classes that sound completely amazing, plus 20 more I'm going to squeeze in if I have the time. I spent the whole night reading the class descriptions over and over.
      Lorelai: You do realize that if you weren't so pretty, you would have gotten the crap kicked out of you every day of your life.

    • Lorelai: You're not gonna rush off to class and get there like an hour early, are you?
      Rory: (sheepishly) No.
      Lorelai: You are.
      Rory: I am not.
      Lorelai: When you started elementary school, you told me the teacher wanted to meet all the parents at 6:30, and when we got there, the school wasn't open yet.
      Rory: I did that once.
      Lorelai: No, you got away with it once. You tried it every year!

    • Rory: I love it when you miss me.
      Lorelai: Oh, it's not that I've miss you. It's just that since you've been gone, I finally realized how the living room stayed so clean.

    • Young girl: Riley said only boy hobbits can travel to Mount Doom. Is that true?
      Lorelai: In the movie, only boy hobbits travel to Mount Doom, but that's only because the girls went to do something even more dangerous!
      Young girl: What?!
      Lorelai: Have you ever heard of a Brazilian bikini wax?
      Young Girl: So girls go on adventures too?
      Lorelai: And they go in heels.

    • Lorelai: You subscribed to The Stars Hollow Gazette? The editor of The Stars Hollow Gazette does not subscribe to The Stars Hollow Gazette.

    • Lorelai: They burnt my fries, forgot to give me an extra side of barbecue sauce, the jeep is making that crunchy sound again, and I have to spend my evening making elf ears for Aaron Thompson's Lord of the Rings party.
      Rory: Grandma broke into my dorm and redid the entire common room in $25,000 worth of furniture and stereo equipment.
      Lorelai: You win.

    • Lane: I wore a bracelet to school today. My parents were called, there was a special service in chapel, and I've been ordered to a soul-searching seminar next week. I'll be sitting between the nail-polish-wearing girl and the spicy-condiment user.

    • Sookie: I'm gonna be a bad parent.
      Lorelai: Sookie, look at me. There are many people in this world who should not have been parents. Mr. and Mrs. Hitler, for example. The Bin Ladens could've just watched TV that night. Richard and Emily Gilmore might have taken a pass on procreating, but you? No way. You're gonna be a great parent.
      Sookie: How do you know?
      Lorelai: Because I know you. And I watched you with Rory when she was growing up.
      Sookie: Well, who could not like Rory?

    • Lorelai: Just make sure you wait for the right moment.
      Rory: The right moment is now. The right moment arrived, in a big pink hat full of feathers, screaming, "Notice me, because I'm here!"

    • Paris: (to Lorelai) Now, I know it's tempting to emotionally stunt your daughter so she'll move home and take care of you in your old age, but I thought you wanted better for her!

    • Jason: (to Emily) Look at me - look at you. I've just got a trainer. You have cheated God.

    • Lorelai: My mother - she was here. I can feel it. Smell that? The room smells like guilt and Chanel No. 5.

  • NOTES (6)


    • Sookie: I'm Mommie Dearest!

      Mommie Dearest is the tell-all book (and later movie) about Joan Crawford written by her daughter Christina which describes her mother's emotional and physical abuse towards her. In making this comparison, Sookie is imagining herself to be the worst mother possible.

    • Paris: There's a party and if you open your door you get to be part of it, but Rory won't open the door because she's too busy being Heidi's grandfather!

      Heidi is a story about a little girl and her grandfather, a reclusive, antisocial old man who never talks to anyone.

    • Title: The Hobbit, the Sofa, and Digger Stiles.

      The title sounds like a word play on C.S. Lewis' The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.

    • Rory: I feel like I'm at Uday's house.

      Uday is the son of Sadaam Hussein, Prince of Iraq who lived a self-indulgent and opulent life.

    • Rory: I'm rooming with a Stephen King novel.

      Stephen King is a writer famous for his gruesome horror novels.

    • Paris: I know. What's with the Gabor sisters?

      Reference to the three famous Hungarian actresses: Magda, Eva and Zsa Zsa Gabor.