Gilmore Girls

Season 7 Episode 1

The Long Morrow

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Sep 26, 2006 on The WB
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Episode Summary

Picking up on the day after last season's finale, Lorelai wakes up in bed with Christopher. Once at home, Lorelai tries to get rid of everything that reminds her of Luke. Rory receives a strange good bye gift from Logan. She decides she should join him in London for the summer, only to learn Logan has other plans. Kirk and Taylor cause a bizarre accident that damages Luke's diner. Finally, Luke shows up at Lorelai's door and asks her to elope.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • 5.5
    Omg it was sad at the end when luke gave lorelai that speech about how he was ready and all his different plans, like he really thought about only he said all that before. And then when lorelai tells him about christopher , he looked so you can kinda tell that amy and dan are missing from this ep, as it seems like the dialouge is trying too hard and logan and that present, its like really!?a bit over the top .moreless
  • I want Luke and Lorelai back! :(

    I was crying at the end. I was sad and mad. It's obvoius that the writer (Amy Palladino) has gone and that everything is different. Lorelai loved Luke more than any man, at least thats what she said in the last season. When Luke came back to her the next day she didnt even give him a chance. She didnt show any sign of sadness that they have broken up until the ending. It's like she doesnt even care that the only man she's ever been in love with is gone. I hated when she threw out all of Luke's stuff like it was some kind of everyday thing. she didnt cry about the break up at all. Considering how much she couldnt get over him when they first broke up in season 5, and how she was just balling her eyes out in bed for days, this episode showed a totally different Lorelai.

    And how can someone like Christopher, he practically took advantage of Lorelai's breakup to get himself ahead of Luke. He knew that those two loved each other and yet he doesnt care at all. Why did Lorelai need to continue seeing him and even marry him? when i heard that was gonna happen, its like a piano just fell on me. I cant take it. Wheres the Gilmore Girls that i loved so much? Everything is just not right :(moreless
  • it is really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really great!!!!

    i think it is so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so exciting!moreless
  • Lorelai wakes up next to Christopher and Rory deals with Logan's departure to London. Good episode, not hugely eventful.

    Right so here we have it, the last season premier of Gilmore girls and I must say the show has done a lot better with premier's in the past. It was bad in any way it just didn't stand out. I can't think of anything I loved or hated, Luke and Lorelai's break-up was sad yes, but I had gotten used to this after the season 6 finale.

    As I said in that review, I think Luke has been a jerk and he basically pushed her towards Christopher. Chris was naive in thinking that this meant he and Lorelai would be an least Lorelai broke the news to him quickly, it was just a one time thing. You can still tell that Lorelai is affected by the previous days events and when Luke turns up, she doesn't even want to see him.

    Finally you could tell by Luke's face that he regrets what he's been doing. Lorelai's speech to Sookie about how over the relationship is was revealing. Now the ending was painful to watch, Luke finally gets his act together and tells Lorelai they can go and get married, he wants to do it more than anything.

    An upset and guilty Lorelai then drops the bombshell on Luke, she slept with Christopher. Quite rightly he storms off but to be honest they should sort it out, they've both done something wrong. So onto Rory who was less of a feature. She gets a rocket from the departed Logan and tries to work out its meaning. I was confused too.

    Her awkward wave to Luke was quite strange. She finally realises what the rocket means and rings Logan to tell him how happy she is, he offers her a long trip to many places which leaves her shocked. In other news, more of Taylor's strange antics lead to a car crashing into Luke's diner which causes great damage.

    'The Long Morrow' does setup for the rest of the final season, how will Luke and Lorelai love without each other, will Logan and Rory's relationship stay strong? Of course I still have many things to look forward to, the newly weds Lane and Zach, more goings on with Emily and Richard, Sookie and Jackson and I'm going to enjoy the last episodes of the show!moreless
  • WOW!!

    This episode was shocking . . . after they left us off with lorelai going to christophers which makes us assume whats going to happen! then the opening of this episode where she wakes up with chris! Then when she explains that its over with luke and she describes the car metaphor!

    When Rory wakes up and finds the rockett it leaves us and her wondering what thats about! but in the end when she finds out what it really means it turns out its really good!

    In the end when Luke want to elope and the only way Lorelai can get Luke to know that its over is to tell him that she slept with christopher! WOW!!moreless
Alexis Bledel

Alexis Bledel

Rory Gilmore

Lauren Graham

Lauren Graham

Lorelai Gilmore

Liza Weil

Liza Weil

Paris Geller (Episodes 22 - , recurring previously)

Scott Patterson

Scott Patterson

Luke Danes

Sean Gunn

Sean Gunn

Kirk Gleason (Episodes 44 - , recurring previously)

Matt Czuchry

Matt Czuchry

Logan Huntzberger

Michael Winters

Michael Winters

Taylor Doose

Recurring Role

David Sutcliffe

David Sutcliffe

Christopher Hayden

Recurring Role

Liz Torres

Liz Torres

Miss Patty

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (11)

    • When Lorelai frantically gathers her stuff at Christopher's place, we can see that she has already taken off her engagement ring.
      She must have done it right after the talk with Luke.

    • At the beginning of the episode, Paris makes a comment, "I can scare the stupid out of you, but the lazy runs deep." But actually, if you think about it, it makes more sense the other way around: you can scare someone out of being lazy, but not stupid.

    • Lorelai saying that "The Long Morrow" was a bad title for the episode in "The Twilight Zone" is probably a joke since the Gilmore Girls episode has the same title.

    • When Lorelai gets out of bed you can see that she has the blue dress on that she is supposed to put on when she is out of the bed.

    • When Rory visits Lorelai at the Inn, Lorelai pours her a coffee in the dining-room. As they walk back, Rory inclines the mug, you can see very clearly there is no coffee in that mug.

    • Not only does Sookie break the fridge handle but it moves in each shot. It moves right, then far left, then is magically fixed.

    • In this episode Luke said he did some research and found out that sea captains can marry people. But he already knew that because he and Nicole got married by a sea captain in the 4th season.

    • At the unveiling of the red light camera, Taylor tells the crowd that the camera will take three successive pictures. As Kirk drives through the red light, the camera flashes four times.

    • When Lorelai is frantically trying to get rid of everything that reminds her of Luke her reaction is incredibly reminiscent of Rory's reaction back in Season 1 when she and Dean broke up and she tried to get rid of everything that reminded her of Dean.

    • This episode marks the first season premiere episode since Season 4's "Ballrooms and Biscotti" that Rory and Lorelai have started the year off on good terms. It also marks only the second time in the series that Luke and Lorelai have started off badly (remember that when Season 3 began, they were in a snit because of a Rory/Jess incident that injured Rory at the end of Season 2).

    • When Lorelai is throwing out some of Luke's things and things that remind her of him, Rory picks up the Bop-it and yells, 'No, not the Bop-it". The Bop-it first showed up in the episode, "We got us a Pippi Virgin!" where Luke and Dean were fighting over it.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • (Luke arrives at Lorelai's house with his truck packed; Lorelai stands on her front porch, keeping her distance)
      Luke: Uh, a car crashed into my diner yesterday. There's a giant hole where my wall used to be. It's going to take a couple of weeks to fix. It's a disaster, but I don't care. I mean, I care, but...(sighs) you know what? No. I really... I don't care! It's like, it's not even real to me. It's like, my life, isn't even real to me, unless you're there, and you're in it, and I'm sharing it with you. And, uh, I don't know what I was waiting for and I don't know what I was scared of. But, I'm not. I'm not scared and I'm not waiting. I'm here.
      Lorelai: Luke...(walks towards him)
      Luke: No, don't say anything. (points to his truck) I got a tank full of gas, and Maryland is only 200 miles away. And I've made us some reservations at a couple of bed and breakfasts. I mean, if you don't want to do the Maryland thing, we don't have to. I heard you say Maryland the other day, I didn't know whether you were serious. I'm just trying to cover all my bases here.
      Lorelai: Luke...
      Luke: I've also packed us some camping equipment so we can head to Vermont or Maine. You know, check into a cabin for a week. You know, like a little honeymoon thing. But, I mean, maybe that's a little too rustic for your tastes. Or, oh, we could drive to Atlantic City or even Las Vegas, if you want to make a real road trip out of it.
      Lorelai: Luke, stop.
      Luke: I also did some research, we can also, apparently, use a sea captain, if you want. I'm not sure how big the boat has to be for it to be legal. But we can head to the coast, we can knock on some doors, you know, boat doors. Yeah, that's probably not the most sensible way...
      Lorelai: Just stop.
      Luke: No no no. You were right! I need to be faster. I need to move faster, I need to think faster. And well, here I am!
      Lorelai: It's over.
      Luke: No, you can't--you can't say that. You can't just say it's over. It's not over! You can't just decide that it's over. I mean, I'm in this too. And I'm not going to let this be over. I mean, you said, "Be ready now or never," I'm ready now.
      Lorelai: Luke!
      Luke: Let's go! Let's do this. Let's get married right now. Let's go.
      Lorelai: I slept with Christopher. (looks down apologetically)
      (Upset, Luke's storms to his truck and drives off leaving behind a hurt Lorelai)

    • Lorelai: Like a remote control rocket?
      Rory: No, like a model rocket.
      Lorelai: How big?
      (Rory measures in the air with her hands)
      Lorelai: It isn't filled with anything? Gum or candy or anything?
      Rory: (scornfully) Gum.
      Lorelai: What? Rocket Gum it could be a thing.
      Rory: There was no gum in it.
      Lorelai: It doesn't have a button you could push?
      Rory: No, nothing like that. It's just a model rocket. I mean, what could that mean? Who gives someone a rocket?
      Lorelai: I don't know, I don't know, we'll figure it out though. Rocket, rocket, rocket, rocket man, rocket man!
      (Rory shakes head)
      Lorelai: Crocodile, rock, Bennie and the Jets, Candle in the Wind...
      Rory: Are you just naming Elton John songs?
      Lorelai: He is just so talented!
      Rory: Oh, what about space?
      Lorelai: It's the final frontier?
      Rory: Oh no!
      Lorelai: What?
      Rory: What if he was trying to say he wanted space...away from me!
      Lorelai: No.
      (Two raquetballers come in)
      Lorelai: Oh, hi, we're not done raquetballing yet we've got it for like an hour. Thanks though.
      Rory: Hey maybe it's code! Like, like I'm his rocket, right? Like I'm his rock E.T. I'm his rock in the Eastern Time Zone!
      Lorelai: That's dumb.
      Rory: Yeah, like Rocket Gum is sweeping the nation.
      Lorelai: When I have made one zillion dollars from my rocket gum invention, you will eat those words. Or more likely, chew those words and blow a bubble with them cuz did I mention that Rocket Gum is bubble gum but instead of blowing bubbles it releases helium that shoots the chewer up into space.
      Rory: I don't think this is helping me understand the state of my relationship with Logan.

    • (Rory's cell phone rings)
      Rory: Hello
      Logan: Miss me?
      Rory: Logan! Where are you?
      Logan: Heathrow, I just landed.
      Rory: I miss you so much.
      Logan: I miss you too. I've only been here two and a half minutes and I can already tell it sucks.
      Rory: It does suck! I've heard that about London. You should just get on a plane and come home. You gave it a chance.
      Logan: Are you on campus? I tried to call you at the apartment but I didn't get an answer.
      Rory: No, I'm back as Stars Hollow. That apartment suddenly felt very big and empty.
      Logan: So what are you going to do on your first day of freedom?
      Rory: I'm going to play racquetball with my mom.
      Logan: This is a really bad connection. It sounded like you were going to play racquetball with your mom.
      Rory: Hey, I could have a hidden talent for it, you never know.
      Logan: So, did you open my gift?
      Rory: Of course
      Logan: What did you think?
      Rory: I!
      Logan: Yeah pretty cool, right?
      Logan: Oh, I'm glad you like it.
      Rory: Like it? I love it!
      Logan: I'm so glad you got it.
      Rory: Oh yeah....totally.
      Logan: When I left, I suddenly got worried you wouldn't get it. But of course you got it.
      Rory: Yeah, of course. Of course I got it. I loved it!
      Logan: I knew you would. Alright Ace, I gotta go. I just wanted to tell you I touched down. I'll call you later.
      Rory: OK..bye..and thank you.
      Logan: Of course

    • (Rory walks into the Dragonfly Inn)
      Rory: Hi
      Lorelai: What? Oh! The prodigal daughter returns! What are you doing here?
      Rory: I couldn't stay away. I just missed you too much.
      Lorelai: Aren't you the sweetest? Isn't she the sweetest Michel?
      Michel: Hmm...beyond all human understanding.
      Rory: Hey, Michel.
      Michel: Yes, it hurts very much.
      Lorelai: Yay! You're back!
      Rory: Yeah, I just had to get out of there.
      Lorelai: How was the goodbye?
      Rory: Awful. There's nothing good about a goodbye. It was a very poorly named ritual. It was a bad-bye. A very bad-bye. Then I went to the news room and talked to Paris about it.
      Lorelai: You what?
      Rory: Well, I didn't mean to, she was just there. And she spent like ten minutes, kicking me while I was down.
      Lorelai: Oh, Paris is always there for you in the most unfortunate ways.
      Rory: I just miss him so much.
      Lorelai: I know you do.
      Rory: And it's only been 7 hours. Can you imagine when it's know what, I don't want to talk about it. I need coffee.

    • Lorelai: (trying to convince Sookie that her and Luke are truly over) No, you don't get it. I need it to be over, I need it to be over, because I can't take this anymore. Yes, I love Luke, and yes, I wanted to marry Luke, but I-I-I didn't want a life separate from Luke and that's all he could give me. I don't want that. If I'm gonna be with Luke, I want to be with Luke and he didn't get it, and I waited, God, I waited. It's like Luke is driving a car, okay, and I just wanna be in the passenger seat, but he's locked the door and, so I have to hold onto the bumper. You know, I'm not even asking him to open the door for me, just leave it unlocked, and say come in, but no he - he didn't do that. So, I'm hanging onto the bumper, and life goes on and the car goes on and I get really badly bruised, and am hitting potholes, and it hurts, I mean it hurts. So yesterday I had to let go of the bumper, because it hurts too much - it hurts too much.
      Sookie: (realizing the gravity of the situation) Okay.

    • Paris: (to Caitlyn's mother) Do you want your kid to spend the rest of her life behind the counter at Dunkin Donuts? Do you?
      Caitlyn's Mother: No.
      Paris: Because that's where she's headed--selling chocolate doughnuts and glazed fritters for 40 years to people in business suits who actually gave a crap about their academic future.

    • Paris: I don't particularly like to take on such meek, diffident cases. Do you even know what diffident means? (Caitlyn shakes her head) That's OK. That knowledge isn't really required for the retail doughnut distribution industry.

    • Paris: (to Caitlyn and her mother) Now, if I can just get you to take these aptitude tests, we can get started.
      Caitlyn's Mother: Why do I need to take a test?
      Paris: I need to get a realistic idea of your daughter's true potential, and genetics is by far the most reliable indicator.
      Caitlyn's Mother: I'm sorry?
      Paris: Basically, I need to know how much of this is her fault and how much of it is yours. Tick-tock.

    • (Paris talking to a woman who signed her daughter up for Paris' SAT prep class)
      Paris: She's got a C average which means she's either lazy or stupid. I can work with either. Frankly sometimes stupid is easier. I can scare the stupid out of you, but the lazy runs deep.

    • Rory: Tell us more about this racquetball.
      Michel: Well, it's very simple: A four walled room, a racquet and a rubber ball.
      Lorelai: Get to the good part - what are the clothes like?
      Rory: Can we wear cute outfits?
      Michel: I do!
      Lorelai: I think racquetball sounds great!

  • NOTES (8)


    • Rory: Do you have a secretary named Moneypenny?

      Miss Moneypenny is a fictional character in the James Bond novels and films. She is secretary to M, Bond's boss and head of the British Secret Service.

    • Rory: Logan has very expressive eyes
      Lorelai: I noticed, it's something he and Bette Davis have in common.

      Bette Davis was an iconic two-time Academy Award-winning American actress of film, television and theater. She was known for her forceful and often intense style. "Bette Davis Eyes" was a 1981 song by Kim Carnes.

    • Rory: Or a I can't believe you wanted my mother to shave her head and become a Moonie way.

      The term Moonies is a derogatory term for members of Sun Myung Moon's Unification Movement. Members prefer the terms Unificationist or Unification Church member.

    • Rory: Then Kirk gets up and gets out of the car and he's all Evil Knievel style, like 'I'm okay, I'm okay'

      Robert Craig "Evel" Knievel, Jr. was an American stuntman, best known for his public displays of long distance, high-altitude motorcycle jumping which often resulted in serious injuries, particularly during the 1960s.

    • Gypsy: Big Brother is watching!

      Big Brother is a reality TV show where people are stuck in a house, and being followed by camera's 24 hours a day for about 3 months.

      Or more than likely the reference is to the George Orwell book "1984" - referring to the government constantly watching the human population through cameras and other surveillance equipment.

    • Rory: So Logan and I were on the couch...
      Lorelai: Wah, wah, wah!
      Rory: Chachi?
      Lorelai: Proud!

      Chachi is a character played by Scott Baio in the 70's sitcom "Happy Days". One of his catch phrases was "Wah, Wah, Wah", whenever someone mentioned two people together in an "intimate" setting.

    • Logan: (to Rory) Alright, thanks, cheers!

      Cheers is commonly used in British English not only when you make a toast but to say thank you and goodbye.

    • Lorelai: (to Rory) The prodigal daughter returns!

      "The Prodigal Daughter Returns" was the title of episode 9 in season 6 where Lorelai and Rory make up after their fight and separation.

    • Episode Title: The Long Morrow

      The Long Morrow is also an episode from 'The Twilight Zone'
      "The Twilight Zone" is renown for its twist endings. This episode was one of the reasons the series gets such recognition.

      This Twilight Zone episode is also mentioned in this Gilmore Girls episode.