Gilmore Girls

Season 1 Episode 2

The Lorelai's First Day at Chilton

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 12, 2000 on The WB
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Lorelai oversleeps on Rory's first day at Chilton, and discovers that all her good clothes are at the cleaners. She throws on a tiny tie-dyed top, Daisy Mae shorts, and cowboy boots to the dismay of Rory, the Chilton headmaster, and Emily, who has shown up for Rory's first day. Lorelai and Emily leave after some awkward moments in the headmaster's office, bickering the entire way out. Rory's day goes downhill from there. She's handed a three inch binder containing one week's worth of notes from one class and meets some insufferable classmates who are determined to make her life at Chilton miserable.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Funny and witty, with lots of plot elements

    Ooh, could I ever relate to the nervousness of the first day at Chilton, with parents that under-dress and are an embarrassment in front of the other people at school. And then the trauma of messing up at the first day, boy have I been there. I loved seeing the classic making of a mistake the very fist day that will haunt you until graduation. Always making that error and getting on someone's bad side, I've been there too. I really connected to this episode, which most definitely made it extremely amazing episode that connected to life in many different ways.moreless
  • Rory's first day at Chilton

    I loved this episode. It really gives a good idear of how the show is going to be, and how weird the inhabitants of Stars Hallow really are... :)

    It was so funny to see Lorelai come running down the stairs in the Daisy Duke-outfit, and seing Rory's face. I know everything is at the cleaners, but are we really supposed to believe that anything but that is at the cleaners...? ;)

    I loved how everybody in town where commenting on her clothes... Lol...

    Rory's first day of school didn't go too well, and I almost felt bad for her that she had to come back. She has a lot of studying to do to catch up to the others, and you just know that Paris is going to be trouble... ;)moreless
  • A good continuation from the pilot.

    This second episode was again, very enjoyable. I think I preferred it to the pilot, I think it was because Rory was less annoying and I did like her first day at Chilton story.

    It was very believable, her not having a good day, Paris seems like she will be the b i t c h of the series, plus Tristan guy seems like an ass (Weird again as I watch One Tree Hill).

    Lorelai is still my favourite character; I think she is funny and just an overall likable character. The opening two scenes were great, the nail polish thing, and then Lorelai not getting out of bed and getting in a panic. Her outfit was kind of hilarious; it was entertaining when her mother Emily ended up being at the school.

    I liked how people kept commenting on what she was wearing 'Oh you should have worn that' Luke and Lorelai obviously like each other, but I'd imagine we won't see this relationship in a while. I like Lane, though she is more of a side character, she's cool. Liked Lorelai confronting her mother, made me like her even more.

    So another good episode, hope the rest of the series remains like this and hopefully getsmoreless
  • Pretty good!

    It's Rory's first day at Chilton. Lorelai wakes up late and has no clean clothes except for a ridiculous outfit. Rory's day at school doesn't go too well considering that she makes an enemy named Paris and has a guy stalking her, who calls her Mary. Lorelai is asked out by a father at Chilton. She thinks that she may be interested in Luke and she has some arguements with her mother.

    This was a pretty good episode! I liked Rory's day at school better than Lorelai's day. I didn't know Chad Michael Murray was in this show! That's pretty cool! This episode gets a 9.5!moreless
  • Rory starts her first day at Chilton and it isn't at all what she expects. First her mom wakes up early and dresses like a trampy cowgirl, Rory gets a binder of notes for a weeks work. Oh and if she can sing school song in Latin she gets extra points.moreless

    In the second episode of gilmore girls you get to really see the relationship between Lorelai and Rory and get to know the hide all of her cd's under floor boards Rory's best friend Lane. Rory starts to get feeling for a new kid at her old school that she met before she started Chilton named Dean. We also meet Paris. Paris is one of the smartest people in Chilton and like Rory wants to go to Havard when she finishes school. She doesn't like Rory from the get go and Rory being Rory still trys to be nice to her. Her first day includes Paris hating her, her breaking Paris' class project and being called Mary all day by thins guy named Tristian. I loved this episode especially when Lorelai is painting Rory's toenails red because it would be devilish to have red toenails in a very stricked school. I LOVED that. This show is sooooo addictive!!!!!!moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (13)

    • In Rory's history class they are discussing the Reformation in Europe in the 1500's, yet when she closes her book at the end of class, it is revealed to be an American history book.

    • When Lorelai asks Rory what she thinks about Luke, Rory tells her that she can't date him because they will break up and they won't be able to eat at the diner anymore. Rory will show the same concerns in "Raincoats and Recipes" when Lorelai tells her that she thinks she's dating Luke.

    • While Rory and Lorelai are driving to Chilton, you see Rory look out her window, then the camera cuts to a shot of Stars Hollow High, as if that's what Rory sees. But right before it cuts to that shot, if you look through Lorelai's window, you see Stars Hollow High across the town square.

    • When the Gilmore girls are on their way to Chilton, they pass The Gelston House, which is a restaurant in East Haddam CT. From there, it takes about forty minutes to get to Hartford and New Haven. It is said in later episodes that forty minutes is about how long it takes to get to both destinations. This means that East Haddam might be the area of Stars Hollow or near it.

    • Lorelai named Rory after herself because she thought that it was sexist of men to name their sons after themselves so she thought, "If men can do it... so can I!"

    • This marks the first appearance of Jackson.

    • The scene when Lorelai and Rory are walking past Luke's marks the first clear hint at an attraction between Luke and Lorelai. However, there is a scene inside Luke's Diner which prepares for this when Lorelai tells Luke she has decided she is not going to date the Chilton dad who is asking her out. The way Luke approves of this decision already indicates clearly that he is unhappy about Lorelai dating other guys.

    • How does Emily know that Lorelai keeps a spare key in the turtle? It is later revealed Emily had never been to the house before.

      Possible explanation: Lorelai had mentioned it..While we know they are not a major part of her life up until that point,it does not mean it was not mentioned to Emily in the past in case of an emergency,in fact it makes perfect sense Lorelai is a single parent and Chris wasn't involved at that point too much. So despite the numerous community ties it is understandable that the nearest relatives may know where an extra key is.

    • In this episode, the cable installer is introduced as Mick, but in later episodes, the same guy (Sean Gunn) is known as Kirk.

    • When Lorelai gets to Luke's he's fixing a toaster and leaves his screwdriver inside when he gets her coffee. When he returns the screwdriver is on the counter.

    • When Lorelai picks Rory up from school, she throws Rory's backpack in the backseat twice.

    • In the beginning, there's a shot of Sookie's house that is meant to be the exterior of Lorelai's bedroom.

    • Why didn't Lorelai simply borrow some clothes from Rory or wear clothes from the previous day instead of wearing the 'rodeo' outfit?

  • QUOTES (45)

    • Michel: Once again, your faithful pooch is here to say, please come back to the desk. Someone needs to talk with you.
      Lorelai: It's not my mother, is it?
      Michel: It's possible.
      (Lorelai turns to see the man she met at Chilton standing at the front desk)
      Lorelai: It's possible?
      Michel: There's a resemblance.

    • Lorelai: (Glances at her fuzzy clock) This is the last time I buy anything just because it's furry.

    • Rory: (Grabs her pillow) It's 7:10!
      Lorelai: (Grabs the pillow back) Stop it! It's a quarter to six.
      Rory: No, it's not!
      Lorelai: Yes, it is! I set the clock for a quarter to six so it's. . .
      (Rory grabs the clock and shows her the time)
      Lorelai: It's 7:10! Dammit.

    • Headmaster Charleston: Why do you wish to be Christiane Amanpour?
      Rory: Well, I don't wish to be her, exactly. I just want to do what she does.
      Headmaster Charleston: Which is?
      Rory:, see the world up close, be part of something big.
      Headmaster Charleston: And in order to be part of something big, you have to be on TV? Why not lead the police on a high-speed chase? That's a quicker way to achieve your goal.
      Rory: Being on TV has nothing to do with it. Maybe I'll become a journalist and write books and articles about what I see. I just want to make sure that I see....something. (pauses) You'll notice that the debating team is also missing from my resume.

    • Headmaster Charleston: I've known your grandparents for quite some time.
      Rory: I know.
      Headmaster Charleston: I was at a party at their house just last week, where I had some of the best lobster puffs I have ever eaten. I'm very fond of them.
      Rory: That's nice.
      Headmaster Charleston: None of this, however, will be of any benefit to you. Chilton has one of the highest academic standards of any school in America. You may have been the smartest girl in Stars Hollow, but this is a different place. The pressures are greater, the rules are stricter, and the expectations are higher. If you make it through, you will have received one of the finest educations one can get. However, since you are starting late and are not used to this highly competitive atmosphere, there is a good chance you will fail. That's fine, failure is a part of life--but not a part of Chilton. Understand?

    • Rory: I wish I could figure out a way to get Paris off my back.
      Lorelai: Yeah, angry chicks are the worst. When I was in high school I had a Paris.
      Rory: Yeah?
      Lorelai: Yeah, she was horrible.
      Rory: How'd you get rid of her?
      Lorelai: I got pregnant and dropped out.

    • Lorelai: Hey, guys, I have an idea. What about, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, you know, when I go to Hartford for my business class, what if Lane comes along, and you guys can shop and study and join a cult and shave your heads?
      Lane: Really?
      Lorelai: All except the shaving your heads part.
      Lane: Oh, no. What time is it?
      Rory: 6:30.
      Lane: I'm late for dinner.
      Lorelai: Again? Lane, you mother is gonna kill me if I keep sending you home fed and happy.
      Lane: I'm sorry. But she found a website that sells tofu in bulk.
      Lorelai: Oh, you're kidding, right?
      Lane: Yesterday, she went out and bought a bigger fridge.
      Lorelai: Boy, now, your life is scary.

    • Lorelai: She'll be taking the bus.
      Emily: I know. I hate that she takes the bus. Drug dealers take the bus.

    • Elderly Woman: Oh, excuse me, sir. Can you tell me where we can find the best antiques?
      Michel: At your house, I'd guess.

    • Lorelai: Mom, I already bought Rory two skirts.
      Emily: What if she gets one dirty?
      Lorelai: Then she'll wear the other one.
      Emily: What if she gets them both dirty?
      Lorelai: Well, then we'll use this newfangled thing called a washing machine. The town just chipped in and bought one. My turn's Tuesday.

    • Emily: But there are five days in a school week.
      Lorelai: Really? Are you sure? Because my days-of-the-week underwear only go to Thursday.

    • Patty: Oh, ladies, what do I see? Naked girls. No, no, keep those leotards on. This is not Brazil.

    • Patty: Visualize, ladies. It's a Thanksgiving Day Parade. You're standing on Fifth Avenue. There's a hundred beautiful boys marching in place behind you. And there you are. You are out in front with your fabulous legs and your perfect tush. Your baton is on fire, and the crowd goes nuts! Okay, cookie time.

    • Lorelai: I had a plan, damn it.
      Luke: Me, too. Next time you're getting tea.

    • Luke: (getting her coffee) Do you want to know what this stuff does to your central nervous system?
      Lorelai: Ooh, do you have a chart? 'Cause I love charts.
      Luke: Forget it, kill yourself.

    • Paris: Why are they letting all these extra people in? They just take up space and screw up the curve. We don't need any new kids here.
      Louise: Too late.

    • Lorelai: I'll see you later.
      Emily: Dinner, Friday night. No spurs, please.

    • Emily: I'm not allowed here, is that it?
      Lorelai: I didn't say that.
      Emily: I'm allowed to pay for it, but I can't actually set foot on the premises. I just want to get the rules straight.
      Lorelai: Oh, boy.
      Emily: How about the street? Can I drive down the street?
      Lorelai: Forget it.
      Emily: Maybe I should just avoid this neighborhood altogether. Though my doctor is just down the block. Maybe I can get special permission if I'm bleeding from the head.

    • Emily: (to Lorelai) Do you need a ride, or is your horse parked outside?

    • Emily: Oh, yes. We're all old friends.
      Lorelai: Well, there's nothing like friends. Especially if they're old… ones.

    • Lorelai: (to Headmaster Charleston's secretary) Hi, I-I'm Lorelai Gilmore. This is my daughter, Lorelai Gilmore, because I named her after me. I was in the hospital, all whacked out on Demerol. Never mind. Um, but we call her Rory. It's short for Lorelai, but she'll answer to either one, or even "hey, you" depending on the… Uh, is the headmaster here?
      Secretary: One moment. (walks to his office)
      Lorelai: (whispering to Rory) See, that's what happens when you go to bed with your makeup on.

    • (after Ian walks away)
      Lorelai: What a nice, nice man.
      Rory: You're feeling pretty good about yourself right now, aren't you?
      Lorelai: Yeah.
      Rory: Do you want me to get you a mirror?
      Lorelai: I'm back. Let's go.

    • Lorelai: So, where do we go?
      Rory: Um, the Ambroise building.
      Lorelai: Which is?
      Rory: The big, scary one.
      Lorelai: Mmm, great! Thanks for the input.

    • Rory: You have to meet the headmaster.
      Lorelai: Well, look at me. I can't meet anybody who does anything in there.
      Rory: Mom!
      Lorelai: No! I look like that chick from The Dukes of Hazzard.

    • (just arriving at Chilton)
      Rory: I remember it being smaller.
      Lorelai: Yeah. And less…
      Rory: "Off with their heads."
      Lorelai: Yeah.
      Rory: What are you looking at?
      Lorelai: Uh, I'm just trying to see if there's a hunchback up in that bell tower.

    • Lorelai: Hey, what do you think of Luke?
      Rory: What do you mean?
      Lorelai: I mean, do you think he's cute?
      Rory: Oh, no. No way.
      Lorelai: No way what?
      Rory: You cannot date Luke.
      Lorelai: I said nothing about dating Luke.
      Rory: If you date him, you'll break up, and we'll never be able to eat there again.
      Lorelai: I repeat, I said nothing about dating Luke.
      Rory: Date Al from Pancake World, his food stinks.
      Lorelai: I cannot believe what I'm hearing. Al's food does not stink, Al stinks.

    • Lorelai: (to Emily) Well, we like our internet slow, ok. We can turn it on, walk around, do a little dance, make a sandwich. With DSL there's no dancing, no walking and we'd starve. It'd be all work and no play. Have you not seen The Shining, Mom?

    • Lorelai: (to harpist) Drella, please, a little softer.
      Drella: Hey, do I look like I got "Panasonic" stamped on my ass?

    • Michel: Excuse me. There's a phone call for you, and if I am to fetch you like a dog, I'd like a cookie and a raise.

    • Lorelai: You are an amazing kid. You have earned this. You just go in there and show them what smart really is. I love you. Just call me if you need me.
      Rory: You're kidding, right?
      Lorelai: No. Call me if you need anything. I'm great at making up dirty cheers.

    • Lorelai: So, I brought us some coffee.
      Rory: Why, I'm shocked.
      Lorelai: Triple caf, easy foam. And if that doesn't work, we'll stick our fingers in a light socket.

    • Babette: Is there a problem?
      Lorelai: Oh, nothing Shakespeare couldn't turn into a really good play.

    • Luke: What are you doing here?
      Lorelai: See, now, that's why you were voted Mr. Personality of the New Millennium. Where's your crown?
      Luke: I just mean you don't usually come in at this time.
      Lorelai: Well, I have to pick up Rory from school. (Luke pours her some coffee) Thank you.
      Luke: You're welcome.
      Lorelai: No lectures?
      Luke: My blood sugar's low. I'll eat an apple and get back to you.
      Lorelai: Hm. God, this has been one hectic, bizarro day for me.
      Luke: Yeah?
      Lorelai: Yeah. This morning with the being late, and my mother with her existing. Oh, and this father, this father from Chilton, he, uh, drove out to the inn all the way from Hartford just to ask me out.
      Luke: Really? You going?
      Lorelai: No. He's got a kid in school with Rory, and the whole thing just seemed a little weird.
      Luke: Oh, good.
      Lorelai: Good?
      Luke: Yeah, I think it's good that you turned him down.
      Lorelai: Okay.
      Luke: I mean, he's probably old, right?
      Lorelai: Old?
      Luke: Yeah. I mean, he's got a kid in high school.
      Lorelai: Well, so do I.
      Luke: Yeah, but you were young when you had Rory. Most people aren't that young. Most people are, uh. . .
      Lorelai: Old.
      Luke: Yeah.
      Lorelai: Like this guy who asked me out.
      Luke: But you're not going.
      Lorelai: No, I'm not going.
      (Luke nods and looks down. Lorelai smiles to herself)

    • (children are walking with books balanced on their heads)
      Miss Patty: Now walk smooth, that's a new Harry Potter on your heads. If they should drop Harry will die and there won't be anymore books.

    • Paris: (to Rory) You'll never beat me. This school is my domain and the Franklin is my domain. And don't you ever forget that.

    • Lorelai: (to Headmaster Charleston) Rory is not gonna to be a problem. She's totally low maintenance, you know, like a Honda. You know, they're just easy, just...nice office.

    • Rory: (at Lorelai's outfit) I didn't know the rodeo was in town.
      Lorelai: Ok, that's it. I'm bringing the baby pictures.
      Rory: No! I'm sorry. I love the rodeo, the rodeo rules!

    • Rory: I don't know. It was just one big, long, scary, tweedy, bad eight hours.
      Lorelai: Add some hair spray, and you've got my day.

    • Rory: Yeah, they kept calling me Mary.
      Lorelai: You're kidding me. Wow, I can't believe they still say that.
      Rory: Why? What does it mean?
      Lorelai: Mary, like Virgin Mary. It means they think you look like a goody-goody.
      Rory: You're kidding.
      Lorelai: No.
      Rory: Well, what would they have called me if they thought I looked like a slut?
      Lorelai: Well, they might have added a Magdalene to it.
      Rory: Wow, biblical insults. This is an advanced school.

    • Lorelai: Are you nervous?
      Rory: About what?
      Lorelai: Starting Chilton.
      Rory: Well, I wasn't until I heard about all those bad girls.

    • Rory: (at Lorelai running off to listen to a song with Lane) But you only finished half my toes!
      Lorelai: Who cares? You're going to be wearing shoes anyway!

    • Luke: There's no coffee.
      Lorelai: That's not funny.
      Luke: I can give you herbal tea.
      Lorelai: This is not an herbal tea morning. This is a coffee morning.
      Luke: Every morning for you is a coffee morning.
      Lorelai: This is a jumbo coffee morning. I need coffee in an IV.
      Luke: I can give you tea and a Balance bar.
      Lorelai: Please, please, please, tell me you're kidding!
      Luke: I'm kidding.
      Lorelai: You're sick.
      Luke: Yup.
      Lorelai: You're a sadist, you're a fiend! (Luke brings her coffee) You're pretty.

    • Paris: (looking through Rory's file) Lorelai Gilmore.
      Louise: Nice stripper name.
      Paris: Formerly of Stars Hollow High School.
      Louise: Where's that?
      Paris: Drive west, make a left at the haystacks and follow the cows.
      Louise: Ooh, a dixie chick.

    • Rory: I can't be late on my first day of school. Do you know what happens to people when they're late on their first day?
      Lorelai: It's shorter?
      Rory: For the rest of the year, they're labeled "The Late Girl."
      Lorelai: How dramatic.

    • Rory: Yes, but I'm going to be wearing shoes. Nobody's going to see my feet.
      Lorelai: Okay, but everybody knows that private school girls are bad. And bad girls always wear red nail polish.

  • NOTES (3)

  • ALLUSIONS (10)

    • Headmaster Charleston: (talking to Rory about who she admires most) Not Cokie Roberts?
      Rory: No.
      Headmaster Charleston: Not Oprah, Rosie, or one of those women from The View?

      Cokie Roberts is an Emmy Award-winning journalist and bestselling author. Oprah Winfrey is one of the most renowned talk show hosts in the world, and Rosie O'Donnell is an American actress who had her own talk show in the 1990's. The View is a morning talk show that features a group of diverse female hosts.

    • Rory: What are you looking at?
      Lorelai: I'm just trying to see if there's a hunchback up in that bell tower.

      Lorelai is referring to Quasimodo from the Victor Hugo's novel The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

    • Miss Patty: Now, walk smooth. That's the new Harry Potter on your heads. If they should drop, Harry will die, and there won't be anymore books.

      Harry Potter is a very popular book series about a boy wizard and his adventures. The "new Harry Potter" book would be Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, which was released on July 8, 2000.

    • Rory: I remember it being smaller.
      Lorelai: Yeah. And less...
      Rory: Off with their heads.

      This is an allusion to the Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland, who constantly yells "Off with his head".

    • Lorelai: I look like that chick from The Dukes of Hazzard.

      Lorelai is referring to Daisy Duke, the cousin of Luke and Bo Duke. Daisy Duke is best known for wearing extremely short denim shorts.

    • Madeline: I hate nature!

      This is a classic line from the movie The Goonies.

    • Rory: And I was in the German Club for a while, but there were only three of us, and then two left for the French Club after seeing Schindler's List, so...

      Schindler's List is a movie based on the true story of Nazi Czech businessman, Oskar Schindler, who used Jewish labor to start a factory in occupied Poland. As World War II progressed, Schindler's motivations switched from profit to human sympathy. He was able to save over 1100 Jews from death in the gas chambers.

    • Lorelai: Sweetie, you can't let those kids get you down. Do you want me to talk to anybody? A parent, a teacher, a big guy named Moose?

      Moose is an Archie Comics' character who's big and strong and kind of dumb, but has a heart of gold.

    • Rory: I want to go to Harvard to study journalism and political science.
      Hanlin Charleston: On your way to being?
      Rory: Christiane Amanpour.

      Christiane Amanpour is CNN's chief international correspondent.

    • Lorelai: It'd be all work and no play. Have you not seen The Shining, Mom?

      Based on Stephen King's novel of the same name, The Shining is a horror movie by Stanley Kubrick about a family which takes a job to watch a hotel during the winter. The father goes crazy and ends up on a killing frenzy, repeatedly saying, "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy".