Gilmore Girls

Season 4 Episode 10

The Nanny and the Professor

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jan 20, 2004 on The WB
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Luke becomes overwhelmed by Lane's work ethic when he hires her to work at the diner; Rory is less than thrilled with the new man in Paris' life, especially when she learns that he's teaching her contemporary political fiction class; Lorelai asks Jason to keep their relationship a secret from her parents; Richard becomes intensely irritated when a walking tour benefiting the Historical Society visits the Gilmore home.


Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Heartwarming episode!

    Well, that was another heartwarming episode of Gilmore Girls. Nothing much happened again but there were so many good parts and quotes. 'Little to the left'- Cyrus is such a weird dog that he makes me even like him. I liked all the scenes with Lorelai and Jason in his place. He seems to be a very weird person that he is actually pretty funny and interesting to communicate with. I wish more people were as interesting as he is. and he truly loves lorelai, that's my opinion. Although they are not brilliant as couple, I think that their relationship will be interesting for us to watch.

    I also liked when Lorelai said 'He'll always have Paris'. I almost cried my eyes out. That was so hilarious when Rory said Lorelai was waiting for using that quote.Hahahaha!!!:):):)

    Paris is hilrious as she is not guilty for hooking up with the professor and even wants Rory to know about it.

    Emily and Richard were interesting again with the reception in their house. I like them a lot this saeson.

    I am rating it 8.7 not becauseit wasn't so interesting but because I think that there are better Gilmore Girls episodes.moreless
  • "A little to the left!" A sublimely wonderful episode! After a horrible day at work, I was driving home thinking, "I need me some Gilmore Girls!!!" This was a perfect episode to...moreless

    Okay, so the "He'll always have Paris" line made me almost spit out my Diet Coke. Very funny and well earned! And Cyrus, that adorable dog, totally tickled my funny bone. Sigh -- this show makes me so happy. After a horrible day at work, I was driving home thinking, "I need me some Gilmore Girls!!!" This was a perfect episode to temporarily distract me from my cares and woes. The character development, the banter, the quirkiness, the crackling writing, and even the "la la la's" in the music score always take me to a happy place! Oh, to live in Stars Hollow for just one day!moreless
  • Lorelai is still seeing Jason, Rory knows about Paris's affair. Great episode.

    Lorelai and Jason are still together and we see more of him here, including where he lives. The house is very posh and he even has a very strange dog, that hardly moves. Plus we learn more about his quirks, he doesn't like sharing a bed. He's alright but I still don't think he's Lorelai's type. Anyway, of course Lorelai would get jealous about him taking another woman to a function but why didn't he tell her?

    but it was all sorted out and they agree not to tell Emily and Richard, for now anyway. That's wise because I can imagine a big argument there. I was glad to see Lane working with Luke, should be interesting. Paris is still having an affair with the professor, which Rory knows about. It becomes clear that Paris wants her to know something when in a funny scene, she tries to get Rory's attention when she comes home in the middle of the night.

    Does Paris know that Rory knows, I think she might do. Plus Rory's got a job for the college newspaper, another interesting future storyline. Richard's annoyance at the history tour in the Gilmore house was amusing. As was Michel's nanny woes. Overall another great one!moreless
  • another great one, I just love this show

    Lane started working at the diner and now Luke says she is too good lol

    Tobin's voice is a bit annoying, he is the new sitter for Davie.

    Rory runs into Paris and leaves home. I just loved the scene when Michel called Lorelai. Michel offered to take care of Davie so Sookie and Jackson could go out. Michel taking care of a baby!!!! I almost fell of the chair. And he rolled Davie under the bed and Davie got stuck. Poor Davie. And all this for jealously. Michel is so insecure... the thing between Lorelai and Jason is growing, she went to his place, they slept together. He has very strange things. The dog is weird...

    And Paris needs attention, she runs out the newspaper and at night she wants Rory to ask her what happened... Having dinner whit a bunch of people walking around is weird and Lorelai was sad knowing that Jason took a woman to a function... She was jelouze lol

    Poor Rory, Asher Fleming is going to be her teacher, that's bad.moreless
  • Rory get a position on the paper.

    This episode was fantastic. i thought that it was a great that Michel wa Jelous of Tobin so bad he offered to babysit Sookie's baby. I thought that we would never see an episdode with Michel and a baby we seen how he was with kids but a baby. It was funny that he called Lorelai to help him too. I thought that it was Disgusting that Paris was dateing on of the professors none the less one how is old enough to be her grandfather but it is funny that he is Rory's teacher though kinda puts a little spin on things.moreless
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Michael York

Asher Fleming

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Bruce McCulloch


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Monique Coleman


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Ethan Cohn

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Danny Strong


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • When Lorelai arrives for Friday night dinner (the one where the Historical Society is showing people around), her parents and Rory are not only already at the dining table, they've also started dinner without Lorelai. Normally, dinner is preceded by drinks. Either Lorelai is very late in which case it's strange that her parents don't say anything about it and Lorelai doesn't apologize. Or this is very out of character especially for Emily, who usually insists on them all starting dinner together. Even with all the people in the house, it's strange.

    • This is the first episode since "Chicken or Beef" that the Open/Closed sign is on Luke's door.

    • When Rory is sitting up in her bed telling Paris off, her clock behind her says 4:12 but when she lays down and they switch shots to Paris saying "I smell like pipe tobacco", and then back to Rory, her clock has skipped ahead five minutes to 4:17.

    • When Lorelai and Rory are talking at the kitchen table, the amount of water, and the cap, change positions in between shots.

    • Both Jason and Lorelai refer to Jason's dog (Cyrus) as a male. However, it is quite obvious that the dog is a female.

    • When Rory walks in on Lorelai sweeping the crumbs under the counter, the cabinet door where Lorelai got the broom is open. However, when Rory surprises her and she jumps up, the cabinet door is closed.

    • When Jason is showing off the pop-up TV, the remote jumps out of his hand and back again when the camera angle changes.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Lorelai: My mother also said she wasn't wearing any underwear.
      Jason: Emily wasn't wearing any underwear?!

    • Lorelai: Fonzie used the bathroom as his office.
      Sookie: Yeah, and what's good enough for the Fonz should be good enough for you.
      Michel: He didn't use the bathroom as his office where he was paid, in the autoshop he had a real office and the teacher's lounge when he became a teacher.
      Lorelai: Okay, you're taking the Fonzie thing way too far!

    • Jason: I don't know. Somebody slips up.
      Lorelai: I never slip up. I'm completely non-slip. I'm like one of those rubber mats you stick in the bottom of the tub.

    • Emily: Yes, and we have a special surprise for you for dessert. We brought it back from Switzerland.
      Lorelai: We're getting a mountain goat?

    • Rory: Yes, what about that? This guy's risking everything - his job, his reputation.
      Lorelai: Yes, well. . .he'll always have Paris.

    • Lorelai: The plural of cul-de-sac is culs-de-sac?
      Rory: Yes.
      Lorelai: That doesn't even sound like English.
      Rory: That's because it's French.

    • Rory: (about Paris dating an older man) Maybe it's a phase. It'll pass.
      Lorelai: Oh, yeah, or he will.

    • Lorelai: Rory, come on. When you're dating an older man, you're probably doing older-man things.

    • Doyle: What is this?
      Rory: Strawberry ice cream.
      Doyle: It has strawberries in it.
      Rory: I don't even know how to respond to that.

    • Rory: Paris is seeing somebody else.
      Lorelai: Really? A psychiatrist?

  • NOTES (1)


    • Lorelai: We're sleeping together, and you're taking bare-butted women to functions?
      Jason: Crystal is just a friend.
      Lorelai: A friend named Crystal?! Who are you, Hugh Hefner?

      Hugh Hefner is the founder and chief of Playboy Enterprises. Ironically, he was engaged to marry a woman named Crystal Harris in 2011 before she called off the engagement.

    • Lorelai: Sixty? Like, sixty sixty?
      Rory: Mom!
      Lorelai: I'm sorry, it's just now I know who Woody Allen's next leading lady is going to be!

      The actor Woody Allen was found to have inappropriate pictures of Soon-Yi Previn, the adopted daughter of his partner Mia Farrow. After separating from Farrow, Allen and Previn got married when he was 62 and she was 28.

    • Lorelai: Fonzie used the bathroom as his office.

      Lorelia is referring to the character Arthur Herbert "Fonzie" Fonzarelli from the 1974 show "Happy Days". In the show Fonzie sometimes referred to the bathroom at the local dinner as his office.

    • Michel: I'm being Punk'd. I know I'm being Punk'd.

      Punk'd is an American hidden camera practical joke television series on MTV. "Punk'd" refers to the act of having such a prank played on oneself, and the word also refers to the show's style of prank itself.

    • Lorelai: He'll always have Paris.

      This is in reference to a quote from Casablanca in which Humphrey Bogart's character Rick says to Ilsa "We'll always have Paris. We didn't have, we, we lost it until you came to Casablanca. We got it back last night."

    • Episode Title: The Nanny and the Professor

      The title of this episode is the same as the title of ABC's TV show about a mysterious Mary Poppins-like nanny taking care of the widowed professor Everett and his three children .

    • Jason: I'm not a hologram.

      Chris Eigeman (Jason) played the hologram character Rimmer in the pilot for a proposed American remake of the BBC series Red Dwarf.