Gilmore Girls

Season 4 Episode 10

The Nanny and the Professor

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jan 20, 2004 on The WB

Episode Recap

Lorelai and Rory are walking down the street debating the correct plural form of the word 'cul-de-sac'. Lorelai is adamant that the plural would be 'cul-de-sacs' whereas Rory argues the correct form is 'culs-de-sac'. (Note: Dictionaries present both forms as correct although writer prefers Rory's form.) The conversation continues as they enter Luke's to see Lane working as a waitress. Luke comes over to the table and begins complaining that Lane is too good. He explains that he blew the interview and had to give it to her. He goes behind the counter to try to find something to do. Lorelai and Rory watch as Lane efficiently performs her duties. They ponder where Luke will go if the Luke/Lane team doesn't work.
Lorelai and Michel are walking over to Sookie's house to check out some molding for the Inn. Michel is worried that Sookie is going to force him to test some of her food, which will compromise his slender figure. Lorelai reassures him that it will be a very short meeting with no food served. When they get in, Sookie picks out the molding she likes. She starts to offer them something but Michel cuts her off with a no until she asks them if they would like some tea. Sookie brings the tea over and with one swift move offers him a pizzelle. Michel complains loudly at this effrontery until the baby begins to cry. To add insult to injury, Michel is horrified to see Tobin come out of the other room with the baby strapped in a snuggli. Sookie explains that Tobin is Davey's nanny. Michel is miserable knowing that Tobin has ingratiated himself back into his boss' lives and thus his life. As he speaks, the baby begins to cry again. Michel is incensed when Tobin suggests that his voice is at a pitch that hurts the baby's ears. Sookie offers Tobin a cup of tea. Tobin accepts and gives Michel a self-satisfied look while Michel shoots him a dirty look.
At Friday night dinner, Lorelai is still looking for someone to support the usage of cul-de-sacs but finds none. Rory begs her to put the issue to rest but she simply cannot. A special dessert from Switzerland is offered in the living room. Lorelai and Rory go in hoping for some delicious Swiss Chocolate but are offered marzipan. Rory graciously accepts a piece but has difficulty choking it down. Lorelai takes a piece, only when she realizes it is a little bunny. She takes a bite but spits it out immediately into her napkin when Emily and Richard are distracted. Jason enters bringing some documents for Richard. At Lorelai's prodding, Emily offers Jason some marzipan and suggests that he takes some extra pieces in a napkin. She warns him not to take the napkin into which Lorelai spat her marzipan. When Jason leaves, Lorelai excuses herself from the group and calls Jason who is sitting in his car. They arrange to meet the next day for a date. In the living room, Emily asks Rory if she has swallowed her marzipan and she gives a muffled yes but then shakes her head no. Emily hands her a napkin and Rory finally spits it out.
Rory is in her Yale dorm room chatting with a repairman. When she looks out the window, she sees Paris with Asher Fleming. Before Paris gets into the room, Rory rushes to the couch and grabs a magazine. They have a stilted conversation about their break. Paris is unaware that Rory knows about her relationship with Asher Fleming and lies about her whereabouts and Rory pretends she doesn't know about Asher.
Lorelai is in her kitchen finishing off her pizza when she knocks the pizza box to the ground. She picks up most of the mess but Rory walks in just as she is brushing some crumbs under the sink. Rory startles her mother and challenges her housekeeping skills. Lorelai finds out that Rory left school because Paris was home early from her break. Rory finally tells Lorelai about Paris and Asher Fleming including the fact that he is Richard's age. Lorelai is horrified at the thought. Rory explains that she feels badly for Jamie who is a very nice person. As they chat about this aberration, Michel calls Lorelai insisting that she come to Sookies's house immediately. Lorelai tells Rory she will go check on Michel and pick up Chinese on the way home.
At Sookie's house, a frantic Michel hurries Lorelai into the bedroom and relates his babysitting story. Apparently, Davey was crying and he couldn't get him to stop until he began to play a 'baby crepe' game with him. He ended up rolling Davey under Sookie and Jackson's bed. Lorelai gets Michel to lift up the bed and gently picks up Davey and puts him in his cradle. She then sits Michel down and tries to get to the bottom of his latest angst…
Lorelai: He's just fine. He's just fine. There you go. Just kick back, wait 'til Mommy gets home. (Lorelai places Davey gently in his cradle) Now please tell me what is going on here.
Michel: Nothing.
Lorelai: Why are you babysitting?
Michel: I…
Lorelai: You hate babies.
Michel: Not really.
Lorelai: You do not babysit ever. And yet here you are wearing your super-low-cut jeans, making up baby games and I want to know why.
Michel: I hate Tobin! He's a sniveling little sycophantic tushie kisser, and I hate him!
Lorelai: Michel!
Lorelai tries to reassure him that he doesn't have to be jealous of Tobin. She explains that they like Tobin but they are addicted to him and Tobin can't replace him. She tells him that as long as he stays away from Davey all will be well. Michel promises to stay away.
At the Yale newspaper office, Rory and Paris are engaging in a long held tradition of the Yale Daily News by making paper hats which adorn the newbies of the newspaper office. Paris' hat is a beautiful Martha Stewart special while Rory's is just a typical paper hat. Paris asks Rory what she thought of her article on Asher Fleming but Rory is uncomfortable talking about him with Paris and avoids the question. Paris' phone rings and she runs off with no explanation.
Lorelai and Jason arrive at this apartment after seeing a movie. While Jason gets the wine, they discuss movies. Lorelai meets Cyrus, Jason's dog. He is a rather strange beagle who sits quietly like a statue. Jason gets the dog to move a little to the left as a trick and they debate the value of such a trick. When Jason kisses Lorelai, she is concerned about corrupting the dog so Jason makes him turn to face the wall.
In the newsroom, Doyle is in ill humor when Rory brings him his ice cream. Rory asks him what is wrong. She finds out that he was rejected for the stringer for Time magazine. Glenn approaches them complaining that Paris has skipped out. Rory makes up a story about her having a 'family thing' and had to leave.
In Jason's apartment, Jason is dressed in a robe carrying two glasses of water. Lorelai is lying happily in bed. They exchange a few flirty words when Jason reminds Lorelai that she likes him because of his quirks. Lorelai looks at him expectantly waiting for the other shoe to drop. Finally, Jason asks Lorelai if she would mind sleeping is his guest room. Lorelai seems shocked and embarrassed by the request. Jason tries to mollify her by explaining that he is an incredibly light sleeper and that he can't sleep in the same room with another person in the same bed. Lorelai tells him it's okay, she will just go home but Jason begs her to stay. She takes her to a spectacular guest room, which has a beautiful bed, a plasma TV, a DVR, a DVD library, a library of books, CD's and CD player and a mini bar. What's more, there are Kiehl's products in the bathroom. Lorelai finally acquiesces. When Jason leaves the room, she climbs into the big comfortable bed and clicks on the TV with a smile on her face.

At 4:12 A.M. Rory is is awakened when Paris returns from her date with Asher. She pretends to be asleep as Paris comes in but Paris starts making noise trying to wake her up. When Rory doesn't stir, Paris sits down on her bed across from Rory and starts talking to her, hoping to waken her. Clearly she hopes to speak to her about her date but Rory finally sits up and emphatically states that she doesn't want to talk about it. She lays down again but Paris persists. Again Rory sits up and tells her she doesn't want to know anything about what or whom she was doing. She complains about having to cover when Paris left the news room with no explanation. Oblivious to Rory's dismay, Paris dreamily mentions that she smells like pipe tobacco. Rory just rolls her eyes and turns away from her.

The next morning, Lorelai descends the steps to find Jason preparing a big breakfast. She tells Jason that she had a great sleep and enjoyed a relaxing Jacuzzi bath. They sit down to eat their breakfast and Lorelai broaches the subject of her parents. She indicates to Jason that it would be better for her if they don't mention anything about their relationship to her parents. Jason is against the idea but Lorelai convinces him that it is only temporary and that she will tell them eventually. He finally agrees to keep it quiet for a while.
Lorelai rings the doorbell to her parents' home. As she waits, she is startled by a group of people gathering behind her. A strange woman answers the door and asks Lorelai for her ticket. At that moment, Emily rescues Lorelai from the gathering crowd. She explains that they are letting the Historical Society display their home in a walking tour. It is for charity but Emily doesn't plan to do it again. Lorelai sits down at the table to hear Richard complaining bitterly that it was suppose to be finished at five o'clock. He is extremely irritated by the people filing through and suggests that the next time they host a charitable event they do it in a rented hall. Emily and Richard begin talking about the fibromyalgia function they went to the previous night. Lorelai is stunned to find out that Jason attended the event with a date. She finds out his date was not only beautiful but wore no underwear.
The next day at the Dragonfly, Lorelai, Sookie and Michel are walking through the construction site discussing where to put the reception area when Jason walks in. Lorelai is still hurt knowing Jason was dating someone else and maintains an icy mien. She quickly introduces him to Sookie and Michel and takes him on a tour of the site. Jason finally notices Lorelai's attitude and questions her. Lorelai confronts him about his date with the bare bottomed woman. Jason explained that he had to take a date and although he wanted to take Lorelai he knew her parents would be there so he asked a friend. He argues that this is why he doesn't want to keep their relationship secret. Lorelai is appeased by his explanation and drops her icy demeanor. She insists that they continue to keep the secret and tells him that she will just have to adjust to him going to these events with Crystal.
Rory is sitting in her Contemporary Political Fiction waiting for the to begin. She is surprised and a little disturbed to see Asher Fleming walk in and begin the