Gilmore Girls

Season 4 Episode 10

The Nanny and the Professor

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jan 20, 2004 on The WB

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  • Heartwarming episode!

    Well, that was another heartwarming episode of Gilmore Girls. Nothing much happened again but there were so many good parts and quotes. 'Little to the left'- Cyrus is such a weird dog that he makes me even like him. I liked all the scenes with Lorelai and Jason in his place. He seems to be a very weird person that he is actually pretty funny and interesting to communicate with. I wish more people were as interesting as he is. and he truly loves lorelai, that's my opinion. Although they are not brilliant as couple, I think that their relationship will be interesting for us to watch.
    I also liked when Lorelai said 'He'll always have Paris'. I almost cried my eyes out. That was so hilarious when Rory said Lorelai was waiting for using that quote.Hahahaha!!!:):):)
    Paris is hilrious as she is not guilty for hooking up with the professor and even wants Rory to know about it.
    Emily and Richard were interesting again with the reception in their house. I like them a lot this saeson.
    I am rating it 8.7 not becauseit wasn't so interesting but because I think that there are better Gilmore Girls episodes.
  • "A little to the left!" A sublimely wonderful episode! After a horrible day at work, I was driving home thinking, "I need me some Gilmore Girls!!!" This was a perfect episode to...

    Okay, so the "He'll always have Paris" line made me almost spit out my Diet Coke. Very funny and well earned! And Cyrus, that adorable dog, totally tickled my funny bone. Sigh -- this show makes me so happy. After a horrible day at work, I was driving home thinking, "I need me some Gilmore Girls!!!" This was a perfect episode to temporarily distract me from my cares and woes. The character development, the banter, the quirkiness, the crackling writing, and even the "la la la's" in the music score always take me to a happy place! Oh, to live in Stars Hollow for just one day!
  • Lorelai is still seeing Jason, Rory knows about Paris's affair. Great episode.

    Lorelai and Jason are still together and we see more of him here, including where he lives. The house is very posh and he even has a very strange dog, that hardly moves. Plus we learn more about his quirks, he doesn't like sharing a bed. He's alright but I still don't think he's Lorelai's type. Anyway, of course Lorelai would get jealous about him taking another woman to a function but why didn't he tell her?

    but it was all sorted out and they agree not to tell Emily and Richard, for now anyway. That's wise because I can imagine a big argument there. I was glad to see Lane working with Luke, should be interesting. Paris is still having an affair with the professor, which Rory knows about. It becomes clear that Paris wants her to know something when in a funny scene, she tries to get Rory's attention when she comes home in the middle of the night.

    Does Paris know that Rory knows, I think she might do. Plus Rory's got a job for the college newspaper, another interesting future storyline. Richard's annoyance at the history tour in the Gilmore house was amusing. As was Michel's nanny woes. Overall another great one!
  • another great one, I just love this show

    Lane started working at the diner and now Luke says she is too good lol
    Tobin's voice is a bit annoying, he is the new sitter for Davie.
    Rory runs into Paris and leaves home. I just loved the scene when Michel called Lorelai. Michel offered to take care of Davie so Sookie and Jackson could go out. Michel taking care of a baby!!!! I almost fell of the chair. And he rolled Davie under the bed and Davie got stuck. Poor Davie. And all this for jealously. Michel is so insecure... the thing between Lorelai and Jason is growing, she went to his place, they slept together. He has very strange things. The dog is weird...

    And Paris needs attention, she runs out the newspaper and at night she wants Rory to ask her what happened... Having dinner whit a bunch of people walking around is weird and Lorelai was sad knowing that Jason took a woman to a function... She was jelouze lol

    Poor Rory, Asher Fleming is going to be her teacher, that's bad.
  • Rory get a position on the paper.

    This episode was fantastic. i thought that it was a great that Michel wa Jelous of Tobin so bad he offered to babysit Sookie's baby. I thought that we would never see an episdode with Michel and a baby we seen how he was with kids but a baby. It was funny that he called Lorelai to help him too. I thought that it was Disgusting that Paris was dateing on of the professors none the less one how is old enough to be her grandfather but it is funny that he is Rory's teacher though kinda puts a little spin on things.
  • One of my favorite episodes

    Many Gilmore fans consider the 4th season, the worst. However I own all the seasons on DVD (1-6) and find myself watching the 4th over and over. This Episode especially. It starts off hilarious with Lorelai's obsession with culs-de-sac. and continues with the scene at Sookie's house with Michel's insane jealousy over Tobin. And the best part comes when Lorelai gets a phone call from a hysterical Michel and has to rush over to Sookie's house to find that Michel has rolled Davey under the bed. You also can't forget Lorelai and Rory's discussion of Paris' affair with the Professor. Overall Truly a Series Classis and a awesomely hilarious episode.
  • Cute episode!

    While it was kind of a bummer that Lorelai and Jason's relationship hit a minor snag, they got thru it! it was cute.

    Rory is stuck when she discovers that Paris is dating a man who is triple her age. And that man happens to be a professor at Yale.

    Lane gets a job at Luke's diner. Yay!

    and...mmm...Jason and Lorelai are really cute together!

    I'm glad that the inn is coming along.


    Um, what was sad how Lorelai had to find out about Jason's date through her parents. While i understand where he's coming from, i wish he would have told her first. But it is kind of her fault for not telling her parents. Then they could avoid the conversation altogether. But then again, Lorelai's parents are...well, Lorelai's parents.

    This was a cute episode. I liked it a lot!
  • Great episode!

    I loved int he beginning when Lorelai can't get over the plural of cul de sac. And I understand where she was coming from, because who knew.

    And Michel, rolling the baby under the bed and then he falls asleep. That has be one of the most original ideas in a TV show ever and so freaking funny! Having to call Lorelai to help him get the baby out from under the bed.

    This made me laugh out several times. But then again, when doesn't it.
  • Lorelai takes the 'relationship' with Jason further...

    Rory is tired of covering for Paris when she slips in and out of classes to be with her 60 year old boyfriend.
    Lorelai goes over to Jason's posh appartment and they take their 'relationship' a step further. Lorelai is taken aback when Jason declares that her has got a sleeping disorder and cannot have anyone else in his bed, but she is secretly very happy when Jason introduces her to a fantastic guest room with a plasma screen T.V. and hundreds of DVD's.
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