Gilmore Girls

Season 5 Episode 8

The Party's Over

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 09, 2004 on The WB
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After Emily discovers that Rory is seeing Dean again, she calls a temporary truce with Richard so that they can jointly host a Yale alumni party whose express purpose is to find a suitable match for their unsuspecting granddaughter; Liz and T.J. buy a house in Stars Hollow; Mrs. Kim flips out after Kyon tells her that Lane and Zach hugged in Luke's Diner; when the pressures of being new homeowners lead Liz and T.J. to quarrel, T.J. seeks refuge with his brother-in-law, and ruins the romantic dinner and evening Luke prepared for Lorelai; Logan appears at the party just in time to rescue Rory from yet another prospective bridegroom, and Rory learns that he's very well acquainted with her grandparents; Lane leads Kyon over to the culinary dark side and reveals the secrets to living a happy teenage life at the Kim house; Dean realizes that he no longer fits into Rory's life, and Logan gallantly steps in to dry her tears.moreless

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  • Emily and Richard throw a party to set Rory up, Luke's romantic dinner with Lorelai is interrupted by TJ. Brilliant episode.

    So Dean and Rory seem to finally be over, is this the last time we'll see Dean? Who knows as they've been on and off for nearly four years. Logan was better here than the last episode and he was great to rescue Rory from all those boys Emily and Richard wanted her to be with. I liked the scene how they did it too, pretending to be dating for almost a year.

    Emily and Richard were completely unfair to do it because they knew she was dating Dean. But as we've come to accept there not meant to be and it never seems to work out. This time Dean breaks up with her because he thinks he doesn't fit in with her or her new Yale life. She was obviously upset and Logan was good to comfort her.

    But the end may symbolise Rory's life style change when she gets dropped off by Logan in a limo with loads of guys there too. Should be entertaining. Meanwhile Luke makes dinner for Lorelai and there really great together. TJ arrives and isn't happy, he stays due to a fight with Liz, who turns up herself later.

    They argue and ruin the evening, but Luke and Lorelai are fine and rearrange for the next night, I wonder what TJ and Luz will do? Mrs Kim has a fit with Zach after she's told about himself and Lane, she was very funny here. I liked how Lane gave advice to the girl who lives at her home, that was a great scene.

    Brilliant one!moreless
  • loved it

    Liz is back and is looking for a house and she has some revelations about Luke lol Looks like he is a great cook, really great. That joke about Monty hats lol

    And poor Kyon, she is going through the same Lane did lol but she has an advantage, Lane is there to help. I have to say, I never thought Emily wanted to talk to Richard about Rory, I thought it was about the deal they had for cocktails and dinner.

    Luke is sweet, he prepared a the perfect dinner for Lorelai, at his place. The only problem is that Liz and TJ bought a house and they have a fight so the first place TJ goes to calm down is Luke's apartment. And Emily and Richard... I started suspecting when she asked Rory to go upstairs to fix her hair and then all jewelries... And then the big revelation lol a house full of alumni and their sons, all to meet Rory. Even Logan was there with Finn and Colin.

    And of course when Dean came by to pick her up, she had already had a few drinks and then all the guys came out to see was doomed.moreless
  • rory's grandparents host a yale alumni party. mysteriously only boys rory's age are there. no daughters. logan shows up, along with friends, dean meets rory and finally breaks up with her.moreless

    brilliant. this was a great episode because it showed classicness of all the characters. emily and richard despite knowing rory has a boyfriend host a party with many many boys her age, rory freaks out and calls her mother who informs her of eight ways to get out of the house.

    logans character is well done, rory throws something at her so he asks who she is going to pick. colin is hilarious the asian bird flu line classic.

    finn and the passion of the Christ. hilarious, perfect cheering up.

    this episode had depth and character too, you begin to see that lorelai is so concerned about rory and what will happen to her.

    this episode has some of the greatest quotes.

    and thank you dean and rory broke up. they don't work together. besides logan and rory are perfect for each other, don't deny it.

    love this episodemoreless
  • I love this episode

    In this episode Rory's grandparents throw Rory a party so she can meet guys because they don't like Dean and they don't think he's good enough for her there getting breaking up so this brings them together a little bit because they both agree on this. They dress her up in a tiara and fancy jewerly. She's surprised when she finds out that there's only guys at the party. Logan and all his friends are there and they leave the party and go to the poolhouse and party and when she goes outside to meet Dean logan and everyone else comes outside with her Dean breaks up with her. They comfort here and they all go back and party lorelai calls her mother and confronts her about the party and tells her that Rory is commited to Rory and doesn't want another guy something like that and then Rory comes home in a limo with all the guys. You can tell that LOgan and Rory kind of like eachother and they might get together.moreless
  • This episode was entertaining but it showed how the relationship of Dean Forester and Rory Gilmore could not continue, as of Dean's marriage, which recently ended in a divorce. The boy doesn't know whats right for him.moreless

    The party's over is one of my personal favourites as I had never liked that boy, Dean. I found him alright in season 1 and 2 when Rory was his girlfriend. In this episode, Rory tells Emily that at the moment, her love life was love-less. Despite Emily's knowledge of that, she and Richard planned a party, with only young men, about the same age as Rory, mostly all of them attended her school, Yale. Half way through the party, Logan huntzburger finds Rory stuck with a young fellow trying to see if he could score a date with him, and Logan gets Rory out of it. Then, he takes her into the grandparents poolhouse where the 'real' party is going on and enjoys herslf much more there, than the more fancy party, as she looses track of time, she realizes she is supposed to meet her current boyfriend, Dean. She goes outside and finds that he's been waiting for 15 minutes or so, and he sees all the blokes Rory was partying with and Dean decides himself that he is no longer needed in Rory's life, gets in his truck and drives away. An interesting episode it was.moreless
Sean Gunn

Sean Gunn

Kirk Gleason (Episodes 44 - , recurring previously)

Keiko Agena

Keiko Agena

Lane Kim

Kelly Bishop

Kelly Bishop

Emily Gilmore

Alexis Bledel

Alexis Bledel

Rory Gilmore

Lauren Graham

Lauren Graham

Lorelai Gilmore

Edward Herrmann

Edward Herrmann

Richard Gilmore

Michael Bullard

Michael Bullard

Andrew Head

Guest Star

Ed Brigadier

Ed Brigadier


Guest Star

Trev Broudy

Trev Broudy


Guest Star

Jared Padalecki

Jared Padalecki

Dean Forester

Recurring Role

Emily Kuroda

Emily Kuroda

Mrs. Kim

Recurring Role

Matt Czuchry

Matt Czuchry

Logan Huntzberger

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (8)

    • When Rory calls Lorelai to tell her about the party, she uses the phone in Richard's office. When Lorelai picks up the phone she answers and says "I told you" to Rory, after looking to see who called. But how does she know that Rory is calling? The number on her phone must say that it's her parent's house calling.

    • Dean & Rory's breakup is the first of two breakups that Emily causes. If Emily hadn't thrown the party to try and set up Rory, then Dean wouldn't have gotten jealous of Rory's new life and they might not have broken up.

    • This is the third time (and, to date, the last time) that Dean breaks up with Rory, and for the same reason as the other two times--because she is not returning the same love that he feels for her.

    • When Lorelai comes to Luke's, she is wearing a maid's outfit, a tiara, and has no coat. She takes it off and sets it on the table. But, when she leaves, she's carrying a coat and has no costume in her arms.

    • When Lorelai and Rory are having dinner with Richard, Emily comes along, and behind her you can clearly see that the pool is fake because the water's not moving at all.

      You can also clearly see that there is a cover on the pool because the season is fall and it is too cold to swim.

    • When Lorelai leaves Luke's at the end of the night, and he wraps his arm around her when they kiss, the first shot shows his arm lifting her jacket, and going under it, and in the next shot, his arm is over her jacket, and the jacket is laying flat against her body, not up like it was before.

    • Rory tells Jordan, one of her suitors, that she is almost twenty years old - we can assume that means that she's nineteen. Yet Richard mentions that she is twenty years old, and Lorelai doesn't object.

      Explanation: This was a goof by the the writers. Since the shows follows the time line for each season, this episode took place in November and Rory's birthday is in early October meaning that she is indeed twenty.

    • When Emily asks Rory if she has ever worn a tiara and Rory replies "when I was four", she must have forgotten that she wore one on her sixteenth birthday in "Rory's Birthday Parties".

  • QUOTES (15)

    • Luke: You know I have many talents, okay?
      Lorelai: I know. I mean, the way you keep that Mounty hat perfectly balanced the entire time we are...
      Luke: Okay, see, if you keep making Mounty hat jokes you're gonna eventually believe that there's an actual Mounty hat.

    • (At lunch at the cafeteria)
      Rory: You think Professor Prady is looking at you?
      Paris: He is more than looking at me. God this is so annoying. Ever since word leaked out about me and Asher, every faculty member over fifty thinks I'm easy.

    • Lorelai: You're the perfect man.
      Luke: Thank you.
      Lorelai: I used to think it was Kelsey Grammer, but it's not. It's you.
      Luke: Finally, I'm one-upping Grammer.

    • Dean: What am I doing here, Rory?
      Rory: You're picking me up.
      Dean: No...I don't belong here anymore. Do I?

    • Lorelai: They would have told us.
      Rory: They didn't tell us they broke up.
      Lorelai: Yes, but that's because it looked bad. They didn't tell people I
      was pregnant 'till my eighth month. My mother kept getting numbers for fat
      farms from her friends.

    • Rory: Grandma's mean.
      Lorelai: If it flew, swam, or crawled on this earth, we just ate it.

    • Emily: You two better be hungry when you get inside, or else!
      Lorelai: Or else?
      Rory: Sounds serious.
      Lorelai: So, one more?
      Rory: Well, two more at the most.
      Lorelai: Yeah, 'cause she was really mad.

    • Lorelai: Wow! My own cheesecake? No man's ever given me a whole cheesecake before.
      Luke: You remember that.

    • Logan: (Stands up) So, who's it going to be?
      Rory: What?
      Logan: Well, this shindig's an obvious meat market, I've got the feeling
      that your grandparents are expecting you to choose someone tonight, so...
      Rory: Oh, well...
      Finn: Me. Pick me.
      Others: No, pick me!
      Finn: But I'm exotic!
      Colin: So's the Asian Bird flu.
      Logan: Wow. A room full of guys and still extremely slim pickings.

    • Paris: You sleep with one old guy, and suddenly you're Catherine Zeta-Jones.

    • Logan: You'll be okay.
      Rory: No, I won't.
      Logan: Okay, that's it. Back to the pool house, men. We have some serious
      bucking up to do here.
      Colin: I swiped some Scotch.
      Finn: I'll reenact the Passion of the Christ.
      (The boys cheer and head inside)
      Logan: Hey Ace, nothing ever seems quite as bad after Finn's Passion of
      . Except Finn's Passion of Christ.

    • Kyon: What is this?
      Lane: Fries.
      Kyon: But Mrs. Kim, she says the fries are the Devil's starchy fingers.
      Lane: They're hot and delicious, and they don't have any flaxseed in them.
      Kyon: But they are a gateway food. They lead to harder things -- pizza, movie popcorn, deep-fried Snickers bars.
      (Lane waves a plate of fries under Kyon's nose)
      Kyon: Ooh.
      (Kyon picks up a fry and takes a bite)
      Kyon: Mmm.
      Lane: Welcome to America.

    • Lorelai: It's bubbling and turning brown.
      Luke: It's fine.
      Lorelai: Well, what constitutes sticking?
      Luke: You can't ruin it.
      Lorelai: I can, I have powers. Once the Barefoot Contessa was making a
      soufflé and when it fell, she looked out the TV and said, "Gilmore, was that

    • Logan: (to Rory) Refill?
      Rory: Sure, why not?
      Finn: Because drinking is bad. It's very, very bad, and we're bad for doing it. Spank me.

    • Lane: What do you do every Sunday between noon and 4:00?
      Kyon: I study.
      Lane: And then?
      Kyon: And then I wait for Mrs. Kim to get home from her Crochet for Christ group with her sister.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Emily: Well thank you for telling me. I'm just glad I got to hear it from you and didn't have to pick it up on the street somewhere.

      Lorelei: Because you hang out on the street so often, Mom. You and Melrose Larry Green.

      Larry Greenblatt was a frequent guest on the Howard Stern show, considered a member of his 'Wack Pack'. His claim to fame was wearing sandwich boards on Melrose, advertising whatever was important to him.



    • Paris: You sleep with one old guy, and suddenly you're Catherine Zeta-Jones.

      Catherine Zeta-Jones is an actress married to actor Michael Douglas who is exactly 25 years older than her. They share the same birthday, Sept. 25. He's born in 1944 and she in 1969.

    • Logan: (about Rory's article) definitely had a little Joseph Mitchell thing going for it.

      Joseph Mitchell was a writer for The New Yorker, specializing in plainspoken essays about colorful New York characters.

    • Episode Title: The Party's Over

      The Party's Over is a song that was first performed in the musical comedy Bells Are Ringing. Shirley Bassey and Nat King Cole recorded popular versions of the song which, was originally composed by Jule Styne with lyrics by Comden and Green.
      The Party's Over is also the title of a book by Richard Heinberg.

    • Lorelai: I can, I have powers. Once the Barefoot Contessa was making a soufflé and when it fell, she looked out the TV and said, "Gilmore, was that you?"

      Barefoot Contessa started as a specialty food store in the Hamptons run by Ina Garten. It then expanded into cookbooks and a television program on the Food Network.