Gilmore Girls

Season 6 Episode 18

The Real Paul Anka

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 11, 2006 on The WB
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Lorelai has a bizarre dream in which singer/songwriter Paul Anka has a cameo role. Meanwhile, although Rory and Logan are back together, Logan is miserable knowing that Rory hasn’t really forgiven him, and he takes off with his friends for another stunt with the Life and Death Brigade. Rory accepts Jess’ invitation to attend an open house at his new book store/art gallery/publishing house in Philadelphia. While there, she is surprised to run into Luke, who is accompanying his daughter April on an academic field trip. Back in Stars Hollow, Lorelai is horrified to find that Richard and Emily have been looking at real estate in her town. Also, Jess tries to get Rory back with a kiss and fails when she realizes she's truly in love with Logan, despite all the bad things he has done to her, and she apologizes to Jess for coming like that.moreless

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  • Great episode, hilariously funny scences in it... watch it

    This episode has the things why i watch this series. There maybe have been better ones concerning shocking incidents and all but here we get to know the Nardini-Danes-Gilmore-trinangle better and the things that come with it. Luke dealing with trying to be a father, Lorelai coping with April being part of Luke's life and not hers (yet). Additionally we have Jess back and we see Luke telling him to be proud of him for what he had made with his life so far and then we have Jess and Rory sharing a moment of intimacy during which Rory realizes for herself that despite everything Logan had done she simply loves him. That leaves Jess somewhat agitated and hurt and they part. - This is the hardest moment for all the Jess fans outside and i am pretty sure Rory will be attacked for that. - Now coming to the fun-part of this episode: Since Luke leaves the diner to chaperone the excursion of April's class, he goes insane because he has the feeling he will screw things at the diner. Meanwhile Luke tries to be April's father and pretty much realizes that's not his thing yet and he feels awkward - that's where it becomes funny.

    That leaves me with the funniest thing and i might say THE Gilmore moment, it occurs in the beginning where Lorelai tells Rory about her dream with Paul Anka (dog) and Paul Anka (the real one) interacting in a weird Lorelai-dream-world encounter.... soo just watch it and have fun!!moreless
  • for all rory & jess fans.. this is NOT ur episode.. then again.. it also is..

    i, being a rory & jess fan myself say this episode

    was great & horrible at the

    same time.

    its soo soo painfull to watch Rory talk about how much she

    loves Logan when THE MAN OF

    HER DREAMS is standing rite

    next to her !!!

    i think tht rory should see how much

    jess still loves her.

    its sooo ovious.

    it was great to see

    them kiss again tho.

    i just hope the producers

    land rory with the guy she deserves.

  • Logan's true colors come out as Rory cannot accept what Logan did when they were separated. Rory and Jess reunite one last time, and Luke chaperones APril's field trip.

    Logan is selfish, and this episode allows the audience to see that. Thank gosh.. he is kind of a jerk and needs to be portrayed as more than just the pretty boy. Mean pretty boy!

    Vulnerable, she kisses Jess at his party. THis is Jess's last appearance.. he gets redemption by becoming successful and attempting to pay Luke back for all he gave him. Rory has always been drawn to Jess.. it is too bad Milo didn't stick with the series in his role.. I think many fans would like to see Rory end up with him. April's role is very 13-year-old girl, and it is funny how Luke is clueless about how 13 year olds act. It is neat that he is becoming attached to her.moreless
  • Rory goes to see Jess, as does Luke. Lorelai tries to stop her parents from getting a house in Stars Hollow. A brilliant episode, every story was enjoyable.

    Jess is seen again and sadly for the last time - well I'm guessing that's the case. He has changed drastically and is obviously a lot more grown up than he ever was back in seasons 2-4. Anyway I'll start from the start, Rory is still mad at Logan for 'cheating' on her even though she said she forgave him. This was very entertaining and I really did enjoy Rory giving out to Logan, at the Yale daily news etc.

    But Logan is annoyed and stresses that she hasn't forgiven him. He eventually leaves to do a life and death brigade stunt which Rory was concerned about. So Rory gets an invitation and goes to see Jess. There she also sees Luke and meets April for the first time - which was slightly awkward for her. Jess kisses Rory only to discover that she's still with Logan, Rory apologises and says she's in love with Logan.

    They part ways again but still on good terms. Emily and Richard in Stars Hollow was just so funny, how Lorelai tried to turn them against buying a house in Stars Hollow....I think its for Lorelai and Luke not the parents themselves. The highlight was Emily playing cards with the girl she thought was Luke's daughter. Her reaction after she found out it wasn't was hilarious.

    Also I actually enjoyed Luke and Aprils story, very realistic and April is starting to Luke as more of a dad figure now. Meanwhile, the amusing Mrs Kim asks Lorelai to alter a dress for Lane but Lane soon says she hates it, Lorelai does as well so ruins the dress instead.

    A brilliant episode which hag great storylines all round.moreless
  • Logan leaves for his trip and Rory visits Jess.

    I thought that this was a very good episode. I was angry that Logan did not listen to Rory and think over the plans of his trip instead of just taking off. I thought that it was wrong of Rory to go to Philly to Jess's open house for his job. She went there with intentions to cheat on Logan then she could not evan go through with it i think that i might be able to do it if i was in her place why is it ok for him and not her. I thought that it was funny that Rory ran into Luke and April there and that Rory was able to speak to her more than Lorelai was able to and Luke introduced her as the daughter of Lorelai the girl i told you about instead of my future step daught or my fiancee's daughter. I thought that it was funny that they had both Paul Ankinas in the Episode.moreless
Paul Anka

Paul Anka

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Nick Holmes

Nick Holmes


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Tanc Sade

Tanc Sade


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Aris Alvarado

Aris Alvarado


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Michael Winters

Michael Winters

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Vanessa Marano

Vanessa Marano

April Nardini

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • Emily mentions that Richard and her are visiting antique shops in different towns including Washington Depot. Amy Pallandino has stated that Washington Depot was the inspiration for the town of Stars Hollow.

    • Richard and Emily say that they are parked on Peach Street but in Episode 6 Taylor changed all the street names back to their historical names.

    • This is Milo Ventimiglia final appearance as Jess

    • Taylor claims to be town mayor, but in the past, he's only town selectman. The only time a mayor (named Harry Porter) has been seen or mentioned was in episodes 1.8 "Love and War and Snow" and 1.16 "Star-Crossed Lovers and Other Strangers."

    • This is the first time Rory and Jess have kissed since the season 3 episode "Keg! Max!".

    • Rory and April meet, officially, for the first time.

  • QUOTES (22)

    • Luke: Meet your cousin Jess. He's my sister's kid.
      April: Hi!
      Jess: Hey. (long pause)
      April: Men in this family aren't chatty.
      Jess: Sorry.

    • Luke: By the way, that is your cousin.
      Jess: Right, Liz filled me in on all that, Daddy.
      Luke: She just calls me Luke. Total brain.
      Jess: You confirm paternity?
      Luke: Don't be a wise ass.

    • Luke: (holding book) This is yours, right?
      Jess: Yeah.
      Luke: I wanted to get it but I couldn't find it.
      Jess: Well, it's not exactly The DaVinci Code

    • Rory: I couldn't even cheat on him the way he cheated on me.
      Jess: Who? Who cheated on you? That--that guy? (pauses in disbelief) You're still with him?
      Rory: Yeah.
      Jess: I thought everything was fixed.
      Rory: Everything but him.
      Jess: I hate this!
      Rory: You should. I'm sorry.
      Jess: You came here alone, to Philadelphia!
      Rory: He was out of town.
      Jess: I don't deserve this, Rory.
      Rory: No, you don't. You don't deserve it. I just--I'm in love with him. Despite all the bad he's done, I can't help it. I'm in love with him.
      Jess: (long silence) I guess I'll call Matthew's poet and ask him to explain love to me. Poets know all about it, right?

    • Logan: Hey you
      Rory: Hey
      Logan: Did you get in late last night?
      Rory: I was studying.
      Logan: Hmmm....I missed my class this morning.
      Rory: Bummer
      Logan: Clock didn't go off, I thought I set it right.
      Rory: Oh, I reset it. I had to catch up on some sleep.
      Logan: It's an honest mistake.
      Rory: Maybe we should get a second clock.
      Logan: Might be wise. So will you available to grab a bite later?
      Rory: Maybe
      Logan: Can't see that far into the future?
      Rory: It's crazy right now.
      Logan: I'll check in with you later.
      Rory: We'll see how it goes.
      (Rory turns around to leave, Logan grabs her arm and kisses her)
      Logan: Have a good day.
      Rory: You too. (Rory leaves and Logan looks upset because he knows something is up with her)

    • (Rory comes into the living room where Logan is putting things in his bag)
      Logan: I guess I'm going.
      Rory: OK
      Logan: I'll be out of cell phone range for a couple of days.
      Rory: I know.
      Logan: I'll see you.
      (Logan slightly pauses and leaves without looking at Rory)

    • Colin: We BASE jump off a cliff whose hight is...
      Robert: Exactly thirty-six hundred and twenty-four feet. Unless that's a two.

    • (talking about Jess' book)
      Jess: You know, you don't have to read it again.
      Rory: I know I don't.
      Jess: God, there are so many things I would change in it.
      Rory: Like what?
      Jess: I'd keep the back cover. Everything else goes.

    • Jess: So, you fixed everything?
      Rory: Yeah. Everything's fixed.
      Jess: I'm glad you're here.
      Rory: Yeah, me too.
      (they kiss)

    • Richard: You should talk to your mayor about all these issues Lorelai.
      Lorelai: You mean Gropy McGee. I cannot, will not ever put myself in that position again.

    • April: Hey Luke!
      Luke: Yah?
      April: Some people in here are wondering who you are.
      Luke: Oh well, go ahead and tell them.
      April: That's Luke.

    • Rory: I'm so sorry I came here.
      Jess: I'm not, it's what it is ... you ... me ...

    • Luke: What the hell is that?
      Jess: It's an abstract painting.
      Luke: But what is it supposed to be?
      Jess: Check the title.
      Luke: I did. It's called untitled.
      Jess: There you go.
      Luke: I give up.

    • Jess: If it makes you feel better you can tell him that we did something.
      Rory: Thanks, Jess

    • Kirk: I could run the place if you want, Luke.
      Luke: Hmm, let me search down to the very depth of my being to see if there's even the slightest inclination that I would want that. Nope.
      Kirk: Just checking.

    • Caesar: If the cell dies, is there a phone in Gettysburg I could reach you at?
      Luke: Yeah, the one Grant used to call Lincoln. The number's in the book.

    • April: That's Frank. Always rubbing our faces in the fact that he knows the first 300 digits of pi.

    • Paris: I took a "delete boring answers" pass at my interview with Professor Whittington and ended up with a tidy 16-word piece. His wife must want to suck a tailpipe every night.

    • Logan: Past performance is no indication of future performance.
      Rory: Wise men call that a sucker's maxim.

    • Logan: Is it your life mission to embarrass me at every opportunity you get?
      Rory: It's Robert, Colin and Finn, Logan. I've seen them all dance naked with their underwear on their heads. There's no embarrassing you in front of them.

    • Logan: Even when we're together, you're someplace else. You leave and you don't kiss me goodbye. We're at dinner and you're on your cell phone the whole time. You never leave notes anymore about where you're gonna be, so I have no idea where you are. You haven't forgiven me.
      Rory: What are you talking about?
      Logan: For the girls I was with when we were separated.
      Rory: I said I forgive you.
      Logan: Yeah, you said it, but you haven't, though. You haven't! I'll be at the pub.

    • Lane: It's every girl's dream. To hear the woman altering her wedding dress say, "I'll remove the pants".

  • NOTES (5)


    • Girl 1: I heard he lives with his mother.
      Girl 2: I heard he plays a trombone for fun.
      Freddy: He's a liar too. He says he's a Red Sox fan but he didn't even know they traded Damon.
      Luke: Really? He didn't know Damon was with the Yankees now?
      Freddy: Nope.
      Luke: You see Steinbrenner made him cut his hair?
      Freddy: Yeah, he looks way less scary.
      Luke: Yeah, less intimidating to pitchers. It's going to shave 20 points off his batting average.

      Johnny Damon, a baseball player known for his long hair and huge beard, left the Boston Red Sox for their rivals the New York Yankees. Damon switched teams as a free agent (he wasn't traded), and his batting average the first year with the Yankees in 2006 did go down 31 points from the previous year (.316 to .285), but he hit more home runs.

      Steinbrenner is the principal owner of the Yankees, and is known for taking a strong role in many aspects of the team.

    • Matthew: We need a public place where the next de Kooning can run into the next Franz Kline and diss the next Jackson Pollack while the next Charlie Parker shoots up in the corner. We can call it Cedar Bar Redux.

      Willem de Kooning (1904-1997), Franz Kline (1910-1962), and Jackson Pollack (1912-1956) were abstract expressionist painters.
      Charlie Parker (1920-1955), known as "Bird", was an influential jazz musician.
      The Cedar Tavern in New York's Greenwich Village, as portrayed in the 2002 documentary The Cedar Bar, was a gathering place for artists and other creative types.

    • Jess: There's a definite "Jess Mariano, This Is Your Life" vibe here today.

      This Is Your Life was a 1950s TV show which brought on celebrities and surprised them with people from their past.

    • Jess: Its no DaVinci Code.

      The DaVinci Code is a bestselling novel written by Dan Brown that is also a movie.

    • Lane: It's all about the Hamiltons baby!

      This is a reference to the movie/song It's all about the Benjamins.

      It is also a reference to the Lazy Sunday digital short on SNL which became an Internet phenomenon.

    • Title: The Real Paul Anka

      A pun on Eminem's song The Real Slim Shady.