Gilmore Girls

Season 6 Episode 3

The UnGraduate

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Sep 27, 2005 on The WB

Episode Recap

Lorelai crawls out of her bed, calls to Paul Anka and plods sleepily to the kitchen. Paul Anka jumps up on a kitchen chair. Lorelai begins to make coffee and set out pop tarts, donuts and bagels. She calls out "breakfast is ready" and the construction crew rushes into the kitchen. She informs them that they are out of brown sugar pop tarts and gets a groan from the group. Luke rushes in with a box full of 'emergency' muffins. He is annoyed, first of all, to see Paul Anka sitting on a chair at the table and secondly, to see that Lorelai is feeding the crew and taking them away from their work. After registering his complaints, he tells her that Tom wants to talk to them.

Outside on the porch, T.J. is bustling around the work area giving orders while Tom follows behind him surreptitiously correcting his instructions. Luke wonders how much longer Lorelai is going to let T.J. believe he is the contractor. Lorelai tells him as long as it takes to finish the project, the deception will continue. Luke promises that he will make sure that T.J. doesn't blow up the house…

Lorelai: And I appreciate that. Now will you please go make the guys an extra pot of coffee? I'm going to go to Babette's and take a shower. Luke: Why? Your shower's working. Lorelai: Oh, well, yeah. We just had a little incident here yesterday. Luke: What kind of an incident? Lorelai: Nothing big. Some of the guys saw me naked. Luke: What? Lorelai: It's no big thing! Luke: How the hell did a couple of guys see you naked? Lorelai: Well, I was getting out of the shower, and Joe - Luke: Joe? Joe saw you naked? Lorelai: And Pete. Luke: Pete? Lorelai: Well, Pete was with Joe, and then Slim - Luke: Slim saw you naked! Lorelai: Well, I could see him, so I assume he could see me. Billy had the best view. Just a straight shot right down Main Street. Luke: So four guys saw you naked. Lorelai: Well, if you don't count Teddy, then yes. Luke: What in the hell were those guys doing up there in the first place? Lorelai: TJ accidentally sent them up. Luke: (Luke glares angrily at T.J.) I'm going to kill him. Lorelai: Luke, it was no big deal. Please. We all laughed about it. Look, from now on I'm showering at Babette's, so show's over. No one sees the goods but you. Okay?

She kisses him and heads over to Babett's. A construction worker ogles her as she walks away and pats Luke on the back approvingly.

Emily and Rory are sitting at the breakfast table. Emily is in ill humour complaining about the breakfast. What is really bothering her however, is a letter from Constance Bedderton sending a letter which subtly challenges Emily's leadership of the DAR. Rory calms her grandmother by reminding her that she works in the office now…she has someone on the inside. This relaxes her considerably and she finally begins to enjoy her breakfast.

At the roadside cleaning site, Rory seems to have hit her stride. She is answering questions and making suggestions and seems in total control of her situation. Liz complains that she needs a cigarette but Rory tells her she can have one after her shift. When she sees that she has four patches on her belly, Rory has her sit down and get some water. She tells the supervisor that the kids are tired and the job seems to be done. Liza walks by and asks Rory if she wants go for pizza with the girls but Rory explains that she has a shift at the nursing home.

At the Dragonfly, Lorelai is sitting at a table listening to Paris drone on about appropriate nightwear when one lives with a man. Lorelai is obviously bored and anxious to get back to work. Paris finally gives Lorelai an opening to extract herself from the situation. She subtly coaxes her to the door and says good-bye till next Tuesday. Lorelai heads toward the kitchen and finds Michel and Sookie cowering from the thought of dealing with Paris. Lorelai attempts, unsuccessfully, to explain why Paris is the way she is. She tells them she feels a bit sorry for her but she realizes that these meetings have got to stop. She's just waiting for the right time to tell her. Sookie tries to pressure Lorelai into setting her wedding date. Lorelai promises she will set a date but explains that everything is very unsettled right now. She tells her that as soon as the renovation is done she will set a date. Although unspoken, Lorelai wants to wait until Rory is back at Yale. She asks Sookie to drop the topic.

Rory is working at the DAR office when Emily comes into the office. She is still angry with Constance Bedderton and has taken down her letter. Emily and Rory gossip for minute until the phone rings. As Rory answers the phone, Emily waves good-bye. Paris is calling trying to get a commitment from Rory for an off campus apartment because she has to put down a security deposit. Rory reminds her that she isn't going back to Yale but Paris didn't believe she really meant it. She finds out that Paris knows about her and Logan stealing the yacht. Rory reassures her that she hasn't changed her mind and says good-bye.

Luke enters Lorelai's house to find all the construction workers standing around in the living room, laughing at Lorelai acting out a Daniel Day-Lewis piece. Luke tells the workers take care of the open paint cans on the porch. Lorelai explains that they will get to them but they had to get the pizza while it was hot. She then shows off a trick that Paul Anka can do but Luke is unimpressed the dog, as usual. As they walk into the kitchen, Luke tries to impress on Lorelai that the men are there to work. Lorelai explains that she just wants them to have fun but Luke reminds her that half of them have seen her naked; what more do they need. Lorelai asks Tom if he needs to talk to them about anything. He tells her that he needs to know if they want to do anything to the kitchen. Lorelai can't imagine why he would ask such a question and Luke tells Tom that the kitchen is fine. T.J. comes into the kitchen with the 'Mystic' hammer he was sent to fetch. Tom is giving him busy work to keep him off site so that he does as little damage as possible. Luke reminds Tom about the open paint cans and he tells him he will take care of them. T.J. opens Rory's bedroom door and starts talking about knocking out a wall to make a huge kitchen or a workshop. Luke sees how it is upsetting Lorelai He makes it clear they are not doing anything to the bedroom. Luke and Lorelai head out.

Hep Alien is playing the last gig on their church tour. All has gone well and they talk excitedly about how tight they have been playing. They are exhausted but feel exhilarated as well.

In the kitchen at the Dragonfly, Sookie shows Lorelai her dark chocolate s'mores wedding cake and attempts to pressure her into setting a wedding date. Lorelai insists that she is totally committed and when the time is right she will set the date. Michel comes in and tells Lorelai that Paris is here for their coffee date. The wait staff is all rushing away from Paris as Lorelai goes in to see her.

In the dining room, Lorelai greets Paris with a hug. They sit down and Paris begins to blather on interrupting herself only to insult the waiter. Lorelai subtly tries to convince Paris that she must be too busy for her visits to the Inn and if she needs to cut them out Lorelai will understand. Paris complains that her problems are all Rory's fault and mentions that she called her this week. Lorelai looks sad and begins to pump Paris for information on Rory and what she is doing. Paris realizes what she is doing and accuses Lorelai of using her to get information about Rory. Lorelai apologizes and explains it is just a mom thing. She tells Paris that she loves their visits and asks her to stay.

Rory is at a senior's home helping with a ballroom dancing session. She walks around talking to and teasing the senior participants when Logan walks in. He is back from Europe and they greet each other warmly. They chat about his trip to Europe and her job at the senior's home. At the pool house, Rory and Logan are in a state of undress, chatting about his antics in Europe with Colin and Finn. He shows her pictures on his camera. Logan slips up and mentions Yale. Rory tells him it's fine to speak about Yale and they arrange to meet at Yale the next day for breakfast.

Zach, Lane, Brian and Gil are returning home from their tour. They are thirty miles from Stars Hollow at a gas station. The boys are complaining because they are starving and Zach and Brian are very uncomfortable in the back of the over packed van. Lane tries to lighten the mood by reminding them that they are very close to home but when that doesn't work she has a surprise for them. She informs them that because of the tight budget she has kept them on and the small stipends they received from each gig, they saved over nine thousand dollars. Lane's surprised that this great news isn't met with greater enthusiasm. Their physical discomfort preempts their celebration but they manage a high five when reminded they are only thirty miles from home.

Lorelai walks up to Tom and Luke who are talking in the front yard. She finds out that that they hit a pipe they shouldn't have hit and the water in the house has to be turned off. Luke tells her she can stay with him. Lorelai explains him she has to meet a wedding party late that night so she was just home to walk and feed Paul Anka. Luke tells her he will gather up some of her things…

Lorelai: Last time you gathered up some of my stuff you accidentally brought me four bras and no pants. Luke: (Looks a little sheepishly) That could have been intentional. Lorelai: I will get my own stuff, thank you. (She heads towards the house but turns back to Luke.) Oh, now I just have to figure out what to do with Paul Anka. You know, I've never left him alone so late before, and he might start doing that howling thing the neighbors are so fond of. But, oh, that's okay. So. Oh, you know, I guess I could just leave him here and I could come back and get him after work, which will be, oh, two, three, four in the morning. Boy. Late. (Luke continues to ignore her unabashed hinting) Or I could drop him off at a kennel for a few hours. I know there's a good one in Woodbridge, twenty miles away. Of course, I'd have to leave now and pick up some dilithium crystals on the way, to fix the warp drive in my Jeep so that I could drive there and back in time to meet the wedding party back at the inn, but that's doable. Yeah. And then of course by the time I get off work and drive all the way back there, the kennel will definitely be closed, so I'd have to break in, and that would set off some kind of security system, and then I'd be arrested, so I should probably put a nail file in my shoe, and how much longer are you going to make me do this? Luke: I just wanted to see how long you'd go on. Lorelai: Well, you know my babbling capabilities are infinite. Luke: I'll take the dog home with me, and points for the dilithium crystal reference. Lorelai: Well, you sleep with geeks.

T.J. returns from picking up the workers lunch. He has finally realized that he is not really doing a contractors job and is angry at the deception. He quits and storms off. At Luke's, T.J. is sitting miserably at the counter starting on his fourth milkshake attempting to drink his misery away. Luke tries to get him to recognize the talents he has by pointing out the beautiful shelves he made for the diner. His spirits are buoyed. He decides that he is a craftsman just like Jesus.

Luke gets up to his apartment to find Paul Anka lying on the floor after having eaten some chocolate. He realizes this is a bad thing and rushes him to the vet. The next morning Luke gets out of bed to get a drink of water. Lorelai rolls over and greets him. He asks her what time she got in last night. Lorelai asks him how Paul Anka was last night…

Luke: Well, first off, he ate three pounds of unsweetened baking chocolate, so I had to rush him to the vet. (Lorelai looks concerned.) To his house, because the animal hospital was closed. And he forced some sort of vomit-inducing medicine down Paul Anka's throat, and then Paul Anka proceeded to throw up for the next hour and a half. After that, I sat with him for another three hours, holding a bowl of water under his nose making sure he was re-hydrating properly. (Lorelai looks at him lovingly.) And then I chocolate-proofed the apartment and the diner, make sure that never happens again, and now I'm going to go downstairs and make Paul Anka some scrambled eggs, because the vet said that the kibble's going to be a little hard on his stomach for a couple days. Does he have any particular fear of cheddar? 'Cause I thought I'd throw that in to make it taste better. Lorelai: (Thinks for a minute.) Luke. Luke: Yeah. Lorelai: I don't want to set a wedding date until things are right with Rory. Luke: (Nods) Okay. (Lorelai sits up straight and smiles, relieved) Luke: So, the cheddar is - Lorelai: Okay.

Luke goes to the diner to make Paul Anka's breakfast while Lorelai snuggles back into bed.

Rory is on the Yale campus in time to see the freshman orientation. She looks at the new students wistfully. We then see Rory being inducted into the DAR. She looks very out of place.

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