Gilmore Girls

Season 2 Episode 16

There's the Rub

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 09, 2002 on The WB

Episode Recap

Renovations to Luke and Jess' apartment wreak havoc on the diner below, dropping Sheetrock on diners and making the competition for a table stiffer than usual. Lorelai is torn away from her coffee by a call from Emily. Emily offers her a free spa weekend that she won at a charity auction then finagles her way in on the fun, too, to Lorelai's chagrin. As Lorelai prepares for the mother-daughter rest fest she tries to convince Rory to do something fun and exciting in the empty house while she's away. Rory's idea of fun and exciting includes laundry, TV and Indian food, not kegs and Hells Angels. Dean has a tough time understanding why Rory would chose alone time over time alone with him but he tries to accept it.

Lorelai spends the day at the spa trying to get away from Emily who seems to follow like a shadow -- an excitable and talkative shadow -- from facial to massage, all day long. Eventually she accepts that Emily wants some together time, after Emily confronts her about her disagreeableness, and the two actually start to have some fun. They share lipstick, dare to leave the spa premises for a juicy steak, and agree on martinis and peanuts as appetizers. But when Emily dances with another man, she blames Lorelai for pushing her to the brink of adultery and the fun part of the evening goes out the window. The two head home from the spa early, but not before talking it out and bonding over a bit of theft.

Rory's quiet night turns out to be much different than she planned. Paris comes by and insists on studying. Jess drops by with food and insists on staying for dinner. Then Dean calls saying he's bringing ice cream. Rory tries to get Jess out of the house before Dean arrives, but instead pushes Jess out the door just as Dean is coming up the walk. Dean gets angry, despite everything Rory says to calm him down. In the end Paris makes up a brilliant story about asking Rory to invite Jess so the two of them can hook up. Dean buys it, barely, and Rory is forever in Paris' debt.