Gilmore Girls

Season 2 Episode 16

There's the Rub

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 09, 2002 on The WB



  • Trivia

    • When Paris calls her Nanny to ask if she can eat dinner at Rory's house, she is speaking Spanish. However, in the season 5 episode 19, "But I'm a Gilmore!", Paris states that Nanny only speaks Portuguese.

    • Paris says " Voy a comer la cena de casa de Rory" which translates into "I'm going to eat the dinner from the house of Rory." The proper Spanish would have been " Voy a cenar en la casa de Rory" which means I'm going to have dinner at Rory's house .

    • When Jess comes to drop off the Luke's care package, Rory says she already ordered Indian food. Rory ordered the Indian food when Paris showed up an hour earlier, why does it take an hour to make the food and deliver it? Also, later in the episode, the food is never shown, does that mean it was never delivered?

      Explanation: In the deleted scene on the DVD Rory offers Paris samosas, which are in fact Indian food. So, it was delivered.

    • When Rory invites Paris to stay for dinner when Jess brings a care package, Paris asks if there is mac-and-cheese. She says she loves mac-and-cheese, but in the episode "Concert Interruptus" in season 1 episode 13, she says she is lactose intolerant.
      Possible Explanation: Different people have different levels of lactose intolerance, so it's possible that Paris could still eat mac and cheese occasionally or in small amounts without it bothering her. Paris also states that she is not allowed to have mac and cheese, so it is also possible that her lactose intolerance is the reason why, and she simply loves it enough to deal with the symptoms.

    • When Emily pours her water when they get to the spa, you can see that a cucumber does not drop into her glass. When they are standing at the registration desk, you can see a cucumber in her water. At the end of the scene and they are walking away, there is no cucumber again.

    • How come Chad (the man in the bar) doesn't see Emily's wedding ring? If you're trying to pick someone up, and she's sitting there with her daughter, you would naturally look for a ring to see if the woman you are interested in is married. Unless of course he didn't care which then does not say much for him!

    • Lorelai is on the phone changing the appointments at the day spa so that she doesn't have to see her mother the whole time. A minute later Emily is at the front. Later when they get to the spa, Lorelai discovers that the appointments have been changed and Emily says she changed them on the way over to Lorelai's. How could Emily have changed the appointments in such a short space of time?

    • The drummer's instruments and playing style are out of sync with the music we hear.

  • Quotes

    • Lorelai: Mom, you signed us up for a couple's massage.
      Emily: So?
      Lorelai: A couple's massage is for a couple – not a couple of people.
      Emily: It's more efficient this way. We'll both be finished at the same time.
      Lorelai: Mom, do you know what most people who get these massages do about five minutes after it's over? They have sex, together, probably while wearing their robes.

    • Rory: I just wanted to thank you.
      Luke: For what?
      Rory: The care package. It was really sweet.
      Luke: What care package?
      Jess: Uh, Luke, they're hitting the water line again.
      Luke: What? Tom, you are dead. You hear me? Dead! (Goes off)
      Jess: Wanna pay?
      Rory: Funny, I don't think Luke knew anything about the food last night.
      Jess: That'll be $12.50.
      Rory: Which means you lied about why you came over.
      Jess: I'm out of quarters, I'll have to give you nickels.
      Rory: You wanted to come over!
      Jess: I gotta get back to work.
      Rory: You're squirming. I've never seen you squirm. It's entertaining.
      Jess: Yeah?

    • (Rory is trying to get Jess to leave)
      Jess: Are you sure we couldn't sit down, have a little heart-to-heart? He'd tell me his issues, I'd tell him mine, we'd hug.
      Rory: (opens door) Go.
      Jess: (going outside) Okay, well give him my best...(sees Dean at bottom of steps) Actually, I think I might do that myself.
      Rory: He just dropped by to give me some food.
      Jess: From Luke's.
      Rory: He wanted to make sure I ate.
      Jess: Luke did.
      Rory: Yeah, Luke did.
      Jess: Personally, I could care less if she eats.
      Jess:(sees what Dean's holding) And what's that? Aw, a little ice cream package just big enough for two. How sweet. (Dean glowers at Jess) Oh, now you're doing that towering-over-me thing. Huh. You've really got that down. It helps that you're like twelve feet tall, but add that Frankenstein scowl it's just.
      Rory: Jess.
      Jess: Okay, I'm leaving. (starts to walk away, turns around and says to Dean) I really was just dropping off some food, so don't get all West Side Story on me, alright?

    • (Dean and Lorelai watching through the window of Luke's Diner to Rory and Jess who are flirting)
      Dean: Rory wouldn't lie, right?
      Lorelai: No. Rory wouldn't lie.

    • Emily: Why can't we have what you and Rory have?
      Lorelai: Rory and I are different, Mom.
      Emily: You're mother and daughter, we're mother and daughter, it shouldn't be that much different.
      Lorelai: No, Mom, it is completely different.
      Emily: How?
      Lorelai: I grew up in a different environment.
      Emily: An oppressive environment?
      Lorelai: No, Mom, a different environment, and plus I was so young when I had Rory.
      Emily: So just because I waited until I was grown and married to get pregnant, I can't have a relationship with my daughter?
      Lorelai: No, it's just...Rory and I are best friends, Mom. We are best friends first, and mother and daughter second, and you and I are mother and daughter all the time.
      Emily: I wasn't taught to be best friends with my daughter. I did what I thought was best for you. I did what I thought I needed to do to protect you.
      Lorelai: I know.

    • Emily: (about Lorelai's shade of lipstick) That's a pretty color. What's it called?
      Lorelai: "Vicious Trollop."
      Emily: Now why do you say things like that? (Lorelai shows her the lipstick tube). Now why would you name a lipstick that?
      Lorelai: Because "Dirty Whore" was taken.

    • Luke: (to Rory) Did you find a nail in your food? (to construction worker) Tom, you're dead!
      Rory: There's nothing wrong with my food.
      Luke: Sorry, Tom!

    • Lorelai: People just don't seem to realize that it takes years of practice to eat the way we do.

    • Paris: I'd better get going. I'm going to break out in rash any second.

    • Lorelai: Can we bribe you?
      Waitress: No.
      Lorelai: (pointing to Emily) Please? She's loaded!

    • Emily: (to Lorelai) You're muttering under your breath. Years of experience have taught me that when you do that, it's usually about me.

    • Emily: They have cucumber slices in the water.
      Lorelai: Oh, wow. Now if they have ranch dressing in the soap dispensers, this place is great.

    • Emily: We intend to leave here completely different people.
      Lorelai: Yes, I'm going to be Ted Nugent.

  • Notes

    • German episode title: "Rivalen", meaning "Rivals".

      French episode title: "Pas si simple", meaning "It's Not That Simple".

    • Keiko Agena (Lane Kim), Edward Herrmann (Richard Gilmore), Yanic Truesdale (Michel Gerard) and Melissa McCarthy (Sookie St. James) did not appear in this episode.

    • Music:
      "Deora Ar Mo Chroí" by Enya
      "I Can't Give You Anything But Love, Baby" by Marty and Elayne
      "Come Fly With Me" by Marty and Elayne
      "Fly Me to the Moon" by Marty and Elayne
      "Someone to Watch Over Me" by Marty and Elayne
      "Stayin' Alive" by Marty and Elayne

  • Allusions

    • Jess: It helps that you're twelve feet tall, but this Frankenstein scowl really adds to the whole - .

      Frankenstein was originally a novel by Mary Shelly about a doctor Frankenstein that created a monster. The book was later turned into a lot of movies.

    • Lorelai: Careful, Mom. That's how they get you in the Moonies.

      The Unification Church, known as "the Moonies" after its leader Sun Myung Moon, is a controversial religious cult.

    • Jess: Look, man, I really was just dropping off some food, so don't get all West Side Story on me, okay?

      West Side Story is a musical that reworks Romeo and Juliet, set among American and Puerto Rican street gangs in NYC.

    • Lorelai: I'll have you working at the Chicken Ranch by the end of the month.

      The Chicken Ranch is a legal brothel in Nevada. It's also the name of the brothel in the 80's musical-movie "The best little whorehouse in Texas", starring Dolly Parton and Burt Reynolds.

    • Rory: Actually, I was thinking of pulling kind of a hermit thing tonight.
      Dean: Why?
      Rory: I don't know. J.D. Salinger seems to dig it.

      J.D.Salinger is a popular author who lives as a hermit and refuses to do interviews or talk to people.

    • Lounge Singer: Our salute to the Chairman of the Board.

      The Chairman of the Board was a nickname for Frank Sinatra, considered one of the greatest singers ever.

    • Paris: (noting Rory's pajamas with Mr. Peanut on them) This was the big night you had planned? A rendezvous with Mr. Peanut.

      Mr. Peanut is the Planters Peanuts mascot and logo. A peanut with a top hat, cane and monocle.

    • Paris: The person who wrote this should be dressed in a clown suit, stuffing bodies under their porch.

      John Wayne Gacy was a respected business man but he was also a serial killer. He would often dress up as a clown and entertain children at the hospital. During a three year period in Chicago he lured at least 30 young men; raped, tortured, killed them and buried them under his house.

    • Lorelai: Yes, I'm going to be Ted Nugent.

      A rock musician and guitar showman, he is responsible for a few memorable tunes such as Cat Scratch Fever. He is also an avid hunter and supporter of hunter's rights.

    • Lorelai: It's in the Luca Brasi mobile out front.

      Luca Brasi was Don Corleone's go-to henchman in The Godfather.

    • Lorelai: I guess so, Miss Daisy.

      Driving Miss Daisy is a 1989 film about an older southern woman, Miss Daisy, who is chauffeured around. Starring Jessica Tandy, who received an Oscar for this role, and Morgan Freeman and Dan Aykroyd, who both received Oscar nominations for roles in this film.

    • Lorelai: Rory, you have to do something bad when Mommy's out of town. It's the law. Haven't you seen Risky Business.

      1983 film which launched Tom Cruise's career. In the film his character, Joel, drives his dad's expensive car, has a massive party, and operates a prostitution ring out of his parents' house while they're out of town.

    • Title: There's the Rub

      Most likely a reference to Hamlet's speech, "To die, to sleep—to sleep—perchance to dream: ay, there's the rub".