Gilmore Girls

Season 3 Episode 22

Those Are Strings, Pinocchio

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 20, 2003 on The WB

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  • Rory graduates from Chilton, Sookie and Lorelai get the dragonfly inn. An excellent, heart-warming season three finale.

    I'll start by saying that this was without a doubt my favourite Gilmore girls finale so far and probably is up in my top five episodes to date. The whole graduation was sad but brilliant, it as sad because you knew Rory's youth was coming to a conclusion but was brilliant due to humour and the speech made by Rory.

    The Gilmore's are getting ready for there pack backing trip around Europe and it was amusing with Rory bringing too many books and Lorelai too much toothpaste. Dean and Rory had better closure in there relationship, as Rory shows that she is supportive of his engagement to Lindsey. It was good to see them getting along and Dean not mad at her.

    Then we had Lorelai finding out that the inn has to close, when she went to Sookie and Jackson's to break the news, that was enjoyable. They were doing toasts to bad things and all pretended to be okay with it. Sookie and Michel's little argument was enjoyable, both irritated with there jobs.

    It was nice of Rory to go to her grandparents and it showed how much she cares, I was glad that they were happy that she asked and was even more happy to see Friday night dinners back on the table. Emily and Richard assuming that Lorelai didn't want to see them though the whole episode was a nice touch.

    It was also great to see people come for Paris, very amusing when she greeted the kid. I loved when she said to Headmaster Charlton when getting her diploma 'No hard feeling's' classic Paris, brilliant. Plus Brad singing was funny, everyone was disgusted. Sookie pushing passed people to get out of the chairs was funny, the comments she made.

    The highlight probably was Rory's speech at the end of graduation, it really was a brilliant speech, that was sad and nearly a tearjerker. It was nice to see her talk about Lorelai like that and her grandparents, heart-warming stuff. Seeing Lorelai cry with joy was obviously a good moment but it was funny to see Luke tearing up.

    Another Paris moment when they were getting ready to receive there diplomas and she said to a classmate 'Hey what's your story?' and she's been going to school with her for however many years, so funny. Lorelai was obviously jealous of Luke and Nicole and Luke's dream at the end was great but I was obviously hoping it was real, now we know that he loves her.

    Emily and Richard unveiling of the car was funny, 'It's the one with the bow on it' and they all had bows, amusing. I liked how Emily just slipped in Friday night dinners and it looks like Lorelai is welcome as well. It was a great end with Lorelai wanting to carve there names in the Chilton walls, it was funny when they pretended to talk about the architecture. When they found out they got the inn and Lorelai wrote a message to Rory, another brilliant moment.

    So this really was an excellent finale and I am can't wait to see how Rory handles college life and to see Lorelai and Sookie open there own inn. Will Jess return? Will Luke and Lorelai and Luke ever get together? Bring on season four!
  • rory graduates chilton and luke tells the gilmore girls he's taking nicole on a trip. rory brings people to tears from her valedictorian speech and once again theres emily and richard to complicate things BUT also buy rory a car!!

    a VERY gilmore episode...excatly why i even bother to watch this series is from episodes like this where one minute youre crying from rory's exceptionally sad/true valedictorian speech to complpete histerics when she and lorelai exchange a round of stickiing out their tongues at each other and completly horrifying emily. one minute im sad becuase of the meaningful words that rory says when jess calls but says nothing and the next im jumpimg up and down for joy when sookie and lorelai get the dragonfly inn!! and of course another classic lorelai moment when she wants to carve their intials in the walls of chilton! and then a very luke loves lorelai secretly moment when he dreams that shes tells him not to get engaged on the was full of once again_wonderful acting_ and great writing the gilmore girls pull out ANOTHER,fabulous episode!! i LOVED it!!
  • An absolutely fabulous episode!

    Yay!! Rory graduates Chilton!! While I am a huge fan of television, rarely has there been a show that has been able to draw me in and make me feel like I was right there, that is until Gilmore Girls. This episode was no exception. For three years we followed Rory in her journey through Chilton. We were with her as she struggled to catch up, as she had difficulties fitting in.. From the difficulties early in her sophmore year to watching her become a well liked,well respected member of the school newspaper,the student body vice president and finally the valadictorian. Rory's graduation was a long awaited event,not only for her and Lorelai but for us as well. This episode is an absolute classic and possibly the best episode of the series. There was not a dry eye in the house when Rory delivered her speech on the inspiration that her mother had been. Despite her recent breakup with Jess, Rory stood tall and did not allow it to ruin her day. There are many excellent episodes in this series but this one by far out does them all!
  • A great episode, full of love and powerful emotion

    Rory graduates from Chilton, but not before some drama with Lorelei and her grandparents. It seems that because of the 75 thousand dollars that Lorelei got from Richard, Yale cancelled Rory's financial aide. Sookie finally lets this slip to Rory, causing Rory to go to her grandparents to pay for Yale. They agree, and Richard modifies Rory's harsh payback terms on her self to agree that she will pay them back not until at least five years after she graduates, and with no interest. Later, there is Rory's speech, incredibly heart-warming and well spoken, at her graudation, as she is the Valdectorian. She thanks her grandparents but most of all she thanks her mother for inspiring her, and everyone dissolves into tears, as did I. It was beautiful.
  • I just loved that speech!!!

    It's the season finale and there are lots of things going on.
    Some are bad some are good.
    The graduation is close and so is the trip to Europe. The Independence Inn is closing, Sookie and Lorelai are without work and so is Jackson. That was a weird celebration...

    Taylor is crazy lol and so is Kirk!! deer eaten by woofs lol
    I liked to see Rory reaching out to Dean, helping him with tips for the wedding.

    When Rory finds out that Lorelai is not buying the Dragonfly because of Yale, she gets mad. I liked that, she loves her mother so much that she she would take a loan from a bank, one of those that you take your whole life to pay.

    I knew that she would ask her grandparents, it had to be. She offered a deal...
    When she told Lorelai, that was hard for her to deal with.

    Paris' important people are her maid and her kids, that is sweet. They are like family.

    The graduation ceremony was amazing, the speeches, Sookie with the photos, Rory's speech was amazing too. I liked it and see Luke crying was great lol

    This is a turning point episode, Rory graduated, she told Jess what she thought, she get a car, they are going to Europe, everything ended well.

    This part of their lives is over, season 4 is coming!!
  • Rory Graduates Chilton!

    The episode was great! Rory finds out that Lorelai can't buy the inn because of Rory's high tuition for Yale. When she finds out Rory goes to her grandparent to get a loan to pay for Yale herself. In doing this Lorelai and Sookie get the inn. Rory's graduation ceremony was beautiful. Her speech made me ball my eyes out! Emily and Richard gave Rory a car as her graduation present. After the ceremony Rory gets a call from someone who doesn't speak. She knows it's Jess and she finally gets everything off her chest. It was so sad and when she said she may have loved him but she has to let it go the tears started all over again. A great episode but so sad!
  • Rory graduates high school. She gets a car for graduation. She gets a loan for Yale from her grandparents so Lorelai can buy the inn.

    This episode was quite interesting. Rory ends up needing to get a loan from Richard and Emily in order to pay for Yale. She agrees to reinstate Friday night dinners with her. Lorelai buys her inn. I thought that was cool. She and Sookie were so ready for this. I thought that it was really nice of Richard and Emily to buy Rory a car for graduation. Apparently that is a common gift for the wealthy to give their children for graduation. I thought it was really nice of Luke to go to her graduation as well. I thought that Rory's speech was very heartwarming. I could tell that Lorelai, Richard and Emily were really touched by it.
  • Rory graduates and Lorelai gets the inn.

    Lorelai and Sookie finally have the chance to make their dream come true of making their own inn. But the biggest thing was Rory's gradutation. Moving on to become a college girl Rory, the top grad, gives an amazing speech. Even making Luke cry or blubber. She wants to be just like her mother, and they are so much alike, yet so different. Paris gives a speech in which air quotes are involved and Brad brags about his time on Broadway. Madeline and Louise sit back hoping Brad goes out a winner, but he had to sing. I had to agree with Rory on that. "Oh, Brad." That's probably what I love about this episode the most, besides the ending. The hang ups Rory has been getting are obviously comming from Jess, and she says that she might have loved him, but she has to let it go. That kind of upset me, because Jess could've done all those things Rory said he could've. He went about everything wrong, and if he hadn't, they probably would've been together longer. Then at the end of the episode, Chilton didn't seem so scary anymore. Of course you know Lorelai wanted to do something crazy like carving initials into something, but everything was too historic.
  • Great episode, a real tear jerker!

    The episode is the series finale and in my opinion a really great episode. Rory finally graduated from Chilton and delivered a wonder vallavictorion speech (i cried, haha) Rory managed to get money for Yale so that her mother was able to buy The Dragonfly Inn with Sookie. Rory who had been recieving crazy phone calls who she believed were from Jess, answered the phone tells the person on the other end of the phone line that she loved him once however expressed her hurt about him leaving, not taking her to prom, not attending her graduation and handling things so badly. The person on the other line was in fact Jess who looks saddened by the call and walks off down the board walk. Luke, who was going on a cruise with his girlfriend was talked out of it by Lorelia and then talked into it again by her. Luke also has a strange dream about Lorelai who walks into the diner and says out of the blue that she doesn't want him to get engaged to his girlfriend and then walks out. Throughout the episode Rory and Lorelai are packing on their trip to California and have amusing arguments about the amount of shoes Lorelai wants to take and the amount of books Rory intends to take. Overall a great episode, i'd love to watch it again.
  • Great season finale!

    This was a perfect finale for season three! I loved everything! The fact that Rory graduated from Chilton, she was Valed-Victorian (spelling?), that, Lorelai, Sookie, Jackson, Emily, Richard, and Luke went to the ceremony, they all cried when Rory gave her speech, and when Rory did her picture with her weird face, and Lorelai did it back! I loved EVERYTHING!!!! I think that this is exactly how Rory's graduation from Yale should be, exactly like this one for the season 7 finale!!!! I really hope that we can get more episodes like this in the series, then it woul be perfect!
  • Rory graduates from Chilton, at a beautiful ceremony with the people that have shaped her life.

    This is one of the few episodes that gets me every time. My favorite part was Rory's incredibly moving valedictorian speech, in which she thanks Lorelai for everything she's done and explains that the only person she ever really wanted to be was her mom. Rory's confrontation with Jess (over the phone) was also another good part of the episode. I think that losing Rory was probably the catalyst for Jess to look at his life and decide what changes he needed to make. I also like that Rory stands up for herself, the way her mother would.

    Finally, the dream Luke has about Lorelai telling him not to get engaged is absolutely brilliant. I like the fact that they both began and ended the season with Luke and Lorelai dreaming of each other.

    All in all, a very powerful season finale. Kudos, ASP.
  • A big example of why I love Gilmore Girls.

    When Rory was giving her speech I don't know why but I felt as if I was in her shoes. Everything she said I felt it as if it was my live. Though I was laughing at Lorelai and Sookie for trying not to cry, I was crying. This is the first time that tears have literaly fallen off my eyes. I've had a knot in my throat and I've had watery eyes, but I've never cried as if I was crying for something in my life. I just have to say that this episode is a classic and it's very well written and acted. I loved Luke in this episode, he looked completly charming in that tux, the blue shirt and his brand new haircut. He was more handsome than ever, no wonder Lorelai said those comments about commitment. Although she's always been jealous of Luke's relationships, deep down she's always had a thing for him as he has had for her. I also almost cried again during Jess'call to Rory, it was heart-breaking.
  • Rory finally graduates!

    Rory's stressful and challenging time at Chilton has finally come to its end. And she made Valedictorian!!!!

    Rory and Lorelai sadly have to deal with money problems in this episode also. Pending Lorelai's gift of $75,000 dollars from her father Yale will no longer give Rory financial aid. So Lorelai decides that she cannot but the Dragonfly, this way her daughter can go to the school of her dreams...

    When Rory finds this out she makes a deal with her grandparents. She will reinstate Friday Night Dinners in return for them paying for Yale. This way her mom can still fulfill her dream and buy her inn.

    Besides of the monetary issues, this is a very touching and heart felt episode climaxing in Rory's speech where she honors her mother and her grandparents.
  • Rory graduated!

    I was crying right along with Lorelai and the rest of the Stars Hollow gang when Rory delivered her speech. I loved it, really a moment to remember in the youngest Gilmore's life.

    I especially love that even though we feel the mother daughter connection between the girls in every episode it was really pouring in this episode. Which is how it would be in a real moment such as this.
  • rory graduated!

    this episode is still great no matter how many times you watch it.can\'t wait for the new season!rory is so perfect. Validicictorian what an honor! Lorelei hates that she has to go to her mom\'s house again on friday but such is life for that is the only way she will be able to get her inn! sookie was so funny when she was trying to take picture of rory. I wish though that at the end jess would just say something, I really wanted them to stay together! thats all i have to say about that for now okay!!!
  • Due to Loreli’s financial status, she decided to use the money for the Dragon fly for Yale instead of buying her own Inn. Rory asked her grandparents to lend her money in order to pay for Yale.A silent call from Jess her caused Rory to express her feeling

    This episode is very emotional since Rory has finally graduated. Every high school graduate must have had an emotional feeling, but for the Gilmore’s it was in my opinion the most exciting time for everyone including Luke.

    The episode was well written and acted. It was so emotional I almost cried due to the fact that it made me think of what will exactly happen in my graduation. Will I be chosen to deliver a speech to the whole school? Hope so. It will certainly be a fantastic time for me and y family.

    I really liked the speech Rory made. It was so superb and direct. Another aspect of the episode which was shocking was the way Jess called Rory twice, without even saying a word. Rory deserved to tell Jess the truth and quite frankly he is one lousy boyfriend who has no sympathy what’s so ever towards Rory.

    The third season will surely be splendid and interesting to witness collage life right after high school.
  • a sad, but great season finale

    Wow...this episode of Gilmore Girls makes me cry every time I watch it! The graduation speech Rory gives and how she talks about her grandparents, and of course, Lorelai, is so touching. Also, the continued relationship with the grandparents because of their new financial help in Rory and Lorelai's life is both fun and needed (Richard and Emily are hilarious)! And of course, the ending of the episode with Rory and Jess on the phone is heartbreaking. We finally see that Rory really did love Jess despite his flaws and their dysfunctional relationship. The look on his face when she hangs up and says goodbye is priceless. Overall, a great episode.
  • rorys is graduating high school and needs to find some money to pay for yale.

    such a great way to end the thrid season of the gilmore girls. rory gives a speech to her graduating class that makes me shed a tear every time i watch it. the fact that her mother is her insperation in life is amazing. i like the fact that this show has a great mother daughter chemistry. i was so proud of rory that she would go to her grandparents to ask them to pay for yale with every intentions of paying them back so her mother can buy the dragonfly property. it was wonderful that she tought of her mother rather then herself evan if she has to continue the frida night dinners.
  • Rory is Valadictorian and must give a speech before the whole school at graduation and Lorelai must figure out how to pay for Yale and buy her Inn at the same time. And she is not going to her parents again. Rory learns of and does ask for the money.

    It does not matter how many times I watch this I cry at the same spot everytime. While Rory is giving her speech at graduation and starts talking about her mom..... can I have a tissue please. Lorelai is really trying not to cry but gives in when Rory says that she really wants to be like her best friend...her mom.
  • One of the best, saddest, uplifting episodes of this show.

    It is not often that I would cry during a TV show, but this episode really got me. When Rory gave her graduation speech, and got up and told everyone that she wanted to be just like her mom, the tears started flowing. As stupid as that may sound, I just couldn't help it, it was so touching. I thought this was one of the best Gilmore Girls season finales made.
  • It's time for Rory to graduate as Lorelai faces the truth that she might not get her own Inn this year after all..

    I enjoyed this episode a lot. Rory graduates from Chilton and even Jess makes a slight appereance in the end when Rory confesses to him on the phone (he doesn't say a word, no hello or anything! BAD JESS! :P). Anyhow. She confesses that she thinks she loved him but that she's getting over him now. Great part of acting on Alexis Bledel's part.

    I'm loving the mother/daughter communication and Rory's interrogation skills with Richard and Emily but also with Lorelai when they need to decide how many books and toothpastes can go with them to Europe. Funny!

    Anyhow, Rory makes a deal with her grandparents that will make it possible for Lorelai to bid on the Dragonfly Inn as Rory has to pay back for Yale and come back for Friday night diners.

    The best part of the episode is when Rory is giving her speech and everybody starts to cry. My absolute favorite part! Also I like the part when Emily and Richard arrive for graduation and they don't know if their seats are with Lorelai and Sookie and if there might be a spare space next to Lorelai! So funny!

    And Luke on vacation with nicole?! Bad choice, take Lorelai :P

    Excellent season finale and you really wonder what the next season will give our Gilmore Girls
  • After studying at Chilton for three years, Rory finally graduates in this episode that marks the end of her childhood and the beginning of her more adult, college bound life.

    This was a wonderful episode full of nostalgia as it marks the end of Rory's days at Chilton. It reminds me how sad but necessary change can be, especially when growing up and out into the world. I recommend this episode for anyone, especially younger people, who are at that stage in their lives where they are about to take that next step.

    As an aside that should not deter from the quality of the episode, an inconsistency I saw was in a scene where Luke is in his diner at night when Lorelai comes in to tell him not to get engaged and then leaves. Luke then wakes up in his apartment, telling us that it had just been a dream. The inconsistent part about this scene is that it takes place right after Rory's graduation ceremony concluded, a ceremony that Luke attended. I'd like to know how Luke got from Chilton to his diner and managed to fall asleep in his chair within a five minute or less period of time.