Gilmore Girls

Season 3 Episode 22

Those Are Strings, Pinocchio

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 20, 2003 on The WB

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  • Rory graduates from Chilton, Sookie and Lorelai get the dragonfly inn. An excellent, heart-warming season three finale.

    I'll start by saying that this was without a doubt my favourite Gilmore girls finale so far and probably is up in my top five episodes to date. The whole graduation was sad but brilliant, it as sad because you knew Rory's youth was coming to a conclusion but was brilliant due to humour and the speech made by Rory.

    The Gilmore's are getting ready for there pack backing trip around Europe and it was amusing with Rory bringing too many books and Lorelai too much toothpaste. Dean and Rory had better closure in there relationship, as Rory shows that she is supportive of his engagement to Lindsey. It was good to see them getting along and Dean not mad at her.

    Then we had Lorelai finding out that the inn has to close, when she went to Sookie and Jackson's to break the news, that was enjoyable. They were doing toasts to bad things and all pretended to be okay with it. Sookie and Michel's little argument was enjoyable, both irritated with there jobs.

    It was nice of Rory to go to her grandparents and it showed how much she cares, I was glad that they were happy that she asked and was even more happy to see Friday night dinners back on the table. Emily and Richard assuming that Lorelai didn't want to see them though the whole episode was a nice touch.

    It was also great to see people come for Paris, very amusing when she greeted the kid. I loved when she said to Headmaster Charlton when getting her diploma 'No hard feeling's' classic Paris, brilliant. Plus Brad singing was funny, everyone was disgusted. Sookie pushing passed people to get out of the chairs was funny, the comments she made.

    The highlight probably was Rory's speech at the end of graduation, it really was a brilliant speech, that was sad and nearly a tearjerker. It was nice to see her talk about Lorelai like that and her grandparents, heart-warming stuff. Seeing Lorelai cry with joy was obviously a good moment but it was funny to see Luke tearing up.

    Another Paris moment when they were getting ready to receive there diplomas and she said to a classmate 'Hey what's your story?' and she's been going to school with her for however many years, so funny. Lorelai was obviously jealous of Luke and Nicole and Luke's dream at the end was great but I was obviously hoping it was real, now we know that he loves her.

    Emily and Richard unveiling of the car was funny, 'It's the one with the bow on it' and they all had bows, amusing. I liked how Emily just slipped in Friday night dinners and it looks like Lorelai is welcome as well. It was a great end with Lorelai wanting to carve there names in the Chilton walls, it was funny when they pretended to talk about the architecture. When they found out they got the inn and Lorelai wrote a message to Rory, another brilliant moment.

    So this really was an excellent finale and I am can't wait to see how Rory handles college life and to see Lorelai and Sookie open there own inn. Will Jess return? Will Luke and Lorelai and Luke ever get together? Bring on season four!