Gilmore Girls

Season 3 Episode 22

Those Are Strings, Pinocchio

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 20, 2003 on The WB



  • Trivia

    • (Rory's Valedictorian Speech)
      Rory: many people who have shaped my life and my fellow student's lives impermeably and forever...

      im·per·me·a·ble (ĭm-pûr'mē-ə-bəl) adj. Impossible to permeate -·per'me·a·bly per·me·ate (pûr'mē-āt') spread or diffuse through;

      "Shaped them to be impossible to spread or diffuse through"?? --- A clearly out of place, utterly misused word (there's no question it's the word used, either). Considering Rory is supposed to be Valedictorian as well as a highly effective writer, it seems odd that she would have screwed up so badly on such an important speech. The "im-" prefix alone should have tipped off someone. Possibly the word meant here was pervasively:
      per·vade [per-veyd] to become spread throughout all parts of - adv. per·va'sive·ly EDIT: What she means is that what the teacher's have taught them will be in their lives forever. Nothing can permeate or change the great knowledge they have gained at Chilton.