Gilmore Girls

Season 5 Episode 4

Tippecanoe and Taylor, Too

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 12, 2004 on The WB
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Lorelai confesses that part of the charm of breakfast by Luke is breakfast at Luke's; Rory is less than thrilled to discover that the common room in her suite has been overtaken by a huge antique printing press Paris inherited from Asher; Lorelai and Sookie head up Jackson's campaign committee when he decides to run against Taylor for town selectman to put an end to the grocer's petty tyranny over Stars Hollow, but Lorelai has second thoughts when she sees how Jackson's projected landslide victory is affecting Taylor; Rory and Dean have difficulty finding a comfortable place to be alone, compounded by Dean's having to share a car with Lindsay and his reluctance to make his relationship with Rory public; Lane confesses her true feelings to Zack; after all the votes have been counted, Jackson isn't quite certain he wants the job, and Taylor vows not to go away quietly.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Jackson runs against Taylor for town selectman, Rory and Dean have trouble finding privacy

    The main thing about this episode is Jackson runnning against Taylor for town selectman. It starts with Jackson demonstrating to Sookie and Lorelai his greenhouse tomatoes, trumpeting the fact that they can now get delicous tomatoes in October (as well as year round). Sookie is ecstatic and soon she and Jackson are feeding each other tomatoes ecstitically. Also, Lorelai is getting the roundaround from Taylor about parking spaces for the Inn. It seems she didn't include her middle name on the application. When Jackson drops by at Taylor's market, Taylor hints there is a probme with the greenhouse, but he won't tell Jackson what it is. Later, at the town meeting, he informs Jackson that it is 6 inches too close to his property. Jackson, at the end of his rope, then decides to run for Taylor's position of town selectman. As it turns out, the whole town votes for Jackson and against Taylor, and he wins in a landslide. But he realizes he already has a job and a life and doesn't really want the job, but it's too late!

    Meanwhile, Rory and Dean are having trouble finding private time together. Dean can't get to Yale because Lindsey has the car. Rory drives to Dean's, but there is no privacy becuase it is his parents' house. Finally, Rory asked Dean the question that has been bothering her: Would Dean have left Lindsey if she hadn't found Rory's letter and thrown him out? Dean somewhat unconvincely assures her he would have.moreless
  • Jackson runs for town selectman, Rory and Dean try to spend time together. Great episode!

    I was glad to see Jackson run for town selectmen purely because I'm not a fan of Taylor, he can be really irritating at times. But I do see the point to his character and therefore was glad that Jackson told people he didn't really want to do it and Taylor saying he'll be back some day.

    Dean was a bit unfair to Rory once again, especially with the claiming she wants to rub Lindsey's nose in there relationship. His mother was obviously wary of them, it was quite amusing at times. Lorelai tried to be supportive and that shows how good she can be. When Dean arrived at there dorm, Paris was very funny with it. Making sure there were rules, guidelines.

    Luke and Lorelai are together/dating and that's a great thing, they just seem to connect on screen. The opening scene was amusing when Luke was making her breakfast but she wanted to go to Luke's itself, plus she learns more about him and this was nice to see, I hope to see more of them.

    I really liked how Lane confessed her feelings to Zach, I would love to see them together and hope it would work out. It was entertaining to see her be so jealous of the other girls, can't wait to see how it turns out. Look forward to more!moreless
  • Jackson runs against Taylor for town selectman, Lorelai and Luke's relationship grows and Dean kisses Rory in public after the separation.

    Luke and Lorelai's relationship is getting closer, he is even cooking for her.

    And Taylor is back to his old things, now it's Jackson's time to suffer. Jackson built a greenhouse in the backyard and that is working well. But Taylor had to bring problems up.

    Lane found last episode that she likes Zack but she didn't told him that. Now the jealousy starts because of the girls around him.

    Jackson is running against Taylor for town selectman. Lorelai and Sookie prepare the whole thing lol Luke's diner is the headquarters.

    I also felt sorry for Taylor when Lorelai saw him at the Soda Shop.If it wasn't for her, Taylor would have only one vote, his own.

    And Lane finally decided to tell Zack how she fells.moreless
  • Luke and Lorelai's relationship progresses. Taylor is elected out of being Town Selectman. Jackson is elected to be Stars Hollow's new Town Selectman. Dean and Rory's relationship has some awkward moments.moreless

    This is another quirky Stars Hollow episode. I love these episodes when you have the whole town involved and Taylor is Taylor in all his glory.

    I love that Luke tried to cook Lorelai breakfast in her house. I understand Lorelai not wanting to change her routine of eating at the diner, but she should have just enjoyed the breakfast he made! I also love how Lorelai could still irritate Luke, but in the end, convince him to do anything she wants. He was so frustrated with her when she made the diner her and Sookie's headquarters for Jackson's campaign for Town Selectman, and he was adamant about not letting her use the diner as a gathering place for the campaign on the night of the election. The next scene you see of him, he is handing the keys over to Lorelai as everyone is gathered in the diner! She does have her way about her! I love those scenes! I especially loved the last scene when after the election, she wanted to just be with him, but she realized he had been asleep. As tired as Luke was, he was happy that he had the girl he wanted and she clearly wanted to be with him. So sweet!moreless
  • I loved this show, it was a really funny episode, Lorelai gets a big kick out of messing with Luke and she does such a good job at it.

    This was entertaining and very funny, Taylor is really starting to get people's nerves, and while at a town metting Jackson gets really upset with Taylor and desides to run for selectman.

    Lorelai and Sookie start his campange. And he is doing a really good job at sweeping taylor in the Election, once the electiopn is over, Jackson wonders whether or not he really wants this job, afterall when would he have time to do this job and his porduce too.

    rory and dean have problems being alone, and he starts to get uneasy about the whole relationship. He really just wants to go home.

    There just so much humor in this one it hard to single out even just one. Great Show, will watch it again.moreless
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Sean Gunn

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (11)

    • Lane's band is back stage listening to the song they're supposed to play at Jackson's rally. It seems weird that they didn't know what song to play five minutes before the show. Shouldn't they rehearse before playing?

    • Dean tells Rory that he does not want to parade his relationship around town and in front of an already hurt Lindsay. This is ironic because just two years earlier(season 3) Rory told Jess, although a little nicer, the same thing concerning their relationship and hurting Dean!

    • In this episode, Jackson's last name is "Belleville", though in previous episodes, he was introduced as Jackson Melville.

    • When Rory goes to Dean's house and they are in his room, there are several pictures and a Stars Hollow High pennant on the wall. When Dean's mother comes to his door and they are talking, the same pictures and pennant are in a different position.

    • In this episode, Rory calls Dean's mother, May. In, "Say Goodnight, Gracie", in the wedding announcement for Dean and Lindsay, Dean's mother's name is Barbara.

    • In this episode it is stated that Stars Hollow has no mayor, just a selectman. However,during season one Harry,who is the town Mayor appears in a couple episodes. Then, in Hay Bale Maze, Rory tells Logan that Taylor is the mayor of Stars Hollow.

    • When Rory goes to Dean's house in this episode, his front door has windows. In the previous episode, she goes to his house but it's a completely different door and there are no windows.

    • This is the first time Lorelai has ever had a man in her room at the same time she was. In "Red Light on the Wedding Night" Max did stay over but Lorelai ended up sleeping in Rory's room.

    • Hep Alien listens to the song they are going to be playing before the show starts and says that it's lame. Why would they be listening to the song for the first time right before the show if they have to practice and learn the words and the chords?

    • Rory asks if Luke is naked when cooking breakfast. It could be a reference to 'Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days', when Rory asks if in Lorelais dream, Luke was naked making breakfast.

    • By Kirk's calculations, the population of Stars Hollow is 557 (0.002/(1005/280000000) = 557), which is obviously incorrect, since 1,124 people voted in the election.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Taylor: What is this, Lorelai, lingering resentment over the parking space issue?
      Lorelai: Well, come on, you rejected it because I left out my middle name. How many other Lorelai Gilmores do you know?
      Taylor: Well there's your daughter.
      Lorelai: Okay, so, you know, two. Bet you can't name a third, unless you knew my grandma!

    • Kirk: You won't believe, big news!
      Lorelai: Kirk sit down.
      Kirk: Can't, these aren't my pants.

    • Dean: Look at us. The college student and the divorcee.
      Rory: We'd make a good adult film.

    • Luke: (Sarcastically) Hey, excuse me, but my customers aren't getting in the way of your thing here, are they?
      Lorelai: (Thinks about it) Uh, no, they're fine.
      Luke: Good. 'Cause I can kick them out or close down for you, if you like.
      Lorelai: That's sweet, but we're good.
      Luke: So you'll tell me if my business is in your way?
      Lorelai: You'll be the first to know...

    • Clara: I'm so glad you're back. I never liked Lindsay.
      Dean: Clara!
      Clara: I wouldn't say that to Lindsay!

    • Lorelai: (holding bottle) Don't you also hate champagne?
      Luke: Kind of.
      Lorelai: Yeah, I'm learning, I'm learning. (kisses him)

    • (Lorelai and Sookie have set up a table at Luke's campaigning Jackson and Luke doesn't want it there)
      Luke: Okay, maybe you were missing my subtle sarcasm there when I mentioned my customers being in your way?
      Lorelai: Oh, no. I didn't miss it at all.
      Luke: Get your war room outta here.
      Lorelai: Hey, this is for a good cause. Taylor bugs you, too.
      Luke: Yes, he bugs me.
      Lorelai: Okay then. We're trying to get rid of your little annoyance.
      Luke: By becoming my new little annoyance?
      Lorelai: Oh, hey, the night of the rally, we're gonna need a sort of backstage gathering area.
      Luke: You cannot gather here.
      (Lorelai gestures to the square)
      Lorelai: But it's right across from the --
      Luke: You cannot gather here.
      Lorelai: See, the stage is right over -
      Luke: You cannot gather here.
      Lorelai: Do you like my hair like this?
      Luke: (without skipping a beat) Yes, and you cannot gather here.
      Lorelai: Wow. Sleeping with you is getting me nothing.

    • (Lorelai and Rory are talking on the phone. Luke is making Lorelai Breakfast at her house)
      Rory: Who is that?
      Lorelai: It's Luke.
      Luke: Who's that?
      Lorelai: It's Rory.
      Rory: Luke. It's pretty early in the morning for Luke to be there. Unless, perhaps, he woke up there.
      Lorelai: Well, he did.
      Luke: "He did" what? Are you talking about me?
      Rory: Man, that's weird.
      Lorelai: What's weird?
      Luke: Who's weird? I'm weird?
      Rory: The thought of Luke running around naked in my kitchen. It's weird.
      Lorelai: Luke is not running around naked in your kitchen. He is sitting at the table, and, yes, he is naked.
      Luke: Don't do that. Don't tell her I'm naked. I'm not naked. (yells so that Rory can hear him) I'm not naked!
      Rory: He sounds naked.
      Lorelai: Well, the chairs are cold.
      Rory: Huh?
      Lorelai: He actually tried to make me breakfast.
      Rory: Really?
      Lorelai: Yeah, naked.
      Luke: (drops what he's doing and starts to leave) Okay, that's it, I'm gone.
      Lorelai: Oh, no, no, no. Sorry, don't, no. Rory, Luke is fully dressed. He never came in the house. He just stood outside all night playing "In Your Eyes" on a boom box.
      Rory: I have to go. If you find the book, bring it to Friday-night dinner, okay? Go back to your dirtiness.

    • Lorelai: I'm the person whose foot is going to prevent him from sitting down, that's who I am.
      Michel: You always promise to hurt him, but then you don't. You're a Taylor tease.

    • Lorelai: This is the third time, Michel.
      Michel: I know.
      Lorelai: The third time that bus-and-truck-tour Mussolini has rejected our permit.
      Michel: And I was there for every show.

    • Michel: This is outrageous, and he will call me back, and it had better be in a timely manner, or I will come down there and introduce myself, and oh, the fun we'll have! (He throws the phone on a chair) Tst! I hate this chair!
      Lorelai: What's the matter, honey? Justin and Cameron having trouble again?

  • NOTES (3)

    • German episode title: "Wahlkampf", meaning "Electoral campaign".

      French episode title: "Un fauteuil pour deux", meaning "One Mandate, Two Contenders".

    • This episode drew 5.81 million viewers.

    • Music:
      - "My Happy Ending" by Avril Lavigne
      - "Happy Days Are Here Again" by Guy Lombardo
      - "Slow Hands" by Interpol
      - "Great American Hero Theme" by Joey Scarbury
      - "Science vs. Romance" by Rilo Kiley

  • ALLUSIONS (13)

    • Jackson: (After elected, gets on stage to make a speech) What the hell am I doing here?

      A parody of the famous 1992 Vice Presidential debate quote by Admiral James Stockdale (Ross Perot's running mate). His first words at the podium were "Who am I? Why am I here?"

    • Lorelai: I know, but no votes? None? That's humiliating. That's "Swept Away" kind of humiliating.

      Swept Away (2002) is a movie by Guy Ritchie starring Madonna. It was received and rated very badly.

    • Rory: I don't feel like driving all the way back to school tonight. I have to deal with James Joyce first thing in the morning. Is that okay?

      James Joyce is a famous Irish writer. His most famous novel is probably Ulysses.

    • Lorelai: This is a nice man who is growing some very nice tomatoes, and you just need to oil your knees and go see the wizard and get a heart and drop this!

      This is referring to The Wizard of Oz. More specifically the tin man that wanted to ask for a heart.

    • Lorelai: What's the matter, honey? Justin and Cameron having trouble again?

      This is possibly a reference to Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz who were a couple since 2003 and broke up in 2007.

    • Luke: Tommy Lee has a Starbucks in his house?
      Lorelai: "Cribs," baby. Watch it.

      Cribs is a show on MTV in which you get to see the houses of many different celebrities. They can show off all the unique aspects of their houses.

    • Gypsy: (about Taylor as town selectman) He's our Papa Doc.

      François "Papa Doc" Duvalier was president-turned-dictator of Haiti from 1957 to 1971.

    • Paris: (about Dean, whom she refers to as 'farm boy') Hoss returns. Who woulda thunk?

      Hoss Cartwright (played by Dan Blocker) was a character on the TV western Bonanza (1959-1973).

    • Taylor: You will have Taylor Doose to kick around again.

      Paraphrase of Richard Nixon's famous bitter parting shot after losing the 1962 California gubernatorial election.

    • Zack: (turning off a boombox playing "The Great American Hero Theme") This is the day the music died.

      Reference to the song American Pie by Don McLean and, indirectly, the day Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and J.P. "The Big Bopper" Richardson died in 1959.

    • Zack: Yo, John Nash, enough with the numbers!

      John Nash was a brilliant mathematician and the subject of the film A Beautiful Mind (2001).

    • Lorelai: He just stood outside all night playing In Your Eyes on a boombox.

      This references the famous scene in Cameron Crowe's Say Anything when Lloyd Dobler woos Diane Court by playing Peter Gabriel on a boombox.

    • Title: Tippecanoe and Taylor, Too!

      The title of this episode is a play on words of 'Tippecanoe and Tyler, Too!', the first political slogan in American history, and the rallying cry in the successful 1840 Presidential campaign of William Henry Harrison and John Tyler. When Harrison died less than a month after taking office, Tyler became the first Vice President to become President as a result of the death of his predecessor. Tippecanoe was a Shawnee settlement in Indiana which was destroyed in a battle by troops led by Harrison.