Gilmore Girls

Season 5 Episode 18

To Live and Let Diorama

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 19, 2005 on The WB

Episode Recap

Old Man Twickham, who has been dying for several years, finally kicks the bucket, leaving his beautiful columned house to the town. Taylor decides to turn it into a museum featuring Twickham's collection of memorabilia. Luke volunteers to help Taylor set up the museum, arousing the suspicion of Lorelai and Taylor. Meanwhile, Rory and Paris are upset that Logan and Doyle haven't been calling them. Kirk has been taking turns sleeping at people's houses because he has been kicked out of his house. He stays with Lorelai one night and acts like a six year old. Lorelai gives an interview to a magazine for a cover story about the Dragonfly Inn and launches into a tirade against her mother on the record. When she tries to convince her interviewer to remove that part of the article, the interviewer tells her that if she doesn't want it in print the interviewer will remove the whole article. Lane recognizes Sophie Bloom's name on an old record and asks her if she wants to discuss music sometime. Zack tells her he wants to hang out with his friends that night, but Lane spots him talking to Sophie as she's walking home from the grocery store. Lane, Rory, Lorelai, Sookie, Luke, and Paris, who is staying with the Gilmore girls while her parents are out of the country, attend the opening of the museum. Lane, Rory, and Paris, upset about their respective boyfriends, drink too much of Miss Patty's spiked punch. Paris excuses herself and runs to a payphone to call Doyle, but she doesn't have any quarters. Lane confronts Sophie and learns that Zack is in a bluegrass band. He lied to her because he was embarrassed. Lorelai, Luke, and Sookie take the tour of the museum and are delighted by the lame memorabilia and cheesy diorama. Lorelai steps outside to call the magazine and reluctantly tell the interviewer that she would like her article removed altogether. Luke pulls Taylor aside and tells him that the reason he helped with the museum is because he wants to buy Old Man Twickham's house for his future family. He convinces Taylor to sell it to him and implies that he might want to Lorelai someday. Dean, who was working as a carpenter on the museum, tells Luke that he will eventually mean nothing to Lorelai because the Gilmore girls want a life that he can't provide. He says he and Luke are in the exact same situation in regards to the girls and that one day Lorelai will leave Luke. Luke seems affected by Dean's words. The episode ends with Rory lying in Lorelai's lap on the bathroom floor, crying because she doesn't understand why Logan doesn't care about her.
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