Gilmore Girls

Season 7 Episode 12

To Whom It May Concern

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jan 30, 2007 on The WB

Episode Recap

The episode opens with Lorelai, Rory, and Christopher leaving Richard and Emily's. The are all talking about the great quail they had for dinner. Once outside the three of them pull the quail wrapped in napkins out of their pockets. Christopher wants to throw them in the bushes, but the girls inform him that the neighbors cat once pulled a chicken keiv onto the back porch. They must wait until they are driving over the bridge. Later, Sookie is sitting with Lorelai at Lorelai's kitchen table. She has brought muffin tops and coffee and is acting a little strange. She asks Lorelai to babysit since her babysitter has mono and her and Jackson have plans to go skiing. Well, Jackson goes skiing and Sookie gets all cozy in furry clothes and reads a book or 2. Lorelai agrees to babysit, but comments on how the muffins taste like a bribe and how great the coffee is. Of course it's great its from Luke's. Sookie feels bad, but Lorelai assures her it's fine. Christopher comes in and is happy that Lorelai has to babysit because he is putting in the new flat screen. Sookie gets all teary for no reason as she is saying goodbye. Chris starts eating the muffins tops and then takes a drink of coffee. When he comments about how good it is Lorelai tells him where it is from and he assures her it's fine. Rory is at Yale on her way to Lucy's. When she gets there she pins the letter she wrote on the notice board on Lucy's door. When Rory enters her room she is bombarded by Paris and a room full of white boards. Paris has planned out the next five months for both of them. It's their last semester and she doesn't think they are ready for life after college. Lorelai shows up at Sookie's to babysit and she notices right away that Sookie is acting weird. Jackson assures her everything is fine as Sookie tries on 2 sweaters three times. Rory is in her grandfather's office and is talking to him about how Paris wants him to set up a meeting with the dean to get a recommendation letter. Rory also would like to meet him and Richard says he will look into it. He can see that there is something bothering Rory and she tells him about Lucy and the letter. Lucy apparently has gotten back to her and it's been a few days. Richard tells Rory that she is a wonderful person and it will all work out. Rory and Paris are in the dining hall and Paris has made mini versions of her big white boards and they are in front of them on the table. Paris is trying to talk to Rory, but Rory is distracted, Lucy is sitting across the room. Paris gets mad and marches over to Lucy with Rory on her heels trying to stop her. Paris starts going on about how great of a person Rory is and how she feels lucky to her a friend. Rory apologizes and asks Paris to give them a minute. Lucy explains that she just got back a few hours ago, but she loved Rory's letter. She says she totally understands and even tried to act out what happened between Rory and Marty with her roommate to understand better. Lucy and Marty broke up, but she is fine. She has to go to class, but promises to call Rory later. Luke is outside the courtroom waiting for the hearing. Anna shows up and she starts going on about how pointless the hearing is and how Luke will never win. He has never had a long term relationship and is a hermit. She mentions his marriage and how he let Lorelai get away. They get called into see the judge not a moment to soon. Sookie and Jackson return early from skiing and are fighting. Apparently Jackson spilled Sookie's Hot Toddie and wouldn't let her order another and then wouldn't let her go skiing. Sookie goes and checks on the kids while Lorelai goes to see what's going on. Jackson says everything is fine at first, but then admits that he did not have the vasectomy. He never told Sookie and thought they were fine since she was on the pill. Turns out she stop taking the pill a month ago and never told Jackson. Now Sookie is pregnant and is doesn't even know it. Lorelai convinces Jackson he has to tell Sookie so he goes in and tells her. Sookie freaks out and goes for a walk with Lorelai. Sookie is freaking out and is going on about diapers and all the bad things about dealing with a baby. Lorelai calmly reminds her of all the good things and Sookie takes the bait and gets excited. Inside the hearing Anna's lawyer is going on about how Luke does not make a suitable father. Luke and Anna start arguing and the judge tells them to be quiet. Christopher is at home and has installed the new flat screen t.v.. He goes looking for the level which Lorelai and Paul Anka were paying with. He goes into the bed room and instead finds a copy of Lorelai's character reference letter for Luke. A the same time Christopher is reading it the judge is reading it out loud at the hearing. The letter basically says what a great person Luke is and how he has been a father figure to Rory, She writes about how they have their ups and downs, but it has never affected his relationship with Rory and once Luke is in your life he is in your life for good. Lorelai comes home and Christopher confronts her about the letter. He goes off about how she hid the letter and how she is seeing Luke behind his back. He asks her if she still loves him and Lorelai denies this and tries to clam Christopher down. He won't let her and says that he thought he was okay being second choice, but he is not. Then he storms off and leaves Lorelai standing there. The next morning Lorelai wakes up alone, Christopher never came home. Moments after being up Luke calls to tell her he won shared custody. He doesn't know how, but the thinks Lorelai's letter was a great help. Luke thanks her up and down. You can see by the look on her face that although she is so happy for Luke she is still really worried about Christopher. Rory is in Richard's class and he is talking to the class. He is making jokes and then he goes to stand behind the podium. Richard starts to get out of breath, grabs his left arm, and collapses. Rory and the other students run to his aid. The screen goes black and Rory can be heard saying "someone call 911"