Gilmore Girls

Season 7 Episode 12

To Whom It May Concern

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jan 30, 2007 on The WB

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  • One of the best episodes of the season.

    This is definitely one of the best episodes of this season so far. I like how Sookie randomly drops by with some coffee for a chat with Lorelai at the start. The scene where the judge read Lorelai's letter was extremely touching and it was clear that Lorelai still loves Luke. Christopher and Lorelai finally has a big fight - as much as how I liked them being together, the chemistry wasn't there. Rory finally gets back together with Lucy, and I'm quite happy that Paris was so direct with Lucy, since she couldn't stand Rory being treated this way. She certainly is a great friend. It's amusing how her obsession with perfection takes over as she plans her own future and at the same time includes Rory in it. Richard faints at Rory's lecture, leaving a dramatic cliffhanger.
  • Things are finally happening and the ending was shocking. Are the writers getting it now?

    I have to say it but...finally Lorelai and Christopher are reaching the end of their marriage. It has been doomed from the start and was just a very obvious obstacle for the Luke/Lorelai relationship. I predicted that Chris would find the character reference but I was glad we got to hear it. It just shows how these two are meant to be, it was a nice moment to hear what she thinks of him.

    The confrontation was engrossing and intense but everyone knows that Lorelai loves Luke, so her efforts were useless in trying to calm Christopher down. I'm glad he left as its for the best. Loved that Luke called with news that he won partial custody, she looked so upset. Anna wasn't nice here...she's very harsh on Luke.

    As for Rory's storyline, I was really satisfied with it. I loved how Paris was the one who got her and Lucy to make up...she's hilarious but the things she said about Rory were sweet and I was glad that Lucy made things right. What about the shocking end? Richard has a heart attack, that was a bold move and very6 dramatic for this show. It worked though...can't wait to see what happens next episode.

    In other news Sookie is pregnant...this was funny, loved her freaking out. So this was the best episode of the 7th season...are the new writers finally getting it?
  • So it seems the marriage between Lorelai and Chris is finally over...!

    I liked this episode. Rory are finally good friends with Lucy again (you gotta love Paris), allthough it was kind of a lame make-up they had in the cafeteria... That could have been more interesting!
    And now Sookie is pregnant! I can't believe that Jackson never mentioned to her that he didn't have the vesectomy. She is sooo entitled to get really mad at him. I guess Jackson had to be really thankful that Lorelai was there to calm her down...
    The best part of this episode is off course the letter. That letter was soo moving, and you could tell that Luke was happily surprised. I get why Chris couldn't ignore it, and now it seems that the marriage is over! Yay, let's get Lorelai back together with Luke... :)
  • Lorelai finds out why Sookie is acting so strange. Rory and Paris are trying to figure out their future after Yale. Rory and Lucy make up. Christopher finds Lorelai's character reference for Luke and reacts badly. Luke wins his court case.

    I think it would have been a funnier story line to have the vasectomy fail rather than have Jackson deceive Sookie in such a way but it's fun to have Sookie pregnant again. It was a nice way to share Melissa's pregnancy with her fans. I'm glad that Luke won his case but I hope it doesn't mean we have to see too much more of April. This was a strange story line and I hope that she is only mentioned in passing in the future. Well Christopher is now showing his true colors. When things don't go well, he leaves. Emily said it best when she said, "You were a charming boy. A weak, but charming boy." (Season 5, episode 12 "Come Home") Christopher took advantage of Lorelai when she was hurting. It was appalling that he thought it was ok to sleep with her when she was in such a vulnerable state (end of last season). He charmed her with romantic dates and a trip to Paris. He took her on the rebound and now blames her because she shows some loyalty to a long time friend. Instead of talking it out, he has a tantrum and walks away. Lorelai should be stronger but she is still hurt from her break up with Luke and confused about her feelings for Chris. She is trying hard to make her marriage work even though the alarm bells are ringing. Hopefully she'll figure things out soon. Next episode should go a long way into helping her decide with whom she should ultimately be.
  • Freakin' Men! This was an episode full of male mishaps.

    They are always trouble aren't they? No matter what they are doing, they are doing something to drive us crazy.

    First, there's Jackson. Who didn't go get his stuff fixed. Now poor Sookie has to birth another child. And I speak from personal experience, this is NOT an easy task or one to take lightly. But it was rather sweet how bonds friendship helped Sookie deal and accept her fate. The mother of three kiddos.

    Secondly, there's Luke. He had the best intentions, but still seemed to cause trouble, albeit very indirectly. But, the trouble was there, so it must be listed.

    Then there's Marty, who although not seen was the cause of a quarrel between two blossoming buddies. If it weren't for his inability to get his head together, there would have never been any issue.

    Poor Richard, while not intentional, he cause some drama at the end of the episode with his medical situation. Not his fault, but it did cause some stress for Rory (and later stress for the rest of the Gilmore women, although not in this episode).

    Lastly Christopher whom it seems has lost his freakin' mind. Getting mad at Lorelai for the coffe from Luke's that SOOKIE brought over. Hello, it was brought in by a third party. Lorelai can't help its the best coffee in town. And then getting mad at her for trying to help Luke get to see his daughter. WTF? Come on man! You've *really* lost it!

    So, therefore I'm re-titling this episode 'Male Madness'.
  • It´s all about letters!

    Well, Luke and Anna go to trial and that´s hard especially for Luke ´cause the lawyer is trying to make him look bad and that he don´t know a thing of April, but just as i thought it happen, when the judge reads Lorelai´s letter we all knew that he´ll be such a good father, and of course that Lorelai totally prefer him over Chris haha!!
    Luke and Lorelai should be together!
    Aw and Rory´s grandpa have a heartattack at the end of the ep, so sad.
  • Hmmm...great episode, but could have been done better!

    Don't get me wrong, this episode was fantastic, but it could have been done better. I love the character reference that Lorelai wrote about Luke to the judge, it was so sweet! I love how Luke got partial custody too, but it seems kind of like a far stretch. I hate how Christopher gets so mad about the character reference though, I can see where he would get mad because of what she said, but he doesn't have to be so dramatic! He's married to her, come on, he can't just go running off! It makes me mad...also, at the end of the episode where Richard colapses, I like the cliff-hanger and the "somebody call 911" at the end credits, it was fantastic!
  • I love this episode... especially the character reference Lorelai wrote about Luke for the court case.

    I love this episode unquestionably. It was exciting, funny, dramatic, all in the same package and i loved it.... it is exactly why i watch Gilmore Girls... well also because of the wittyness of the characters... I loved the chracter reference Lorelai wrote about Luke for his court case over April... "Once Luke Danes is in your life... He is in your life forever" SOoOOOO cute! i loved it!

    Chris' face while he read the letter was priceless... soo good... its kind of sad that i laugh at his pain... i just RealLY like Luke and Lorelai together.... This episode was AMMMMAZAZing! I love Gilmore Girls! I love Luke and Lorelai!

    I HaTE Chris and Lorelai
  • finally rory and lucy made up and lorelai and chris break up. and jackson once again provides some comedy.

    the whole Rory and lucy debacle is over thank god, it was beginning taking the mick. Paris once again showed the world how nurotic she can realy be. and jackson and sookies best storyline since they pound all that marjuina in one of jacksons fields. he didn't have the vsectemy... priceless. and of course the whole point of the episode... the letter. i cried a little when it was read. it was so sweet and true and to be honest no wonder christopher was pissed. id be too. but im glad that they finally had a row. maybe now they'll admit that thier marrige is a big sham and we can have the happy luke/lorelai ending we've all known was coming since the very first episode.
    it was a great ep and i feel that that we've finally turned a corner and can now get to the good stuff!
  • Finally something happens!!

    I am so glad that Chris finally saw that Lorelei isn't in love with him. His eyes are finally open to the fact that he was a terrible and inattentive father to Rory until recently. He wasn't there for her and it should hurt him. He naturally ran out like the baby that he is.

    I am glad to see more Luke and Lorelei interaction. If only we could get more Mother/Daughter interaction.

    I was happy that Luke was granted partial custody and slightly embarrassed by Anna's childish behavior. Hmm, maybe she could hook up with Chris??

    On a sad note, Richard is one of the best characters on the show. And I sure hope he isn't dying!! Emily will not be the same without him. The show will not be the same without him.
  • Luke wins his custody battle, Sookie is pregnant (yet again), Rory makes up with Lucy and Christopher finds Lorelai's character reference about Luke. A breakup is definitely in the works.

    I'm SO happy with the way this episode turned out. Things have been so horrible with this season of Gilmore Girls and I think there is a bright light that will appear immediately. Chris is a nice guy and all and yes, he and Lorelai have a past, but when it comes right down to it, he isn't right for her. He's a crybaby. He complains ALL the time! He's extremely possesive of Lorelai and she doesn't look happy at all. I was so stoked when I saw the preview for tonight's episode. Things are definitely getting better. Believe me.
  • I just love Gilmore Girls more and more these days...

    This was a pretty good episode. As much sad as it left me, it was really, really good. First, the sweet parts. Sookie's pregnant again! (I kept wondering what they'd do when I read that Melissa McCarthy's pregnant, and the whole 'baby boom' thing David Rosenthal kept talking about couldn't be done with Liz's daughter and Lane's twins). She was adorable, and Lorelai convincing her that it was a good thing, reminding her of all that is cute about babies was really sweet.

    Also, Rory finally made up with Lucy, in the first conversation I actually felt Lucy's a real person. Paris was very funny trying to make Lucy forgive Rory, and her words about how good a friend Rory is were too sweet. Also the first episode this season I actually liked Rory. Maybe it's because Logan wasn't there.

    But the episode was about Lorelai's letter about Luke. I'm happy he got joint custody of April (that girl's growing on me), he was so happy, it was adorable. He's really making a great dad. Lorelai's letter was just WOW. Really, really wow. As much as I love Christopher, all in the letter about Luke being almost like a dad to Rory was 100% truth, he truly deserved every word. But as I love Chris & Lor together, their fight was really painful to me, but I tought both actors did amazing jobs, especially, as always, Lauren Graham.

    Can't wait for the next one (Lor and Chris, please, please make up! And Richard please be well!)
  • Luke finally gets joint custody of April, Loreali and Christopher are headed for splitsville (yay!), Sookie finds out she's pregnant, Rory makes up with Lucy and Richard has a heart attack.

    I loved, loved, loved this episode!!! It's so good to see Gilmore girls getting back to the way it's supposed to be. For so long the writing has been weird and not that funny and now we're back! I'm so glad Loreali and Chris are fighting. They must break up now!!! The letter that Loreali wrote for Luke was so cute!! I loved that Chris found it and that it showed him what a crappy father he was to Rory, and what a great dad Luke was for her. Can't she see that they are meant to be together. It's so obvious to everyone! I wanted to smack Anna over the head for the nasty things she was saying about Luke. How dare she call him a hermit and make him out to be some sort of weirdo. I hate that Richard is sick. I hope they don't have him die. That would be horrible. I can't wait to see how the season finishes up.
  • Oy vey... better than usual I guess

    I have so much invested in this show. But SERIOUSLY folks,I think that it needs wrap up this season. Really it is time. Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel, I love, also Scott Patterson is ok. But this season, it is like David Rosenthal took no cues from the Palladinos! I think he is going blind sided into this show. Why doesnt one of the many characters that have been on the show for 7 plus years speak up and do something about the horrible way the show is going. IF you dont know what I mean...Lorelai marrying Chris,no townspeople or Laine in any episode, hardly any Emily and Richard, poor character deveplopment. God it makes me ill.... But like I said I am still drawn to the characters that have defined this great series for so long. Oy!
  • Surprises all over

    I can't believe all the things that happened in this episode.
    So, Sookie is pregnant again! I knew there was the possibilty cause the actress is pregnant and they had to find a way to bring that into the show!

    I'm glad that Rory and Lucy reconciled and Paris' plans were so funny... plus I'm so happy for Luke that the custody thing with April went that way!! She's a great character and thanks to the agreement we're gonna see more of her!!
    You could see how touched Luke was by Lorelai's letter and I think there's more still to come.

    But I was actually surprised that Lorelai took the fight with Chris so hard. I just hope they'll not reconcile, I really can't wait to see Lorelai and Luke together again. Plus, I actually felt so sorry for Chris, because he was right: he is second choice for her and that must be feeling awful.

    So, can't wait to see how it goes on and what's happening with Richard!
  • Lorelai agrees to sit for martha and davie while sookie and jackson go skiing, when they come back early jackson admits he never got his vasectamy and that sookie is pregnant. chris finds lorelais letter and walks out on her, he cant handle her and luke.

    this episode was refreshingly imaginative and i missed episodes like these because eason 7 has been kind of a drag i have to admit. this show is my favorite and i think season 7 is gettign immensely better adn teh previvews for the next episode look amzing too. i cant beleive that sookie is preganant but i think this could be a good thing. i also think that chris leaving could be a nother good thing because lorelai can try and firgure things out with luke because they are definintaly ment to be together and i hope they end up together.
  • This episode is exactly why I hate Christopher...

    First off, I love the way they chose to write in Melissa McCarthy’s real-life pregnancy. Sookie has been sorely missed this season… she’s a fabulous character portrayed by a wonderful actress, and there hasn’t been enough of her! Hopefully, this plot twist will mean more Sookie! Though I’ve missed Sookie, the lack of airtime she’s gotten translates in some ways to Lore’s relationship with Chris. It seems she just doesn’t spend much time with anyone other than him these days… or with Emily, planning that stupid party. When Lore was with Luke, and even back in the days of Max, she still had plenty of time for her friends and town events. She’s turned into a hermit with Chris! Probably because she’s so deeply unhappy… The fact that she didn’t tell Chris about the character reference is indicative of two things: 1) she still has feelings for Luke (obviously) and 2) she knew Chris couldn’t handle it. Let’s face it, she’s right… the face he made just drinking coffee from Luke’s was ridiculous.

    While I was glad Rory finally got to talk to Lucy, and it was nice to see some more of Paris (yet another underutilized character this season), that whole storyline should just slip away now. Lucy is an annoying nitwit… seriously, if I’d heard “Boyfriend” one more time, I was gonna scream or something. I thought the scene between Rory and Richard in his office was very touching… but enough of the St. Rory crap already. Yes, Rory is a wonderful character. We all know that. Anyone who has been watching this show for a while knows that… but she’s not a complete saint or innocent by any means, and they need to back off of it already. Let’s remember, this is the girl who helped break up a marriage. Doesn’t matter if it’s one that shouldn’t have happened anyway… she still slept with a very married Dean. She is bright enough to realize that wasn’t the right thing to do, so the whole Rory wouldn’t hurt a fly bit gets old. Yes, she’s a good friend… but she’s still human – and that is a good thing. Characters without flaws are boring!

    Lorelai’s dialogue this entire season has been lacking. I miss the old ASP Lorelai. The new writers just can’t handle her… she, of all characters, has been the most altered by the show losing its creator. Yes, I realize part of it could be explained away by her unhappy state… but she wasn’t exactly over the moon much of last season, either, and her dialogue still had life and wit and angst. Lorelai isn’t Lorelai this season. I hope that changes when they finally get her out of this farce of a marriage, but I won’t hold my breath.

    Now, as for Christopher… god, what a self-absorbed ass. Instead of reading that letter and acting humbled by the fact that some other man was a father-figure to his daughter, he turns it into “you love Luke, not me” garbage. You know what, Chris? You married a woman only a few months out of the most serious relationship of her life. She was on the rebound and you knew it. Not only that, but you took advantage of it in Paris, knowing she was a hell of a lot more likely to say yes over there, on a whim, than if you asked back home where Luke was close enough to remind Lore of what a real man is like. You’re a baby, a toddler… you have no business raising a child. You’ve gone and run away like a teenager, and now, when Lore needs you most, you – as is so typical – won’t be there… but guess who will? Solid, dependable Luke.

    I can’t wait until next week. I can’t wait until Chris is finally out of Lorelai’s romantic life forever, and I believe the beginning of the end starts in just a few more days… :)
  • Lorelai wrote a character letter for Luke n she didn't tell Chris,so when he founds it, all becomes so dramatic. Paris helps Rory to fix the friendship with Lucy. Sookie may be pregnant. Richard's health is gone very bad.

    This episode was perfect, special, well written, exactly why I watch the series. Sookie may be pregnant because Jackson didn't want to have the vasectomy, "thank you my sweet husband". Paris is well known for her personal way to do the things, and it makes apparent when she makes Rory and Lucy talk about the friendship they almost loose. Richard's health is gone bad, he had a stroke in the middle of a class. That means the next episode something is gonna happen about them including Lorelai.
    The letter, the best part of all. When he founds it and starts to read it, exactly the moment when the judge starts too. One of them, Luke, is so pleased and the other one, Chris, is so disappointed. Two opposite feelings, all of them just because the same letter and the same content. Great episode!
  • When Chris leaves their house, Lorelai doesn't try to stop him or run after him, that's weird. When she wakes up the morning after and finds Chris didn't come back, she doesn't cry or anything. I think Luke and Lor will come back together quite soon.

    Good episode, after lots of crappy ones. We are now watching the true show, the one we were used. When Chris leaves their house, Lorelai doesn't try to stop him or run after him, that's weird. When she wakes up the morning after and finds Chris didn't come back, she doesn't cry or anything. I think this means that Luke and Lor will come back together before the end of the season. If the show won't continue next year, they will probably get married. The plot regarding Rory was quite boring. I cannot understand how she can be so interested in Lucy's friendship. Lucy's character is bizzarre in a very stupid way. But for the whole season Rory is no more an interesting character. She appears to be a child in an adult world. No way. Where is her supposed cleverness?
  • The letter !!!

    Ok, I was thinking like lots of fans, the serie was not going into the right direction... Lor and Chris are not right together... And this episode finally offers an opportunity to believe in the Lor/Luke history !!! The letter she wrote to help him obtain a share custody of his daughter was so moving... and so right too !!! I'm looking forward to seeing the next episode, hoping that lorelai and chris will end their marriage for good and that Luke will come back in her life... This episode will remain one of my favourite in all seasons ! Hope the rest of the season will be as good...
  • Just when I thought my favourite show was gone for good, they come up with this episode.

    Ah my beloved Gilmore Girls. How my sister and I have been waiting for your return. Actually the last few episodes have been much better, but this one just blew me away. First off, I have to say that I figured that Sookie would get pregnant again since the actress is pregnant. I was interested in how that was going to happen since Jackson was ‘fixed’. I have to give it to Sookie, if that had been me and my husband lied to me like that, I think I would have kicked him in the nuts, solving his ‘fear of snipping’ all by myself (maybe THIS is why I’m not married…lol). It was inexcusable! Also, I loved Lorelai playing with Davy, she is so great with kids!

    Now on to the meat of the episode. It was very well written and everyone was in character, even Paris. From the beginning, Chris has been paranoid about Luke (as witnessed by the fighting they did in ‘Merry Fisticuffs’). He has been so worried that Lorelai would leave him that he married her (as soon as he convinced her to) and has been forcing this excess family-ness even when Lore wasn’t to into it. That scene where Lore and Chris were arguing about Luke, it paralleled Luke and Lorelai’s fights about Chris being in Lore’s life. Wow, both of these guys are very threatened by each other. Yet I can’t see Lore completely cutting out either of these men from her life. Although with the way Chris stormed off, I’d say Chris might cut himself out of Lorelai’s life instead. As for Luke. Last year I was not a fan of the whole Luke/April storyline. It felt force and like just another obstacle to keep Luke and Lorelai from getting married (hey, and it did, didn’t it). In the past few episodes, I’ve been getting a better feeling from Luke/April and this episode was just right. It enraged me to no end that Anna was going to keep April from Luke. She’s his friggin’ daughter for craps sake. You denied him access to her for twelve years and now that they have a relationship, you can’t yank that away from either of them!*reminds self that these are fictional characters and takes a deep breath* I’m just glad that Luke get to still know his daughter, so that even if we don’t see April anymore (she’ll be in New Mexico) at least we won’t have a depressed Luke.

    And the letter. Just wow. It was just perfect. Effective, touching, personal, supportive. Much better then “monkey monkey underpants”. With a character reference like that I can see why the judge found in Luke’s favour. Oh and was anyone else wondering why Rory, the English major (like me!) was taking her Grandfather’s economics classes? I get why you’d take one class your grandpa was teaching, but why would you take them all when it has nothing to do with your major.

    This was probably the best episode of the season, and I REALLY hope that they come up with more like this one.
    P.S. I refuse to believe that they will kill off Richard. And my refusing to believe it makes it so, right?
  • Sookie's pregnant...AGAIN. Luke gets shared custody of April. Rory and Lucy make up. And, oh yeah, Christopher gets mad and leaves...for good?

    All Sookie has done since getting married is get pregnant, again and again. Poor Sook, how unoriginal.

    Is Christopher really going to leave Lorelai over her character reference for Luke? I mean, he has a right to be hurt and upset, but to quit a marriage over that? I thought he's already had his catharsis when he fought Luke in the town square.This is out of character for him, I would expect him to stay and work things out. I mean, we all love the Lorelai and Luke thing, but Chris and Lor were like Carrie and Big.
  • Gilmore girls is back, Gilmore girls is BACK!...

    Gilmore girls is back, Gilmore girls is BACK! I was worried because it was getting worse and worse or Rory and especially Lorelai weren't themselves for such a long time. But in this episode very normal characters came back. It probably had to do with the fact that Lauren Graham produced this episode. It was terrific, Chris and Lorelai marriage ending, Luke and Lorelai are talking more and more. Luke gets to stay in contact with April. And everything is great. After watching this episode I wanted to go celebrate, before watching it over and over again. Are Gilmore girls is BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Things are about to take a turn... for better or worse..

    - Lorelai and Chris. Of course you start off with cuteness before you bring in the drama, that´s how every show does it, and that´s also the case on Gilmore Girls. I love the plasma TV but I loved the way their fight was written after Chris had read the letter - a wonderful one at that, especially by letting both Lorelai and the judge say the words - Chris pointed out what Sookie pointed out episodes ago, Chris being the rebound guy. Lorelai is either in denial or completely oblivious to what is happening to her, but Chris made a good point and I think everyone would have reacted the same way. So I kind of liked Chris here.

    - Rory, Lucy and Paris. Gotta love Paris, and it´s good to see Rory and Paris focus more on their future. It´s nice to see and it was nice to see Paris step up to Lucy and tell her what kind of person Rory is. The last scene was great as well when Paris joined Rory to meet Lucy. I love Paris and Rory! Their friendship is awesome! And boy does Liza Weil look fantastic, I love her hair!

    - Rory and Richard, I loved their scene in his office where Rory actually for the first time really opened up to Richard about a real life issue, and talked about it in depth. I liked that. Also liked the short moment of FND at the start of the episode. The end was sad though when Richard collapsed, I wonder how Rory will cope with that. I knew it would happen, but I can imagine that you didn´t see it coming at all during this episode

    - Sookie is pregnant again! I knew it would happen but I had no idea that they would let it happen in ep 12, or maybe i overlooked that fact.. They brought the story in very funny though, always something weird that makes Sookie realize that she´s pregnant.. and so funny that Jackson didn´t get a vasectomy and didn´t tell her. It totally worked for me because Jackson didn´t like the idea at all, back in season 5. Also very nice to see Lorelai and Sookie talk, and actually making her excited for the pregnancy. XD

    - I´m glad that Luke got shared custody over April, and I´m really glad that Luke called Lorelai to tell her the news. I love the way they´re heading with LL right now.. They´re not making Lorelai really that happy that she´s in touch with Luke, but you know where they´re heading.. Especially if you´ve seen next week´s promo.
    Anna was awful though, but when isn´t she
  • One of the best ever.

    This episode really revealvs all of Lorelais feeling for Luke. The weird thing is, that it also tells us about her and Chris. She really does love him. Did anyone else get the connection when she woke up and Chris wasn't there, to the time when Luke had broken up with her the first time? She looked so sad and then when Luke called, it was like she wqs so happy for him, but so sad for her. The same letter that helped Luke, got her in trouble. But what I don't get is how Chris thinks that she can just forget Luke. They will always have a past, just like they did when Lorelai and Luke was dating and Chris always would turn up. How will they ever soulve this?? Still, I missed Lane this ep.
  • Sookie pregnant and did not even know it. Lorelai letter (character reference) was found by Chris. Rory actually received (unasked) help from Paris to make up with Lucy.

    I could hardly sit still last night. I can't believe Jackson kept something from Sookie.I thought this was a terrific show. Everything looks like is lineing up for Lorelai to get back with Luke. I think they had put all the original team back together in this episodee. I think it is neat because they have Richard doing something besides sitting around the house. I really enjoyed watching this episode. Episodes like this makes you want to continue watching. I know not all the shows will be perfect, but this one brought back the feeling of Gilmore Girls. I like the idea that Rory is back on her feet and been active again. The three of them (Rory, Paris, and Lucy) is actually going on an outing together. Chris is really upset, but the question is where did he go? Lorelai is going to bounce back in due time.
  • Sookie gets a big surprise from jackson. Luke & Anna deal with custody issues. Lucy & Rory make nice. Chris finds Lorelai's character reference for Luke.

    This season is really turning around & I am so excited!!! Jackson decide not to have a vasectomy & now Sookie is pregnant. It was a fun way to share melissa McCarthy's real life pregnancy. I had wondered how the show would deal with it. It was nice to hear Paris stand up for Rory to Lucy. I am glad that whole story line is over. It was weird & out of character for Rory. I got so mad at Anna. She has been so completely unreasonable about Luke's relationship with April. I like April. She is an interesting character. I hope to see more of her. I was glad when he won shared custody. The letter of reference made me cry. It was fabulous. I was sorry to see Christopher react the way he did, but also reeally pleased. it was the first time I have seen a way back for Luke & Lorelai. Richard has what looks like a heart attack in class. Next week should be interesting. Looked like Luke made it to the hospital, but Chris does not.
  • Chris finds Lorelai's letter and Sookie has big news she does not know about.

    Wow i really do not know what to say about this episode but I really loved this episode. There was so much excitment in it. I thought that it was really funny that Sookie was acting really funny to find out that she is pregnant again and she does not know about it. It was evan funnier that Jackson did not have his little surgury that Sookie wanted him to. I knew due to spoilers that Sookie was going to have a baby but I did not think it would be this soon. I was really happy that Rory patched things up with Lucy and it was funny that Paris planed out all of this things that she and Rory had to do before graduating. I really loved Lorelai's Letter for Luke it was the main reason he got partical cusodity of April and it was evan better that Christopher found the letter and got angry over it. Christopher can you say jealious much? I thought that it was really great that Christopher got so mad over the letter but it does show what type of person he is. Did he really except Lorelai to write something bad about Luke? Why did he seem fine that Lorelai went to visit April at the hospital when she had surgury.
  • I had tears in my eyes.

    I, like the majority of the Gilmore fans, have not been enjoying this season too much, but I have to admit this episode and the one preceding it have been vast improvements over the first couple episodes. What really got me in "To Whom it May Concern," was Lorelai's letter. It was so poignant and completely true. Luke is a helluva guy, and it's about time Lorelai realized that. As the letter was read, I actually got tears in my eyes. I haven't cried during this show for a looong time. Kudos for the writers/creators/actors for doing a remarkable job. I hope this is only the beginning of the good episodes.
  • Great start to the second half...

    I love the fact that Sookie is going to have another baby. I enjoyed that Lorelai and Sookie walked around the town square. Jackson better get fixed before Sookie takes care of it herself. Having the judge read the letters on Luke's behalf out loud put a softer touch to the show. I believe Luke has finally smelled the coffee. He lost something priceless.

    Christopher...Christopher boy Christopher has many things to learn. If he would have accepted Lorelai's explanation. She would have loved him even more, but he just pushed her away. Not good for him but great for Luke!!!

    Paris and Rory's interaction was outstanding. The fact that Gellar is always looking ahead is great. I am happy that her boyfriend is no where to be found. It's a great time to put the exclamation mark on their Senior year. Have fun girls.
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