Gilmore Girls

Season 7 Episode 21

Unto The Breach

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 08, 2007 on The WB

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  • Question to the actors

    I was wondering if the actors on that silly sitcom ever sit to watch it themselves , and watch and hear the stupid trivial conversations, arguments , angry dialogues, do the actors feel silly and stupid. Even the stupid character , the always angry Korean mother. Everyone one is so angry,who does not want her daughter yo date , but she melts when she knows the date is Korean!!!

    The shallow shallow show of the picnic basket .

    Does this show reveals the typical American problems , conversations , life in general. think not.

    This show is an insult to American brains families society am in shock it's popular at all ....
  • A quick way to end things for the grand finale

    I share a lot of the opinions of viewers. This was a rushed, out-of-character, poorly written way to end the three year Logan/Rory relationship. It was completely unrealistic and absolutely disappointing.

    Basically, after Logan's conversation about "factoring" in Rory, he was willing and ready to walk away from her? She didn't shed a single tear, yet seemed much sadder when Dean broke up with her for the third time.

    This was VERY poor writing, and I expected better from the penultimate episode of Gilmore Girls.

    Every other boyfriend or potential boyfriend got a better boyfriend, and I take this a jab to people that wanted more from logan/Rory. EVEN if Logan had not been the One for Rory, they still deserved a much better break up. More emotion, more tears, more wavering. There was no hesitation from either of their sides.

    Not to mention the type of message it sends to the audience. Rory can't have a career and a boyfriend? They can't just stay engaged for a while, and have to get married ASAP?

    Horrible disappointed. Next to the Rory sleeping with Dean, this is my worst episode of Gilmore Girls.
  • Really? One episode from the end and they break up?!

    Rory graduates from college, yeah! Logan proposes, wow! Rory says no, dump! Logan and Rory break up, arh!

    With one episode to go, someone felt the need to ruin the whole thing by breaking them up. I don't understand. What good came from it. It' not like the guy wanted to leave the show or anything. It really did ruin the ending for me.
    I knew it was coming, though. As soon as he asked Lorelai for her blessing, I knew that they were going to mess it up. I hate that they did that. It makes it hard to watch the re-runs because I know what is coming.
  • The long awaited proposal that does not turn out the way most fans would have liked to see.

    The proposal by Logan was tastefully done, elegantly done. But after Rory's graduation, she decides that she can not marry him because she was not one to get married right out of college and was uncertain about her future career. I believe that the fans deserved a happy ending to this show, David S. Rosenthal knew the show would not be renewed, so there wouldn't be a storyline for another season. He should have sent the viewers off happy, but when I watch this episode I become furious. Logan and Rory should have ended up together, they were perfect for one another.
  • Rory says goodbye to Yale. It's weird to see this show reaching an end...

    So this is the 2nd last episode of Gilmore Girls and I thought it was a brilliant one. From Logan's proposal to Paris saying goodbye to Rory it was full of great moments. I loved the party where Emily and Richard sang to Rory, really funny...then that proposal, Rory was so shocked...I thought it was done very well.

    The graduation itself was brilliant with Paris saying goodbye to Rory. I'll miss her as a character, Paris Gellar truly was a hilarious character throughout these 7 seasons. Emily was funny watching the graduation because she wouldn't stop complaining...loved when Lorelai stood up when Rory received her diploma. Rory said no to Logan, a shame but the right decision.

    Luke and Lorelai seem to be on the way to a relationship, I'm sure they'll get back together in the series finale. It's weird to think that this show only has one more episode for me...I've gone through all six seasons and now am at the end of the 7th, yes this final one has had its rough patches but I'll miss the show. Bring on the finale.
  • Another great episode.

    So much happens in this episode!! Logan proposes to Rory the night before the graduation. That was just enourmous!!! I can't believe he did that! Off course she was going to say no, it's so not her (or Logan for that matter) to get married that early. So for me, her no didn't come as a surprise, but Logan's unwillingness to stay together with her did... I can't believe he broke up with her. If he really loves her, and can't live without her (which we must assume since he's proposed to her...), how can he just break up with her in that way? No kisses, no hugs, no tears, no nothing. Just goodbye. How sad is that? And where are Rory's tears? She's much to stoic for my taste...
    I can't believe that Luke walked on Lorelai telling Patty and Babette that the song didn't mean nothing. It meant everything, and he somehow should have understood that she wasn't going to tell the biggest gossipers in Stars Hallow her feelings... I'm sure he'll get over it, they have to end up togehter...! :)
  • A painful, yet inevitable look at the reality Rory must deal with as she receives her college diploma. (Spoilers are included.)

    While I'm pretty sure most fans would agree that what happened at the end of this episode was clearly a long time coming, the way they chose to do it was definitely saddening, but then again, what else can you expect? The inevitable Rory/Logan breakup would not have had the impact it needed if they hadn't worked so hard over the last few episodes to make Logan more likable and suggest that he was finally truly ready to change. The truth is, they broke up at a time when I was FINALLY starting to really like Logan, but sadly, that's the way television is.

    The true magic of this episode is in Rory's actual graduation from Yale. Ever since she started at Chilton in Season 1, one of the show's major driving forces--indeed, its purpose--was to see Rory reach her full academic potential, get through college, and go out into the real world. It's a bit annoying that Rory managed to graduate on time after her Season 6 detour--many students who do the same thing aren't quite as lucky--but I guess that's just a tribute to the brilliant young woman that she is. Those who have followed the series from the very beginning may choke up as Rory walks across that stage, and her parents stand up to clap for her. Without a doubt, these characters have become very real, and as Lorelai applauded her daughter with tears in her eyes, you could really sense how much they had both been through to get to this moment. Even though Lorelai isn't where she needs or wants to be in her love life right now, it can at least be put aside for a few minutes as Rory receives her diploma at last.

    Obviously, the most painful part of this episode was hearing Rory's final response to Logan's proposal of marriage. In retrospect, he was a decent guy who was crazy about Rory and willing to give her everything he could, but the main thing is that they were not right together. Logan grew up a lot and was influenced by her, no doubt, but he was always going to be a dangerous risk-taker, and he was always going to be very privileged, no matter how much he distanced himself from his father. These don't make him a bad person at all, but the reality is that he and Rory had two completely different personalities, and Rory was never one to get married straight out of college and limit her job options as much as she would have had to if she became a wife so quickly. Of course, that doesn't make it any easier to watch their relationship officially end, but I think most of us can honestly tell ourselves that ultimately, it was for the best. If Rory really wanted to save the relationship, she would not have let Logan walk away. The fact that she just stood there and let him go spoke volumes. To me, it said that she loved him and cared about him, but she knew she was making the right decision, and she did. Some may feel that they needed more closure, and they may have gotten that if the show had been renewed for one more season, but in instances like this, sometimes the characters need to just let it go and know that it's the right thing instead of prolonging it, and I think they got Rory and Logan's pivotal final scene just right.

    Personally, I found Lorelai's "Someday, you'll meet someone, and you won't want to hesitate" advice to Rory in the last scene to be somewhat humorous. The last time Lorelai did that herself, she ended up married to Christopher, and we all know how that turned out, so why would she give the same advice to her daughter? Despite that, the purpose of this episode--and the show at large--was to see Rory finish Yale with honors, and that she absolutely did. In the words of Lorelai, Rory is now in a position where she can go and do anything she wants, and the entire world is open to her, and really, isn't that where Rory was always meant to end up in her life?
    For that, it is a memorable piece of "Gilmore Girls" history.
  • They obviously belong together!

    This episode made me mad. I love Gilmore Girls I really do, but why did Rory have to say no to Logans proposal? They obviously belong together! Does she think she'll find anyone better? Anyone better than Logan. Because if she thinks that she's gonna find a guy that looks like that, is as smart as he is, and is as good to her as he is, then she's wrong! I mean their perfect for eachother! They make the cutest couple..."Imagine her blue eyes, with his blonde hair"...I totally agree with Emily on that one! No one challenges Rory as much as Logan, and no one can actually make Logan WANT to settle down except for Rory! I recently saw an interview with Matt Czuchry on YouTube and he said that ASP's plans were for Rory and Logan to get married! So bring Amy back! She knows what the viewers want! Ok that felt good, im done with my mini-rant. I can go on and on forever, I talk like a Gilmore!
  • "Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more..." I just finished watching this episode, and I thought it was far better than some of the episodes at the start of the 7th season. I can't wait to see what happens next but I need to process it first..

    Okay, first of all: What the hell was that with Logan and Rory??? I mean, they were perfect together; they seemed to really love each other and then something like that happens. But both of them made a mistake. I mean, Logan shouldn't have proposed to her, they are too young to get married, and he shouldn't have been "all or nothing". He could have taken the job in SF, she could have moved there with him, tried to find a job, and just be his girlfriend - not his wife...And Rory shouldn't have said no. Yeah, she is young, and yeah, she wants to have options, but she loves him? I don't understand...Maybe it's good though, that they didn't get married and broke up, because long-distance-relationships are really hard, and marriage isn't the best way to go. So, I don't know really. Iguess I'm still processing it. Logan and Rory are broken up.

    Then there's thewhole thing with Lorelai and Luke, and the serenade karaoke thing. I haven't seen the finale yet, but I hope that something good happens with them. When they were fighting at the car dealership that was just so cute, and when he's wearing the hat that Lorelai gave him, I couldn't help but feel that maybe something good will come around. Christopher and Lorelai are just friends, and they have so much history, but I didn't like them as a couple. You can also see that they are better friends than lovers, as they behave so normally at the eve of Rory's graduation party (thrown by Richard and Emily). No awkwardness, no weird incidents, no unusual behavior, they just get along as always. And that's the thing that I like about Lorelai and Luke's fighting. They aren't over the fact that they broke up, and they can't cope with the fact, that they are only friends, so I'm hoping that they'll mend the broken pieces, and find a way to get back!

    Now, the duet of Emily and Richard is seriously superb! I was just taken by surprise when they started to sing, and I just sat there, watching them, in awe. I really loved that.

    Just like I love Paris. Throughout the whole seven seasons, she is the only one that I've always liked. I mean, I love Lorelai and Rory, but they just sometimes do these stupid things, without having an actual reason. I mean, why did Lorelai have to sleep with Chris after her big blow-out with Luke? Why did Rory drop out of Yale? I mean, Paris broke up with Doyle, coz she didn't want him to influence her decisions, but exactly that influenced her even more. And she's such a quirky character; it's just a great pleasure to watch her. And when she hugs Rory and says: "You're going to do such great things with your life, Rory", I felt sad, and happy, as well.

    I must say that I didn't like the first half of the seventh season. I thought it was kind of slow, and Lorelai and Chris getting married without Rory present? Big mistake. The whole relationship was like a big rush. It was like they couldn't be bored for too long, and he was rushing her. And well, I guess I thought it was weird too, coz you saw Lorelai and Luke together for so long, and now it's Lorelai and Chris?? If April hadn't been there...well, I'm sorry to say this, and I apologize in advance if I hurt any April-fans, but I don't like April. Not just because she was partly the reason Lorelai and Luke broke up, but also because of her character. For example, the "boy-and-girl-party with all the juggling", where she gets sick, and can't go, she just starts to yell, and scream at him, and just because of that he's the "worst dad ever"? God. That's just so over-the-top crazy. And whenever I say the name Vanessa Marano at the beginning of the episode, I sighed...

    But I thought that this episode was really good. I can't wait to watch the season finale! I heard that Rory meets Christiane Amanpour in her PJs? Ouch. Embarrassing. But can't wait to see that... =)
  • Logan proposes to Rory, who rejects the proposal, saying that she loves him, but she doesn't want to be married, and maybe they could try a more open long-distance relationship. Logan says it has to be all or nothing, so they break-up.

    At first, I almost chose "Out of character" as the classification for this episode, but then I realized that everything Rory did in this episode was totally in her character. Logan was never the type of guy who would settle down and get married, so even though we all knew it would happen, it shocked us when he finally proposed, especially because he did so in the episode before the series finale. But no matter how much we wanted Rory to say yes (I'm not saying that Logan is my favorite--or my least favorite for that matter), we had this feeling in the pits of our stomachs, and deep down we all knew that she was going to say no. And that's because we know Rory's character. We know how she thinks and we know her next move. In fact, it would have been out of character for Rory to have given Logan an answer right away, even if she had previously prepared for it (which we know she did). It would have been out of character for Rory to put marriage before her career. And even though what happened shocked us, we really should have been prepared all along. And even though right now we hate her for what she did, eventually we'll get over it and move on (at least most of us will, possibly excluding those die-hard R/L fans). We will realize that the fault is ours, because we didn't prepare ourselves for this, when the clues were being laid out for us all along. And strangely, as I write this review, I find myself hating this episode less and less, and liking it more and more. So I will now change the rating I gave from a 6.5 to an 8.7. I will find comfort in the fact that even though Rory disappointed us with her reply to the proposal; she still made us proud by staying true to her character, and remaining the same Rory who we all know and love.
  • I'm sad that it is over btwn Rory and Logan! :(

    I loved rory and logan together. Seeing them break up made me feel soooo bad. I mean really who could say no to Logan/Matt Czuchry. He is sooooooooooo GORGEOUS!!!!!!!
    I mean, i guess she was to young and the idea of an open future is a nice and fresh idea, but did they have to break up??? They were sooo cute together. I hate that they broke up just because Rory wanted an open future. Couldnt they have done long distance. I dont know how she couldnt have cried after Logan took the ring and left. Even though it wasnt me i still teared.
  • I'm sad that it is over btwn Rory and Logan! :(

    I loved rory and logan together. Seeing them break up made me feel soooo bad. I mean really who could say no to Logan/Matt Czuchry. He is sooooooooooo GORGEOUS!!!!!!!
    I mean, i guess she was to young and the idea of an open future is a nice and fresh idea, but did they have to break up??? They were sooo cute together. I hate that they broke up just because Rory wanted an open future. Couldnt they have done long distance. I dont know how she couldnt have cried after Logan took the ring and left. Even though it wasnt me i still teared.
  • Lorelai is waiting for Luke to do something after her karaoke thing. Grandparents thow a graduation party for Rory, and logan asked her to marry him but rory has to think about it.

    Omg!! i almost cried at the end... it's painful how rory cannot make a serious decision, and how she was so apathic by the fact of breaking up with logan. I thought they would end up together, at least living together ... but not even that... it was stupid!.. it was a wise decision because rory hesitates but then that was a prove that she didnt love logan the way she thought!! logan was heartbroke... you can tell by his face... but rory didnt show anything but a "laid back" attitude! didnt like that!! well at least you can tell that lorelai and luke are gonna end up together!!!
  • Rory decides she is not ready for big decisions

    I did not like this episode at first but it started to grow on me, which is a sign of really good writing. The storyline was unobtrusive, I simply failed to grasp many of its fine lines at one go, maybe I was also not concentrating too well because I was sad about the series ending so soon. But when you think about this episode it is the necessary preparation for the amazing finale ('Bon Voyage'). The writers did well when they decided the finale should not be Rory's graduation. This episode shows that Lorelai and Christopher are still on amicable terms, nothing more, nothing less, clearing the way for the relationship between Luke and Lorelai. It also reminds us of how much Paris really loves Rory when she hugs her immediately before they go out to get their diplomas. But the main thing is that it winds up the love story between Rory and Logan who chooses the wrong moment to ask her to marry her, the wrong moment both on a small and on a large scale. The graduation party given by her grandparents is far to official an occasion to do this, plus Rory is not ready generally for such a big decision, she does not know where she is going. Again. credit to the writers for not letting Rory get her dream job at the New York Times immediately. She is at a difficult stage in her life and she has to struggle, and so she says 'No' when she feels Logan is pushing her. Like her mother she treats men the way really attractive women tend to do, she knows perfectly well that she can always find some other guy who will be eager to start something with her. We should not blame Logan for pushing the matter, he loves her very intensely and he has to leave to start working in California, so to him it looks like a make-or-break-situation and he is a little too confident she will say 'yes'. He has been busy getting himself back on track and is a little out of touch with how she is feeling now. Looking back, the Logan-Rory-subplot turns out to have been a real gem. I think Logan's character is viewed much more positively by most fans now and even those who were never quite sure about whether he would be good for Rory in the long run will probably have viewed their split-up with mixed feelings.

    So, all the 'non-Stars Hollow-issues' have been cleared up as far as they could be to prepare for the finale, which is about three things: the mother-daughter relationship (with a little extra on the grandparents as well), Stars Hollow and Luke and Lorelai finally beginning to define a new love relationship.
  • Rory was proposed to by Logan.

    I have to start off by saying that I'm disappointed in this episode. With only one episode left to go, why bother declining a proposal? I wasn't too fond of Logan at first, but half of the time he treated her well. I hope they work everything out next episode. I don't want this great series to have no ending. It would make no sense. Why don't they end the series like "Charmed"? That was good. Anyway, overall, I think the episode had some pretty funny points and lots of laughs. But most of the episode I was slapping my forehead because of all the mistakes the Gilmore Girls made. I guess thats what makes us humans, right? Lol.
  • Rory answers Logan's proposal and it's not the answer you expect.

    I actually had to watch this episode again on Saturday because of the fire report on Tuesday. Gilmore Girls is finally getting interesting after a season of blah. Logan proposes to Rory on her graduation party, in front of all her family. I think Logan did that to add pressure to her to say yes. Did you see how uncomfortable she looked when Logan asked her? She didn't have the sparkle in her eyes that Lane had when Zach proposed. I was actually surprised when she siad she'll think about it. I thought she said Logan could be the one.

    I happy to see Rory finally graduating Yale. She's moving on to the next part of her life. Can you imagine Rory Gilmore without school? This episode reflects season three's Those Are The Strings Pinnochio because of the graduation and Paris thanking Rory again.I was sad to see Rory and Logan break up. I didn't want them to get married but I didn't want them to break it off either. Logan was pretty decent. There really wasn't that much Lorelai and Luke in this episode, so I'll wait till next week. I can't believe this is the second-to-the-last Gilmore Girls episode. They better give this series a big finale after seven great years. So, *sob*, don't forget to watch the series finale next week. We need to say goodbye to Rory and Lorelai.
  • Luke: Some people need time. Lorelai: Or they're never ready. Luke: Well, I wouldn't say never. They want to be careful. They're a little slower to make sure it's right. Lorelai: You can't always be 100 percent sure. Sometimes you tak

    After Lorelai's little seranade the previous night she is at a loss for what exactly it meant, still trying to sort out how she feels and plan for Rory's graduation party at her parents house Lorelai sort of accidently let's it slip in front of Luke that it meant nothing. And though he had said previously in the episode, while buying a present for Rory (and Lorelai thank you very much!) that it didn't mean anything either he looks very hurt when he hears her say this and totally gives her the brush off. Thus leaving things up in the air between them, for the time moment.

    Meanwhile, at Rory's graduation part Chris and Lorelai are reunited for the first time since their divorce and things are kept simple and short. Just the way I like my Christopher, if I halfta have him that is. Things however are not so simple between Rory and Logan when he proposes in front of everyone and Rory is left stunned. Not sure what to do she seeks Lorelai's council but Lorelai insists that she must make this decision herself and Lorelai can not advise her. Rory then takes some time to think about. Later that night Lorelai runs into Luke outside the diner, while watching Kirk David Blane-ing it over the square, and they have this sort of pleasant exchange to start out with. It's all hello's and such, Lorelai mentions that Logan preposed. And they somehow get into this coversation about them, though it's buried in subtext about Rory and Logan. And lemme just sayI loved the inuendo in this scene between Luke and Lorelai, I mean come on you two. I just wanna throw them on top of eachother already. We wasted so much time this season watching Lorelai and Christopher make their once and for all necessary but hellish final go of it, they realized that it was just never meant to be and wouldn't have worked out had they managed to give it a try any other time. And that's all fine a good, they wasted practicly the whole season on that but bully for them. The show has felt like itself old self for some time now and then only thing missing, the one thing missing is Luke and Lorelai. I mean they even managed to get them being back to friends right quick and jumped back into the possibility of the two them again right quick but they still are doing all this dancing around with it. Get on with it already, I want my Luke and Lorelai back!

    At Rory's graduation things that a somewhat expected turn, at least for me, and Rory turns down Logan's proposal saying that she likes how her life is up in the air right down and how uncertain and exciting things are. Getting married would change that but Rory would like to still stay a couple. Logan however feels somewhat differently, wanting all or nothing. And you can't blame the guy, recovering from an turned down marriage proposal doesn't really seem like something I would want to do either not to mention how hard it could potentially be. But Rory, even though she misses him, seems to be moving on. After all she just graduated college and things are wide open. Who knows she might even get her own avacado tree.
  • Same thing happens on Rory's graduation from Yale as with Chilton - she breaks up with her boyfriend. Kirk is pathetic. This is going to be the second last episode ever & they're not focusing on the main characters.

    You would expect that towards the end of a brilliant series like this one that the last few (at least 10) episodes would at least be heading towards finishing with the pivotal characters heading towards a life & showing them living through that life. This one has no intention of doing that. They are just going to end it with everyone hanging up in the air - just like Kirk in that ridiculous box. Maybe thats why they put him in it! It upset me to watch the second last episode because I have enjoyed the Gilmore Girls so much. Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?
  • Luke is hurt when he hears Lorelai saying that the serenade meant nothing, and she is happy to see she and Chris can be friends. And Rory's graduation comes, along with a bigger surprise.

    Silly woman decides to say that the serenade to Luke meant nothing to shut Patty and Babette up and ends up upsetting Luke. But that's ok, a little tension before the happy finale is normal. Plus, the scene where Lorelai tells him about Logan proposing and they discuss Rory marrying and they're obviously talking about themselves was really well written and Lauren and Scott did great jobs.

    And, thankfully, she finds out that Christopher and her can be normal friends again! I missed him. They were really sweet together and I loved that Chris went to Rory's graduation. It took him twenty-two years but he finally became a nice dad.

    At her grandparents' graduation party (where Emily and Richard sing - so funny!) Logan proposes, in front of everybody. What is up with that kid??? Of course Rory needs time to think and before she gives her answer, the graduation comes.

    The graduation was not so perfect as her high school one, but it had really great moments. Paris was the one to make me start crying when she said they would probably never see each other again (which reminded me we have one week left with the girls) but then Rory answered that after everything they'd always be friends and Paris hugged her it was so sweet, so real, so beautiful. Unto the breach!

    When Rory gets her diploma (after Richard is SO sweet offering Lorelai to take all the pictures so as she can focus on Rory) and she looks at Lorelai and her mom is up and clapping and crying so hard, it really made me cry. It was so beautiful and a great way to finish the Yale era. Plus, Chris standing up with Lorelai was amazing.

    Finally, it's time for Rory to give Logan her answer, and as the beautiful NO comes out, he says it's all or nothing. It's nothing, she gives the ring back, he says 'Goodbye Rory'. Thank you, Dave Rosenthal, for making Rory say no, for making Logan go away. Even tough GG is ending, this breakup was everything I wanted for the end. Plus, I think Alexis Bledel did an amazing job on that special scene and at the last one, as she left the apartment empty and with its lights off.

    152 down, 1 to go.
  • it was a nice episode.hope the last one would be the best.

    although rory said no to logan its still a good episode i mean she finished collage she is about to go all on her own she needs to start this part of life alone without thinking of someone else for awhile. this episode also showed that lorelai still think of luke most of the time and i think the season episode is gonna show us every thing weve been waiting for this episode should be the best one from all this season.
    evry one is going to steart their new lives after this graduation, i also still think that gilmore is the best show ever to be made.
  • Luke is hurt when he overhears Lorelai tell Babette and Patty that the serenade did not mean anything. Chris & Lorelai are friends again. Logan proposed to Rory at her grandparent's party for her. She eventually says no. Rory graduates from Yale!

    There were many things I liked about the episode and a few things that disappointed me about the episode. Overall, it was a good episode, not a great one. I really liked seeing Lorelai waiting anxiously to hear about Logan proposing to Rory. I also liked Lorelai's interactions with Chris. I liked it when they were friends, and nothing more. The graduation scenes were marvelous. Emily was just being plain annoying not letting up on the proposal issue and trying to get Lorelai to put her 2 cents in to Rory to come up with a decision. The best part of the whole show is Richard's reaction to the proposal and Rory's graduation. I think it is clear that he does not want Rory to marry so young. He wants to do and be all that she can be. But, God forbid he tells his wife that! To Emily, Rory must marry a Huntzberger - how can she not! And then how Richard was so considerate to Lorelai! He tried to divert Emily's attention, and in the end just told her to stop it. Then he tells Lorelai he will take the photos of Rory accepting her diploma, she should just enjoy this moment as it was a big day for her too. That to me was the best part of the show.

    The one thing that disappointed me was how they played out the next of Lorelai's serenade to Luke. We all know the writers wanted to build the tension between Luke and Lorelai for their final reconciliation in the final episode. But they completely had that serenade scene - one of the best scenes ever on GG - mean nothing! That really upset me. Luke and Lorelai will never appreciate that moment together. Also, I don't understand why they have Lorelai examining her feelings. The reason she and Chris broke up was being Luke was clearly the one she wanted to be with. If she was not ready for things to begin again or she was scared, that would have been another story, but I don't think that was right they had her questioning her feelings altogether.
    However, I did like the scene between Luke and Lorelai when they were discussing Logan's proposal to Rory. I loved how it was overlapping their own broken engagement! And Luke should have definitely given Lorelai the necklace he bought for her! It would have been nice if we saw him give it to her. I doubt he'll give it to her next week.

    Now the proposal and the rejection. I felt so embarrased for Logan, proposing in front of all those people only to have Rory ask to talk to him in private. Of course, that is never a good sign. It definitely was not a good sign as well when she never mentioned the proposal to her friends. The saying "No" was definitely the right decision. She is nowhere near ready to get married. Their discussion was going okay until the end when Logan just took the ring and walked away. They did not have to break up so abruptly like that even though everyone knew it was coming.
  • So sad that this show is ending... make this sweet episode sad.

    I loved this episode. I hate that it is ending. I got so teary eyed, especially at the graduation. Stars Hollow has so many wonderful people in... Kirks and Babettes. I live in a smallish town, and we have nothing like that. Its just... wow.
    'Can I talk to you outside" is never a good reaction to being proposed to.... but since I never liked Logan, I was glad she didn't say yes. I would have just... um, pulled my hair out and yelled at my TV. But, I did like when he was talking about jumping during the Life and Death Brigades. It was a sweet moment. But I still dislike Logan.
    Gah, I just love this show way to much, I can't believe its ending... seriously just thinking about it, making me teary eyed again
  • Logan proposes. Rory graduates. Rory says no to Logan.

    This episode was horrible. Although this season was doomed since the begining, because of the new writer, I do think Gilmore Girls has officaly jumped-the-shark with this disaster of an episode. First, the thing with Kirk and the box was really stupid. It wasn't funny or cool when the guy in England did it, and it wasn't funny or cool when Kirk did it. It's just David S. Rosenthal trying - and failing - to give us a funny Kirk moment. Second, the town wanting Rory to do a 2nd mock-graduation just so they could see it was kinda pointless. Fine, so they all know and love Rory, but come on! I was rolling my eyes everytime they said anything about it. It's just another example of how David S. Rosenthal is trying to do somthing funny, but it's not working. All of the humor in previous seasons has been cleverly worked in, now, it all seems so forced. Third, at the graduation when Lorelai was talking about the chairs then when she stood up with Chris for like 5 minutes. When Lorelai was talking about the chairs, I guess it was suppost to be funny, but it wasn't. Then, when Lorelai and Chris stood up and clapped for 5 minutes, I wanted to sream "sit down!" No one else stood for anyone and it wasn't a cute moment for Lorelai and Rory, it was cheesy, like a bad soap opera. Forth, and most importantly, Rory rejecting Logan's proposal. Oh.My.Gosh. This was the worst thing that could ever happen. Logan and Rory are the perfect couple and breaking them up is horrible. They are soul mates and since the begining there have been hints dropped that they should be together forever. But now, David S. Rosenthal, retarded David S. Rosenthal, has to break them up for almost no reason. Rory's reason was because her future is unclear, and she wants to choose her career first. So what is Rosenthal saying, we can't have a lover and a career. Bull! Many people have and will have both a lover and career, and I for one, am no exception. Rory loves Logan so much and yes, she is young, but that doesn't matter. Just because you become engaged does't mean you get married the second after. She could wait 6 monthes or a year, whatever she needs to figure out her career choice. Besides, she said herself that the San Fran papers are very good. She can't be too picky about her job choices. Bottem line, this was a horrible episode, David S. Rosenthal stupid, and Gilmore Girls have officaly jumped-the-shark.
  • Logan proposes to Rory but she says no and they break up. Rory graduates from Yale. Lorelai and Luke begin to realize they might have feelings for each other.

    This episode sucked the workst episode ever. Why do they have to tear Rory apart from Logan he's perfect for her they fit together and they are ending the serries so can't the producers just let fans have this moment them in love together at the end instead make me loose faith completly in Tv. Mabey I am a little too involved but I've watched this show for years and just want a happy ending is that too much to ask no matter how unrealistic or jaded that sounds. It was also so sad too see her empty apartment helping to renforce how empty my tuesdays will be from now on.
  • All good things come to an end

    Just now I'm realizing that we've been really accompanying Rory all the way through school and college and now when she's graduating, it's all coming to an end.
    I was really hoping she'd say yes. It was heartbreaking when she didn't, but I totally get why she can't do it, yet. It's just awful that for Logan it's all or nothing. How can he just break up with her? I really strongly hope this wasn't the end and we will atually see him again in the series finale. Otherwise, it would be a really sad ending for such a good character. Seriously, he has grown so much on me. I always liked him, but just lately I've been learning to love them together so much. It's hard that it's supposedly over now.
    As for Lorelai and Luke, I still got hopes there. From what the previews said, I thought she would be saying something like she didn't mean it when she sang the song - and actually mean it! But she was trying to get rid of Patty and Babette, so of course she didn't mean it that way. Those two must get their happy end! They can't let it end with both Gilmore Girls without their love...
    So, this was the one episode before the big finale and I'm already missing the show so much!!! The promo hints at a great finish though ;-)
  • Rory grows up and is now ready for the real world.

    My biggest problem with this episode was that while watching it, I would remember about every two minutes that this was the second last ep ever. That put a damper on my enjoyment of the episode. First things first. Rory said no to Logan. I knew she would (no, I don't read spoilers, it was just logic people). After telling Paris the right now her future/job was the most important thing in her life, I knew there was no room to follow Logan across the country and be a wife at 22 (not saying that's bad, it's just not Rory). I felt horrible for her that Logan ruined her party AND her big day. You'd think Logan would have picked a better time, but then, I think he was very sure that Rory would say yes. I guess that goes to show that he really hasn't changed from the guy we saw back in the begining of season five. Now the graduation. This part really bugged me. Have the writers ever been to a collage graduation? First off, none of the robes had the coloured sash that tells what you majored in. Then they seem to be graduating everyone all at once. Wasn't Paris a biology major? Usually the science and arts ceremonies are on different days or at different times of day. And to have the ceremony outside when a school like Yale undoubtedly has a convocation hall. And, if everyone was graduating today at that one ceremony, why wasn't there a hell of a lot more people? There should have been hundreds of students and parents. Okay, now that that is off my chest. Sorry but it drove me nuts. The only part about that that was at all believable were the scenes where Lore/Chris/Richard/Emily were sitting in the audience. I loved the town meeting. I thought it was great that when everyone found out that they couldn't go to Rory's graduation, that it became an issue at the meeting. I love seeing Stars Hallow and this town meeting had me thinking "what am I going to do next year without my Gilmore Girls fix" and that made me sad. Kirk was great, hanging over the town in a small lucite box (small because lucite is expensive!) And that led to the conversation between Luke and Lorelai in the middle of the street. Personally I thought it was a great conversation. While I love the idea of Luke and Lore being friends again, I found that convo more like laying the ground work for when they get back together. Luke was hurt when he heard Lore say her song didn't mean anything. Luke being hurt means that he wanted it to mean something, so yay! This ep, while kind of filler, sets up what should be a great next episode. ps- I am sorry. I have tried and tried to separate the paragraphs. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I have no clue why it won't work this time. It drives me nuts, and I realize it's probably much harder to read. Sorry. :(
  • Hidden messages between L/L. Logan proposed. Rory graduation.

    Luke is beginning to show his true feelings for Lor and Lor does not want to show her feelings for Luke. Luke overhears Lor saying that it was just a song and do not mean anything about it. I wish they would just talk to each other instead of at each other. Luke eventually realizes and accepts that Lor is still in love with him. Logan proposes to Rory, which she declines. I understand her point, but then I understands his as well. I am glad she is not letting him make all of her life choices for her. I know Emily is going to be very upset when she finds out that he declined him. I hate that everything seems to be ending.
  • Rory graduates, Logan proposes, Rory says no. Lorelai and Luke have an awkward moment, Chris comes back.

    I thought this episode was horrible..they only have 2 episodes left and the newspaper article I read said they were going to make everything right between the characters so fans won't be disappointed and yet they make Luke and Lorelai take a step backwards in the relationship (I did see the previews for next week so I know about the kiss) but I think it's just so stupid that they totally dragged this season through the mud when they could have made it all about Luke and Lorelai. ALso, I think it's dumb they just didn't have Rory say yes.
  • I can't believe that one more epi and there is no more GG!!

    I loved the talk of Luke and Lorelai, if only Lorelai told that she was telling all of this for him. It unbelievable that we won't get our middle. It just to cry for and Rory saying no to Logan for my taste was it so un well presented. Loved the singing of Emily and Richard!! Doyle and Paris I will miss the two of them with their silyness. Love Kirk in the box! O for sure this was our last town meeting we will ever watch. I think I will cry my self to sleep next week when it hit me that it was the last GG ever.
  • Following in her mothers footsteps (please pardon my spelling, I'm not good at it)

    Rory saying "no" to Logan's proposal. At first was glad, releaved, I didn't like him. But after reading some other peoples reviews I came to a conclusion. She is following in her mohters foot steps, sorta. If we remember back first Loriale was engaged to Max....but then before the were to get married she called it off. He had made plans for them and she didn't have control and that was that. Then Jason, I don't even remember what that was about, I'll have to go back and rewatch that era. But they were in a serious relationship and then it was over. Then Luke, (this is a little more complicated but still) he needed space and Loraile felt out of control, she wasn't running the show. I think that Logan had Rory's life planned out too much for her. Gilmore's are strong willed women and are going to do whatever they want. Look at Loreila she was pregant at 16 and instead of marrying Christopher then, she left home and started her life. Its not that they don't want to be happy its that they want control. The remainder of the show was a little dry for my taste, it was nice that they had another town meeting!
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