Gilmore Girls

Season 7 Episode 21

Unto The Breach

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 08, 2007 on The WB



  • Trivia

    • Logan states that he remembers his graduation, and that he was tipsy and tripped and grabbed Marcia Hadley's gown. But in the last episode of season 6, "Partings", Rory talks to Lorelai after Logan's ceremony and tells her that "Logan looked great, very dignify, he didn't trip, he remembered to wear pants"

    • When Lorelai enters Weston's she says: "Hi Sue I'm here to pick up the cake", yet the saleswoman doesn't give her anything and she leaves empty-handed.

    • After the series ended, it was said that Matt Czuchry (Logan) was definitely slated to be part of Season 8, if there had been a Season 8. There weren't many details about the number of episodes he would have been in, nor information on what it would have meant for the Rory/Logan relationship, but many have indicated that the purpose would have been to give them more proper closure with each other.

    • Notice the scene where Rory is alone in her apartment, packing everything up, and she stops to take a cereal break. When she takes the bowl out and pours the cereal, you can totally tell that she literally pours hardly anything into the bowl. Then she sits down and pretends to be eating intently, but she's basically eating nothing. It's hard to believe she'd go to all the trouble to dig a bowl and spoon out of her packed boxes just for a couple pieces of cereal.

    • At the end of the episode, after Rory has broken up with Logan, Lorelai comforts her by telling her that one day, she'll meet someone that she'll just know is right for her, and she won't want to hesitate like she had to with Logan's proposal. It's a bit strange that Lorelai would give out advice like this to her daughter, given the fact that she allowed herself to marry Christopher impulsively just 6 months earlier. That was an instance in which Lorelai dived into the marriage without hesitation, and look how poorly it turned out. With that in mind, what she is now telling Rory seems somewhat contradictory, because obviously, acting without hesitating did not work so well for Lorelai.

      edit: actually, Lorelai hesitated. After the proposal, she said she wasn't too sure of it, and maybe they should wait. Christopher was the one insisting. So, Lorelai didn't 'just knew it was right'.

    • Lorelai: Oh, wait, wait, oh shoot.
      Richard: What's wrong?
      Lorelai: I promised Patty and Babette that I would get lots of extra programs for the re-enactment.
      Emily: Well, here, you can have mine.
      Lorelai: Mmm
      Emily: Well what, it was hot.
      Richard: Sweetheart, I'm sure I can use some of my many contacts to procure as many programs as you need.

      This is the first time Richard has used any term of endearment (sweetheart) when speaking or referring to Lorelai. Emily has never referred to her as anything but Lorelai.

    • While Lorelai is speaking to Rory outside of the diner it can be easily noticed that the same navy blue car passes behind her twice.

    • Liz tells Luke that they won't put anything on the shelves because TJ made them, but in the season 6 episode "Fight Face," TJ builds wall shelves for Luke's Diner, and Luke seems quite happy with them.

    • This episode marks the fact that both Rory's high school and college graduations ended with a breakup. With the Chilton graduation, it was Jess, and now, at Yale, it was Logan.

  • Quotes

    • Rory: (on the phone) Oh What about Luke?
      Lorelai: Well, I was just in there, you know, trying to figure out how I feel.
      Rory:He's And?
      Lorelai: And the point is totally moot, because he barely even looked at me.
      Rory: What?
      Lorelai: Yeah, I must've completely embarrassed him, in addition to completely embarrassing myself. I've given you the don't drink-to-excess speech, right?
      Rory: Well, if you haven't you've certainly taught me by example.
      Lorelai:So, anyway, that's that.
      Rory: Are you okay?
      Lorelai: No. Yeah, I mean, you know, I didn't know what I wanted anyway, so...

    • Lorelai: (in the diner) Oh, hey!
      Miss Patty: Hello.
      Babette:He's upstairs. I'm sure you can go right on up.
      Lorelai: No, that's okay, I'm just here for coffee.
      Miss Patty: Sure, you are.
      Lorelai: I am.
      Babette: Honey, we were there.
      Miss Patty:We heard the song.
      Babette: Gave me goose bumps.
      Miss Patty: The way you locked eyes with him.
      Babette: All of that pent-up emotion...
      Lorelai: No, no, it was just karaoke. (Luke comes in)You know, I got swept up in the lyrics and the moment, it didn't mean anything.
      Luke:(coldly) What can I get you?
      Lorelai: Coffee.
      Luke: To go, right?
      Lorelai: (upset)Okay.

    • Liz: So, I heard about Lorelai's karaoke serenade. Man, I wish I'd been there.
      Luke: It wasn't a serenade.
      Liz:That's not what I heard. I was at Weston's a couple of days ago and half the town was talking about it.
      Luke: Well, half the town should get a hobby. What do you think of these? (Showing earrings for Rory)
      Liz: Those aren't Rory's taste, they're too trippy. She's not trippy. So what have you done?
      Luke: What do you mean, what have I done?
      Liz: About the love serenade.
      Luke:It wasn't a serenade and I haven't done anything. I've worked real hard to try to get that stupid song out of my head.
      Liz:Aren't you gonna respond in some way?
      Luke: Well, there's nothing to respond to. I mean, she drank a truckload of tequila and she sang a sappy song.
      Liz: Oh, no, time, okay.

    • Lorelai: And then, on top of everything, there's the whole Luke thing.
      Sookie: Oh, thank God! I've been waiting and waiting all morning. I didn't think you were gonna say anything, and I didn't think I should say anything... So, there's a Luke thing?
      Lorelai: I don't know, Sookie. I can't figure out what happened. I mean, clearly something came up when I sang that song.
      Sookie: Clearly.
      Lorelai: But I don't know if it was a new, now feeling or the residue of an old feeling that came up because of the drinks and the lyrics and the hat.
      Sookie: Well, it was a deadly cocktail.
      Lorelai: So that's why I'm going to the diner today to see how I feel sober and without the lyrics of I will Always Love You streaming in front of me.
      Sookie: Gotcha, but just so you know, I think it was a new, now feeling. I mean, the way you were singing to him...
      Lorelai: Sookie, you weren't even there.
      Sookie: I know, but I had enough people describe it to me.
      Lorelai: Oh, no!
      Sookie: No, we're just all excited about the possibility of you and Luke.
      Lorelai: Look, I know everyone's heart is in the right place, but I need to figure out what I want.
      Sookie: Gotcha.
      Lorelai: Seriously, Sookie, I need your help with keeping all these people off my back.
      Sookie: Understood. But for the future, next time you want other people to stay out of your, you know, relationship...
      Lorelai: Don't serenade your ex in front of the whole town?
      Sookie: You knew it was a serenade.
      Lorelai: Sookie.
      Sookie: What? Sorry.

    • Lorelai: (to Christopher) Tell me what time it is. I promised everyone I would note the time so that when we do the reenactment, we could--
      Richard: Lorelai, I will note the time, I will take the picture. You just sit back and enjoy your daughter's graduation from Yale. This is as much your moment as Rory's. Enjoy it.

    • Rory: (in line to graduate) Okay. This is it.
      Paris: Yeah. We've been drafting off each other since high school, and now it's each woman for herself. Who knows when we'll see each other again, right?
      Rory: Paris, I haven't been able to shake you off all this time. I'm sure we're going to be friends for a very long time.
      Paris: You're going to do such great things with your life, Rory. (gives her a huge hug)

    • (Richard and Emily song to Rory)
      Richard: You're the top. You have graduated.
      Emily: You're the top. Your grandparents are elated.
      Richard: Newspaper Editor. Phi Beta Kappa, wow!
      Emily: You're a revelation. A huge sensation.
      Richard: You should take a bow.
      Emily: You are done. No more school for you.
      Richard: There is nothing… now that you can't do.
      Emily: You make us proud. We'll sing it loud.
      Richard: It's true!
      Together: 'Cause our Rory, you're a Bulldog through and through!

    • Logan: You amaze me, Rory Gilmore. Every day. Everything that you do. Everything that you are. This past year I realized that I don't know a lot more than I thought I knew. If that makes sense. Sorry, I'm a little bit nervous! I didn't think I would be. What I'm trying to say is that I don't know a lot. But I know that I love you. And I want to be with you. Forever. (Logan pulls out a ring box) Rory Gilmore, will you marry me?

    • Rory: (moving her things out of her dorm room) Okay, just one more trip.
      Lorelai: No! I can't! This is why we don't exercise--it's too exhausting!
      Rory: Well, it wouldn't be so exhausting if we exercised.
      Lorelai: Oh, darn, you and your college graduate logic!

    • Richard: Bill Clinton. That's a speaker I would have enjoyed. Can't stand his politics but he has a commanding presence and a nice voice. I wonder if he records books on tape.

    • Lorelai: All right, we can check the cake off our list. What else do I need to remember?
      Sookie: Don't worry cause I prefer footballs basically.
      Lorelai: What?!
      Sookie: (enunciating) Don't worry cause I prefer footballs basically.
      Lorelai: Huh?
      Sookie: It's a pneumatic device. Dress, wedges, champagne, ice, plastic flutes, beaded clutch. Beaded clutch is one word.
      Lorelai: And pantyhose.
      Sookie: Don't worry cause I prefer footballs basically, Polly.
      Lorelai: And tissues and my camera.
      Sookie: Don't worry cause I prefer footballs basically, Polly...teased...Chad.
      Lorelai: Why would Polly tease Chad about footballs?
      Sookie: I don't know. Maybe Polly prefers soccer balls.
      Lorelai: That doesn't make any sense!
      Sookie: (laughs) Well, then stop adding stuff to the list!

    • Emily: I'm just saying you have pull. Use it. That's what parenting is.
      Lorelai: (taking a picture of Paris receiving her diploma) I don't know if her family is here. I'm going to take a picture for Rory.
      Emily: She looks up to you. And when a child looks up to you and has a difficult decision to make, you tell her what to do.
      Lorelai: That's not how I do it.
      Emily: So you're just content to...
      Richard: Emily, please. Rory is next.

    • Emily: Just so you know, I read in The New York Times that people are getting married younger and younger these days.
      Lorelai: Well, the good news is if it was in The New York Times, Rory saw it and filed it away.

    • Lorelai: How you doing, honey?
      Rory: Oh...okay.
      Lorelai: Yeah?
      Rory: Yeah. Well, I mean, I'm not okay, I feel awful. I feel sick. I miss him already.
      Lorelai: I know.
      Rory: And it just sucks, you know, because I graduated today. This was supposed to be a happy day in my life, and now every time I look back on it, I'm going to think of this horrible thing that happened.
      Lorelai: I'm sorry. But I think you made the right decision.
      Rory: You do?
      Lorelai: I do. One day, you'll meet someone, and you'll just know that it's right. You won't want to hesitate.
      Rory: I hope so.
      Lorelai: I really do believe it.

    • Rory: Logan...I'm sorry. I can't. I love you. You know how much I love you. I love the idea of being married to you. But...there are just a lot of things in my life right now that are undecided, which used to scare me, but now I kind of like that it's all wide open. And if I married you, it just wouldn't be.
      Logan: So, what? I move to San Francisco, you stay back east, and we see each other occasionally?
      Rory: Well, we can try long distance. We've done it before.
      Logan: You really think that would work?
      Rory: I think it would be hard, but--
      Logan: I don't want to do that, Rory. I don't want to move backwards. If we can't take the next step...
      Rory: What?
      Logan: It's just...
      Rory: Does it have to be all or nothing?
      Logan: Yeah, it does.
      Rory: We could try.
      Logan: What's the point?
      Rory: So...
      Logan: So... (Rory pauses, reaches into her pocket, and holds out the box with the ring in it; after a long silence, Logan takes it) Good bye, Rory. (walks away)

    • Luke: Some people need time.
      Lorelai: Or they're never ready.
      Luke: Well, I wouldn't say never. They want to be careful. They're a little slower to make sure it's right.
      Lorelai: You can't always be 100 percent sure. Sometimes you take a leap of faith.
      Luke: You have to know what you're leaping into.
      Lorelai: After all this time, how can you not know?
      Luke: Who not know?
      Lorelai: Rory.
      Luke: Right. Rory.

    • Rory: Alright, listen, I'm gonna go. Logan and I have this romantic afternoon planned.
      Lorelai: Oh, really?
      Rory: We're spackling.
      Lorelai: Oh, well, uh, spackle well, or, whatever one says to encourage a successful spackle.
      Rory: Have a good spackle?
      Lorelai: Spackle on.
      Rory: Break a spackle?
      Lorelai: Knock on spackle, things work out.
      Rory: OK, talk to you later.
      Lorelai: Tell him I said hi.
      Rory: Bye Mom.
      Lorelai: Bye.

  • Notes

    • Music:

      "Pomp and Circumstance", At the graduation ceremony
      " You're The Top" by Cole Porter Emily and Richard sing a modified version to Rory at her graduation party.

    • French episode title: "La Remise des Diplômes de Rory", meaning "Rory's Graduation".

    • International Airdates:
      Spain - October 15, 2007 on FOX TV Spain
      Germany - March 7, 2008 von VOX

    • This is the final appearances of Liza Weil (Paris), Matt Czuchry (Logan) and Danny Strong (Doyle) on Gilmore Girls.

    • Even though Richard and Emily say that they can't sing, before singing the song for Rory, Emily has actually sung before. Most notably, Kelly Bishop was in the musical A Chorus Line.

    • Yanic Truesdale (Michel) and Keiko Agena (Lane) do not appear in this episode.

    • This is the first time, since "Farewell, My Pet" that Christopher appears in an episode.

  • Allusions

    • Rory: Milan Kundera is speaking at our graduation.
      Lorelai: Oh.
      Rory: What you're not a bit Kundera fan?
      Lorelai: No, I'm unbearably light on him.

      Milan Kundera is a Czech-born writer best known for his bestseller The Unbearable Lightness of Being (1984).

    • Emily: This woman keeps rocking back and forth. It's like sitting behind Ray Charles.

      Ray Charles was a blind pianist and soul musician. While playing the piano, Charles would characteristically rock back and forth.

    • Lorelai: Oh, like David Blaine.

      David Blaine is an illusionist and stunt performer. In one of his stunts, Blaine spent 44-days inside a transparent Plexiglas case suspended 30 feet above the ground.

    • Emily: Apparently Lorelai has invoked the "Don't ask, don't tell" rule.
      Richard: Bill Clinton. That's a speaker I would have enjoyed.

      Bill Clinton passed a military policy, commonly referred to as "Don't ask, don't tell", which prohibits those in the military from asking about others or disclosing their own sexual orientation.

    • Episode Title: Unto The Breach

      Unto the Breach is a book by John Ringo that was released in November of 2006. It could also refer to Shakespeare's Henry V speech: "Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more...", which also means "Let's try again one more time".