Gilmore Girls

Season 5 Episode 5

We Got Us a Pippi Virgin!

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 19, 2004 on The WB
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The demands of the electorate are beginning to get to Jackson; Lorelai and Rory delicately nudge Richard and Emily closer together; Lorelai decides that a double date with Rory and Dean is the way to smooth over the bumps in her relationship with Dean, but the evening goes awry when Luke can't get over feeling that Dean isn't good enough for Rory; Richard takes up a new hobby, and Emily buys a panic room; failing to get a response from Zach about the declaration of her feelings, Lane rescinds them, which finally gets Zach talking; Lorelai introduces Luke to "Pippi Longstocking" as Kirk gets much better acquainted with Lulu during movie night at the Black & White & Read Bookstore.moreless

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  • Emily's panic room BWR night Pippi Longstocking Bop-It This episode was everything needed for a great epsiode

    This episode was by far the funniest. From the panic room to Pippi to the Bop It, Alexis Bledel and Lauren Graham had great acting in this episode. The reference Lorelai made to Jodie Foster's movie, Panic Rooom, was classic. And then when Rory made the same reference just showed how much Lorelai shares with her daughter. The double date showed how much Luke still dislikes Dean. Rory and Lorelai showing their excitment about Pippi Longstocking is exactly why I love them. Dean and Luke beating up the Bop It was great. But by far my favorite part was when Luke told Lorelai she never had to tip him. Her reaction was priceless. Overall, great episode.moreless
  • Lorelai and Luke go on a double date woth Rory and Dean. Good one.

    This was a good episode, probably my least favourite of the season so far, I don't really know why. Anyway, Lorelai and Dean are awkward and weird around each other so Lorelai suggests a double date, which Luke isn't sure about, he seems to have a problem with Dean. Lorelai and Luke being a couple was great as always, lots of amusing comments made by both.

    The date seems to be going fine, its a little awkward but okay. Soon Luke becomes increasingly annoyed with Dean which ends with him leaving after Luke is fairly snappish. Rory did have a right to be a little annoyed with Luke because he was being fairly out of line. It was good to see him being protective though and he claims she isn't right for her, which I'm kind of starting to see.

    It seems doomed but we'll see. It was hilarious when Emily went snooping in Richard's pool house, her disgust at the vest was very funny. But Lorelai gets through to Richard and by the end of the episode they finally communicate, will they be getting back together any time soon?

    I felt sorry for Lane, Zach wasn't saying anything but it was great when he spoke to her about things, basically saying he might be interested too. I like them together, hope they become a couple. Good episode overall.moreless
  • Come on, Pippi Longstocking?

    Oh. My. God. Pippi in english?! Wow, that was a first. What the h*ll had they done to the song? And Pippi's voice? No wonder Luke didn't like her at first.

    I'm from Sweden so I know how good Pippi really is, I grew up with her, and that was just wrong. But it was kind of funny to hear Pippi in english, especially when Rory and Lorelai sang the intro.

    Longstocking, talk about directly translated. The real name is Långstrump.

    Well well, I never knew Luke disliked Dean so much, although I can understand why. I think it's great that Rory and Dean are back together because, well because it's cute! Even I can watch touchy-feely-love-crapmoreless
  • Double dating, panic room, barbershop quartets...

    It's always fun to see Lorelai and Luke, I love it.

    And of course Emily and Lorelai, now that Emily got a panic room.

    The scene when they break into the pool house looking for gin and end up searching the place looking for "evidence" lol

    And Emily giving Lorelai the panic room code, 11111 lol

    And Lane and Zack scene when she backed out about her feelings lol

    Rory and Dean and Lorelai and Luke on a double date, that was weird, really weird... That movie, I haven't seen it in a long, long time. here we call it Pippi das meias altas lol

    Zack is really slow, he takes really long time to process things and only now he realized what Lane said.

    And the date couldn't go worse, with Luke and Dean, they can't connect. I liked when Richard got the time to tell something new about him to Emily and his expression when he saw the panic room lolmoreless
  • Rory and Dean double date with Luke and Lorelai. The date does not go well.

    I definitely was not thrilled about Rory and Dean getting back together, especially while Dean was still married. But I still feel bad for him in this episode. Although Luke tries to make an effort to get along with Dean, in the end, he cannot sustain his being nice to Dean. I understand Luke's position. Rory and Dean are miles apart in their lives right now. Rory clearly should not be with Dean right now.

    What I do like about this episode is that they tried to recreate the movie night that Lorelai, Rory and Dean used to have, bringing Luke into the picture. For a while, it works, but then it doesn't.

    I love that you get to see Luke in that paternal role towards Rory. Even though his and Lorelai's relationship is still new, his place in their lives and their place in his life is clearly not new. Luke fits into Lorelai's life quite nicely. This is juxtaposed with how Dean doesn't fit into Rory's life anymore. Years ago, when they did movie nights, Dean did fit into Rory's life. Another juxtaposition - Rory and Dean then, Rory and Dean now.moreless
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Sean Gunn

Kirk Gleason (Episodes 44 - , recurring previously)

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Keiko Agena

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Kelly Bishop

Emily Gilmore

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Alexis Bledel

Rory Gilmore

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Edward Herrmann

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (11)

    • In this episode, Luke tells Lorelai that Dean is not good enough for Rory. That is exactly what Emily says to Richard about Luke dating Lorelai in "You jump, I jump Jack" (and repeatedly). She says the same thing about Dean too in "The party's over" when she throws a party for Rory with boys only.

    • In this episode, we learn that Lorelai was never supposed to tip Luke. In previous episodes, though, Luke has demanded a tip from Lorelai. Why would he do that if Lorelai was never supposed to tip him in the first place?

    • When at the house Rory brings up how Luke and Dean used to play togethor on a softball team,to which they say it was only a pick-up league. However as shown in season one they actually played on opposing teams.

    • When Lorelai, Rory, Luke and Dean are watching Pippi Longstocking and Luke gives his disapproving glare at Rory and Dean, you can see that Dean's arm is already around Rory however a second later it cuts to Dean putting his arm around her.

    • Lorelai: Just hangin' out here with my close friend Tex Watson.

      This is the third time Lorelai references a member of the Charles Manson family. The first time was in Season 2, Episode 12, "Richard in Stars Hollow" where she speaks of Patricia Krenwinkle.

      Lorelai: You have no right being anything. Rory's my kid and I make the rules, so if she comes home one day and says, 'Hey, uh, I'm gonna spend the weekend with Patricia Krenwinkle' and I say, 'Okay, grab a sweater', you just have to deal.

      Richard: Who is Patricia Krenwinkle?

      The second time was at Liz and T.J.'s wedding when she spoke of Leslie Van Houten in Season 4, Episode 21, "Last Week Fights, This Week Tights"

      Lorelai: Think they know any Zeppelin?
      (Two women dance down the aisle tossing roses) Ooh, roses -- nice.
      Luke: Does she remind you of someone?
      Lorelai: Can you say Leslie Van Houten? (A jester tumbles down the aisle) Now, that's impressive.

      Tex Watson, Patricia Krenwinkle and Leslie Van Houten were responsible for the Tate/LaBianca murders.

    • When Luke gave Lorelai her coffee to go, he tipped the cup sideways to put on the lid. If there had been liquid in the cup, it would have spilled.

    • In "Richard in Stars Hollow" Richard wanted Lorelai to have a grapefruit for breakfast. Luke said that he didn't and never had grapefriut and had to go to Doose's market for one. In this episode, after Friday night dinner, he gives Rory and Lorelai half a grapefruit.

    • When Lorelai found out that she wasn't supposed to be tipping Luke, she said that he has been ripping her off for ten years. But just two episodes ago, she had asked Luke when they met and he said that it was eight years ago.

    • When at the Black, White and Read Movie Theater, Lorelai notes that they are the only people there and that they can talk during the movie. However, last time Luke came round to watch a movie at Lorelai's, she told him that they couldn't talk during the movie!

    • When Lorelai is showing Luke how to play Bop-It, she says "You hit it" (then hits the circle in the middle that says "Bop-It"), "Then you twist it, and flick it," etc. (And shows Luke twisting "it" and flicking "it") Hitting Bop-It turns it on, - so it makes no sense that she could show Luke the hitting and twisting and flicking silently. It all should have produced sound effects.

      Some bop its are turned on by pulling the "pull-it". So maybe thats why it didn't turn on.

    • When Luke hands Lorelai her coffee to go, he puts the cup on the bench with the label facing Lorelai. However, when it cuts to the next shot of Lorelai, the label is away from her.

  • QUOTES (15)

    • Lorelai: What does a businessman want when they travel? Booze, and hookers. Anything else?
      Sookie: (Smiles) I think that covers it.
      Lorelai: We got booze. How do we get hookers?
      Sookie: How about a banner up front that reads "Hoes up at the Dragonfly"?
      Lorelai: Or we tell them Bill Maher's here.

    • Jackson: No, a little girl being thrown from a pink, spring-loaded, bobbling piggy toy is very serious business. Yes, Mrs. Cassini.

    • Luke: [about Dean] He's not good enough for her.
      Lorelai: Well, who is? Jess?
      Luke: No, not Jess. A prince, maybe. One that's in line to be king. Not one of those waiting-for-a-brother-to-die ones, but a real one. If not a prince, someone who's gonna be good for her. You know, Rory is like Pippi.
      Lorelai: Pippi?
      Luke: She can have adventures and be free, she's smart. The whole world's waiting for her.
      Lorelai: You're comparing Rory to Pippi Longstocking?
      Luke: Pippi is strong and independent. She can lift a horse above her head. Uh-huh. And beat up bullies and build a hot-air balloon. She's unique, like Rory. But I guarantee you, if Pippi had met Dean, there would be no horse, no balloons. He'd drag her down to his level, spend all her gold coins, and poof, like that, all her dreams would be gone.

    • (Lorelai walks into Emily's house)
      Lorealai: I'm sorry I'm late. Traffic was bad. Some moron coming out of Stars Hollow decided to go the speed limit, which is -- ooh! (sees a metal panic room in the middle of the foyer)What the hell is that?
      Emily: What does it look like? It's a panic room.
      Lorealai: Like Jodie Foster?
      Emily: I have no idea.
      Lorealai: But it's very small. It's more like an anxiety room.
      Emily: It's for one person.
      Lorealai: Huh?
      Emily: You could maybe squeeze two in.
      Lorealai: And when those two are done panicking, the next couple of panickers get a turn?
      Emily: It's primarily for me.
      Lorealai: Why the foyer?
      Emily: It was supposed to go upstairs, but the boors who delivered it claimed they weren't told about the stairs, so they didn't have the right equipment.
      Lorealai: Hey, let's test it out. I'm gonna get you. (she raises her hands like claws)
      Emily: Oh, my God.
      Lorealai: You better get in there, 'cause I'm a bad guy. Baah!
      Emily: Stop it.
      Lorealai: I'm menacing. Panic, damn it. Come on.
      Emily: There's nothing funny about this.
      (Doorbell rings)
      Lorealai: Oh! Get in, quick! Quick!
      Emily: Stop it.
      (Emily opens the door and Rory comes in)
      Rory: Hi, Grandma. So -- hey, what's that?
      (Lorelai stands next to the panic room like a car show model)
      Lorealai: I know how to protect you from shrapnel and Agent Orange. Ask me how.
      Emily: It's a panic room.
      Rory: Like Jodie Foster?
      Emily: What does Jodie Foster have to do with this?
      Lorealai: (teasing) You need one for your dorm.
      Emily: That's not a stupid thought. It'll stop a 9-millimeter shell.
      Lorealai: Handy for when Suge Knight comes for tea.

    • Lorelai: (about the code to Emily's panic room) All right, give me the code, Mom, and I will keep it safe.
      Emily: Okay. Are you ready?
      Lorelai: Pen is poised.
      Emily: 1-1-1-1-1.
      Lorelai: Is that the code it came with?
      Emily: Well, I don't know how to change it. The men were supposed to show me, and now it's the code I'm stuck with! Did you write it down?
      Lorelai: Barring an aneurysm, I think I'll remember it.
      Emily: Well, factor in an aneurysm and write it down! This is important.
      Lorelai: Okay, I'm writing it down. 1-1-1-1-1.
      Emily: Don't say it out loud!
      Lorelai: Oh, um...."our football team is really great, we won, won, won, won, won!"
      Emily: Everything's a joke.

    • Luke: But isn't it like a kids movie?
      Lorelai: Wait a minute. You've never seen the movie?
      Luke: Never
      Lorelai: Oh my gosh, we've got us a Pippi Virgin.
      Rory: I didn't think there were any left.
      Lorelai: And it's not a kids movie.
      Rory: It's a classic of surrealism.
      Lorelai: And bizarre cinemetography.
      Rory: And atonal singing.
      Lorelai: And forced acting.

    • Luke: (to Lorelai during the Pippi movie) I still don't understand how every merchant in town takes her gold coins as payment without questioning where she got them.
      Lorelai: Because her father's a cannibal king. Everyone knows they're lousy with gold!
      Luke: This is a book, right? I should just get the book.

    • Rory: I have never seen Grandma so singularly obsessed about a piece of clothing.
      Lorelai: Not since I wore my "Gas, Grass, Or Ass — No One Rides For Free" T-shirt to the Junior League spring tea.

    • Rory and Lorelai: (singing) "Freckles on her nose, diddle diddle dee, a girl came riding, into town one day, diddle diddle dee, was quite a sight. It's Pippi Longstocking he ho ho ah he ha ha. It's Pippi Longstocking there's no one like her. Happy as can be, diddle diddle dippy, tells you stories you just wait and see, tra la la la la "
      Luke: What happened to her hair?
      Lorelai: She's between stylists now. It's very awkward.
      Luke: Unbelievable.

    • Richard: I saw the most preposterous thing on TV the other night. It had been ages since I'd just flipped through the channels... And the horrors to be discovered there...

    • Dean: Wow! Cool special effects!
      Rory: Yeah, but I don't think George Lucas will be shaking in his boots.

    • Kirk: (addressing Dean and Rory) Pippi is a great making-out movie! It's better than 'Blood on the Highway' or 'That's My Daughter's Head!'

    • (Dean and Luke start playing the Bop It and they are hitting it hard)
      Lorelai: Come on, guys. The Bop It has feelings too.

    • Lorelai: Can you de-Mensa that reference?

    • Richard: Dickie and I share some duties. We lunch occasionally, socialize a bit, but he would cut my throat in a heartbeat, as I would his.
      Rory: It's like Rikers Island, except everyone drives a Jag.

  • NOTES (3)

  • ALLUSIONS (16)

    • Lorelai: See you have your nose in your Proust.
      Richard: Yes, have you read him?
      Lorelai: Oh, I tried once. Struck out.
      This is an allusion to Swann's Way, which Lorelai quit reading after realising that the first line was 20 pages long.

    • Zach: I hope you weren't expecting an Officer and a Gentleman kind of thing when I came in just now.

      The moment in The Officer and a Gentleman that Zach is referring to occurs when Zack Mayo (Richard Gere) storms through the factory where Paula Pokrifki (Debra Winger) works and sweeps her into his arms and carries her off into the sunset.

    • Jackson: Et tu, former friend?

      A reference to the last words of Julius Caeser in Shakespeare's play.

    • Lorelai: Your Lurch left you in the lurch.

      Lorelai refers to Richard's valet as "Lurch". Lurch was the butler on "The Addams Family".

    • Lorelai: Just hangin' out here with my close friend Tex Watson.

      Tex Watson was a member of the Manson family.

    • Lorelai: Cool, we have a short feature to start: "The Katzenjammer Kids Try to Sit on the Couch".

      The Katzenjammer Kids is a classic comic strip, begun in 1897 and still running in some newspapers.

    • Kirk: ...the first reel of the movie inexplicably caught fire earlier this evening.
      Lorelai: That's what happens when Richard Pryor is your projectionist.

      The late comedian Richard Pryor was badly burned in 1980 while, it was reported, he was freebasing cocaine.

    • Rory: The less you tell Grandma, the better.
      Lorelai: By George, I think she's got it!

      Lorelai's remark is a paraphrase of Professor Henry Higgins's line in My Fair Lady, when Eliza Doolittle finally masters the correct pronunciation of 'the rain in Spain'.

    • Emily: Our days never included Richard dressing up like that gay fellow whose tiger tried to eat him.

      Reference to Roy, of the Las Vegas magic act Siegfried and Roy.

    • Zach: Yo, Kid Flash, slow down. I've got chops, but I'm not Les Paul.

      Kid Flash was a sidekick to the DC superhero The Flash. Les Paul is a legendary electric-guitar innovator.

    • Emily: It'll stop a 9-millimeter shell.
      Lorelai: Handy for when Suge Knight comes for tea.

      Suge Knight is a violent gangsta rapper, implicated in the murders of Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G.

    • Lorelai: (to Luke) Bring us some coffee and I promise this grapefruit will be eaten. (to Rory) How long is my nose?

      Lorelai lied to Luke by saying that the grapefruit will be eaten, and with the following line is referencing Pinocchio. Pinocchio is a puppet whose wooden nose would grow every time he told a lie.

    • Title: We Got Us a Pippi Virgin!

      Pippi Longstocking is a Swedish movie based on the Swedish books written by the very beloved Swedish children's author Astrid Lindgren. Many thought she would some day get the Nobel Prize in Literature, but she never got it before her death in 2002 (94 years old). Internationally her books about Pippi are most likely what she is most known for.

    • Rory: It's like Rikers Island, except everyone drives a Jag.

      New York's largest jail center which lies on a 415-acre plot of land in the East River between Queens and the Bronx -- Rikers Island houses 15,000 or so 'special' residents, making it the world's largest penal colony.

    • Lorelai: Can you de-Mensa that reference?

      Mensa is a highly prestigious organization of geniuses.

    • Lorelai: Like, Jodie Foster?

      Jodie Foster starred in the movie Panic Room, playing a woman who escapes into a panic room with her daughter when their home is invaded by thieves.

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