Gilmore Girls

Season 5 Episode 13

Wedding Bell Blues

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 08, 2005 on The WB
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Emily and Richard renew their vows in front of their closest friends with Lorelai as Emily's Maid of Honor, and Rory as Richard's Best Man. Logan shows up with another girl, and when a jealous Rory confronts him directly, Logan openly admits that he has never been a one-woman man. Wanting to be a part of Logan's life, despite this startling confession, Rory makes a decision that completely defies what she is used to doing in a relationship. Meanwhile, the reception is going beautifully until Luke and Christopher get into a heated screaming match over Lorelai, and hurtful words prompt Luke to leave immediately. Upon finding out who was involved in causing this eruption, Lorelai has only one thing in mind as she furiously approaches her mother.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Emily and Richard renew there vows, Christopher turns up and Rory takes a chance with Logan. Very eventful, loved the end.

    So what was set up in the last episodes comes to ahead during Emily and Richard's recommitment ceremony and talk about eventful. Firstly the bachelorette party was amusing as Emily had too much to drink. It was great to see her act so fun and calm, not caring about anything. The wedding day arrives and Luke is paranoid about his suit, this was funny especially when Emily and Richard said that of course he's changing.

    Rory is jealous because Logan is with another girl, after a conversation with Christopher (who has turned obviously to win Lorelai's affections) she takes a chance and asks him to dance. She asks him why he hasn't asked her out yet and he says it's because he's not boyfriend material. I liked this scene. Then how out of character is this but in a good way, Rory tells him basically she just wants sex.

    They end up kissing in another room maybe leading to more. Though it seems that Rory may not be herself at the moment, I still like them as a couple so I'm glad they hooked up. Christopher has too much to drink and ends up arguing with Luke, who rightly says that he's there for Rory more than him, her own father. This angers Chris and he says that he and Lorelai are made for each other and that Emily said so.

    Lorelai watches on in horror and this was a painful scene because you just knew it was going to end badly. She tries to defend her case but Luke leaves, Lorelai is furious with Chris and tells him to get out of her way, which was just brilliantly done. He is desperate but she won't have any of it and in the highlight of the whole episode Lorelai goes to have her photo taken with her parents and Rory.

    When she gets there she can't hide her fury with Emily and says to her ' You and me, we're done!' This was extremely powerful and Emily's confused face was classic. Emily deserves everything she gets, trying to ruin Luke and Lorelai's relationship, I sense very heated rows in the near future.

    Otherwise the wedding was nice, with Emily and Richard's dance etc. Another stand out episode, look forward to the aftermath!moreless
  • Great episode, big events and hell of an end

    Wow!! big episode.

    Richard and Emily are renewing their vows and they both have bachelor parties, one organized with time and other instantaneously organized lol

    A night of rental cop goes away, Emily calls Lorelai for help with the dress and she drops by.

    Emily comes by to the girls' house and Richard calls there and lets Lorelai know about the party they were suppose be having.

    Lorelai calls the girls and they have the bachelorette party.

    At the end Babette was in the couch and Miss Patty in Rory's bed.

    Emily asking Lorelai if she ever thought about getting married and Lorelai answering yes as good, the follow up as bad... For Emily the thought of Lorelai thinking of marriage, now that she is dating Luke is horrible, she changed topic instantly.

    I loved the look between Luke and Lorelai when she walked down the aisle, just so full of significance, even Marilyn noticed that. It was beautiful.

    I have to admit, despite her actions, Emily was beautiful in her white dress, really was.

    Poor Luke, finding out about Tequila night like that...

    Richard knows how to be romantic, he picked a song Emily used to sing to Lorelai when she was a kid and had a hearing infection, it became Emily's favorite. That was their first dance song.

    I knew something was coming, Chris was drinking too much.

    Luke was upset about the revelation but nothing like a proposition of a dance with Lorelai to calm him down and even make him smile. They know some moves lol

    Rory was great to as best man. Her hair was better lose...

    She is less shy, she even asked Logan to dance. The conversations turns a bit more serious, Logan even calls her by her name and not Ace. They grab a bottle of champagne and leave.

    Lorelai and Luke running from Tatsy was fun lol

    Chris was really asking, why did he had to follow Lorelai and Luke when they went to find Rory... And walking in on Rory like that with two guys like that wasn't fun, one drunk, the other angry.

    And the things Chris said, about he and Lorelai belong together and that Emily said the same thing...

    Lorelai should have slapped Chris, he was asking for it.

    And that final line: "You and me, we're done"moreless
  • This episode is proberly one of my top five favourite episode in Season Five!

    I love the bacheloret party, and the conversation they Rory and Lorelai have after, and i love the song that they play at the Wedding that the episode is named after, and i love Lorelai's dress, and Rory being the best man, and Rory and Logan dancing, and then making out, and the yelling when they are found by Loreali, Chris and Luke, and how Luke leaves, and Loreali chases after him, with Chris following. And how Loreali and Luke dance, it's so romantic, and Chris watching them dance, all jelouse, and the begining of the episode, when Loreali wants the boots, and how she says "I'll look like the Martin Salt Girl!" And at the end, how she goes to Emily "You and me, we're done!" And how Amy set the destruction of the Emily and Lorelai relationship, and the temparary brake-up of the Lorelai and Luke relationsip at the vowel-renewel. And with Maraline, and Aunt Totsie. And i think that it is despicable how Emily planed to brack up Lorelai and Luke, through Chris. I mean, can't she see that they are very happy together, and just to leave them be? And besides, the only reason that Emily and Richared hate Luke is that he is in the working-class, and dosn't own a mansion, and they don't think that he's good enough,just like the Huntzburgers didn't think that Rory was good enough. If they good only see past that, they good see that Luke is one of the kindest, most romantic, most sweetist guys ever to walk he earth, and except that he and Lorelai are in Love, and just back off! And I'm done.moreless
  • Richard and Emily renew thier vows.

    This episode of Gilmore Girls has to be one of my favorites of season 5. This episode had very hilarious moments. Firstly, when Emily was coming over to Lorelai and Rory's and Richard calls to say thanks for having her a bachlors party. Then at the party it was funny, Lorelai poured more alchol into emily's drink, and Kyon kept asking "But why" thats was great. And then comes time for the party, Rory was funny when she was hiding behind that guy and kept staring at Logan, then suprisingly Rory ask Logan questions about where they stand. Then when Chris got drunk and started the screaming match between him and Luke over Rory. I knew Chris was going to come in and mess something up when Emily went to him, It just makes me sad. Overall this is one of the best episodes. :]]moreless
  • when richard and emily renew their vows it's kind of interesting but the real action happens the last 5 minutes or so of the show.

    Luke and Chris fighting when they really should not have been. I mean they both did not want Rory in there kissing Logan. Then they start arguing over being Rory's father, I mean it is natural Luke but it is not natural Chris. That's when Chris blurts out the real reason he is there. Emily invited him to the wedding to break up Luke and Lorelai. When Luke hears this he looks at Lorelai then at Chris and then storms out of the hotel and Lorelai chases after him, while Chris chases after Lorelai, but just as they get back into the reception they pull her aside to take a photo and Chris backs off. As Lorelai leans in for the picture she whispers in Emily's ear "We're through!" I mean you kind of wish that wasnt the end of the episode. awesome baby!moreless
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Sean Gunn

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (10)

    • At the wedding, Lorelai says, "Oh, Christopher, you know Luke..." Christopher acts as if he has never met Luke, even though Christopher has been to Luke's diner a few times earlier in the series.

    • The song that Richard and Emily first dance to (about the man named Bill) is called "Wedding Bell Blues" written by Laura Nyro and performed my Maryilyn McCoo and the 5th Dimension. This is undoubtedly the inspiration for the title of the episode.

    • When Luke is on the phone with the boating suppliers, the camera shows behind the counter, and you can see a Luke's takeout bag standing up on the shelf underneath. Luke later hands Lorelai a bag of donuts, and when the camera shows them kissing, you can see behind the counter and the bag isn't there.

    • When Christopher walks into the wedding, Lorelai is surprised to see him, however Christopher was invited by Emily and so shouldn't Lorelai have noticed his name when she was attempting to sabotage the seating chart the night before?

    • In this episode,Richard and Emily are celebrating their 40th anniversary. And since Richard celebrated his 60th birthday two years earlier in a January 2003 third season episode that would have made him 22 when he got married.In the following season Emily mentions that she was 23 when they married.So while it has always been implied that Richard was older if this math is correct Emily is actually a year older than him!

    • In episode "We Got Us a Pippi Virgin" Lorelai tells Luke that she is an awkward winker, however, when she was walking down the aisle, she winks at him just fine.

    • The song that plays while Emily and Richard dance is called "Wedding Bell Blues" (hence the title of the episode) and is sung by Fifth Dimension.

    • When Luke storms out on Lorelai and Chris, Lorelai is only about a meter or two behind him. However, when she goes into the grand hall, he is no where to be seen.

    • Lorelai and Rory plan a girls night to watch a Cop Rock marathon. Kathleen Wilhoite who plays Liz Danes, Luke's sister was a regular guest star on Cop Rock.

    • When Rory kisses Logan a second time to prove he's not "kissing a guy", notice that Rory's right hand is on his neck, but when the shot switches to Logan, her hand is somewhere on his arm.

  • QUOTES (26)

    • Emily: It's going to be fabulous, isn't it, Lorelai?
      Lorelai: Ab fab, sweetie darling.
      Emily: Isn't she hilarious? I never have any idea what she's talking about, but she's so entertaining, like a chimp. Isn't she like a chimp Gypsy?
      Gypsy: Please make your mother stop talking to me.
      Lorelai: If only I had that power.

    • Lorelai: Christopher, get out of my way!!!

    • Luke: Aren't you going to lock the door?
      Lorelai: Babette, could you lock up when you leave?
      Babette:(Pops up on couch) You got it, honey!

    • Emcee: At this time, if you're in love, I invite you to join Emily and
      Richard on the dance floor.
      Lorelai: You wanna dance?
      Luke: No, thanks.
      Lorelai: (seriously) Please? I promise I will dance just as spazzy as you will.
      Luke: I do not dance spazzy.
      Lorelai: Then I will be the only spaz on the floor. Please?
      Luke: I do not dance spazzy.
      Lorelai: (smiles) Thank you.
      (Luke and Lorelai are dancing)
      Luke: Okay, there's a touch of spazzy in there. Can we stop dancing now?
      Lorelai: We can. Uh, but Marilyn is standing right behind you and if we swap
      she's going to swoop in, there's nothing I can do to save you.
      Luke: Well, funny how Marilyn's been standing right behind me where I can't
      see her for the last two songs.
      Lorelai: Yeah, I know. That woman is spooky.
      Luke: This wouldn't be some underhanded ploy of yours to keep me dancing,
      would it?
      Lorelai: Why, Luke Danes, I am appalled at the insinuation. I should walk
      off this dance floor right now and leave you to your fate. But I'm much too
      sweet a person to do that.
      Luke: Uh-huh.

    • Luke: (on the phone) Uh-huh. Uh-huh. You don't? Well, when are you going to get it in? Fine. Two boxes of annular thread silicon pronged boat pads. A band saw. A wood rack, and a jack plane. Yeah, I'll hold. (Lorelai waves and Luke grunts)
      Lorelai: Eh? Apparently now we've been married for forty years?

    • Lorelai: All right. I thought you were gonna spend the evening trying to figure out how to fling yourself down the stairs just hard enough that you won't have to go to my parents' thing tomorrow, but not so hard that you actually die.
      Luke: No, I thought instead that I'd try to find a wild boar to maul me just enough that I'll need medical attention so I won't have to go to your parents' thing tomorrow, but after some stitches and a transfusion I'll still be able to make you coffee.

    • Christopher: It is none of your business what goes on with Rory.
      Luke: It sure as hell is my business!
      Lorelai: Guys--
      Christopher: Rory is my daughter, okay? Mine!
      Luke: Oh, really? Well, where the hell where you when she had the chicken pox and would only eat mashed potatoes for a week? Or when she graduated high school and started college, huh? Where the hell were you when I was moving her mattress into her dorm and out of her dorm and back into her dorm?
      Christopher: Where I was is none of your concern, okay? Rory is my daughter, and Lorelai's daughter, and that's it.
      Luke: Yeah, but I'm with Lorelai.
      Christopher: For now!

    • Richard: (giving the toast at the reception) Now, many of you know my daughter Lorelai. When Lorelai was three, she went through a period of having chronic ear infections. It was terrible. Screaming all night long--we couldn't keep a nanny for a week!
      Lorelai: (to Luke) Yeah, that was the terrible part of it. The searing pain was just a side note!

    • Logan: Because you're special.
      Rory: Special? Like "Stop eating the paste" special?

    • Lorelai: Someone comes up, I'll take a drink. My mouth will be full, I can't talk. How would that look, right? Then you jump in, offer your hand. 'Hi, Luke Danes. And you are?' 'I'm Mr. Blockenfeffer.' By then I will have swallowed. 'Oh hi, Mr. Blockenfeffer, I'm Lorelai, remember me?' 'The bane of your mother's existence?' 'Exactly. Nice to see you again.' 'Nice to see you again. And nice to meet you, Luke.' 'Nice to meet you, Mr. Blockenfeffer.' 'You kids have a lovely evening.' 'No, you have a lovely evening. Our love to Mrs. Blockenfeffer.'

    • Kyon: What are we doing here?
      Lane: I've tried to explain it to her but it is not working.
      Rory: We are throwing my grandmother a bachelorette party.
      Kyon: But she is married.
      Rory: Yeah, but, they are doing it again.
      Kyon: But why?
      Rory: Because, they want to tell each other they love each other all over again.
      Kyon: But why?
      Rory: 'Cause they do.
      Kyon: But why?
      Rory: Because it's fun.
      Kyon: But why?
      Rory: Because...
      Lane: Hey, you even lasted one more "but why" than I did.

    • (Lorelai is rearranging the seating chart for Emily and Richard's vow renewal)
      Lorelai: There is no way I'm sitting next to Missy Hollargan.
      Rory: Stop that, that's Grandma's seating chart!
      Lorelai: I know, I'm just fine-tuning it. Oh, the Ramsey's divorce must be legal by now. Time for a little reunion.
      Rory: You're evil and I'm going to tell.
      Lorelai: Well if you tell, then I'm going to tell cousin Drew, aka the Power Spitter, that you like him.
      Rory: You're mean.
      Lorelai: Hmm. Man, I'll say one thing for my parents, they certainly command a good turnout.
      Rory: Hey, do you think the Sheldrakes will be unhappy at the Bluestone Club?
      Lorelai: Oh, I have no idea. However, I do know that Dinky Shaw is going to be sitting next to her ex-husband's daughter from his second marriage. This is the daughter whose conception caused the second marriage. And everybody should bring an extra roll of film!

    • (Rory and Logan kiss)
      Logan: I feel like I'm kissing a guy.
      (Rory shakes her head and kisses him again
      Logan: And apparently I had no idea what I was missing.

    • Lorelai: Oh look, my Aunt Totsy, mmmm, lovely woman. You hug her, you smell like her for a month.
      Luke: (to bartender) Yep. Keep these coming.

    • Lorelai: Stop her from getting a drink.
      Rory: How?
      Lorelai: Show her Nick Nolte's mug shot.

    • Luke: I'm with Lorelai!
      Christopher: Yeah, for now!

    • Lorelai: (to Emily) You and me, we're done!
      (Emily looks at her like she doesn't know what happened)

    • Richard: Focus, please.
      Lorelai: I am a camera.

    • Emily: When a woman gives birth to a crack baby you don't buy her a puppy.

    • Lorelai: (to Emily about her wedding jitters) It's a pretend wedding! J.Lo has 'em all the time!

    • Rory: (to Logan) Girls just wanna have fun. Stringless fun.

    • Richard: (to Luke) Would you like me to press your pants for you?
      Emily: (to Richard) Oh relax, Richard. He isn't wearing THAT to the wedding. He'll change later.

    • Luke: Hold on, did you say Cop Rock marathon?
      Lorelai: Yeah, I got 'em all on tape. (Pauses) Trying to figure out what you see in me?
      Luke: Yep.
      Lorelai: Wait till you see me in the boots.

    • Logan: Rory, you're special.
      Rory: mean like "Stop eating the paste" special?

    • Lorelai: (catching Logan and Rory kissing) Grandma wants a picture.
      Rory: Of this!?

    • Rory: (to Lorelai about rearranging the wedding seating chart) Second circle of Hell, party of one.

  • NOTES (10)


    • Emily: And on top of all that, even though we managed to get the Sheldrake's out of the rose room, the Woman's Club that owns this place has their still life painting class at 4:00 today in the salon and they refuse to give it up.

      In the movie Dirty Dancing, in which Kelly Bishop played Baby's mother, one of the hotels that Johnny and Baby danced at was called The Sheldrake Hotel.

    • Lorelai: Mom it's a pretend wedding, J.Lo has them all the time.

      Alluding to Jennifer Lopez' somewhat Elizabeth Taylor-like history with men

    • Emily: Maybe I should take a Seconal.
      Lorelai: Excellent idea, Judy.

      Judy Garland died of an overdose of Seconal, a barbiturate.

    • Lorelai: And over here we have the Romanov table.

      The Romanov family were Tsars of Russia until the 1917 revolution.

    • Rory: Do you like my suit?
      Christopher: I do. It's very Bugsy Malone.

      Bugsy Malone is a gangster movie where all the gangsters are children.

    • Lorelai: (to Rory) Hey, aren't you the culture Queer Eye guy?

      A reference to Rory in her suit looking like Jai, the culture expert on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.

    • Marylin: (to Luke) Gardeners are very in now.

      Not only a reference to John and Gabrielle from Desperate Housewives, but also a reference to DJ and Marissa on The O.C.

    • Lorelai: Ab-Fab, sweetie darling.

      Refers to the BBC comedy series Absolutely Fabulous. The queen of excess, Edina "Eddy" Monsoon, and her Ivana Trump lookalike best friend Patsy "Pats" Stone, frequently call each other "sweetie darling."

    • Episode Title: Wedding Bell Blues

      The title refers to a 1967 hit song by The 5th Dimension. It is also the very same song that plays while Emily and Richard dance after the ceremony. Another popular alternative name of the song was "Marry Me, Bill", so Richard announces that his name was - only for that night - Bill, and this is their song. He says Emily used to came to love the song because it soothed Lorelai who had ear infections as a small child. Lorelai references these ear infections in "Love and war and snow."