Gilmore Girls

Season 6 Episode 5

We've Got Magic to Do

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 11, 2005 on The WB
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Lorelai needs Richard's help with her insurance after a small fire at the Dragonfly Inn and uses the occasion to talk to him about the fact that he didn't manage to get Rory back into Yale. Although he doesn't appreciate Lorelai's reprimand, Richard has to admit that Rory is not where she should be. Meanwhile, Rory organizes a fabulous D.A.R. party for Emily but the evening doesn't turn out so well when Richard confronts Mitchum Huntzberger, Logan's father, about his opinion on Rory's journalistic talents. At the same time, Emily has an even uglier confrontation with Logan's mother about Rory and Logan's relationship. In addition, Miss Patty's 28th annual dance recital is on Thursday night, and Lorelai decides that Luke should still participate in activities he likes, such as camping and fishing, instead of going to things he hates (like dance recitals) with Lorelai. Paris gets her first job.moreless

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  • Rory hosts a DAR function and Richard discovers the truth about Logan's parents. Best episode so far this season, had a real Gilmore feel to it.

    The highlights were by far when both Emily and Richard confronted Logan's mother and father. I loved how Richard responded, his fists clenched, he was just disgusted. We all know he and Rory have a good relationship and he wasn't going to let anything hurt her. Mitchum was still a nasty piece of work and didn't even take back his horrible words.

    Emily's confrontation with the mother was extremely entertaining as well. How she spoke normally but was really tearing the woman to pieces. Go Emily and Richard!! They stood up for Rory and finally realised that Lorelai was telling the truth. The ending was what we've been waiting for, as Rory makes a final speech Richard looks on and obviously realises what a mistake he and Emily made, she should be in school and be living with her mother.

    At least that's what his face says. But this wasn't all that made me enjoy the episode, for the first time this season I liked Rory throughout. Her boiling anger to Logan's parents and how nice she was to all her employee's for the night. One of whom was Paris who was brilliantly funny throughout the episode.

    This was really her first job and I loved how she was acting with everyone, going overboard with everything, even with Rory as a boss. She really is a great character. Meanwhile in Stars Hollow not a whole pile is going on, we get a weird performance from Kirk - creepy stuff. Luke and Lorelai's relationship grows when he tells her he loves spending time with her, whatever it is.

    Lorelai does however get to ask her father some questions...about Rory. It doesn't go down well as she is obviously still extremely bitter and Richard leaves. So yes, this was a great episode, maybe the start to the lighter part of season six!moreless
  • Rory chairs a DAR function, and Lorelei has a small fire at the inn.

    This episode showed that Rory is good at whatever she does. The DAR ladies were at a standstill with their function in support of the troops, adn Rory came in with a bunch of good ideas on how to fix it. She even got Paris involved, as Paris' parents had their assets frozen by the IRS. Paris starts talking like a Marxist, which is very funny.

    Lorelei has a small fire at the Inn. At first, it looks like she made a mistake going to Richard's insurance company, but Richard comes over with a check so that they can fix the stove. Lorelei berates him for not being able to get Rory back to Yale. However, this situation won't last forever. I can't wait till the Gilmore Girls are back together!moreless
  • So glad I caught this episode!

    Whoa. This is definitely one of my new favorites outside the first two seasons! Rory has to organize a DAR function, and at first, it seems Emily is jealous becuase she cant control it, thats Emily for you, but this appears to be false as she seems to support Rory toward the middle on. Luke and Lorelai are at a crossroad becuase Lorelai feels Luke is being pushed into stuff he doesnt want to do, but it turns out he doesnt care so long as theyre together. Paris is having money problems becuase of a visit from the IRS becuase of her parents, and it turns out she has to get a job, starting out with being server for the DAR event. She sees whats its like for the working class, Paris-style of course. In the last few minutes, Emily shows her powers are for both good and evil as she cracks on Logan's mom.moreless
  • Rory organizes a DAR function.

    I really enjoyed watching this episode. I thought that it was very funny that Emily did not think that Rory of all people was not capitable enough to organize a DAR function. I thought that Rory did a wonderful job with the theme and the whole party in general. I thought that it was really rude of Logan's parents crashed the party without any warning and that she excepted to be accomadated. I thought that it was great that Rory put her at the slush table and Emily got her a better table and gave sheria a peice of her mind after hearing that Lorelai was right about Logan's family treating Rory badly.moreless
  • Emily and Richard see Lorelai was right about everything the whole time. FINALLY.

    This episode gets you inside Emily and Richard's life. It's a little borning but it is still a good insight.

    Rory plans a DAR party and guess who shows up? Mitchum and Shira Huntzberger of course! Mitchum tells Richard everything that Lorelai has been trying to make Emily and Richard see. Richard tells Emily and she really lets Shira have it.

    At fort Lorelai, the stove at the inn catches on fire and the way Sookie reacts is too funny. I quote Michel "She's been Scarlett O'Hara for two hours. It's sickening." Jackson and Luke argue while they are trying to look at the stove, makes the whole scene funny as well.

    Lorelai talks to Richard when Richard comes over to check out the damage the stove did. Richard keeps telling Lorelai she's wrong about the Huntzbergers and leaves. (He doesn't see she was right until the end.)

    Paris adds humor to the episode. Her parents "flipped the bird at the IRS to many times." Seeing her trying to fit into the working world is asuming.

    I am not going to give you a play-by-play. You will have to see the rest of the episode for yourself. Enjoy!

Alexis Bledel

Alexis Bledel

Rory Gilmore

Edward Herrmann

Edward Herrmann

Richard Gilmore

Kelly Bishop

Kelly Bishop

Emily Gilmore

Lauren Graham

Lauren Graham

Lorelai Gilmore

Liza Weil

Liza Weil

Paris Geller (Episodes 22 - , recurring previously)

Matt Czuchry

Matt Czuchry

Logan Huntzberger

Leann Hunley

Leann Hunley

Shria Huntzberger

Guest Star

Jane Carr (II)

Jane Carr (II)

Emily\'s DAR friend

Guest Star

Susan Bjurman

Susan Bjurman

Emily\'s DAR friend

Guest Star

Jackson Douglas

Jackson Douglas

Jackson Belleville

Recurring Role

Liz Torres

Liz Torres

Miss Patty

Recurring Role

Gregg Henry

Gregg Henry

Mitchum Huntzberger

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • When Rory hands Emily the seating chart there is clearly no writing on it, only numbered tables. There are not names corresponding to any seat or table.

    • When the kids blow confetti on Lorelai and Sookie a bunch of it goes in Lorelai's hair and on her arm, but when they show them from the front there is no confetti in her hair or on her arm.

    • Miss Patty introduces Kirk's act by stating, "This young man was a talented pupil of mine... Here to present a piece of his own creation, entitled 'The Journey of Man', exactly as he performed it twenty years ago, is Kirk!"
      However in the season 1 episode Cinnamon's Wake, Kirk does not know who Miss Patty is when he busts her for eating produce while he is working in Dose's Market.

    • In the inn's kitchen, Sookie has her head in her hands, however in the next shot, her hands are in her lap.

  • QUOTES (15)

    • Richard: (about Rory) You crushed that girl!
      Mitchum: And if she has what it takes, she'll bounce back.

    • Lorelai: Hey, Grizzly Adams. Why are you back? The woods closed or something?

    • Rory: Oh, goody, Paris is here - she looks upset.
      Logan: That and a bulldozer would knock me over

    • Sookie: This policy, wasn't it set up by your--
      Lorelai: Yes.
      Sookie: So if we're getting the runaround, doesn't that mean you have to--
      Lorelai: Yes.
      Sookie: Sorry.

    • Nora: This is a very weak drink.
      Emily: It's just punch, Nora.
      Nora: My point, dear.

    • Luke: You didn't have to buy me a new wallet. My old wallet was fine.
      Lorelai: Your old wallet has Velcro.
      Luke: It works.
      Lorelai: It's disgusting.

    • Richard: Emily, please. It's Rory. What she tackles, she conquers. This girl could name the state capitals at 3, recite the periodic table at 4, discuss Schopenhauer's influence on Nietzsche when she was 10. She's read every book by every author with a Russian surname and had a 4.2 grade-point average at one of the toughest schools on the east coast. If she's excluding salmon puffs, she has a good reason to exclude salmon puffs. And I, for one, have complete confidence in her ability to tackle this job, and so should you.

    • Luke: Was there baton twirling?
      Lorelai: Oh yes, and it was no fun. She didn't drop it once.

    • Lorelai: I want you to do whatever you want to do with me. I know that sounded dirty, and the dirty things count, but I didn't mean the dirty things.

    • Sookie: What's 'pubic speaking'?
      Lorelai: I'm hoping it's a misprint.

    • Emily: (to Shira Huntzberger) Now let's talk about your money. You were a two-bit gold-digger fresh off the bus from Hicksville when you met Mitchum at whatever bar you happened to stumble into. And what made Mitchum decide to choose you out of the pack of women he was bedding at the time I'll never know. But hats off to you for bagging him. He's still a playboy you know. Well of course you know! That would explain why your weight goes up and down thirty pounds every other month. But that's your cross to bear. These are ugly realities, no one needs to talk about them. Those kids are staying together for as long as they like. You won't stop them.

    • Sookie: A dog who doesn't like fat is just weird
      Lorelai: He's not weird! He's just trying to maintain his bathing suit figure.

    • Lorelai: (about Kirk's performance) So, it's the birth of Lucille Ball?

    • Rory: Hear any helicopters coming?
      Glenda: Radar - I get it.

    • Paris: My parents flipped the bird at the IRS one too many times.

  • NOTES (3)

    • French episode title: "Un Coup de Baguette Magique", meaning "Wave of a Magic Wand".

    • This episode drew 6,16 million viewers.

    • Music:

      - "Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree" by the Andrew Sisters
      - "Bei Mir Bist Du Schön" by the Andrew Sisters
      -"We've Got Magic To Do" from the musical Pippin by Stephen Schwartz.
      - "Swan Lake, Op. 20, Suite 3 - "Danse des Petits Cygnes" by Herbert von Karajan with the Berliner Philharmoniker
      - "Koyaanisqatsi" by Philip Glass, Kirk Interpretation dance. Miss Patty's dance recital

  • ALLUSIONS (11)

    • Miss Patty: Now, I would like to introduce a special new segment of my annual recital entitled "It was twenty years ago today".

      "It was twenty years ago today" are the first words of the lyrics to The Beatles song Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band from the album of the same name.

    • Paris: I'd love a performance review. Come on, be my Dave Navarro.

      Paris is referring to Dave Navarro being a judge on the show Rock Star: INXS where he gives the contestants reviews on their performances.

    • Paris: ...I went to the bank and used a few choice expletives and a bunch of guys in suits started closing in on me. So, I started pacing, yelling 'Attica! Attica!'

      Paris's action in the bank is a reference to the 1975 movie Dog Day Afternoon. In the movie Al Pacino yells the same thing when he is cornered while robbing a bank. He is referencing the prison massacre at Attica in 1971 to express his angst.

    • Rory: Any incoming choppers, Radar?

      Reference to Corporal Walter "Radar" O'Reilly from the movie and subsequent TV show M*A*S*H. Radar received his nickname because he was able to sense things coming, most notably medical choppers, before anyone else could.

    • Richard: Emily, please. It's Rory. What she tackles, she conquers. This girl could name the state capitals at 3, recite the periodic table at 4, discuss Schopenhauer's influence on Nietzsche when she was 10.

      Arthur Schopenhauer and Friedrich Nietzsche were 19th century philosophers. Schopenhauer was among the first to contend that at its core, the universe is not a rational place. Friedrich Nietzsche challenged the foundations of traditional morality and Christianity. In Nietzsche's writings, there are more references to Schopenhauer than to any other philosopher.

    • Paris: (about Rory's anger towards Shira Huntzberger) Wow, you're always so Desmond Tutu-ey. This is refreshing.

      Desmond Tutu is a South-African cleric and peace activist who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his role as a unifying leader figure in the campaign to resolve the problem of apartheid in South Africa.

    • Paris: I bet you the Romanovs never RSVP-ed either. They got theirs.

      The Russian royal family was collectively shot by bolsheviks in 1918.

    • Lorelai: You haven't been camping in forever. Be Grizzly Adams.

      The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams was a 1970's TV show based on the life of a man named John Adams, who lived in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in the 1850's with his grizzly friend.

    • Richard: Sorry, Emily, it takes a second to emerge from Samuel Beckett, he's a very strange man.

      Samuel Beckett is an Irish playwright, whose plays are known for their minimalistic and pessimistic style. He is the writer of the famous play Waiting for Godot.

    • Rory: In any business endeavor, sometimes it makes sense to run a deficit in order to achieve a bigger pay-off later.
      DAR Lady: Oooh, we're lunching with Grover Norquist!

      Grover Norquist is a well-connected Republican activist with close ties to business and the media.

    • Title: We've got Magic to do

      'We've got Magic to do' is a lyric from the song Magic to Do from the musical Pippin.