Gilmore Girls

Season 5 Episode 3

Written in the Stars

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 05, 2004 on The WB

Episode Recap

With Luke and Lorelai, they have decided to have their first official date at a bar and restaurant of Luke's choice, called "Sniffy's"; Lorelai comments "Wow, very Prancing Pony.". It is after they get there that it is revealed that this little diner was the inspiration for "Luke's" and the couple that run it actually helped Luke with it after his father died. The couple comment "Lukas never brings his girls here", then they argue about the proper dish for them to eat. The husband comments on a dish that has garlic in it, his wife replies "give the boy a chance." She insists that they have Champagne, Luke agrees and orders a beer for himself. The wife says "on a date you have Champagne, at a ball game you have a beer!" While they are waiting for their food Lorelai asks for the inspiration for the cute little place, and Luke points out "that is actually on the back of the menu" Lorelai reads the menu out loud and becomes very disappointed with the ending. The menu says that the building was discovered by the couple when their dog got lost and was trapped in the building, they renovated the old abandoned building and didn't look back. The dog dies and it is this that upsets Lorelai along with the opinion that the history is also too long and comments "Did Paul Thomas Anderson write this?". When the Champagne arrives Lorelai asks Luke if he remembers when they first met and he tells her "It was at Luke's, it was busy and this woman comes rampaging into the diner begging for coffee, I tell her that she has to wait her turn. Then she goes and sits down and starts talking to my father making a scene and I get agitated. She then asks me when my birthday was, I don't answer. Then after much begging I cave and tell her. She then rips out a horoscope from the paper with my birthday on it and writes 'today a crazy woman will come in, give her coffee and she will go away.' So I gave her some coffee and she left." Lorelai then comments "Apparently I will do anything for coffee." Then Luke looks into Lorelai's eyes and says "Lorelai this thing we got going here, you and me, I just want to let you know that I am in, I am all in, does that scare you?" She smiles and says "no". The date ends with Luke and Lorelai sleeping together at his apartment. When they wake up Luke pulls out a note pad and asks Lorelai to list what bands she likes so he doesn't have to hear about it, making the rule that he will not buy from any band who dressed up like pirates the rest of the scene goes:

"Luke: Okay. So, U2, right?

Lorelai: Yeah, Bono is a must, and Blondie and, um, ooh - Sparks, especially the new one, plus Bowie.

Luke: Okay, I know he dressed up like a pirate.

Lorelai: Space man.

Luke: Space man I can deal with."

When Lorelai asks for coffee that next morning Luke tells her that it is all downstairs in the diner; she throws on his shirt and goes downstairs figuring that the diner isn't open yet. To her surprise it is and all of the customers see her in Luke's shirt and the news spreads around Star's Hollow like wildfire.

Rory is at Yale moving into her dorm that she is sharing with Paris. When she lets the movers in she is shocked to see that she beat Paris there. She calls Paris and is told that Asher, the teacher Paris was sleeping with last season, died. Paris was there dealing with the family fighting over his will, Paris got some items that only barred significance to her and says that she will arrive at the dorm later. Marty walks in and is impressed with Rory's dorm; they both decide to go get some coffee. While they are getting their coffee Rory meets Logan, Collin and Fin for the first time. They show up at the cart looking like a bunch of rude idiots and Logan recognizes Marty, who had bartended at one of his parties before. Logan introduces himself to Rory and she does the same, not at all impressed by him and is deeply upset with him. She felt it degrading for Logan to remember him as a bartender and to comment on his services, making him feel beneath Logan. Although Logan did this unintentionally, simply meaning it as a compliment, and nothing more. When she goes into her dorm room she sees that not only has Paris moved around all of the furniture but also finds out that she wants to have a wake for Asher for all of the Yale students who would like to pay respects that evening. Rory agrees and offers to help, Paris hands her a bunch of flyers and she leaves to hang them up. Later on in Rory's dorm building Logan, Collin and Fin are wondering around the building looking for a room of a girl that Fin met at a party. He insists that the door to Rory's dorm is the one and begins to write down a number. Logan comments "Don't leave her your number." Fin: "I am not leaving my number I am leaving her your number." Then Rory shows up and asks what they are doing, Fin explains and Rory says that she lives here and not the girl Fin was looking for. When Logan hears that it is Rory's dorm he comments "Okay then leave my number." He's apparently interested in Rory, who at this point is not only annoyed with Logan, but also with Fin who doesn't even remember the name of the girl he is trying to find. Logan then figures out that Rory is upset with him and asks her why. She replies that she is unhappy with how he treated Marty at their first meeting, he apologizes and insists that it was unintentional. Collin and Fin decide to continue their search. Logan says to Rory after their little debate "Now tell me that wasn't fun." And as he is leaving he says "Master and Commander." Rory: "The movie?" Logan: "No, that is what you will call me from now on." Rory rolls her eyes and goes into her dorm.

Back in Star's Hollow, as Lorelai is walking to Luke's from work she runs into Miss Patty and her clan discussing the gossip of the town. Lorelai is shocked to find them saying nothing about her and Luke. When she arrives at Luke's she says:

"Lorelai: Nobody knows. I swear.

Luke: How do you know?

Lorelai: Well, I walked by "Hello! Magazine" this morning. They mentioned nothing.

Luke: Well, maybe they're just trying to be, I don't know, respectful about it.

Lorelai: Babette? Miss Patty?

Luke: Well, maybe they're trying not to embarrass you.

Lorelai: Babette? Miss Patty?

Luke: Well, maybe -- I'm out.

Lorelai: Has anyone mentioned it to you?

Luke: No, but, seriously, who's gonna mention it to me?

Lorelai: Babette? Miss Patty?"

After their second date Lorelai suckers Luke into going to the Town Meeting, who are discussing how it is not good for them to date saying that if they break up the town will have to choose sides and will enter into an economic slump. Luke jumps in, upset about how Taylor is invading their privacy and says "this is not your relationship, this is my relationship, yours (pointing to Lorelai), but not yours (to everyone else)" he takes down Taylor's charts and tells everyone to but out, and volunteers to leave should they break up. Prior to this Lorelai answered her cell phone and it was her mother, she was freaking out because she had discovered that Richard was coming and going at all hours of the night, coming and going as he pleased. Now Emily was on the road pretending to also have a life to make him jealous. Lorelai tries to convince her to go home and spills that Rory is at her dorm. Emily then decides to go and visit. When Emily arrives she sees that they are having a wake for Asher:

"Emily: Why are there pictures of Asher Flemming everywhere?

Rory: (whispering) Uh.. Grandma, this is a wake for Professor Flemming... he died.

Emily: Well, you'd think your grandfather would have the common decency to tell me! (as an afterthought) He'll probably make me go to that insufferable man's funeral!

(Paris enters the screen)

Paris: Oh, Emily! It means so much that you came! (Buries her face in Emily and hugs her)

Emily: (Unnerved) Oh! Well, there's no need to cry. There are plenty of excellent teachers at Yale."

Marty arrives, both he and Rory spend the rest of the night fending off people who think that it is not a wake, but a keg party before Paris sees them.
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