Gilmore Girls

Season 5 Episode 3

Written in the Stars

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 05, 2004 on The WB

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  • Luke and Lorelai go on their first date.

    As quite possibly one of the biggest 'Gilmore Girls' fans like EVER, this episode is truly amazing! It's probably my favorite episode of the series. Luke and Lorelai (after 8 years) go on their first date at Sniffy's Tavern (Luke's place he frequently eats whenever he has the chance). Lauren Graham and Scott Patterson's (Lorelai and Luke) chemistry has been undeniable since the pilot episode, but their chemistry hits new heights in this episode. Luke and Lorelai fit so well together, and this episode proves that. This episode shows the first time they make love, and you can tell they are completely comfortable with each other. Also in this episode is Logan's first appearance. =)
  • Luke and Lorelai go on there first date, Rory meets a guy named Logan and Paris holds a wake for Asher who has recently died. Great to see them dating, the new character could be interesting.

    There date wasn't what I expected but it was still great to actually see it happen. I liked how he told her about how they met, interesting to hear about there past. It was sweet that he kept the horoscope, plus it was good how he told he was in, all in. It was amusing to see Lorelai walk into the diner with only Luke's shirt on, there faces were priceless.

    The scene in his bed was cool too, how they seemed so right for each other and he knew what was coming, what she was going to ask him. I liked the flirting thing at the start as well, very entertaining. As for this new character Logan, he seems like an ass but could definitely be interesting.

    He's so different to Rory so basically will it become opposites attract, oh and what about Dean? It seems they'll be getting back together judging by her at his doorstep at the end. Marty likes Rory but can't seem to say it, I feel a bit sorry for him, plus Logan and his friends were asses to him.

    I was shocked that Professor Fleming died, that's not how I thought it would end between him and Paris. Her comments about his spoilt relatives were amusing as was her breaking down at the wake, mainly due to Emily's presence. On that note, it was funny to see Emily s distracted by Richard's 'social life' and was even better when she went out just for that reason.

    Luke and Lorelai at the town meeting, it was weird but funny to see them brought up in the town meeting, I really hope it works out. Great episode, good first date, perhaps an interesting new addition to the show in Logan.
  • AWESOME!!!!!

    I love love loved this episode!! This episode is when Lorelai and Luke go on their first date at a resturant that Luke goes to alot! Then they talk about the first time they met and the horscope that Luke kept in his wallet for 8 years because Lorelai said it would someday give him goodluke! Then she wakes up at Lukes and wants coffee and then goes down stairs to get some in only Lukes blue flannel t-shirt and relizes that Ceasar had opend the diner adn everyone sees Lorelai! but none of the town is talking about them. and then at the town meeting taylor puts their relationship up for debate! Rory meets logan and asher fleming has died and paris want to throw him a wake in their dorm and Emily is going crazy because Richard was out at 7:30 at night and goes to see rory!
  • Luke and Lorelai's first date :D

    This episode is awesome because of Luke and Lorelai's first date. Luke is so romantic throughout the entire episode. He shows Lorelai how much he cares because he brought her to sniffy's, where buddy and maisy said how he never brings girls there. Then, he shows her the horoscope he had in his wallet since the first day they met, 8 years ago. He says one of the most romantic phrases of the whole show when he says "Lorelai, this thing we're doing here, you and me, I just wanted to tell you that I am in, I am all in" And at the town meeting, he was defending their relationship to the whole town. Also, the opening scene was hilarious when they have the "hot plates" exchange. This episode is so special, the javajunkies named the new thread after it!
  • Luke and Lorelai's first date, AMAZING!!! lol Love this one

    The whole splitting up between Emily and Richard is fun, one has cocktail time and the other the dinner time.
    Luke and Lorelai are starting dating, the keeping secret and flirting is cute.
    Rory is back at Yale and finds out that Asher died, I felt sorry for Paris.

    Those three, Miss Patty, Babette and that other woman whose name I don't remember, they know everything, all the gossip.
    The first meeting with Logan.

    Lorelai and Luke's first date, it was special, the things she found out about him. The story how they meet, it's just like Lorelai to do something like that, the fact that he kept the horoscope for so long. And the morning after! I laugh and laugh she went to the diner only with one of Luke's shirts. Everyone stopped what they were doing to see her. The secret is out.

    Poor Lorelai, when she saw those three gossips talking about other people lives but not her.
    And then suddenly at the town meeting one of the topic is them, the diner owner with the inn owner. Where in the world that happens? the whole town deciding about a relationship between two persons.
    A similar thing happened 10 years ago. Luke was amazing, defending them, their relationship against everyone.
  • This is just so ROMANTIC! I love their date! And Sniffy!

    I just LOVE this episode! I love how Luke asks her out, it's so funny their conversation. And it is really sad how Asher Flemming dies, and their wake that paris plans for him. And it's so funny how Luke comes to pick up Lorelai, and how they get all nervous, and confused, and Lorelai says "We'll get better at this." It's so cute. And i love Sniffy's Tavern, and the Sniffy Story, it's so sad, and i love the story of how they meet, and i can't belive that he kept that horiscope for fifteen years, i don't care if Lorelai and Luke say that it's less then that many years, its fifteen years. And it's so outragous when Taylor bring Luke and Lorelai dating as a issue at the town meeting, and they are right there in the room. And then Luke gets mad, amd rightly so, because they are babaling on about what Luke would do, and where he would go, not if, but when they brake up, and tells everyone off that this is his relationship, and Lorelai's relationship, and no one elses, and Lorelai yells "Show them the horiscope!" I just love their first date!
  • More amazing Luke and Lorelai scenes combined with elder Gilmore drama and Rory's return to college.

    Well, the college year finally started. I liked last year and I just know this year is going to be fine too. Paris finally returned and already she made an impression. She really is an entertaining character. Rory and Marty being friends was also good, but a spark has been created between Rory and Logan, and I can't wait to see more about this.

    My favorite part of this episode are the Luke and Lorelai scenes. Their relationship is growing, and the cuteness, amazing dialogue and stories are continuing. The date was amazing, the bed scenes okay, and the city meeting was just hilarious.

    Emily and Richard are fighting, as usual, and the jealousy has made it's way to both of their heads. It's just a matter of time before they reunite, and I can't wait to see it. All together, the episode is truly a Gilmore classic. You just gotta love it!
  • I like this episode!

    I like this episode. It's really good and Logann Hujntzberger is soooooo HOT! I just can't get over it. Ues, he is a little snotty but everyone is at one point or another. I think Marty works to many jobs. Rory shouldn't be going out with Dean. He is not right for her. I mean he married someone else just to prove to Rory that he didn't love her anymore but he really did. Who does that. Dean like seriously needs some anger management. He gets mad sooooooo easily. For example when Jess came to town. He got jealous before anuthing ever happened.
  • Luke and Lorelai's first date, with Luke telling Lorelai he's all in with their relationship. Also, we meet Logan Huntzberger. All in all, magical is the least of words.

    What a great first date and the humor is there as it always is in Gilmore Girls. We meet Logan Huntzberger when Rory chews him out about messing with Marty, and Lorelai stays over at Luke's place after the date. Lorelai wants to play music and Luke says that he won't listen to anyone who's been in a space suit. The magic that happens on that date, you can just tell from then that they have something. Then, in the morning, Lorelai wants some coffee. She puts on Luke's shirt and goes to get it. Everyone sees her and they don't say much at first, then it becomes discussion at a town meeting. A great episode.
  • Luke and Lorelai finally have the best first date ever! Amazing! To go on your first date, and have the guy know you so well and already tell you that he's totally into you.

    It was so special and well done. Not too cutsy but pretty powerful. These two belong together!!! We've all been waiting for this moment forever. The moving along to this moment for Luke and Lorelai although took over 4 years, it was played out well. And it happened at a great time. I have loved watching these two develop their friendship into this. We all knew the chemistry was there a long time. Paris was very good in this episode too. I love her reaction when Rory asked if Asher died in bed. I love that she also wanted to give him a wake and was clueless that everyone else attending just wanted to party - that is, except Rory.

    Also the whole town meeting scene was great too. I love how that unraveled. I mean, neither Luke nor Lorelai have been all that successful with relationships. Their relationship could screw up their friendship for good if they break up. That would be a big shame!
  • Finally the first date. And what a lovely first date it was, everyone should be so lucky to have a handsome man sweep them away and treat them so special.

    I have been waiting to see this episode. i just always thought that Luke and Lorelai were meant to be, i think I was right.
    It sure changes the view of things. Nice veiw tho'.
    I think the show was done really well and with taste. This is probably every woman's dream to have have someone to dote over them and really mean it. Not to mention the special plans that he made for her, it was really sweet and I dont really think that this episode could have been done any better that what it was. The town meeting was halarious. I liked the way Luke jumped to Lorelai's defense and took up for their relationship.
    Poor Paris she is crazy but you gotta love her cause someone has to. Asher just has no idea how close he came to disaster..
    Anyway it was a really good show. Poor Emily, trying to pretend she has things to do to make richard jealous..That is so cute.
  • Luke and Lorelai at long last.

    This episode is what we have all been waiting for since season one. Our power couple finally together on their first official date. Luke and Lorelai together is sure to please most Gilmore Girls fans and I am one of them. It was not avoidable, we all saw it coming, and now it’s here... And it does not disappoint. This episode is just about everything anyone could have expected and then some. Also, Rory meets Logan who will play a larger part in the future of the series. This episode is pivotal and sure to be remembered. I’d recommend it to anyone who enjoys entertaining television. Solid episode.
  • Due to the appearance of Logan Huntzburger, this episode was made all the better. It was clearly, in the words of Zach Effron,'The Start of Something New'

    I truly feel that this episode characterized the fate of both Rory and Logan, and Lorelai and Luke. Writen in the Stars was a perfect title due to the nature of the characters actions throughout previous seasons (Luke and Lorelai). It also proved to be foreshadowing for the Rory/Logan relationship, and the fate of the legendary Rory/Dean relationship. I have to say that my personal dislike for Dean and my intruige in Logan makes my review somewhat biased. However,I am clearly not the only person who feels this way. Ratings have improved since the inclusion of Logan in the series.
  • Luke and Lorelai go on there first date.

    I thought that this Episode was wonderful. The fact that Luke and Lorelai went on their first date and he tooke her to a family friends resturaunt showed that he really cared about her to take her somewhere that people that mean the world to him to meet her. It also meant something that Luke keep something that Lorelai gave him in his wallet for eight years and that he also remembers the exact moment that he meet her. I thought that it was very caring of Rory to allow a wake for Paris dead boyfriend in their dorm rooms and to also make it seem more of a wake and less like a party. i thought that it was hilarious that Emily showed up at Rory's dorm room.
  • I have watched this episode so many times I can recite it from memeory. This is such an immortal episode, one of the best.

    Luke and Lorelai's first date... really takes you back.... it was just the right amount of akwardness to feel real, yet enough naturalness to show how good they go together. The diolauge was great, and the things before (in the diner) were great. I was cheering the entire time, it really showed how they felt about eachother adn how (surprise, surprise) Luke has a sweet, sensitive side. I wish Lorelai had been more into it all, but I think it was all still so surreal to her that she didn;t knwo what was happening. And Luke has a hot tattoo!! YAY!!

    In all, it was perfect!
  • That was a really good first date!

    After eight years of waiting it out they finally made it! Luke Danes and Lorelai Gilmore had the perefect start to their relationship and it was fantastic.

    Keeping the horoscope that Lorelai gave him Luke really opened up about his long harbored feelings for Lorelai. This was the perfect moment in this perfect episode. It had me grinning through out and after!
  • This is one of the best episodes ever! It’s extremely funny, there are some awkward moments, some sweet moments, some sad moments and some stupid moments. Just enough of everything in this very special, traditional Gilmore style.

    Luke and Lorelai have their first official date as a couple. Finally!! Yay! I couldn’t cheer enough for the whole episode!! This is actually the most important event since she demanded coffee in the first episode. After four years of the show and their supposed eight years of knowing each other they are finally on a date! And Luke is not even so nervous, maybe after seeing a friendly faces of Maisy and Buddy, who make great and charming appearances as people that know Luke. The mood is romantic and so is the beginning. As we can assume from Luke’s story, it was a love at first sight for him, because he kept that horoscope. I always knew Luke is sweet and sensitive and his sarcasm and sharp talk is just part of his charming personality. I must admit, all scenes between Lorelai and Luke were magnificent. Their strange meeting where Luke was flirting! I mean he was flirting! It was gorgeous. Their date was very good, brought some memories of how it was at the beginning. And of course the bed scene – hard to imagine (dirty, I know), but very sweet. Lorelai’s “Enter the dragon” – classic!!! Not to mention the issue brought up during the town meeting! It just marks how strange, silly and freaky in its own loveable way Stars Hollow is. Luke acted like a hero at the end, putting himself in the relationship like that. Now it can never end, because they would have to close Luke’s and that just can happen.

    Extremely good lines in this episode, just to mention few: “Luke has a Luke’s”, Asher killed by Paris’ vagina, the phone conversation between Luke and Lorelai about the town not knowing (Babette? Miss Patty?). Great. Maisy’s “no garlic – give the boy a chance” was just precious.

    There is just one question for me: how does Rory know? I mean, Lorelai didn’t mention the kiss in two previous episodes, they were all Rory-centered. And I would assume that Lorelai would like to share this great news with Rory and Rory should have a great reaction to it. But maybe they decided not to do it and just go with the flow and show Luke and Lorelai together. Good move!

    Of course there was this sad story of Asher Fleming and his death, but I didn’t really care about that. The separation seems to be going pretty bad and that is sad too. But this episode is purely Luke-Lorelai’s episode, they took the floor and they kept it!

    And to sum it up – Luke has a tattoo!!!
  • Love it!

    I was sooooooooooooo happy that they finally got together! It took long enough! They are ment to be! This ranks as 1 of my top 10 favorite eppies! I also loved how he had "their" horescope in his wallet & how he reminded her of how they met! This eppi was exciting, informative, well writen, a series classic, & exactly why I watch this program! This was 1 of my all time favorite episode EVER!!! My favorite line, of all time, has to be "This, you, me I'm in I'm ALL in!" Let me know what you think! Luke & Lorelai forever!
  • This is such a special episode. It makes you fall in love with Luke again!

    How romantic is this episode with Luke and Lorelai?!!? They go on their first date...cute. He tells her he's liked her since the day he met her...cuter. Then he shows her the horoscope that he's kept in his wallet for 8 freakin' years! Amazing! You can't believe that they haven't gotten together before this episode. Well, what happens next is inevitable. Lorelai sleeps with Luke, and of course you know Luke must be thinking he's living a dream or something!!! Haha, and then comes the time when she walks into the diner wearing nothing but Lukes shirt. Amazingly funny. Love love loved this episode. Definetly one you remember.
  • I just loved this episode of Gilmore Girls!

    I just loved this episode of Gilmore Girls!
    This i think would have to be one of the best moments of the show. I loved this episode so much because this was Luke and Lorelais first date. I just loved the part of this episode were they went on there date and the part about the horoscope i mean that was so romantic. This episode was so great. I just love that luke and lorilai finally got tgether. That is just hat made the show what it is. This episode was a great one that had a lot of good points to it and luke and lorelai are so cute together they should stay together forever.
  • And Lorelai and Luke FINALLY Go on a date.

    Yes, you probably used all your energy on the Big "FINALLY!" You screamed when Luke and Lorelai Kissed but in this episode, It calls for a "Yayy!"
    Luke and Lorelai finally go on a date and end up sleeping together but when the alarm goes off and they wake up, Lorelai wants coffee. She stumbles into the diner in Just Luke's flannel shirt to be greeted by the morning diner crowd of Stars hollow. A Must See.
  • Lorelia and Luke finally have there first date and the whole town finds out.

    I loved this episode. It's one of my favourite. I am so happy Luke and Lorelia are together. I think the horoscope was really cute. She was right he was pining for her. The way the actors relate to each other and the way they act you would swear Lauren and Scott were a couple. I would love to see more episodes like this and I’m sure we will.
  • luke and lorelai's first date!!! finally!t is a bit akward at first, but it all turns out well.

    i really really really liked this episode. the fact that they were a bit awkward at first was a give, and it was done well. i love the whole scene in the morning when she goes down to Lukes in only his flanell shirt! ahhh... we need to see her in his shirt more often!! i liked the whole way it was done, once again, i wouldnt want it any other way. i also liked the whole argument between logan and rory, that i wouldnt want any other way, either. and the typical emily parinoia about richard was predictable, but funny.
  • In this episode Luke and Lorelai FINALLY have their first date. It starts out a little awkward but gets better, Luke takes Lorelai to a place that she calls Luke's Luke's. Lorelai goes down to the diner wearing nothing but luke's shirt!

    This episode is awesome! It's so great that Luke and Lorelai finally get together and end up having a great time. I couldn't stop laughing when Lorelai went down to the diner in nothing but Luke's shirt and when Miss Patty, Babette and the other woman said nothing about it. Also, from the time Rory meets Logan I could tell something's going to happen between them. It's also a bit weird that Ashard died but the mood is lightened when whoever finds out asks if it was while he was "doing the deed". This isn't one of my personal favorites though, but it really opens up this whole season's love story line.
  • after one kiss, 7 weeks+1episode and 4,3 seasons luke and lorelei end up together after their first date. Towns people debate the co-mingling at the town metting, and luke sets them straight. Rory gets back at yale and starts a sort of love/hate relation

    Best describes as finally...and then still not at great the script on twiz and it looked great on paper but filmed im not convinced...they have put us lorelei/luke fans on hold for tre episodes and the almost kiss in a messenger nothing more, and we are feed up with at half date, and a cut to the bed,with some sopy bedtalk...still need some reall thing going on there to convince me that its not gonna ruin the show that the crush is now a relationship if you know what i mean. love to see if they can pull it off believabley
  • Luke and Lorelai finly git to gether!!! Rory goes back to Yela. Richard and Emily try to live there 'seperate' lives but with littel success. Sarry for my bad spelling!!

    This is the pisode all the Luke and Lorelai fans have bin whating for!! To bad it tuck thim eight years and five seasons!!!! I wuold rilly like to see thim try to explain Luke's tatoo that wold be rilly inter resping to see. Rilly hope I din't miss spell to much!!
  • Emily and Richard live 'seperate' lives, Lorelai goes on her first date with Luke as Rory goes back to Yale where she meets up with marty and Paris and meets Logan and his friends! And so it begins...

    overall a fantastic episode, I just liked every part. From Lorelai and Luke's first date and the bed scene that was followed by that to the first and second meeting of Rory with Logan. I truly loved that part... It was good to see Marty back too, long time no seen and Paris can find herself a new guy now...
    The Emily/Richard scenes were nice too as were the town meeting scenes where Taylor didn't seem to approve of their relationship.... Really hilarious... OVerall an excellent episode and may more of these excellent episodes follow! :)
  • Luke kept an 8 year old horoscope and is all in. I'm in too.

    Despite having a horoscope from way back and a woman who has never really committed to any man, ever, Luke is all in. And I’m all in. Finally, the relationship we’ve all wanted has started. This is one of my favorite episode from Season 5 and quite possibly the entire stint of this show. Of course, nothing can go perfectly and the town decides to vote on the relationship ‘they’ve feared for some time now.’ Emily calls, Taylor shows his charts, Emily calls, Taylor gets out the pointer thing to explain the charts, Luke defends the relationship as Lorelai ducks out and inadvertently sends Emily to Rory’s. Emily barges in on the wake and tells her sob story to anyone who’ll listen. Great episode. A+
  • My reveiw is total Java Junkie, so it!


    Luke and Lorelai go on their first date, which the fans have been waiting for since the pilot. Luke takes Lorelai to a stylish little tavern run by Maisy and Buddy- old family friends of Luke's. Luke, being the most romantic baseball player ever, pulls out a horoscope from the day he and Lorelai met. Written on it in her handwriting-

    You will read an annoying woman today. Give her coffee, and she will go away.

    He gave her coffee, ...but she didn't go away. Luke explains that this thing between he and Lorelai isn't just a fling or a J-Lo relationship (my words, not Luke's), he's all in.

    The next scene pans Luke's bedroom messy with astray clothes. Luke and Lorelai are lying in bed just talking. "I can't believe you kept that horoscope" She's finally put it all together. "You've been pining for me.... I'm your Ava Gardner" A while later and they're still in bed. It's sunny now, and his alarm is going off. She's dead asleep and needs coffe, but Luke being Luke he doesn't have any upstairs. It's all down in the diner. Lorelai, clad in Luke's blue flannel, goes downstairs to get her coffee, but to her surprise Ceasar opened, and the town sees her. She turns around and heads back upstairs, and wakes Luke, who is now in trouble with the Lorelai-police. She forgives him for not telling her, cause he was pretty much asleep... and cause she just loves him.

    Much to her surprise, and slight dissapointment the town doesn't talk about her pantsless appearance in the diner that moring.

    Later in the episode they're on their way to the town meeting much to Luke's dismise. After a bit of Lorelai's munching on licorice a subject surprisingly associated to them comes up- negative ramifacations of the inn owner and diner owner dating. Offended, Luke comes to the decision that if they do break up (which won't happen, he says), he will close up the diner and move far, far away. They're both still in. Taylor can't scare them. Okay, maybe sometimes, he can but not now.
  • As well as being a series classic, this is a pivitol episode- very good in my opinion, one of my favorites!

    I LOVE this episode, so much happens in it. It is VERY well thought out, it shows Lorelai and Luke's budding relationship, and Richard and Emily's going down-hill. I love the part when Lorelai and Luke have their date, I've been waiting for it since the first season! It's hilarious when Lorelai comes down to the diner wearing Luke's shirt, and everyone there just stares dumb-founded at her. The town meeting is also very ammusing, when Taylor shows the chart, and Luke bursts out about Lorelai and his relationship is between them, and them ONLY. I feel this is a very pivitol episode in the series because of everything that happens, it kind of ties up some of the loose ends in the series. And, don't forget- watch Gilmore Girls!
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