Gilmore Girls

Season 5 Episode 3

Written in the Stars

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 05, 2004 on The WB

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  • Luke and Lorelai go on there first date, Rory meets a guy named Logan and Paris holds a wake for Asher who has recently died. Great to see them dating, the new character could be interesting.

    There date wasn't what I expected but it was still great to actually see it happen. I liked how he told her about how they met, interesting to hear about there past. It was sweet that he kept the horoscope, plus it was good how he told he was in, all in. It was amusing to see Lorelai walk into the diner with only Luke's shirt on, there faces were priceless.

    The scene in his bed was cool too, how they seemed so right for each other and he knew what was coming, what she was going to ask him. I liked the flirting thing at the start as well, very entertaining. As for this new character Logan, he seems like an ass but could definitely be interesting.

    He's so different to Rory so basically will it become opposites attract, oh and what about Dean? It seems they'll be getting back together judging by her at his doorstep at the end. Marty likes Rory but can't seem to say it, I feel a bit sorry for him, plus Logan and his friends were asses to him.

    I was shocked that Professor Fleming died, that's not how I thought it would end between him and Paris. Her comments about his spoilt relatives were amusing as was her breaking down at the wake, mainly due to Emily's presence. On that note, it was funny to see Emily s distracted by Richard's 'social life' and was even better when she went out just for that reason.

    Luke and Lorelai at the town meeting, it was weird but funny to see them brought up in the town meeting, I really hope it works out. Great episode, good first date, perhaps an interesting new addition to the show in Logan.