Gilmore Girls

Season 5 Episode 3

Written in the Stars

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 05, 2004 on The WB



  • Quotes

    • Lorelai: I'm just trying to...remember the first time we met. It must have been at Luke's, right?
      Luke: It was at Luke's, it was at lunch, it was a very busy day, the place was packed, and this person...
      Lorelai: Oh, is it me? Is it me?
      Luke: This person comes tearing into the place, in a caffeine frenzy...
      Lorelai: Ooh, it's me!
      Luke: I was with a customer, she interrupts me, wild-eyed, begging for coffee. So I tell her to wait her turn. (Lorelai chuckles) Then she starts following me around, talking a mile a minute, saying God knows what. So, finally I turn to her, and I tell her she's being annoying. Sit down, shut up, and I'll get to her when I get to her.
      Lorelai: You know, I bet she took that very well, 'cause she sounds just delightful...
      Luke: She asked me what my birthday was. I wouldn't tell her. She wouldn't stop talking. I gave in. I told her my birthday. Then she opened up the newspaper to the horoscope page, wrote something down, tore it out, handed it to me.
      Lorelai: God, seriously. You wrote the menu, didn't you?
      Luke: So I was looking at this piece of paper in my hand, and under Scorpio, she had written: 'You will meet an annoying woman. Give her coffee, and she'll go away.' I gave her coffee.
      Lorelai: But she didn't go away!
      Luke: She told me to hold onto that horoscope, put it in my wallet, and carry it around with me. One day, it would bring me luck.
      (Luke takes the horoscope out of his wallet and hands it to Lorelai.)
      Lorelai: Well man, I will say anything for a cup of coffee! (long pause) Um, I can't believe you kept this. You kept this in your wallet? You kept this in your wallet...
      Luke: Eight years.
      Lorelai Eight years...
      Luke: Lorelai, this thing we're doing, you...I just want you to know I'm in. I am all in. Does that...uh...are you...uh...scared?
      (Lorelai smiles shyly)