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Katie's Crotch

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    I am giving this thread the title that you see at the top of the page for the sake of shock value. You see, I have already posted a bunch of messages on this page of this site. I have also started a bunch of new topics and responded to a bunch of existing topics on a number of other pages. Sesame Street, Mad About You and Caroline in the City are just three of the many pages that I have posted on. So far, there are no responses to any of my posts. On thing that I would really like would be to stimulate some conversation about some of these shows that I have such fond memories of. I am wondering whether the boldness of the title that I am giving this thread might inspire one or more new people to came in, see what the post is all about and maybe even reply. Even though I have already written about the topic that this title pertains to, I feel like doing a reprise. It has to do with the third-season episode called "Samantha's Protest". A fellow poster that I mat on another site wrote that Katie was a total snot during this episode. I agree with her wholeheartedly! Katie spent the bulk of the episode giddy over the handsome boy who she and Julie saw on their way home from the dry cleaners and who they would later meet up with at the protest. Before Katie knew that this boy was involved in the demonstration, she showed no interest in going because she wanted to paint her nails. Once she learned that the protest was a way to get close to the boy, Katie acted like she would do anything for her darling sister Samantha! Talk about a phony! By the way, by the time that Katie became part of the demonstration, Nell and Julie were already there supporting Samantha. Katie made it a point to stand next to the boy that she liked when she decided to join. When Nell commanded the fellow protesters to lock arms, Katie grabbed the boy with both of her arms, pushed her bosoms against his upper body and positioned her lower body so that her crotch was leaning against his leg. Unfortunately for Katie, on the other side of her was her tough, no-nonsense sister Julie. With one arm wrapped around Samantha's, she used her other arms to grab one of Katie's arms, spin her around and said "like this Katie"! She then looked over Samantha's head and said to Nell "that is absolutely disgusting"! She was referring to the way that Katie's body was positioned before she corrected the situation. I think that Julie acted like to model of decency in this situation! She was always my favorite!

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