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NBC (ended 1987)

The Best fight scene ever. Julie/Lauri VS Katie/Kari

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    I think that the fight scene in Katie steals Julie's Jock is one of the best in 80s TV. I love how Julie/Lauri Hendler is not afraid to flex her muscle and get tough, even though Katie/Kari Michealsen clearly has both the height and weight advantage over her. I love how both girls let their tempers flare, and Kari gives Lauri the warning of "I'm serious Julie, don't do that!" Julie/Lauridecides not to take Katie's/Kari'sadvice, and when Katie/Kari decides to step down from her younger sister co star, Julie/Lauri presses the issue. Then when Katie/Kari turns around to confront Julie/Lauri, Lauri shoves Kari, knocking her first off her feet and over the arm of the couch, and finally on her butt on the floor. Kari then says "Oh your going to be sorry you ever did that, and the fight is on. I'm surprised that Lauri could stand up with Kari hanging on her back, and vice versa when after they emerge from the kitchen, the order is reversed where Lauri is then hanging on Kari's back. The fish tank bit is funny and Lauri's reaction to it is equally funny. I can't understand what Julie says after she gets a face full of fish tank water. don't know if she say's Kathleen or Katherine, in reference to Katie's full first name. I was kinda hoping to at some point see a three way fight between Katie, Julie, and Samantha.

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    The episode that you described is my favorite episode of the whole series! I love the way that Julie was dressed when she was ready for the boy to come over to study with her. The thing about her outfit that I liked the most was her designer boots! They really made my thirteen-year-old eyes pop out of my head!

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