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The Model of Decency

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    One episode that I am quite fond of is the third season episode "Samantha's Protest". The thing that I especially liked about this episode is the secondary plot of Katie's giddiness over the handsome boy from the protest. I thought it was too funny to see Katie getting her bubble burst after working her butt off to get the boy to notice her! Ever since I was twelve years old, I had a very big crush on Julie. I could really see her sense of decency and sophistication in this episode. I really liked the scene at the protest in which Nell had become part of the demonstration and was standing next to Samantha. Julie ran to the other side of Samantha and said "my place is with my sister"! Katie then said that Samantha was her sister too and ran in between Julie and the boy that she liked. At this point, Nell commanded all of the protester to lock arms. The line of demonstrators then made a chain. However, Katie capitalized on these instructions by grabbing the boy with both of her arms, pressing her bosoms against his upper body and leaning her crotch against his leg. As could be expected, the laugh track went on at this point. Unfortunately for Katie, the line of protesters ended with her tough, no nonsense sister Julie. With one arm wrapped around Samantha's, she used her free arm to grab one of Katie, spin her around and said "like this Katie"! She then looked over Samantha's head and said to Nell, "that is absolutely disgusting"! In the mind of a decent girl like Julie, Katie's crotch should be facing in the same direction as the crotches of off of the other protesters and Katie's arms should be positioned in the same respectable manner as the arms of everyone else. Good for you Julie!

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