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NBC (ended 1987)

The Purse Thing

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    I just finished responding to a post about an episode in which Hazel Shermet was a guest star. The episode was called "Mom's Birthday" and she played the part of a door-to-door saleslady. This was one of three episodes in which she appeared. However, my favorite episode with her in it was the "Emergency". Just in case some of you do not know all of the episodes by title, she is the one in which Katie was rushed to the hospital due to pains in her stomach due to a birth control device. I thought that the pay phone scene was a great form of comic relief to a rather serious episode. When the busy body on the phone would not let Nell use it, Nell took the lady's purse, hung it on a gurney pole and the gurney started to role. Nell then poked the woman while her back was to her and said "your purse, your purse"! Seeing that little lady in heels and stockings go charging down the corridor was too funny! Over on You Tube, someone posted a comment that included the phrase "the purse thing was priceless"!. After reading that comment, I went over to another site and started a thread called "The Purse Thing". Now I am telling you guys about it!

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